How to recognize a lie.

How to recognize a lie

always unpleasant to find out that you cheated.Much better understand when a person is not sincere with you and do not become a victim liar.But how to recognize a lie?How to protect yourself from fraud?In fact, it is not difficult, all you need - to know the gestures lie.After all, intonation, facial expressions and gestures are always withdraw fraud to clean water.



1. Learn to read body language and gestures!
2. The subconscious mind is always against the lies
3. When the "pulls" the left
4. Recognition of lies.Alphabet sign
5. Lies and psychology.As it reveals, facial expressions and gestures
6. Gestures lie
7. How to recognize a lie surely?
8. In summary, how to recognize a lie




Learn to read body language and gestures!

All people lie - it's just a fact, a fact of life, from which no escape.Trying to achieve its objectives, the surrounding (and we are no exception), at best, just hiding the truth, at worst - are deceiving each other the most despicable way.Therefore, in our harsh and cruel world, where time and again the hypocrisy and lies, so it is important to be independent of the whims of others.In addition, there is something that gives the lie to the head, exposing the fraud - this gestures and facial expressions.So why not take advantage of it?

Man, as a rule, does not even notice what gestures accompanied by his dialogue, but, nevertheless, gestures and facial expressions - a subconscious demonstration of his true feelings, and if you learn to recognize these feelings, then you can easily expose the selfish goals of your interlocutor.Moreover, knowing gestures lie, you can learn to use them to their advantage, right to conceal from others their feelings!


subconscious always lies against

subconscious against the lies Our subconscious simply enchanted by the truth, so we are organized.Even the most experienced deceiver is not able to control it.The subconscious produces a lie, as if we were not opposed.Therefore, the mikrosignalam subconscious need to be extremely careful.Issue a true man's thoughts can:

  • 1) microexpressions face,
  • 2) eye movement,
  • 3) gestures,
  • 4) the position of the body,
  • 5) the height and timbre of the voice, and so forth.

WhatIn fact in the soul of your loved ones what they think?What is your opinion about your work colleagues or your boss?With respect to you they are experiencing?Whether sincere sympathy for the neighbor or friendly smile affectedness?What lies in the strange sight of the interlocutor: the location or disgust?What does the external cold operating guidance: indifference or contempt?Give answers to all these questions can body language and gestures, psychology lies.

Psychology nonverbal communication has leaped forward, today lie detection - is the science that can be learned and used independently, without resorting to the services of highly qualified psychologists.It does not matter whether it is a business meeting, chat with friends over a glass of wine or a romantic date - the ability to detect lies is always handy.
On our site you will get acquainted with the results of years of research in the field of body language and facial expressions, you understand how to detect lies, learn to distinguish between latent criticism and approval, to read the gestures of sympathy for men and women to recognize true feelings, emotions and thoughts of the interlocutor.


When "pulls" the left

to recognize the deception necessary to look to the left side of the human body.True emotion gives it the left side - the left half of the face, left arm, left leg.In the process of cheating it is very difficult to control emotions.If a person is cunning, and it is difficult to "compose" a lie and track in detail their behavior.Even if fraud previously harvested and carefully rehearsed, people internally tense, he controls it, rather than facial expressions and gestures.This voltage can be explicit or hidden, but, anyway, there are signals that give this excitement, even if a person tries to carefully disguise.

So what are the gestures lie?The caller is not particularly frank with you, if his left arm is constantly hanging out of place, for example, describes a circle or any shape in the air absolutely without any meaning.Similarly, "informer" stretching the truth on your host serves his left leg, depicting a figure in the sand or asphalt that draws some lines and other elements that are not related to the topic of conversation.

Why look for signals it is necessary to lie on the left side of the human body?The fact that the most right side is controlled.Our brain is designed so that we pay attention more on what we do to our right side.For example, when we see that our right arm or leg "behave" not adequately and gives our nervousness or lies, we can get her to calm down.As for the left side of our body, the conscious control, it does not always lend itself.

Recent scientific studies have explained this pattern so that the left and right sides of the human body are controlled by different hemispheres of the brain.The left hemisphere controls speech and intellectual activity, and the right is in control of emotions, imagination and sensory activities.In this regard, management overlap, ie the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, which, thanks to the intellect is more controlled and more traffic awareness.Therefore, all that we are trying to demonstrate to others, showing the right half of the body, and that in reality we are experiencing displays left.


detecting lies.Alphabet sign.

gestures lie

lie in the domain of the great contribution the world famous psychologist - Paul Ekman.It was he who became the prototype of the hero of the popular TV series "Lie" or, as they call it even, "Lie to Me".Psychologist-practitioner is the author of best-selling books such as "Psychology of emotions", "Psychology of lies", "Why do people lie," "liar out of expression."Fundamentals, so to speak, alphabet gestures we bring to your attention.

