Online games for kids.

bad I play online games

Computer games - perhaps the strongest evidence that everything in this world is good in moderation.Is it harmful to play online games?Of course, yes, if you approach it mindlessly.If they get involved is reasonable, they can bring many benefits.Computer games for children and virtual games online to help drain.Thanks to them, children can strain the brains once again to solve some puzzle to train attention and logic.But they can destroy your child's mind.



3. positive impact ONLINE GAMES FOR CHILDREN





When passion virtual games passes a certain limit, the damage to the online gaming becomes undeniable.Actually, that's why people look at computer games for children, many diametrically opposed.Some decry such fun, while others, on the contrary, believe it is a very good thing.

  • • Computer games for children are different.

harmful online games Generally assessing the impact of online games on children, it is necessary to take into account a large number of subtleties.Take, for example, even if the criterion of the importance of what specific plays the child, and only then can disassemble the situation further.It is not possible to brush all players with the same brush as you'd like or opponents of computer games.

  • • The impact of online games on children and "virtual aggression."

second nuance, their ability to cause psychological dependence on online games, especially when it comes to children's immature fragile psyche.Virtual online games, computer games for children is especially dangerous for students and young people, teenagers.It is believed that many games can provoke a person to aggression, and in the real world, when the player line between real life and the game more blurred and the child ceases to understand what can be done exclusively in the game, and that - in reality.

In some countries, some of the games were even prohibited by law because they are recognized for the psyche potentially dangerous.However, we have similar bans did not act until we can get absolutely any even the very bloody and aggressive, play openly calling for violence.

  • • Blurred vision and so the impact of online games on children.

the impact of online games direct harm to the online games on the physical and mental health, experts formulated as follows: deterioration of visual acuity, impaired posture, reduced mobility, narrowing the range of interests.Previously, the issue of view is key when it comes to any use of your computer.Today, according to many experts, modern LCD monitors are no more dangerous than books and magazines, but many physicians, and this point of view are trying to challenge.

LCD monitors actually have a significant impact on a gentle eyes, compared to CRT monitors.However, if you understand more deeply, it becomes clear what exactly is harmful to the immobility of the pupil, the lack of normal moisture eyeball.

Thus, we can conclude that the most dangerous in relation to those of the computer or virtual games online, where the eye runs across the screen is less likely, and the look as much as possible tied to a single point.In other words, for being the eyes and brain work much more useful computer games for children, which requires the eyes to run on a large number of different items to perform some mental calculations and make conclusions.

  • • Questionable benefits of training perception.

said that similar computer and online games for your child can improve care and develop the ability to clearly and quickly snatch desired or interesting parts of the world.However, the difference between the perception of the child's reality and what is happening on the screen, no one has canceled, and it is huge.The ability to navigate in the game environment ultra fast absolutely will not necessarily apply to the child's ability to respond just as well to the reality.

  • • Online educational games for children: it does not hurt?

Developing games Another thing, if it is online games for children develop memory, thinking and logic.Play like developing virtual online games - the same, in principle, that gather some very tangible puzzle.From the use of these games is really a lot.

online educational games for children are very useful, provided that play them periodically.Particularly worth mentioning all sorts of educational games that are designed specifically for children.As such computer games for kids to help your child learn about the world with interest, some events and things of this world.However, parents need to strictly observe the game mode of his child, not allowing him to stay at the computer long time safe position.

way or another, and entrusting your child's learning computer, just not worth it.This is not the main way of learning, only the auxiliary.The most significant and valuable children should receive at an early age by their parents, their relatives, in order to properly go through the process of socialization, be aware of the authority of adults, learn to socialize, make contact with people.Even if a child is playing computer games for children, he will still want to share his passion for his people closest to you along with him took part in it.So do not be taken online educational games for kids, teaching, as a way to relax for a while from the child.

