Stones-mascots zodiac sign

Stones-mascots horoscope

Absolutely any stone , whether it's an inexpensive gem or gemstone , it is itself a guardian of his master's fortune , his talisman.

Stones - this magnificent ornaments, and wonderful healers , and faithful helpers on the way to the goal.People have long resorted to their aid .Some of them contribute to the prosperity of the money , while others - family well-being .A properly fitted stones zodiac sign , will provide its owner a good mood , good luck and good health .

Stones-mascots horoscope

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For the representatives of the markOWENhappy stones talismans are:garnet, ruby, falcon, eye agate.Garnet is the stone of love and passion .The shape of its crystals are like pomegranate seeds , hence its name - grenades.This incredibly beautiful stone is considered a talisman of lovers, the owner gives vigor , gives a feeling of cheerfulness , optimism and joy.

StonesBody- Issapphire, agate, aquamarine, opal, tiger's eye, jade, rose quartz.Agate from ancient times known for its unique properties.Mineral beneficial effect on eyesight.Since ancient times, he attributed the ability to empower his master eloquence , attractive, persuasive speeches , as well as confidence in their abilities.Made from agate mascots help to realize their desires and plans , eliminate difficulties on the way.

As forTWINSTheir lucky stones - itagate, amber, beryl, yellow topaz.Gem - beryl - blue , has the capacity to bring happiness to the affairs of the heart , favors the permanence .Does the owner cheerful and positive.Onyx ( black agate ) excites a man of passion , mystery and symbolizes eternity , gives warmth.

Amethyst, pearls, rock crystal, emerald, aventurine, moonstone, cat's eye- Such stones in the sign of the zodiac correspond to those born under the sign ofCANCER.Cat's Eye stone since ancient times was considered magical .Amulet of it protects the host against accidents , troubles , enemies and financial collapse.The stone should be worn children , his presence will be important for young people up to 20 years - it will protect them from the negative energy of strangers .

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Happy toLIONSconsidered gems of yellow shades and colors:Tiger Eye, Amber, Aventurine, topaz.Tiger Eye , also called Banking stone, a symbol of financial well-being .It protects the wearer from bankruptcy, ruin, you can focus on achieving this goal , it activates insight.In ancient times this stone was allowed to wear only a privileged elite.

Virgosidealjade, jasper, carnelian, tiger, Hawkeye, agate, aventurine.Carnelian - a unique stone , as the ancient legend of the gods he cut trilobes leaf clover , a plant symbol of Venus , who gives femininity and youth.Owners Jasper reserved magical properties of the stone from the evil eye , evil eye and other forces of evil.Jasper gives courage, courage and confidence in victory .Such mascot promises wealth and improves health , gives eloquence , stimulates memory and reduces .

Happy stonesWEIGHTS- Isamethyst, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, rock crystal, moonstone, opal.Moonstone is characterized as a talisman of good fortune , it is much appreciated gift for lovers, because it contributes to awakening the manifestation of affection .It is believed that moonstone can read the future , to feel in total harmony with nature.Particular effect this gem shows during the full moon .He excites the people gentleness , tenderness , dreaminess , relieves tension.

Aventurine, turquoise, hematite, coral, alexandrite- It rocks the sign of the zodiac sign of appropriate representativesScorpio.Aventurine colored with sparkles and shimmers golden lights.Aventurine want to enjoy it fascinates , attracts a certain mystery and unpredictability.It is a stone of enterprising , brave people , business travelers - everybody who is not afraid to take risks and a great believer in luck .No wonder the name he wears it - Aventurine translated means " the case ."The owner automatically acquires self-confidence and independence of people and circumstances.

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Happy stonesStreltsov- IsHawkeye, agate and amethyst, tiger eye, garnet.Hawkeye is one of the three most powerful " charms ."The ancients believed these stones are the most powerful magic talismans : tiger's eye - is the guardian of the financial situation , the cat's eye - protects love and loyalty , betrayal and warns Hawkeye - keeps the wearer from slander , and defends against attacks by enemies.Hawkeye protect against all kinds of negative energy.

MascotsCapricornaremoonstone, amethyst, lapis lazuli, rock crystal, agate, pearls, ruby, tiger, Hawkeye.Amethyst - a symbol of curbing passions.Wearing it is recommended to all to relieve stress , gaining self-control.White agate gives the owner peace and confidence , removes aggression, relieves stress.White Agate - this is a great protection against the negative impact of energy attacks.This stone - a symbol of love , attracting the hearts of women and men.It relieves the owner of boredom , anxiety , restlessness and melancholy , gives the character of softness and kindness.

Happy toAquariusstones are:jasper, turquoise, Aventurine, jade, rock crystal.Turquoise extremely lucky stone to its main characteristics is the ability to reconcile all hostile .Turquoise stop quarrels in the family , it establishes peace brings prosperity.This unique beauty of the stone , in ancient Greece dedicated to Aphrodite .Turquoise gives joy , good humor and at the same time help make the right decision , make the right choice .His owner , it ensures the success and prosperity .

Stones-mascots forFISH- Ispearls, cat's eye, amethyst, turquoise, moonstone.Pearls - brings happiness .The ancient Greeks argued that pearls - is frozen tears of sea nymphs.Silver , pale pink, pinkish- red, yellow , white, light green, black .Whatever may have been colored pearls, he guards well-being and contributes to longevity of its owner.