39 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Calendar 39 Weeks Pregnant

Why is it important to track the position of the umbilical cord?What is the maturity of the uterus and placenta aging?What are the signs of approaching childbirth?When does the mucus plug?What is the instinct of "breeding"?And other questions, the answers to which you may need in the next few hours or even minutes.After all, the next time the village site, you may be able to look only to have most of this Mother!



1. unborn child at 39 weeks of pregnancy
2. Expectant mother 39 weeks pregnant
3. Feelings and processes in the prenatal days




unborn child at 39 weeks of pregnancy

At this stage, your child is completely ready to be born.He has a strong grip, knees pressed to his chin.For active movements place anymore.The baby lost most of vellus hairs on the body, except those that are hidden in the folds of the skin.Marigolds on his feet fully grown.39 weeks of pregnancy - a time when your deathly pale little man becomes independent enough and he performs all sorts of vital functions.There is some risk the possibility that the cord to start up in knots, or turn around the neck of the child.At this stage, it is, as always supply many nutrients in a child's body.Kid continues to gain weight.

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Closer to leave the amount of amniotic fluid decreases,although they still continue to be updated every three hours and will continue to do so even at the onset of labor.39 weeks of pregnancy - a time when you stop gaining weight, but the child grows further.Now he allegedly weighs 3 kg 300 g, and its full height reaches about 50 cm.

heart, lungs, kidneys, intestines - all ready to go, entitled livelihoods baby.However, the processes of improvement and development will continue after birth.For example, the central nervous system - its development is uneven.

Pancreas already produces the enzymes necessary to digest the food, which will fall into the stomach of the newborn.However, the beneficial bacteria will start to move in the intestine only in the first tasting colostrum - is now the intestine is sterile.

In most newborn intestine emptied immediately after the birth of original stool - meconium.However, it happens that it happens before birth process, even in the womb, the reason for this can serve as a lack of oxygen to the kid in the last stages of pregnancy.If this happens, doctors and midwives, birth attendants, will hold a special procedure called "lavage".With its help cleanse the bronchi baby to reduce the risk of complications in the early stages of life.

All nutrients, as before, to get a child through the placenta.However, in recent weeks, the placenta begins to age rapidly: coming to an end its life.After birth, the umbilical cord is cut only when it stops pulsating.And only then will happen the birth of child seats - the placenta.This is - the final third stage of labor.

Now the kid fully prepared for independent existence, but the pregnancy, ideally, should take this and next week.In this case you, Mom had to be ready to leave a couple of weeks ago.Of course, this does not mean that the future mom should lose the peace and be in constant anticipation of clashes.


Expectant mother 39 weeks pregnant

39 Weeks Pregnant You are perfectly guided in their own feelings and be able to determine accurately the slightest change over time.So, it's time to talk about the signs of approaching childbirth.

your baby at this stage, is lowered into a basin deeper, because it lowers the bottom of the uterus, the cervix gradually softened.It is noticeable how much easier it was to breathe.If these genera you are not the first, be prepared for an early phenomenon of a new man the world.

This term often produce doctors palpation - palpate the uterus for its maturity, however, it is not the most reliable way to determine the start of the descent process.


you can monitor the processes in his body in the prenatal days:

  • 1. may appear bloody discharge from the genital tract;
  • 2. mucus plug from the genital tract can also move;
  • 3. Your weight may be slightly reduced;
  • 4. chair can be somewhat thinner than previously;
  • 5. You strengthen your appetite;
  • 6. may appear instinct, sometimes called "nesting" - a certain emotional state in which mom tries to equip a comfortable place for a baby to make it quiet and cozy.Such an overwhelming desire to prihoroshit housing may resemble a little 'manic' concerns, and it is unclear how a power come from?But it is quite natural.And to deny themselves this pleasure is not worth it, but the hard work is required to charge assistants.You need to keep power, they are you, oh, how handy!

It should be noted that these signs are not always true to indicate the onset of labor.But there are very little time, so brave!

If your bags are collected in the maternity ward, and you are absolutely prepared psychologically for the upcoming events, it's time to come to a peaceful tranquility.Release yourself from the state of anxiety and nervousness.Listen to your child, talk to him, his reassurance before childbirth, and be sure to ask not to stay - its time has come.

fact that it "has begun!" You certainly understand the following features:

1. appear spasms in the abdomen, repeated 5 times in an hour, and then more often;
2. feel a nagging pain in the lumbar region;
3. amniotic bubble could burst and withdraw water appear spotting;
4. In addition, in the initial stage of labor can wake up "brutal" appetite, so prepare yourself in advance some light snack.

In this period your cervix is ​​shortened and disclosed.The strongest of all pregnancy tests the pressure bladder.It is also characteristic dilution of the chair.All these features, separately or in combination, predict the onset of labor, indicate readiness to "number one".

While in your tummy all is calm, provide a sufficient supply of oxygen to the kid - go for a walk.Just not far away, not one with a mobile phone and exchange cards.Maybe next time on the village site, you can have a glimpse of the real mother!


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