On the other hand, the games help to throw the accumulated negative emotions, distract from some of the existing problems, to relax, and is not that a positive impact on children's online games?The main thing is that the child they are not left to the head.



online games and children Today most discussed issues regarding the impact of online games on children is a psychological dependence on online games.Many parents begin to notice that modern kids all free from study and other things to spend time prefer the comfort of home, sitting at the computer, playing virtual games online for free.This can not but disturb the loving and caring parents.Polls show that 85% of adolescents is Gambling Addiction, most of them have problems in personal and social life.But how to tell if your offspring's addiction?Here are common symptoms that can determine the presence of dependence on computer and online games:

  • 1. You notice that the baby does not stop to think about that game you played recently, enthusiastically he talks about it, and so on.
  • 2. Games are his main, if not sole, means vacation from school and household responsibilities, the only way to relax.
  • 3. You notice that the child can not find a place, if you do not play for a while.
  • 4. Games are his main means of communication and interaction with other people, friends and peers.
  • 5. Arrangements moderate, to reduce the time he spends at the games, is becoming increasingly difficult, and attempts to take his game ending hysteria.
  • 6. The amount of money to play games and the time duration over time is increasing.

If you notice something like that - immediately sound an alarm, and forbid the game, lead the child to a psychologist.The easiest way to recognize these symptoms during school and university holidays when the child does not need to go to school and all the time he spends at home.So, what's the matter, why children have a dependence on online games?

  • • Why is there a dependence on online games?

Compulsive gambling especially people dragging virtual games online free, where a person comes off as much as possible from the existing reality.There is such because the virtual online games by definition mean own world that is not associated in any way with the real.And because in the games for all the characters are very real people, or children, not robots, both in local games, the interest in these games there is so much more.On top of almost all virtual games online for free or for money it provides an opportunity to communicate directly with other players.

This at times raises enthusiasm and promotes the emergence of some pleasant personal relationships and emotions.It traveled together often perceived as a test of the players the situation is quite real, that they were able to overcome by joint efforts.It is because the child's attachment to the virtual comrades and friends of the mythical world can have a much stronger attachment that the child feels for real friends and family, native people.And that this is really dangerous.

psyche of the child dependent on the game world is suffering even more: you notice that the child becomes inadequate, with each passing day it increasingly difficult to distinguish between the real and virtual worlds.Given that the real world begins to call it negative connotations, because here it does not have such powers over what vested in the game, especially when, in real life is not so smooth.In the life of many children of insecurity, fear and even complexes.As for the virtual world, the player is strong, rich, always beautiful, even perfect, and many other players yearns to talk with him.So why, then, do I need a reality?

Especially if you do not develop a good relationship in the school community, classmates, peers in the yard, there are difficulties with learning, parents are blamed for the mark, forced to do household chores so on and so forth?As a result, a vicious circle: the breaks in the game that the child has to be done periodically with great reluctance, only multiply its continued desire to play.The child tends to take refuge in the virtual world of problems and complaints.

  • • What is dangerous for the psyche of the child's dependence on online games?

Depending on the danger online main risk is considered to be absolutely any game addiction occurs during the long and exciting gameplay.The main harm of online games is that can cause mental disorders in children.A person suffering from the disorder, are dependent on online games, is not his own life without playing, subconsciously seeking could move all the time in the network, excommunicated periodically to eat and relieve themselves.

If the child began to suffer from sleep disorders and lack of appetite, it says that he has an extreme degree of dependence on online games and PC.He just can not stop even to eat and sleep perceived as a waste of time.But in fact, he even sleep periods continues to play a game in which the prisoner was.Sudden loss of vision, gastritis, muscle weakness, problems with the spine - not all that threatening, depending on the drunken player online games.There is a real well-known story of how, after almost continuous multi day game «Warcraft» died of exhaustion Chinese girl.And it's not a joke, not empty horror and "diversionary" tactic.

most frightening in this situation - is that it all begins as a completely harmless fun, a pastime for which the parents do not pay attention, or simply turn a blind eye.

