The gestures of sympathy.

The gestures of sympathy

body language of men and women can tell a lot.And agree, always nice to know that a person experiences true sympathy to you and not pretending.Gestures of love are different from men's body language insidious seducer, gigolo or a swindler, personal selfish goals.To teach you how to see the difference, read the body language of men, to declassify the gestures of girls and women, we are publishing this article.



1. Gestures and facial expressions
2. What are the gestures of sympathy can we recognize?
3. Seek the truth in his eyes
4. Sympathy hidden gestures
5. Smile - not always a good sign
6. Speaking as if singing
7. Signals gestures of sympathy and love men
8. Women signals sympathy
9. And Morea little bit of love ...




psychological studies show, when you first meet someone, the first impression about you depends on:

  • 1.55% - of the appearance and body language;
  • 2. 38% - from the manner of speaking, tone of voice;
  • 3. 7% - because what you're saying.

During courtship, people use many different gestures that seduce.Some gestures of sympathy openly show intent.Others, on the contrary, hidden, secret, hidden from prying eyes.However, most of them are doing unconsciously, purely reflex.This human characteristic is the basis for reading the intentions of your partner.

reading human gestures, remember two main rule, namely that:

  • 1. every gesture must be interpreted not in isolation but in combination, together with other gestures;
  • 2. when a person's words contradict his gestures, it should be trusted gestures rather than words.

Remember that the subconscious mind is always against the lies, it gives the truth, as if we were not opposed.Therefore, the mikrosignalam subconscious need to be extremely careful.If a person is cunning, it is difficult and "writing" and to track in detail their behavior.Even if "verbal tirade" is the pre-harvested and carefully rehearsed performance, people internally tense, it controls speech, not gestures.This voltage can be explicit or hidden, but, anyway, there are signals that give this excitement, even if a person tries to carefully disguise.

However, do not forget the first rule: to interpret the gestures in the complex.After all, nervousness and tension may cause embarrassment, fear that you do not like it, do something that will tell at random ...


What gestures of sympathy can we recognize?

gestures of men and women main mass is well known and needs no comment.Women use identical preening gestures as men: as amended clothes, touching her hair, one or two hands on the hips, body and legs are turned in the direction of the object interested, long intimate look palpitations and eye contact eye to eye.Women as well as men can use a gesture, seemingly purely male gesture - laying thumbs in his belt.But the young ladies enjoy it more subtly, elegantly: only the thumb of one hand is laid in his belt, and often into the slot pocket or purse.Sexual arousal also issue dilated pupils and blush on schёkah.

And now look more closely at body language of men and women, as well as what is the difference between them.


Seek the truth in his eyes

To understand a person like you or not, you should carefully look into his clear eyes.And it's not a metaphor, eyes really should be clear, if the person is among your fans.

There overt and covert forms of sympathy.When a man takes a liking to you openly in his eyes to read the interest and respect.Such a view would be like asking a question: "What do you feel about me?".The eyes of a man in this wide open, and the more sympathy, more so the pupils dilated.In this view, whether it is male or female, there is hostility and other negative emotions.

razed form of manifestation of sympathy is used in cases when a person is afraid to deceive you, to give up, not afraid of you to achieve reciprocity.But in spite of his own fear, he still seeks contact with you, trying to be there to watch, look at you.Looking latent sympathy usually different: the object of adoration man looking furtively, trying to go unnoticed.If your vision suddenly crossed, he immediately will take the eye.This usually just obvious sympathy for others, it is striking to people who are watching the situation from outside.

