TOP 10: how not to fall asleep on the job

how not to fall asleep on the job

Stormy night little to work productively .After them is unreal difficult doterpet until the end of the day and did not nap somewhere in the back or on your desktop .It does not matter whether you append an important report , care for sick relatives , laid restless child or " lit " in a nightclub.

You want to sleep anyway , but to work - simply can not .How not to " bump " into trouble from the authorities as not to fall asleep on the job, cheer up and endure the torment in the next 8:00 ?

Just for this case we have 10 proven ways .Try one by one or all at once - to improve your performance, we do not promise , but do not fall asleep on the job - to help.



1. Tea - Coffee - Dance
2. Refreshing flavor
3. Turn the bulb brighter
4. complicate sleep problem
5. Do not load
6. The sound louder
7. "P.-ru" has not been canceled
8. Water Treatments
9. Concentrate on the job
10. "Lie down, go to sleep and let it be"




Tea - Coffee - Dance

For many coffee - means infallible , its main number .And that's fine - it invigorates , ie increases the blood circulation, and thus saturation of the body with oxygen.By the way , recent studies have shown that, contrary to popular belief , coffee - very , good for the heart .So that five cups a day , you can well afford more - not worth it.

However, that cup of strong drink is not always and not all work miracles.Some after a dose of caffeine filled with energy, and others - are beginning to "Kunja" intense and only strengthened in an effort to lie down and sleep.Firstly, the organisms are different, and secondly - not all perceive the coffee, the body of some of its elementary can not stand, it is contraindicated in them for health reasons.Depending on the duration of use of coffee you can play a bad joke: the first time he really will chase a dream, but then the body gets used, and still want to sleep.In addition, a high risk that the coffee will "dolman" your normal - half struggled with sleepiness in the evening you'll be overexcited and can not sleep again.A kind of vicious circle.

If coffee is contraindicated or you do not love him - " hit " on the tea.In principle, suitable for both green and black.But green is preferred , it a wonderful tonic properties.


Refreshing flavor

the aroma of coffeeResearch shows when sleepiness is very well help odors.Therefore, coffee or drink , and just sniff .Perfectly suited also aromatic oils .For example, you can use mint or eucalyptus oil .They will wake up and smell fills the body vigor , experiment with essential oils such as orange , peppermint , eucalyptus , fir .

If they did not have on hand , we offer a radical method - nyuhnite something " thermonuclear " published pungent smell of nail polish , for example.It will shake you, and even for a while will help to concentrate.Just do not overdo it, do not overdo it with the inhalation of a varnish or glue fumes and certainly do not make it a habit - is fraught.


Turn on the light bulb is brighter

Choosing a time to rest our bodies , mainly focused on the degree of illumination around.Therefore, to successfully combat obsessive dream turn brighter light.During the day - wait by the window or go outside , fresh air will also help to cheer up .


Complicating sleep problem

Chance of sleep in a soft , comfortable chair is much higher .So just accept uncomfortable position , take a hard stool instead of chairs - in the uncomfortable position you will not fall asleep .In severe cases, can and does work standing up, especially if your work "tool " - a laptop .


Do not gorge

how not to fall asleep on the jobA full stomach is very conducive to sound sleep .Even on a normal day , after a hearty dinner, want to nap , " stay one's stomach " , fasten fat ... Lack of sleep combined with a full stomach permanently deprive your head clear and probably dump you off your feet .Famished, of course, it is not necessary , but eating one's fill , too .Make a small " snack " and kill your appetite with something better than a protein or just nibble nuts.This will restore vitality and desire to sleep will not cause .


The sound louder

If you work in a noisy office or "loud" production - consider yourself lucky noises certainly will not let you sleep (although in this case probably need pain medication - that the head does not "lusnula").A good solution would be energetic and loud music.Superiors and colleagues, it is unlikely to enjoy, and the case will most likely not in your musical taste, so use headphones.The calm and lulling rhythms - are contraindicated.Music should you stir, so only energetic, and even better the new and unusual.Again - do not overdo it.Surrounding certainly not "approve" or your podpevaniya priplyasyvaniya.


"P.-ru" has not been canceled

Talking about how not to fall asleep on the job , not to mention the effectiveness of any exercise.Charging at work can be obtained at the office a walk , climb , descend the stairs a couple of times , poprisedat somewhere in the corridor , or make a " bench lying " leaning on the table .In general , try to move actively , conduct intensive exercise , it's great to help get rid of obsession drowsiness .


Water Treatments

Run a nap cold water - just a good wash .They say that good and hot water invigorates , but still cold reliably.The body will react reflexively to this contact - activates protection as when diving .To the heart and the brain sends a magnified portion of the body of oxygen.Heartbeat and breathing leveled , preparing the body for prolonged physical exercise .


Concentrate on the job

The best way to increase efficiency - to work .Focus when I want to sleep, very difficult.Therefore, if you do not get to work , get yourself to do cleaning at least in the workplace.Place your order, wipe the dust, fold the paper , move the documents to the desk .Intelligent load is not required, and the effect will be significant .Only one kind of clear the table is able to lift the mood, and the movement will not sleep.


"Lie down, go to sleep and let it be"

I am not sleepingIf you try all these ways , you , as always want to sleep - a sleep .Take a nap at lunch time right on your desktop .Slept for a good half of the day , you can not afford to , but slightly recover and take the edge off the desire After dozing sleep 15-20 minutes - completely.Do not forget to warn colleagues not to disturb you this time and promptly awakened at the approach of the head .And on his return home, a good otospitsya .

And some advice for the future:

  • • Sleep at night.One is just the advice that is easy to give , but it is difficult to follow .However, the need to sleep at night and preferably not less than 7-8 hours - this is the most effective in the fight against labor hibernation .In the dream body " recharged " for the next day and you will be able to stay awake until the next night .
  • • Most fruits and vegetables.Five or six vegetables and fruits throughout the day will provide you with a stable " protivosonny " blood sugar .Because it swings cause sudden attacks and burning of fatigue and drowsiness .
  • • Fight with stress.Do not stick out the entire lunch break in the office - a walk in the fresh air.15-20 is enough to relax and get rid of accumulated stress.
  • • « reboots " periodically - distraction.Keep some on hand puzzle , board games, puzzles .But not only online games - from them then you have to be " distracted " .
  • • Happy memories .Place the photos on the table or notes, evokes pleasant memories of the happy moments of your life.When you feel tired rolls , just look at them, and you will once again experience the joy.