Methods for cleaning suede.

Methods for cleaning suede

Things suede considered to be the most popular products from the skin.They are soft, velvety, creates a feeling of warmth and comfort, and most importantly, and as such are - warming in the cold, comfortable and beautiful.Unfortunately, like other things, suede dirty, eventually losing color and velvety.How to revive the favorite thing, and whether cleaning suede at home?



1. Operation "resuscitation»
2. Sheepskin: care and cleaning suede
3. Care and cleaning suede at home
4. How to return a tidy look zalosnivsheysya suede?
5. How to dye suede at home?
6. Cleaning faux suede




Operation "resuscitation»

one awkward movement - and here, on your favorite suede product preprotivneyshee spot!What to do, how to save the situation, and did not cause irreparable harm?

  • 1. grease stains urgently need to get wet cloth.In no case is washed out!Do not use chemicals!Otherwise, you will not be able to help even the professionals.
  • 2. If the stain appeared on ice cream, milk, eggs or blood it needs to be urgently zamyt water without using chemicals.Do not let the spot zastaret, any protein compounds amenable to removal after drying with great difficulty.
  • 3. Spots raised wine-vodka products must also be washed out with water.
  • 4. Contrary to popular belief, in any case, do not use salt!It is able to discolor and eventually spoil material thing.
  • 5. After "intensive care" measures immediately refer to the dry cleaners, in which case there is a real chance to get rid of stains, without exposing the full thing clean.


Sheepskin: care and cleaning suede

cleaning sheepskin recommended diarrhea suede coats and other articles 2-3 of the season, to take them to the dry cleaners.Even if you do not see outward signs of such a need.And it should be done immediately after the season, without waiting for contamination and manifest zastareyut.
general, make it a rule not to hang dirty clothes in the closet, not to delay its preparation for the next season later.Before you take the sheepskin deposited in the spring and summer, dry it a couple of hours in the air, hang it in the shade inside out beforehand.

Note: clean coats at home is not recommended, and wash - do not permissible!

Professional efficient cleaning suede happening on specialized technology and the use of drugs, which take into account various features of your product up to its "origin" (Turkish, Bulgarian, Mongolian, etc.).At the service company or dry cleaning sheepskin can be dyed, the latest innovation in this direction - the application of the dye spray coating.Of course, to use this service you need to update an existing color rather than repaint.However, some enterprises may well be painted in a different color the product of white suede or other unexpressed shade.

Before subjected to any processing of suede or leather clothing, you need to make a test on a small inconspicuous area and - somewhere inside out.Evaluate the results, you can only after drying.So you find out whether the tool will not spoil the material, and it does not spoil the whole product.

If you do decide to take the risk and clean chamois in the home, use of very fine-grained sandpaper.But remember that a regular or excessive exposure, including all kinds of brushes or sponges can disrupt water-repellent layer, leading to the appearance of spots just by rain or snow.

At home, it is better not to deal with serious problems, and to take care of thing, periodically refresh it in socks, rubbing suede crumb of fresh bread, cereals, semolina, regular school eraser or, as we said, fine sandpaper.

A good agent is a rubber brush or sponge, unfortunately, in the free market to find them is not so simple, as a rule, they go to a "bundled" with the Turkish-made sheepskin coats that can not be dry-cleaned.

brass or rubber brush, sandpaper or eraser is best removed dry fresh stains from food, but they do not have time to be rubbed into the fabric.
Self cleaning oil stains on suede, can be successful, if you rub them slightly stale bread, provided that the stains are fresh.

spots of juice, fruit, tea, pastes ballpoint pens, ink, and the carcass is removed in the form of dry with sandpaper, and then a well-wrung damp cotton swab disperse pollution contours, preventing tissue much wet.

Note: dry suede impossible heaters, and indeed in the process of drying, keep the thing as far as possible from them.Spot Spot rain are difficult removal.In order to achieve uniformity of color suede, in a circular motion rub the brass or rubber brush.


Care and cleaning suede at home

Shoe Suede For the independent use, there are drugs for the care and cleaning.There are special liquid funds or aerozolevye.First, as a rule, they are designed to remove dirt and stains, but in order to give way due to the effect after a professional cleaning.So better use them for the prevention, preparation for storage or removal of emergency measures fresh stains.Appointment of aerosol products - refreshment, renewal appearance, usually suitable for both suede and velor for.In addition, they have a water repellent and colorless or come in different shades.As a rule, standard colors - brown and black, so podtsvetit, for example, red, green things on their own are unlikely to be released.

