How to multiply money.

How to multiply money

Internet is replete with a variety of methods of augmenting income, some of them have a grain of reason, others totally absurd.But they both mean by an initial insertion of money into some dubious enterprise, be it foreign exchange, shares of stock, the organization of the business or frank "divorce".The question "how to increase the money" given all of humanity, starting from the time, as soon as the money is there.So why not take advantage of the wisdom of ancestors and not to increase the money the most, that neither is a magical way, without giving a penny sorts hunters your income?



1. pence draws
2. How to multiply money for Feng Shui
3. Symbols and mascots, to multiply money
4. Cash secrets of the ancient priests
5. The Psychology of Money
6. Magic big ... money!
7. Cash rites
8. Folk omens and rules of how to increase and save money




Pence draws

There is a simple , but people say , try it out in practice , a very effective method of enchantment money , allowing both to multiply money and attract them.

To this end, a coin , which depicts the figure 5 , simply put, 5 kopeck coin , conjure , making magic hex .It is necessary to read the hex seven times this coin , you need to carry around a month.A month to get rid of the coin , you can just spend it , and make hex again in the new coin.

5 cents" I'm going to auction merchant back sable great.I bring home the treasure .Give God , so much money , so there was nowhere to put.Amen. "

The beauty of this method of attracting money in its simplicity and the absolute absence of spending and because people always get a lot of thirst , nothing without doing .So good luck!

While the wait that's not all .The most important condition for the effectiveness of this method , however, like any other , is the belief in the success of the event.Remember from the Bible : " According to your faith you will be rewarded ?"Or, from the psychology , " Thought is material " ?Or of life: " Be careful of your desires - they tend to come true ?"Faith !- This is the real magic !


How to multiply money for Feng Shui

Chinese sages now in great fashion .It does not matter what they offer recipes prosperity bring great fruit?And all the while they thought , and under every thought scientifically based theory exists .And take the money in abundance and mass of followers .We will disclose to you the secrets of financial well-being of Feng Shui .

Secret number 1.In every room there is a special area, responsible for the financial well-being.Are they from the south-east side.If you activate this sector apartments, you can draw cash.Apply for this angle into the green or blue color and decorate with charms.The ideal is to place there an aquarium with goldfish, bubbling fountain, or simply a vessel with clean water.If you can not, just hang a picture on the wall overlooking the lake, the sea surface or a small waterfall.It will be good to settle there houseplants, especially money tree or succulents.

Secret number 2.Mascots and symbols harmonize space attracted to the house money and protect them from abuse scam.The main symbol of money Feng Shui - is water.In order to attract and increase the money should be administered in a variety of aquatic life space characters.


Symbols and mascots, to multiply money

Chinese amulet.Round coin with a hole in the middle - the famous symbol of wealth and prosperity.We need to take these three coins tied with red ribbon them , and put in a purse or under the rug .Wear them in your wallet all the time, every time when open it , gently stroking the coins and they will respond pribylyu.Krome this , there is one more step for the material well-being : to be at the corners of the apartment razbrasat small coins .

Aquarium with goldfish.Nine live goldfish in an aquarium - a mandatory part of the interior of those who want to get rich.If one of these fish will be black - it will absorb woes .It is important that the water in the tank is always murmured , it was her movement attracted to the house money energy .The aquarium should not be placed opposite the entrance door , or wealth will " leak ."

tridactyl toadThree-toed toad.It is known worldwide symbol of wealth retention ." Start " his three-toed toad statue holding a coin in the mouth and sitting on cash or gems ." Positioning " must be a toad in the south- eastern or northern sector premises back to the entrance .

Money tree.This indoor plant is responsible for the family budget .The tree - a symbol of prosperity , the leaves - the symbol of the coin .Under it is desirable to put a pot of three Chinese coins, which should be wrapped in paper or red tie a red ribbon .

Owl.A great neighbor money tree is an image or statue of the Owls .This wise bird that will protect your savings from wasteful investments or reckless expenditure.