The first and most important thing that you need to know - is that the most insidious lie detector are the hands.If a person touches a conversation hands to face - this is the first signal that you hang noodles on the ears.However, remember that you need to evaluate a set of gestures interlocutor, not innocent scratching a mosquito bite.So gestures lies.

hand covering the mouth

If the other party is not sincere, it will hand cover mouth, perhaps the thumb is pressed against the cheek.At this point he is likely to think something like: "would not sleep!".However, some may even cough.The main thing is not to be confused with this flu.
more important to know that the same gesture can be used at a time when a man listens to, and that's another signal.In that case, he suspects you in a lie, or knows for sure that you are disingenuous.

Touching nose

In fact it is one of the options the previous gesture: the lie subconsciously seeks to close the mouth to unnecessary words could not bring it to clean water.However, trying to control myself, coming to his senses at the last moment, trying to rectify the situation and to hide involuntary movement by touching the nose, allegedly he itched.Agree, when a person really itchy nose, it's just his scratch his, his movement will be sharp and focused, it will not be an easy touch.

This gesture is also a person uses and listening to lies when realize that his misleading.

ear protection

When the interviewee is lying "on a grand scale" or knows for sure that listens outright unscrupulous lies, he is trying to dissociate itself from the lie, no matter from his own lips, it pours, or from the mouth of the interlocutor.At such moments, the hand covers the ear, as if to protect it, or lies down next to him.A man has to kill himself or to compose or demonstrates that heard plenty enough and he wants to speak.

But do not forget that the interlocutor may just hurt neck, really itchy ear (proskvozilo in cars) or watery eyes for one reason or another, are not relevant to the topic of conversation.

conversation between his teeth

fear This gesture - a clear demonstration of deception.The speaker does not want to issue false "not a sparrow," and tries to close its "birdhouse" (a saying: "The word - not a sparrow, fly - you will not catch" - approx.'s).

But, as in the previous cases, this signal has a double meaning.Either lie or discontent.A person can be something upset upset annoyed.Be careful not to Narva in trouble, do not throw pristyzhat his deception.Remember the set of gestures, at least a few.

Rubbing century

Men rub lies in the eyelid, while women would correct makeup, running a finger under his eye.On a subconscious level people wish to avoid the gaze of the one who can expose him.

this gesture may also mean that you are just fed up with his companion: "My eyes are used you have not seen" - he thinks.

Lead glance

men themselves are more balanced, and therefore make this gesture only when a serious lie.As a rule, the stronger sex look away into the floor, the beautiful half of humanity - at the ceiling.

Pochёsyvanie neck

very interesting observation: a person starts right index finger pochёsyvat side of the neck or under the ear lobe.Another fun fact: usually when a person commits this gesture five pochёsyvany.This gesture shows doubt listening, his lack of confidence in the rightness of what he was told.Therefore, if you are listening to, he says, "I understand you", "I agree" and rubs his neck, keep in mind - it's not true, he does not understand or agree with your words.

Pulling collar

Scientists have proved that a lie is itching to gentle muscle tissues of the neck and face.Therefore, the desire to scratch, to soothe those feelings are natural purely physiological.That's great: if the person pulls his collar - so afraid that it will open a lie.We may even fraud perspiration on his face to speak.But

!The same impulses person experiences during anger, irritation, frustration on any occasion.At the same time it will delay the collar to cool down, cool down, do not let your own irritation spill out.So before

watch the man.And if you want to "finish liar", there is a simple way to find out the truth or a lie, he says.Asked his interlocutor that he was telling, ask to clarify or repeat, explain.Twister is certainly cause to abandon the conversation, stop lying on.In the second option, you will receive a confirmation bad mood interlocutor either diligently, but frankly restrain emotions, he will repeat the story, or will break and release the anger outward - in any case, the reaction will be apparent.

finger in mouth

This gesture indicates that the person needs support in some way, for example, in a lie.This is a "treacherous game brain", subconsciously trying to return people to the cloudless, safe condition in infancy, because then it does not need to be afraid of exposure, and even more so there was no need to lie.Perhaps people just confused, his soul embarrassed and he was looking for help and support.This is very similar to the gesture of despair.Therefore, do not judge it strictly, without reproach, be merciful help liar out of a delicate situation, especially if it is your friend.