Male and female views in the manifestation of sympathy seriously differ from each other.Say what you like, and representatives of the female more creative.It is women who are the ancestors of art "fire eyes".And, as a rule, first ladies are starting an innocent game of "peepers", in the hope that it will turn into a whirlwind romance.Let's also sort out what visual signals sent sympathy to each other, men and women.

visual sign language male

gestures of sympathy To determine the look of the man, you are cute or not he should pay attention to the direction of his gaze, which he looks.

sympathizes man examines a woman from head to toe.First of all, he will celebrate your overall appeal, and then his gaze falls below delayed at the chest and hips, finding them equally seductive, will return to his eyes more and more long-term.If a man shows interest in you, it is evident in the expansion of its pupils and frequent eye contact.It looks for such women often reproached men lusted.But nothing can be done - it is the nature, the insidious game of the subconscious.The only difference is how frank and brazen these views, speeches, and what followed.

visual gestures girls

Women look different.The fair sex characteristic sidelong glances, furtive.Faced suddenly look to the subject of his own sighs, in most cases, the girls behave like catches thief in the act.They avert their eyes in embarrassment and blush.Watch the object of his dreams secretly considered most correct.More wise elder women react more confidently.Yes, they too can be embarrassed and ashamed, but look away, it will return in a moment, as though apologizing for having observed the sly, to look straight in the eye the object of sympathy.As a rule, this is accompanied by a sweet, seductive smile.In this case, it is not just sympathy, and offer flirting.

Unlike men, women are beginning to explore the potential suitor from the bottom up, and not vice versa.Such a direction of a double meaning.Firstly, women gain the courage before to face to please her man.Secondly, the most precious moment for women is just a meeting of two views.At this point the young lady as owners of high intuition, able to anticipate future developments, and in fact, decide: whether they want a continuation?


Sympathy hidden gestures

Each person has their own, unique set of gestures, and especially those with which attracted the attention of the person they want.The gestures of sympathy are very diverse and interesting.

We have found that the body language of men and women is very different from each other.Undoubtedly, women's gestures of sympathy is much more diverse and curious than men.Along with this, there is plenty of universal gestures that are used by both sexes to express or, conversely, to conceal their emotions.

If, for example, a man or a woman skeptical of mutual sympathy chosen, their gestures have plaque caution.In such cases, if a person accidentally or deliberately touches his secret admirer, the latter is likely to instantly otdernet hand as if burned.The explanation to this seemingly illogical behavior, is simple: to hide his own affection and sympathy, one avoids contact with the object of desire, because fear can not cope with their instincts and give his feelings with his head.

body language of men interested in women

Sign Language Men On a subconscious level, the behavior of men who feel sympathy, usually expressed as follows.First of all, they are trying to draw attention to the interests of women, banal preening in her presence.It is a natural instinct, a man begins to smooth the hair, to correct a tie, cufflinks leveling, straighten the collar, shake off his jacket, whisk nonexistent dust from his shoulders.He will do it unknowingly, even if carefully hides his feelings.

Men often use an eloquent gesture, putting his belt thumbs.This "action" takes place in the abdomen and for good reason, in this way focuses on the genital area.A man can stand a while holding hands on hips, his body will be deployed to the woman, and the toe of the foot necessarily directed at her.Often in communicating with interesting men women they put their hands in their pockets, while exposing thumbs.In this case - is an eloquent gesture that the woman he loves, and he's trying to make a good impression on her.It is a frank gesture of courtship.

Nonverbal gestures girls

In the presence of the men liked women can touch the hair, correct makeup or clothes without any reason.One striking sign testifying sympathy is to show man his wrist to show his gentle and smooth skin.For example, while smoking a woman will hold a cigarette at the shoulders or neck, exposing the wrist toward the men liked it.When walking, women can wiggle his hips quite frankly, as demonstrated their charms.Although the last remark should pay attention only when there are other signals of seduction - women like to please, so they can just shake your hips in the presence of males, it is not even very interesting.

When meeting with the object of sighs happens in an informal setting, such as a disco or bar, gestures girls can be quite frank.This, incidentally, applies to the presence of competition, that is, when in sight of a man resides several women.She will try to sit so that her shapely legs were clearly visible elect.As a rule, it is engaged in the leg by the leg posture, the direction of the legs necessarily the object of interest, so to speak better.