Money signs

  • 1. Get a money tree, with green leaves.
  • 2. The house must necessarily be a piggy bank.
  • 3. Hold a broom upside down handle.
  • 4. Money should be kept in a beautiful box.Denominations Lay it in the following way : at the bottom - the smallest at the top - the largest .Count them being in a good mood .
  • 5. Purse should be red.

According to Chinese philosophy of money must be treated with respect and love , and then they " answer " you in return.And remember : wealth comes only to those who are willing to accept it !So , tune in to a cash positive.


Cash secrets of the ancient priests

How to multiply money in the house?

  • 1. If you want to make money fell in your home or when you do not spend , not a single ruble in payday .The amount , absolutely all , should spend the night in the house.
  • 2. To your money multiply themselves attracted money , store large bills for a year, "charge" your energy , it will attract money to themselves.
  • 3. You can not whistle indoors and remove the crumbs from the table by hand - the money will not be.
  • 4. Do not borrow a neighbor salt and bread - your home can leave welfare, having gone to another family.

How to multiply money and save?

red purse

  • 1. If you want to ask for a pay raise him on Wednesday afternoon.
  • 2. You can not have someone to borrow money on Monday, can not lend on Tuesday and return the debt on Friday.
  • 3. Any parting with money , whether it be the return of the debt , or borrowing should take place only in the morning, such actions carried out in the evening - promise to ruin.
  • 4. Try not in principle to take the money , but on the contrary , often lend .And in the first and in the second case you program the money to return to its owner, only one owner of the money - lender , and the other - you .

How to adjust clothing to attract money?

  • 1. In the pockets of clothing sent to the cabinet for seasonal storage , put a small denomination banknotes .
  • 2. Remember: money demand respect, they do not favor torn pockets and do not like torn buttons.

How to multiply money in your wallet?

  • 1. Under no circumstances, you can not keep an empty wallet, keep it at least a penny coin.
  • 2. Banknotes in a purse should lie face to the owner.
  • 3. Store and do not spend at least a month , in the smallest purse compartment folded triangle bill , well if it is large .
  • 4. Start a " lucky coin " : earned first obtained from a good man , as a result of a successful transaction , and so on. Always keep in your wallet , and do not spend - this is your lucky mascot prosperity, lose - money will be offended and will not go up .

Handling the easy money

Remember: easy money - Point won , dishonestly earned , donated and others . - Does not bring happiness , get rid of them, they should not be detained in a purse .Immediately they spend , and better distribute to the needy.


Psychology of Money

Session attract money

How to multiply moneyWell-known trick : write down their intentions on paper .Moreover, the best technique works exactly in the case of money .

Sit back and write down your desire, for example:"My monthly income - five thousand dollars."

Then, very quickly you start to write the first thing that comes to mind:

"This is unreal.Where to get the money.The husband is shocked by my fantasies .Receiving such denzhischi can only be fair.Why do it .Sense something still all have to pay for the debts .More rob God forbid ".

And now begins the struggle with the contradictions .Take a blank sheet of paper and start to write the statement in favor of their own desires.For example:

  • 1. It is unrealistic -"I could be wrong. ;
  • 2. Where to get the money -"I do not know, but I find where. ;
  • 3. The husband is shocked by my fantasies -" I do not care .He is the last dress I bought was in shock.If you pay attention to it , you can " continue wearing the skates in the summer ".
  • 4. Receive such denzhischi can only dishonest -"First of all , well, you think ?Secondly , it is not the fact .Third, not that denzhischi - debts just enough ";
  • 5. Why do you need. " Well, I finally said goodbye to the endless bondage !I pay off debt , make repairs , to go to the Caribbean ... ";
  • 6. Another rob God forbid -"Do not get robbed .I have not written on his forehead , and finally the credit card does not require interest to be and look, no bring any dividends ".

Contested own negativity until you are sure full of simplicity and ease of execution of desires.Repeat again and again with other formulations as doubts have evaporated .Start first by writing their desire over and spilling onto the paper contradiction if left negative , repeat it all over again the next day.

To increase the effectiveness of techniques , phrases, expressing the desire to want to record just 20-30 in one "session" .You will be pleasantly surprised to discover how fast this technique produce the desired !

