Maintenance and cleaning of the skin.

Maintenance and cleaning of the skin

skin - this is one of the oldest materials used to create the garment.And so she served us for a long time, delighting his view, need to be able to properly care for it.

is a natural material - animal skins treated in a special way.Tanners have plenty of secrets, conversion of raw, unsightly skins into a beautiful, nice skin.It is durable and resilient, protects against the wind, but breathing.The skin is different, depending on the typical structure and methods of manufacturing and processing: soft, velvety, smooth, shiny, or fleecy.Some of its species have a capillary pattern and dark spots.For the manufacture of clothes using the skin of different animals and therefore it is different structure, a thickness direction of the lines and so on.In addition, various sections of leather used to make different clothes or shoes, accessories, bags and gloves.All this leather - soft porous type nubuck, velor, suede, Laika, patent for the manufacture of footwear, handbags, and of course, fur products.Each of its kind requires special care.A cleaning of the skin, and all - the specific procedure.



1. Rules care of leather goods
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care of leather goods

cleansing №1. Typically, new leather goods have a very specific smell, by the way, is one of the characteristic features, which distinguish natural from artificial leather.However, the smell is not very pleasant, but you can get rid of it, sprinkled thing dry ground coffee and leave it for a day in a dry place.This can be done only with darker skin, because as light - coffee can leave a mark.

№2. can not impregnated, dyeing leather clothes dirty.Before this you need to clean it.

№3. Rid leather clothing from dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner or simply clear the dust.You can also wipe a well-wrung damp cloth, pre vytrusiv it as follows.

№4. skin needs to breathe, so keep the clothes from her plastic bags is not necessary.For this purpose, the bags are perfect for cotton, or linen, you can also just throw them a piece of cloth.Of course, it is best to keep things in a cool, dark cupboard, not folded and hung on hangers.Hangers should be selected appropriate for a given weight leather, with wide shoulder pads, the seams are not deformed.

№5. Frequent cleaning of the skin is discouraged, because as the article has a thin protective layer that can scuff and broken.Before the first use of the thing, be sure to treat the new clothes impregnated, which provide protection from dirt and moisture.This procedure will also facilitate subsequent reading of your skin from possible stains and dirt.

№6. to clean leather products should not be used benzene, acetone and other solvents.They degrease and spoil the skin.

№7. Before you use the funds for the care or cleaning try them on the wrong side.For example, podborte inside the pocket or on the inner seam.

№8. Do not wear leather clothing in the pouring rain.And if it does happen, get rid of the moisture and the skin dry with a soft cloth and then leave to dry out by hanging the garment on a hanger away from heating appliances.After drying, treat it with special impregnation.

№9. clothing sets, costumes or double-sided leather things, wear evenly and clean at the same time.

skin care №10. Painted skin burns, losing the original color from direct sunlight.Therefore, do not dry and do not leave things in the sun.

№11. most prone to clogging collars and cuffs leather garments.Therefore, try to wear a collar with her things, such as turtlenecks or scarves.

№12. Ironed leather things you need with extreme caution.Do it not too hot iron, and certainly through the fabric from the wrong side.Suede after ironing to be treated brush back her hairiness.

№13. Soft porous skin must be regularly processed dry with a soft sponge.So you remove the dirt from the skin and will attach to her lively appearance.

№14. Occasionally leather useful to wipe glycerol, especially the collar and cuffs - this will give the lost luster.You can use petroleum jelly instead of glycerol or castor oil.Of course, we are not talking about the original matte skin - it should get rid of shine, but do not give it.

№15. Tarnished place rubbed on the skin of fresh orange peel.

№16. skin gloves, as well as any fine and soft, can be cleaned with a solution of turpentine and fresh milk (1: 1).Then be sure to nourish the skin colorless cream and brushed to a shine.

№17. New suede clothing, as well as after storage, it is advisable to vacuum or carefully vytrusit to get rid of dust and lint adhering.

№18. clothing suede and velor need regular brushing with a short nap.Zalosnivshiesya contaminated trampled down and cleaned the place recommended a special rubber brush for suede.Particularly contaminated sites - processed soda diluted in warm milk (1 h. Spoon on glass).

№19. pants and skirts made of suede or leather hang the need for special hangers, fixing his belt, so that was not the folds and creases.


Shoe leather

how to clean the skin procedure for stain removal and cleaning of the skin require certain skills and experience.Quite easily, you can not remove a small, almost imperceptible speck, but rather in its place to make new and great.Modern range of cleaning products allows you to experiment in plenty, but it can afford not everyone, and with the favorite thing does not want to leave.Therefore, sometimes better than the old time-tested methods.

  • • Raindrops often leave white spots on the skin surface with a lint-free.Usually enough to comb the brush place, changing direction in different directions, then the pile will rise.
  • • To stood out white spots on the skin of water blotted often got wet surface with a dry cloth until it is dry.
  • • oily or greasy stain need to fill thick chalky powder and in this condition leave for the day.Because you need to shake off the chalk and brush to clean the thing.
  • • You can remove all traces of paste from ballpoint pens ordinary adhesive tape.Stick it on the spot, push and pull tightly as possible.Remains of dirt is clean eraser or the usual rough rubber band.But traces of the marker, unfortunately, is not possible to delete.The only way to dye the leather thing, if that makes sense.
  • • But the most reliable and sure means of cleaning any skin, a variety of colors, patterns and density - a professional dry cleaning.