During the conversation, the woman can shake shoes with toes, but if the shoe will eventually subside - a frank gesture of flirtation.A woman can do this on purpose, so that in the end, draw the attention of the men at her feet and to encourage more decisive action.If the woman demonstrates an intimate look coupled with allegedly accidentally slipped off the shoulder straps, half-dressed shoe to position the foot on the leg - rest assured, she wants to start flirting.A typical sexual appeal are moist lips and open mouth.

Being in close proximity to a woman like that, a man can watch as she slowly twists his feet in front of him, laying one on the other, then vice versa.A woman can, as if by chance, gently pat the thigh or arm to touch her breast.Her voice then becomes soft and low.


smile - not always a good sign

gestures of love smile - is not always the absolute measure of sympathy.It can mean that a person from you something you need and use smiles like he is trying to use its influence on you for personal purposes.What distinguishes the true smile of sympathy from the other smiles?

smile expressing sympathy with what can not be confused.She always symmetrical, while sincere emotions both corners of the mouth are raised up equally.Any open it with bare teeth or closed restrained smile - sympathy may mean both the first and second.But when a man shows his teeth, he confirms that your company feels completely relaxed, he had nothing to hide.Sincere smile accompanies a sincere, bright eyes, radiant smile.

sign of insincerity of the interlocutor, as you already understood, is the asymmetry in a smile.When one corner of his mouth a man is lowered and the other raised, or one below the other corner - it means that you are cunning, misleading want to cheat.When the face of your smile shining satellite, while cold eyes, eyes do not laugh - beware, it can pursue selfish goals, his intentions toward you are dishonest.

human gestures, well related to you sympathetic to you, you can evaluate not only smile but laugh.When a man does not hesitate to laugh in your presence, it shows its goodwill, the absence of fear when you bare your emotions about his openness.And this is a sign of sympathy.

often carries an ironic smile character.Typically, this is a slightly twisted smile, one eye squinted and his head tilted to one side of the satellite.This smile is also a sign of sympathy.Such an ironic kind, banter over you.Man being nice to you, but perhaps at the moment you look ridiculous.Not to be confused with a smile of irony, sarcasm.The latter is a sign that you do not respect, openly laugh at you.Recognize a smile can be at a significant curvature, is not characteristic of the man's eyes narrowed, arrogance in the face, gestures and voice.

should also feature an open smile (with bared teeth) smile, grin, is a sign of the negative and latent aggression.When threatened, "smile" interlocutor reveals once all the teeth and the upper and lower jaw.The corners of the lips is not lifted, as in a genuine smile, and stretched over a single line.The upper lip can be naturally elevated, and the eyes, respectively, which do not promise any good.

smile can also serve as a good means of manipulation: The caller can simply copy your smile, genuine sympathy without testing.But the benefit of this can also be easily recognized.Observe your companion if you notice that he only smiles when you smile, it means that he is not sincere.Maybe he just, something happened, but he did not want to upset you, his thoughts far away, busy with more pressing issues than your sweet chatter.So he tries to keep you smile at the same time, not knowing what occasion especially fun.But there is a good chance, especially with the new acquaintance that you are trying to mislead, and to use the good-natured your mood to achieve any selfish purpose.

And, of course, the lack of a smile is not to say the lack of sympathy.If your companion is looking at you grimly, never smiled, do not rush to verdict dislikes.Maybe he's just worried about in your presence, hides his sincere sympathy, or just "for life" unsmiling (and what, it happens).


says, as if singing

razgovr lovers If you listen carefully, as the person speaks to you, you can easily determine whether you likes it.The true attitude to the man often gives voice, or rather its tone.

Women vibration sympathy

Women in part an expression of sympathy voice developed a kind of standard.When the man she loves, seductress changes its normal, natural voice starting to speak more low, throaty voice, sometimes hoarse.If this happens - on the face of sexual desire.Also changes the tempo of her speech, it becomes quite slow, drawling to counterparts managed to correctly perceive information.