The theory of the ladder

Use the ladder on the way of multiplying money.If you are unable to believe in the possibility of producing 5 thousand dollars - start with a smaller amount , but the real figure is much higher than earnings.Get $ 300 , then $ 500 , then thousands of dollars , etc.

The same principle can be used to form other desires, after all the money to you for some reason need.Undoubtedly, the apartment is best to book directly such as it is necessary, for certain, is the "capital" desire.But you can experiment by car - first one that will suit soon, then it will be possible to change it more solid option.However, if you dream of a mansion in Beverly Hills (you never know), starting with communal clearly not worth it, so it is possible to change the apartment for life and pensions do not reach the desired.The main thing is not "fantaniruyte" - the desire to be real, having a reasonable relationship with the possibilities.


... Magic big money!

Simple magic ritual to attract money

How to multiply moneyThis is necessary to perform the ritual for two weeks , beginning with the new moon and the full moon before .Prepare for the ritual candlestick and long green candle.

Sit comfortably , close your eyes and completely relax, breathe slowly and calmly .Imagine yourself surrounded by a white ball of energy.Focus on the target magic ritual - raising money.Imagine how banknotes Flow into your white ball of energy.Falling from above, fly up from below, as if from a blow of wind, are attracted to you , like iron filings to a magnet.Feel the movement of money .Think of it as clearly as possible .

Now take a candle , tightly gripping her hands , and imagine how your inner strength merges with the force of the universe.Green candle - a symbol of the merger.Repeat to himself : "Money flow uncontrolled jets in my life , without hurting anyone ," while continuing to be the "magic " money inflows .Then, light a candle , continuing to repeat the words .Leave the candle to burn through.Burning - it frees you created energy , and it attracts money into your life .

Magic receipt

On the night of the new moon sit down and write out a receipt to the money in their own name .Take a ticket can be in any bank or post office .

  • 1. Fill in the date.
  • 2. Enter your full name.
  • 3. In the column to put the amount you want to receive.
  • 4. Place the bottom of the date and signature.
  • 5. Now hide a receipt so that nobody found.

Important note:You can only get the money that can afford to have.No need to enter meaningless sums of money, which you yourself can not even imagine, and what to do with them do not know a better place space - will benefit greater.Start with a small amount, raise your inner bar gradually.The amount by which you begin to feel uncomfortable, frankly do not believe in the possibility, in principle, you receive the kind of money - and there is your limit.To increase its fill in the amount, which slightly exceeds the limit, and place or hang somewhere in a visible place.Passing each time by, you will not help to look at this piece, at this moment was like, 'I'm getting ... dollars a month, "try, so to speak," in the language "of that amount.

Magic Stone

Locate any, you liked the stone, preferably not in the city.Light a green candle and start to intensify "money power", used in the first ritual.Imagining the flows of money, take a stone and paint it green marker or paint a symbol that is associated with the money you have.Do not stop imagining how the money are attracted to you within 10 minutes.Now you can blow out a candle, and put the stone in place, which will throw you in the eye.Lighting candles every day, until the money appear.Do not think through the ways in which you can come to the money.Allow the universe to show love for diversity.

How to multiply money meditating on the cosmic abundance

multiply moneyMeditation will help you to realize your own involvement in the cosmic abundance.To do this, take the most comfortable position and to include soft music , relax .Completely abandon all ordinary thoughts , feel the state of comfort , security and harmony .Say to yourself : "I'm fine , free , omnipotent , and divine being .I now accept the Divine abundance . "You have to feel emotional lift , sailed forces and joyful anticipation of a miracle.

Imagine, as you directly from the depths of the cosmos pours golden ray.Open up to him.Feel like you're part of the universe.Now imagine that descends from heaven cloud energy turquoise, enveloping you from head to toe.Now down purple cloud.You are in the center of the light, airy energy - gold, turquoise and purple.This is the color of energy cosmic abundance.Feel comfortable in the cloud, feel her own.Now imagine how these colors gradually dissolve, melt, leaving a trail in your aura.Experience deep gratitude to the divine source of cosmic abundance, and feel confident that from now on abundance is always with you.

This meditation is preferably carried out in the morning or in the evening, 2-3 times each week.


