Postinor: instruction, the effectiveness, the impact of

postinor consequences

most popular means of preventing unwanted pregnancies, is today considered the drug "Postinor."This "miracle medicine" refers to a series of drugs "emergency" contraception, interrupting a pregnancy, as they say, "the next morning."

Sexual relations between men and women belong to the category of hard-controlled.It happens that in a fit of passion, partners simply forget about defense.It happens that she contraception fails, because in fact, even condoms 100% protection against unwanted pregnancies do not give.

That's why so popular means of emergency to protect against adverse effects.The drug Postinor, due to their properties and characteristics of use, among women called hormonal means to terminate the pregnancy, "the next morning."

But like any drug of this action, it has, and its contra-indications and implications of Postinor can also be different, including dire.So how to properly use "emergency" contraception consequences receiving Postinor how to avoid them, and whether the drug is so effective?Let's face it.



1. Indications Postinor
2. Efficiency
3. Postinor Postinor: User
4. Consequences
5. Contra
6. Cautions
7. Price postinor




Indications and efficacy

postinor Postinor Postinor - a progestogen, anti-estrogen, contraceptive, based on the action of the artificial hormone levonorgestrel.These drugs have a triple mechanism of action for the woman's body:

  • 1. First , this stop delay ovulation, causing the egg misses the fallopian tube from the ovary, which prevents the possibility of fertilization.
  • 2. Second , Postinor, like other drugs of this group, prevents the sperm, not allowing them to fertilize the egg.
  • 3. Third , the drug affects the changes in the normal structure of the endometrium - the inner surface of the uterus, preventing the fertilized egg has to consolidate and develop pregnancy.

From the foregoing, it is clear that in the case of conception, Postinor is abortifacient in nature, which is manifested in the impossibility of implantation of the egg.Accordingly, the efficiency of Postinor is high enough.


Efficiency Postinor

estimated pharmacists efficiency Postinor is estimated at a high level, the drug is able to prevent pregnancy in 85% of cases.The chances for a successful termination of pregnancy is directly dependent on the time of administration of the drug after intercourse, by compliance with the rules of the drug (postinor: manual) and look something like this:

  • 1. 95% of the successful prevention of unwanted pregnancy - if postinor adopted after intercoursefor 24 hours;
  • 2. 85% of the successful prevention of unwanted pregnancy - if postinor adopted after intercourse for 25-48 hours;
  • 3. 58% of the successful prevention of unwanted pregnancy - if postinor adopted for 49-72 hours elapsed after unprotected intercourse.


Postinor: User

postinor User consequences of the adoption of Postinor as its effectiveness depends on the unquestioning compliance with the instructions, namely:

  • 1. Within 72 hours have passed after intercourse (the soonerbetter) received one tablet of Postinor.
  • 2. The second tablet should be taken twelve hours later after it took the first pill of the drug.

If within 2 hours after taking Postinor appeared vomiting, then a pill must be repeated.Use the drug Postinor possible any day of your menstrual cycle.

Also, please note that the postcoital drugs (used after intercourse), should not be used more than once a month, in the first place, and secondly, to take Postinor is desirable not more than once in 3-6 months.

If you have a fairly intense sexual life (referring to the sexual intercourse at least once a week or more in the past month), it is recommended to choose other methods and means of contraception, more adequate and safe in this case.


Postinor: Implications

consequences of Postinor, its side effects can not only be unpleasant, but also threatening.Consequences of the Postinor can be expressed in bleeding of various types.This is due to the fact that as a result of its use in a sharp increase in the blood level of progestogen hormone, which is responsible for the internal surface of the uterine endometrium of the uterus and thickens.

These effects are most likely receiving Postinor with increasing dosages, or when the drug is taken 2-3 tablets for a short time, less than indicated in the instructions.If you start strong uterine bleeding, contact your gynecologist should immediately.

However, it happens that, after use of the drug may cause, and quite the opposite problem - the consequences of Postinor may occur in the absence of bleeding, the so-called delay.In this case, delay the campaign to the doctor, you should not.If the delay menstruation occurs within 2-3 weeks - it may indicate a pregnancy, or an adverse effect of the drug itself.In any case, to understand this and help solve the problem must be qualified.

addition to the effects of Postinor bleeding may occur, and other side effects, such as vomiting, headache, lethargy.In case of severe vomiting that occurred for the first time a couple of hours after taking the drug should consult a doctor.Actions Postinor in this case abortion may not be sufficient, as the very development of pregnancy in consequence to an unpredictable scenario.Among other things

not want to use the drug if you have irregular menstrual cycles.This caution stated in "postinor: instruction" by the developers of the drug, noting that postinor for the admission of women with regular menstrual cycles.


Postinor: contraindications

postinor contraindications This drug should not be used by people who suffer from various diseases of the liver and gall bladder, which in his life suffered an infectious disease.Postinor absolutely contraindicated teenagers, it is a strong tool should not be taken during puberty, as it causes irreparable harm to the formation of the female hormonal system with all the ensuing consequences of the adoption of Postinor.

Almost all civilized countries the negative effects of receiving the drug Postinor resulted in the unavailability of an open pharmacy system.Unlike us, in many countries, can be used postinor only after consultation with the attending gynecologist.The fact is that the frequent use of the drug increases the risk of ovarian dysfunction of the female reproductive system, which in itself puts a big question the possibility of getting pregnant in the future, in other words, threaten infertility.


Postinor: special instructions

  • 1. In order to avoid undesirable consequences and complications postinor should be applied strictly on prescription.
  • 2. The drug is recommended for women, as already mentioned, with regular menstrual cycles.
  • 3. Re-use of the drug during the same cycle should be avoided because of the risk of menstrual disorders.
  • 4. Use Postinor as a means of regular and, especially, continuous contraception is not allowed, as this reduces the effectiveness of Postinor, increases the rate of occurrence of adverse events and multiplies their severity (see "postinor: the effects and contraindications").
  • 5. Postinor can not replace regular contraception.It is a method of "emergency" aid in cases where regular contraception "malfunctioned" (forget to take the pill at the time the condom broke, etc.).
  • 6. In the case of uterine bleeding as a result of using the drug, or in front of his absence, a gynecological examination is recommended mandatory.
  • 7. If during treatment with the drug yet developed a pregnancy, or postinor was adopted already during the ongoing pregnancy, reliably predict further development of events is not possible.The risk of adverse effects on the fetus are not installed emerging.
  • 8. Postinor no negative impact on the ability to drive the vehicle and perform work requiring high reaction rates, both physical and mental.


Price postinor

cost of the drug Postinor in Ukraine an average of 60-70 UAH.packing with two tablets, depending on the manufacturer and the pharmacy network.But, despite the fact that the price of postinor not great, remember that the consequences of the use of Postinor can cause significant damage to your health, if you do not follow the instructions and do not consult a doctor.