Lies and psychology.As it reveals, facial expressions and gestures.

how to recognize false After much research on the topic: "Lies, Psychology", scientists have made a set of clear rules by which everyone can identify his companion lying or not.

special contribution to the study, and most importantly, their availability has made professor of psychology at LA's UCLA Edward Geyzelman.After analyzing more than 60 scientific papers, he has prepared a practical guide for employees of the security services and the police, which identifies the most characteristic features of the behavior of issuing a lie.And so the rules.

Brevity - the sister of ... lying?

As it turned out, who wants to fool the people, responding to a question, in most cases tries to speak as little as possible.It would be logical to assume that the pre-prepared story of these people will talk eloquently and persuasively, but no.The vast majority of liars prefer to speak briefly and "in fact".

in detail the catch

Despite reticence deceivers, they tend to spontaneously nor place to go into details.When they were about that no one asks, liars begin to explain, to give explanations to the few facts that have been mentioned by them.Involuntarily seeking to give more weight to what has been said, to confirm its truth, liar begins to delve into the details of the non-existent, and the short answer is cluttered with many fine details.

repetition - the mother of lies ...?

Before answering the question, as a rule, liars repeat it aloud.Probably, to pull the time required to compose a response.

inquisitive gaze brings

usually liars are closely watching how the audience reacts to what is said.They just need to make sure that they believe.

slowly, then tentatively

often cheaters start talking in slow motion, not characteristic of ordinary speech.They think out something on the go and monitor the reaction of the interlocutor.Then, finally formulated the idea, making sure that everything is normal, or just an afterthought, which is unusual manner of speech can alert the listener to quickly lay out everything else.Speaking of what he thinks, people do not worry because the rate of speech, they do not play a role, they speak quickly or slowly, but a deceiver fears that slow it may seem suspicious.An honest man beginning and end of one sentence says the same speed.

non-Contracting, then disingenuous

Liars much more frequently than others using incomplete sentences.They can begin to answer the question at the end and did not finish the logical phrases.Sometimes it is so eloquent at random that no scientific studies which are not needed, and so everything is clear.


gestures lie

identify fraud gestures Speaking on "sensitive" topics, liars they bite the lips, the hair or make-up corrected, then scratched.These actions show excitement, but not necessarily that the person speaks the truth.Gestures toward you, says the deception;gestures by themselves suggest otherwise.

Again, artful details

If you ask about the details of who tells the truth, then they will report additional information.Liars also try not to go into details, because they are ill-conceived, as a major lie.

attack - the best protection

Speaking on the forehead that you doubt the veracity of the story, even if you do it gently and makes a strong argument, a liar, certainly, immediately attacking you, "So I'm lying in your opinion!?!So what do you think of me!Yes I am for you, and you ....Yes you can! .. ".

course, unjustly accused will hurt your confidence, but he wants to understand the situation, to convince you, or if you have been tactless, humiliating and just end the conversation: "I'm telling you nothing not anymore."But if you apologize and explain their concerns, I will be happy to explain everything, so that you understand.From the deceiver, are sure to follow some reproaches.


How to recognize a lie surely?

to definitively ascertain the truth or falsity of the above, scientists have suggested detectives some simple techniques.One of them, and we will offer.

Step One: "Conversation liar." Ask the person to re-summarize all the events, and in reverse order, starting with the end of history.Let him tell you as much as possible in detail, without losing sight of the details.This task can be quite difficult for the cheater.Even for a "professional liar" this is a serious problem of "cognitive load".After all, he is forced to adhere to concoct a story, do not blurt anything out of place, the details of writing non-existent and simultaneously monitor the reaction of the listener.

Step Two: "The right questions." Ask the narrator questions correctly.They should be presumed answers, not compose an answer for him, it does not simplify the task.Make responsible to talk in detail.For example, like this: "Check this one time ..." "Tell me more about ..." etc.

first ask questions of a general nature, and only then go into the details.If he had managed to move away from the subject, the better.Ask clarifying questions about the details, returning to the point that has already been agreed earlier.The harder to concentrate, the less time to concoct an answer.Indeed cheater does not want to engender in you doubt, therefore, he would have quickly strain brains to remember what it was he had said.Time to concoct the details he just will not.Whoever tells a lie, certainly confused in his own story.

Step Three: "Know how to listen." not interrupt the narrator, know how to listen.Soaking breaks, you encourage him to say more, to delve into the details.But do it gently, nenarochito.Believe me, a liar closely monitor your reaction, and barely noticeable bewilderment flashed on your face, just a split second, can plunge him into a panic.This inexperienced liar You probably find a "bouquet", while "experienced" pierce by only one or two.Experimental liar need to "chop" unexpected questions, thirst details, etc.So let's summarize the points of lie detection.Often the left hand.