As you probably already heard , affirmations - positive statements is to help change the way of thinking and create the kind of future you want.Saying affirmations is considered an effective method of achieving happiness, love , health and financial well-being .Work with affirmations is recommended at least 10 minutes every day , saying they silently or aloud.It looks like this:

  • 1. I radiate success and prosperity of every minute;
  • 2. I choose thoughts that lead me to happiness and abundance;
  • 3. I am absolutely calm and confident in the future;
  • 4. What do I say, and I think - my creates prosperity;
  • 5. I - the mighty mistress of his world;
  • 6. The failures of the past have sunk into oblivion, ahead - only the happiness and well-being;
  • 7. Everything that's going on - for my benefit;
  • 8. My life is every day better and better;
  • 9. My financial condition depends on my attitude to life;
  • 10. Money alone cling to my arms like a favorite kitty;
  • 11. I get the money, and give with joy;
  • 12. Money love me and come to the necessary amount and even more;
  • 13. I am a magnet for money;
  • 14. I allow myself to make wealth.
  • 15. My choice - a happy life in abundance;
  • 16. I have the right to the best.
  • 17. In my life, all desires are fulfilled, all needs are met, all the dreams come true;
  • 18. Everything that I touch turns into wealth;
  • 19. I admire the abundance of my life and thank you for everything you have;
  • 20. My income multiplied by the day;
  • 21. The benefits come to me from the most unexpected sources;
  • 22. I get the benefit of everyone and everywhere;
  • 23. I am in perfect harmony with the world;
  • 24. The universe is on my side;
  • 25. This is my world !!!

Space formula multiply money

Money Tree"God is rich , I'm rich " - repeat this formula as often as possible , read it like a mantra .To the magic formula to implement, it should be repeated at least 20 minutes every day for a month.Recommended for counting beads , because it is desirable that you have repeated it for months 30 000 times .Speak formula can be mentally, aloud , out loud or in a whisper.It is an efficient and highly effective means of meta-programming their own lives.

Universal participation

Imagine how God , the universe , invisible beings with love watching you , wanting to help you , if your first request.They are waiting for you to voice your desire to fulfill it .Feel the happiness of this great grace and profound gratitude .Awareness of this simple truth brings you not passing feeling of happiness leads to success and bestow good luck in all your endeavors .

"The success - in the present.Success - in the future .Success - the sky above my head.Success - the ground beneath my feet .Success leads to success "- this formula is repeated three times , leaving the street , just going through the door.Doors - a wildcard transition from the present to the future .By doing this , you are laying in your own subconscious program success , and now the program is automatically activated every time when you go through the door to go out, start over , take some business .


Cash rites

The ritual to attract money

To multiply the money on the 13th of any month is absolutely necessary to go to church , to buy 13 candles and surrender of that change to purchase a coin of any value , preferably smaller.Then I come home and have to backhand throw the money on the floor and did not collect them until morning.
In the morning , without washing , not Brushing her hair , collect all the money , then tie them in a handkerchief and hide under the bed.

How to multiply money on deposit

If you want, that you always had money , saying that is written below , each time you give someone money, for example , the change in the store, or cash paid :
"In my purse your money, your pennies - my treasury.

Ritual to attract wealth

Under the young Osinki dig a hole , put a coin nagovarivaya her and covered with earth .Perform the ritual must be the full moon in an even calendar day .

God be with you, our soot,
Rusty germ, fruits harvest.
As you are not a mouse is not sgryzёt,
No worm no oozing,
So that my money and nobody surochil.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Conspiracy to attract money in the family
Second Day on August Ilyin sprinkle the room of his home charmed poppy.It speaks in triplicate the following lines:
Ilya generous fit of generosity to our poppy so
To the people he gave us a nickel,
Snout Let the people ten,
Dozens have brought us prosperity b.
The key lock.


