Birth injuries the child's head: bruising, cephalohematoma, birth newborn tumor

Birth injuries the child

Unfortunately, the way a baby into the world, "roses" is not covered with - birth injuries of the head are not uncommon here.What you need to know about injuries mom baby at birth?When there is reason to be alarmed, but when you can not rely on the professionalism of questions obstetricians and pediatricians?What in general are the birth of the child head injuries and what to do?


1. What happens to the baby during childbirth?
2. Why is the birth place of head injury?
3. Subcutaneous hematoma, swelling tribal infants
4. What distinguishes the birth swelling and cephalohematoma?
5. cephalohematoma neonates
6. Postpartum marks on the skin
7. Birth injury: implications and the necessary measures

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• What happens to the baby during childbirth?

At birth pipsqueak makes its first journey in life.It is only by subjective feelings mom seems that the baby slowly and slowly crawls out of her womb.In fact, with a baby was something unimaginable.Crumbling world formed around him.The kid was so used to peace and security in the womb, even at the level of his subconscious still unformed did not want to lose your own comfortable haven.

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To baby was generic ways, he needed to squeeze the ring between muscle and bone mother's pelvis.Little baby makes a corkscrew, pendulum and other active for his body movements.The head of the kid in the process, as it is modulated - is modified: the skull bones are superimposed on each other, and the head rebёnochka formed as a "flower bud."

Subsequently skull bones straightened with the first cry of the baby, with the first sucking movements crumbs (and also because it is so important to put the newborn to the breast immediately in the delivery room).Little baby is healthy, in the absence of any obstacle to my mother's side, a path pass without consequences, or without significant consequences.But if the baby have some "intrauterine problems" or mommy any health problems, then go all the way hard crumbs birth without damage, birth injuries occur so the baby's head.

To minimize the risk of injury, nature has provided the kids at the same time very strong and flexible cranial bones, combining their natural shock absorbers together - sutures and fontanelle.This structure allows a little closer or break the bones of the skull to the head of a baby being born, changing configuration, able to "fit" in the mother's pelvis bottlenecks.


• Why is the birth place of head injury?

ancestral head injury But if nature has provided everything, whence, then "taken" birth trauma skull, hematoma, cephalohematoma, birth newborn tumor?

Quite often there is a birth trauma of the skull on the background of chronic intrauterine fetal hypoxia, simply, prolonged oxygen deficiency.Cause fetal hypoxia may be various diseases moms: chronic diseases of the nasopharynx, liver, kidneys and other organs, endocrine, cardiovascular and other systems.If the mother smokes during pregnancy, it is simply "selects" the oxygen from their own kid, replacing it with toxic substances.Given the lack of oxygen in rebёnochka all tissues can change the metabolism, including the elasticity of blood vessels broken his tiny body.With the passage of generic ways such "weak" vessels simply can not withstand the pressure, causing a hemorrhage can occur under the lining of the brain or in brain tissue.This birth trauma, can have serious consequences, in particular, the death of brain cells.

Birth trauma is not uncommon in newborn babies who are born premature, since all structures of the body crumbs still immature, and blood vessels as well.Prolonged often kids are always born with injuries: their bones are already starting to harden, delayed fontanelle, but because the skull is less elastic and mobile.

births and cephalohematoma tumor, as well as a great little baby, because the diameter of the tip may not reflect the size of my mother's birth canal.

cause injury and skull may be incorrect rebёnochka intrauterine position in the womb before birth, such as breech presentation.

always traumatic for a child is a caesarean section, because the baby can compromise a sharp pressure difference between 'external' and internal 'world.Mechanical tissue damage is rare here, but also possible.It should be noted that elective surgery for such effects is less traumatic.Emergency surgery for a child can be more problematic, since the generic mechanism are often already started and, in the case of correct previa, head rebёnochka already begun to fall, and is between my mother's pelvis.


• Subcutaneous hematoma, swelling tribal infants

generic tumor natural protective mechanism is not always able to keep the baby from the appearance of characteristic swelling giving birth - birth newborns tumor.Generally, generic tumor in a child passes quickly and without any consequences for the health and appearance of the baby.Doctors believe a similar injury is quite a natural phenomenon, and are striving to reassure mothers experiencing because of what happened with the baby.

most frightening one word "tumor", although, of course, to cancer, it is not relevant.Generic tumor - a swelling of the tissues at the site which was set before the newborn, ie paved during childbirth way out (usually zatylochek or benevolent, sometimes - the forehead, face, buttocks).Generic tumor in a child is due to stagnation in the place of blood and lymph, due to compression of tissue during childbirth.

cause similar, mainly congestion, which faces the baby in the birth canal, and in addition, the difference between the "atmospheric" pressure inside the mother's uterus and the external environment.As a result of the drop in the baby burst blood vials, there are hemorrhages in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, causing swelling and a hematoma.Sometimes

here may form bubbles the size of a pea, which are filled with a clear liquid.In fact it looks somewhat scary, but the mother's fear, as a rule, big eyes.