And the worst part is that when there is a dependence on online games a person to do something to fix, and even cure him of this dependence is already very difficult.The main risk in a group of people very easily lend themselves to the harmful effects of video games are teenagers.Very little time is sufficient to render an irreparable impact on their immature psyche and cause her incurable damage.Carried away by the game, kids just lose track of time and control over their own lives.They think that they sat down to play just a few minutes ago, while at the computer, they have spent more than one hour.

Especially dangerous are the computer and virtual games online for free, in which the plot is necessary to kill the enemy or drive a car.These virtual online games are dangerous because the child can cause bouts of anger and aggression.Even an adult becomes angry and aggressive, playing in these games a couple dozen hours.

Another danger of online games is that in order to pump the hero of the game need the money, often considerable.Feeling the threat of parents sooner or later refused to give the child the money for the game, and then he looks for other ways of production.What you could end up, it is clear, I think, everything.



the impact of online games on children Everyone knows that children learn effortlessly, it is through the game, they will know the adult world, acquire skills, gain experience in absolutely every aspect that can come in handy in life.In addition, the computer and the internet - this is our future, and to protect them from child - care that leads to the conclusion on the accounts, banning use the calculator.It is foolish, in a word, and harmful.The most important thing, to be able to choose the right computer or online games for the baby, and then you will be able without difficulty to avoid any problems with the development of your child.

said that kids today do not like to clean, cook, learn.But it is not.Love, not only listed, but also games for children developing logic, logic games, all kinds of puzzles, challenges, and educational computer games for children.Do you want your daughter to become even smarter and development, more nimble and creative, you want to give her the incentive to engage in housework?

Then opt for it suitable for girls online games for kids free, for the very young or older.Would you like your son grew up a true hero, a true diplomat, or bold, clever strategist who knows how to make the right decisions quickly and accurately?Then do not ride his hobbies, and help to choose the games for a child to develop appropriate skills.

can without any problem choose online games for your child to put a problem, for example, teach the girls beautiful and mind to rearrange furniture, care for themselves, choose clothes, make-up or nail polish.It may seem that these games are primitive and meaningless, but they are able to introduce the girls to the adult world, to develop good attention, perseverance and patience, to expand their meager due to the inexperience of view about the world.

Baby virtual games online should develop children, their abilities, skills, abilities, diplomatic and leadership skills required to disclose their talents, learn to make decisions in different situations, similar to life.That is, children need to get playing virtual experience that will be useful later in life.

Take, for example, virtual games online free, related to the preparation of food - their use is obvious.Firstly, they improve the imagination, as a rule, use only the proposed game recipes do not have to, you can come up with their own recipes, the game will tell you what to do, what products are compatible and which are not the conditions in which the dish will turn out delicious, andsome - inedible.Then the child can play them really on the home kitchen.The girl who were interested in preparing food, cooking, will be useful to try to start it virtually.Secondly, this approach will prevent the child from injuries and will not require expenditures from the purchase of products for the very first culinary activities daughter.As for the knowledge and skills acquired virtually, they come in handy in the future, a girl.

Continuing to talk about girls, we can cite one positive example: the girls love to play dress up in the so-called.On the Internet, the girl can choose absolutely any you liked the hero and drastically change its appearance: the style, image, makeup and more.In her hands the appearance of queens and princesses, witches and fairies, dancers and real TV stars.Especially worrying, of course, not worth it, in the end, all the boys are playing war games, and you keep telling him that he should be the defender.To the game clearly discernible storyline savior, protector defenseless.Such games help the boys to throw out the accumulated negative energy, relieves their mentality from the desire to fight in life.If you notice that your son is interested in them too, and they provoke aggressive behavior in him, it is better to give up on these games.There is another way out - take steps to in the virtual world of martial arts, he got experience, which is useful in practice.And it is no coincidence.