Folk omens and rules of how to increase and save money

money signs

  • 1. Seeing the first time in a month the young moon , remove and show her your purse or just a large bill , then the money will grow as the moon.
  • 2. To ensure that any undertaking was a successful outcome , and its fate will be decided in any particular room , first it has to enter a man .
  • 3. Do not take the money after the sun went down - ubudut.
  • 4. Under no circumstances shall the house can not stand trash in the evening.
  • 5. Do not throw out the window, otherwise leave the welfare home.
  • 6. Do not leave empty bottles on the table during the feast , and then be sure to pour the remnants of alcohol.
  • 7. You can not in the same house in different brooms sweep - a wealth disperse the corners.
  • 8. To the trade was brisk, the first thing you need to buy a man.
  • 9. At the entrance to a new home or apartment floor sprinkle silver coins.
  • 10. He who seeds luschit, money is not delayed.
  • 11. Do not whistle in the house, the money will not be.
  • 12. Do not baste the crumbs from the table by hand without a sponge or cloth.
  • 13. repay better in the morning, but not in the evening.
  • 14. Do not get out of the house after the sun went down , especially dangerous sweep - you can sweep their well-being , and the floor is not necessary to wash the night - will wash well-being.
  • 15. Do not give anything to outsiders after sunset.
  • 16. Do not let the threshold of the house or apartment and do not get through the door.
  • 17. You can not cut itself own hair , including bangs trimmed or update , even heavily split ends hair.
  • 18. Keep a tablecloth on the table a little bit of money.To make them at home have never been translated , and there was no loss and theft.
  • 19. borrow money, you need to give smaller denominations than occupied.
  • 20. Borrow money needed for the new moon, returns - defective.
  • 21. Take the money you need with the left hand and the need to give - right.
  • 22. If you give money to a loan on Sunday - they may not return .Monday can not be any money to lend or to repay debts , and money will not be driven .
  • 23. To multiply money , give alms to beggar , saying mentally : "Do not scanty hand of the giver ! " Do not look into the eyes asking for - energy poverty you do not need .
  • 24. Do not put a hat and gloves on the table.
  • 25. Do not sit on the table - it's poverty.

Some obvious modernity secrets on how to multiply money, to attract them and keep:

Secret number 1.The documents that are relevant to the monthly payments ( passbooks and receipts for payment of utility bills , gas, telephone, loan documents , etc.) as paid , and no need to keep in the same folder , and red.So you will not have problems with debts , with timely payment and the money needed to repay the debt , if any, of themselves be attracted .

Secret number 2.To attract money to keep in your wallet , and other places of storage of money cash savings , a pinch of cinnamon and a few mint leaves .

Secret number 3.The money will go to the hands, if we take the right to conduct a simple manipulation.Do you need it every new moon, perfect, when that day or three days after it began, will fall on Wednesday or Thursday.Before going to bed collect all the money that is in the house, not counting them, drip oil of cinnamon or rosemary, smear it all the money and put it under his pillow.Immediately after waking up, getting out of bed, count them, three or seven times.Well in this case say the favorite conspiracy for money.So, you charge the bill's own energy, and spent over a month back bills multiply.

Secret number 4.Read and give the money out of the house after sunset unacceptable.But if the circumstances are such that to give them all the same and it is necessary at this time, do not give them up , and put on the floor , the man to whom they are let alone raise them .

Secret number 5.Absolutely can not read and discuss other people's income - the money will not !The fact that envy other people's money and success , the condemnation of the rich subconscious moves you to poverty.Such thoughts are sending a signal and put a lock on your life if the wealth - it is bad , then you do not need it .

Secret number 6.Do not shove crumpled bills in his pockets , do not throw the money anywhere.They should have their place , good , nice and cozy - a purse, jewelry box .

Secret number 7.Quit the habit of sending and taking notes by hand , paying debts , taking a return, paying for the purchase .Together with them, you can pass a stranger , their financial success, and from there get bad energy .In stores knowingly saucers are special for the money.

Secret number 8.Get rid of the money found in the street , do not wear jewelry , and found not buy jewelry from hands .Their former owner was faced with failure, loss or ruin , currently taking his money or things you take and negativity .

Secret number 9.When host visitors , never finishes the remnants of alcohol for guests and not eat up with others' plates .Do not pour the remains into a glass back in the bottle , and do not put other people's plates with food in the refrigerator.

Secret number 10.And the last secret of financial health: stop this nonsense do - go to work!