Comfortable and beautiful shoes

Footwear - is not only element of the wardrobe

shoes - is not only element of the wardrobe, put on a woman shoes can tell a lot about it, so an intelligent man and, noticing all the details and little things, you will become an open book.But you can also read the other person in his shoes.

large number of studies aimed at understanding the interaction between nature and wear shoes showed that read a person's character by the shoe possible.Moreover, attention is drawn not only on the purity of the accessory, but also on its style, shape, type.Psychology of shoes - a thin science, but some skills you can afford, armed in the face of your interlocutor.

Owners high heels are willing to rise above the others in the psychological sense.If a woman has a fairly tall and wears high heels - take a look, maybe she will put himself above you.Of course, women of low growth just have to wear high heels to look taller visually and psychologically not.

Studs say that their owner - sluggish, and in most cases, a feminine woman.Studs always emphasize women's femininity and their meaningful application indicates that the person is trying to life a woman in every sense of the word, just to distinguish themselves from the common man against the world division of the sexes.Such women are much flirt, meet, but do not go further than that, so be careful with them.

Shoes Platform may say that their owner has a straightforward character.She will express to you all that thinks parlay anything, even scolded you.Such women are practical, although not devoid of romantic desire.

Low wedgies suggest that the woman wearing them is soft.Docile nature.These women fairly easy to manipulate if you need it, but it is not necessary to pass the border, as they can explode.These ladies - perfect to friends, friends, friends to talk to.Harmonious relations with the friend you will be pleasant.

shoes without a heel say that in front of you not quite a woman.Rather, it is a woman, but with a male character.A woman can be beautiful, feminine, even flawless, but her mannish component manifest itself sooner or later.

In the end, do not forget that the shoes can be worn on the occasion when it is necessary to demonstrate the practical quality.