Generic swelling subsides quickly and newborn birth swelling dissipates.Literally on the second day, the maximum - the third, the skin at the site of injury is aligned without any treatment was, and bluish-purple bruises fade, turn yellow and then disappear by themselves to the beginning of the second week.

  • Generic tumor: possible consequences and treatment.

this prosperous scenario, there are exceptions.Subcutaneous hematoma received at birth may increase in children who are prone to bleeding.And it is quite dangerous.This tendency lies in the genes, or may be due to increased vascular permeability kid deficiency of certain vitamins (especially K, C, F), and other substances in the body that are essential blood coagulation system.

In this case, of course, can not do without treatment.Newborn hemostatic agent administered into the blood (calcium chloride, vitamins).It is also possible use of antibiotics, as the blood - a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria.

Keep in mind that the hematoma can fester and allow this as it is impossible!At such a time it is very useful to feed crumbs breast - milk mothers will reduce the risk of complications and consequences.


• What is different generic swelling and cephalohematoma?

birth injuries important point, which should draw the attention of the doctor, if it detects a tumor at the head of the generic baby: birth tumor newborns never confined to only a single skull bones of the baby.

soft tissue swelling due to birth tumor captures multiple adjacent bones, and in addition, is not interrupted between them along the seam.It is this different generic swelling and cephalohematoma.Generic cephalohematoma manifested accumulation of blood under the respective injured bone periosteum - the parietal, occipital, frontal or temporal.This birth trauma has the following symptoms: When pressing the fingers on cephalhaematoma in infants at this point if the waves diverge.


• cephalohematoma neonates

Generic cephalohematoma common in newborn babies of 1-2 100. In the first days after birth, they are usually "masked", hiding under a generic tumor and are visible only when she resolves.Do not panic: a small subperiosteal bleeding Days 7-10 disappear.Well, if this does not happen, needs help.

kefalogematomy newborns Treatment involves pumping blood out of the periosteum using special needles.A needle - to remove blood directly, and the other - that there was no negative pressure in the vacant space, which provokes a new hemorrhage.

This manipulation tend to frighten mothers, but nothing dangerous and complex in this procedure does not.Fear need kefalogematomy consequences if the procedure is not done on time.Cephalohematoma newborns, the effects can be very disturbing, if not cure: it can fester.In addition the effects of kefalogematomy future will be visible to the naked eye, tribal cephalohematoma can ossify, and leave ugly lump on the baby's head.


• Postpartum marks on the skin

sometimes in front or behind the neck of the baby, as well as in other places where childbirth was the greatest stress skin may remain on the strip stretching.These marks on the skin disappear in the coming days.

When the mother's birth canal too narrow, you can tread marks on the neck, ears, face and under the hairs crumbs, because of the pressure of the pelvis bone protrusions mother.These stripes and red spots with little bruising and bleeding quickly fade and then disappear.


• Birth trauma: the consequences and necessary measures

the consequences of birth injury urgently need to seek medical attention, to pass inspection and examinations in cases, if your child has a birth trauma, bruises, and now:

  • 1. baby is having difficulty feeding (sucking chest sluggish, often poperhivaetsya) or abundant burp after a meal,
  • 2. the baby is restless and overly excitable,
  • 3. child wakes up at night for five or six times, confusing daya night,
  • 4. baby suffers intestinal colic,
  • 5. asymmetry of the baby head has pan and tilt head in any one direction, there are problems with muscle tone legs, arms, whole body (limp leg, handle,"tiptoe" and so forth.),
  • 6. there is a moderate one slёzotechenie glazik,
  • 7. powerful drawing back of the child's head back.

In such cases, the child is required to provide medical care in time.The consequences of birth injury may be different, including cerebral palsy, speech delay and mental development and other health problems.Therefore, do not delay visit to the doctor, if there are some disturbing signs, even if they seem minor to you.Let your baby will be healthy!


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