Home Your task in caring for suede clothing - do not run pollution, prevent clogging, do not allow to shine suede.Such consequences will be very difficult to remove, even in dry cleaning.

Therefore, make sure that the pile was always fluff suede, this occasionally handle it brushed brass, rubber or hard hair it is also possible to use fine sandpaper.

often used for home cleaning methods are not too contaminated sites fine table salt (dry and colorless desirable thing), and the fresh bread crumbs (changing contaminated pieces in fresh, clean).One of folk remedies is to remove grease stains using burlap or other coarse cloth soaked in gasoline.However, using this method, we recommend that you do not, gasoline is also capable of leaving greasy stains, worse available, besides a long time does not allow to get rid of unpleasant odors.If still another opportunity to clean the thing really is not, make it a well-wrung cloth so as not to impregnate suede.Then carefully dab bread (do not use water!), And after drying brushed or sandpaper.


How to return a tidy look zalosnivsheysya suede?

suede cleaning house

  • • Clean it with a mixture of baking soda and warm milk (1 hr. Teaspoon per cup).
  • • Wipe zalosnivshiesya place with a cotton swab that soak in a mixture of water and ammonia (water - 3/4 cup alcohol - 1/4).Then he should wash with clean water first thing, and then a solution of vinegar (1 hr. Teaspoon per gallon of water).
  • • bleach white suede gloves can be a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, water and alcohol (1 glass of warm water for 1 h. Spoon of peroxide and alcohol).
  • • pre-cleaned with a stiff brush dust from the product may be cleaned with a solution of water and ammonia (4: 1), suitable as a cleaning solution (soap, washing powder) with the addition of a little ammonia alcohol.To do this, quickly rub the solution with a brush or sponge in suede, and then rinse with cold water.Then pat dry with a soft cloth, dry in the shade outdoors.
  • • Return the kind of old things, suede jacket or coat can help warm milk, diluted with drinking soda (1 hr. Teaspoon per cup).Clean clothes, cleansed of dust, rags, cotton ball or gauze soaked in the solution until the swab is not the most clean after use.Quickly, wash with water and follow with water and vinegar.
  • • Shoes suede brush need special gear or rubber brush, school eraser crumb of white bread or dry salt.Stains from fat removed gasoline.
  • After cleaning, be sure to fluff the pile, use this brush, fine-grained nazhdachku or bread crusts.


How to dye suede at home?

coloring Suede Of course, in extreme cases, you can try to paint badly worn a jacket, a coat or shoes, but to rely on a professional result is not worth it - you will not have such means as dry-cleaning plant.

Nor should we, and pester searching spetskraski Suede, can not find.For home use is fine dye for wool.To prepare the solution should be in an enamel pot on the attached document or to dissolve the contents of one sachet in 1.5 liters of water, to give preference should be distilled at worst boiled water and add vinegar.

temperature of the solution used should not exceed 45 ° C, otherwise the item may significantly sit and be tight (The same applies to cleaning suede) on purified thing you need to brush evenly and rub in suede dye.Repeat the procedure for insurance against stains, uneven coloring, and all the best effect 2-3 times after the initial addition of vinegar, leave for 15-20 minutes and repeat the words from the beginning.
then painted item should be wiped with a 2% acetic solution, rinse thoroughly with a soft cloth wet and dry at room temperature.After drying, be sure to fluff the pile.


Shoe Suede artificial

Things faux suede dirty quite quickly lose creaminess, and can not bear the standard of care as the fabric.Faux suede, as well as life can not be erased, it can be cleaned with soapy water, without soaking and do not piss too.
If you still can not avoid the washing, do it by hand with a sponge.Cleaner pick delicate, for example, for wool or silk.Hang the garment on a hanger or lay on a flat surface, and treat with a solution of warm (35-45 ° C).

then quickly rinse in the bathroom, and carefully dab with a cloth (sheets, towels), in any case, do not remove!Dry on the hanger, without the use of heaters only at room temperature or in air.So that no white streaks, occasionally blotted thing cloth to remove excess moisture.

artificial suede, unfortunately wears out quickly, so wear it gently and carefully, avoid mechanical stress and friction.Drying artificial suede clothing on the air for more than 2 hours is not recommended, suede can dry out and become hard and brittle.