Like eye color affects the nature and destiny of man.

Compatible eye color

psychology, physiognomy - the great science can recognize the character, ability, and even human health.Much can tell about a person of his gestures, facial features, manner of speech, gait, color, preferred clothing.But however interesting and a lot of them did not reveal the mystery of man, the most informative source will always be his eyes - a reflection of his soul.

treatise on physiognomy, left to us by the ancients, is recommended to study the face, since it is with the eyes.It is not logical, because most of the information a person perceives it through his eyes.The ancients, for example, advised to protect eyes from the evil influence, look detractors.Modern psychics say that sensitive people to protect against negative energy required to wear dark glasses.Astrologers are convinced that in the eyes of the whole color palette expressed Horoscopic human data: birth of the planets, the stars influence the character traits.

relationship of type "eye color and character" are investigated and modern pundits.And many thousands of years by its unique color eyes, proof of individual personality traits.So what say eye color and how to determine our destiny.



1. Eye color and character
2. View and zodiac sign
3. Compatibility and eye color




black eyes have strong energy people in their nature much vitality, creativity and restless nature.Those eyes full of love and show passion of their owner.Black-eyed towards adored person is not able to stop any obstacles.Their obsession is not seldom brings them not only the joy of victory, but also disappointment hasty decisions.

Brown eyes Brown eyes belong to people by nature endowed with attraction, a special sensibility and wit.This temperamental personality, extremely hot-tempered, but easily forget insults.The downside can be considered pretty brown-eyed frequent whims.According to the astrologers, people with the eyes of dark hazel color is extremely sociable and just go with people.In the eyes of the energy mix of Venus and the Sun with a mixture of Saturn.People with such incredibly amorous eyes, but changeable.They quickly lit up and sometimes as quickly cooled.

Hazel eye color and character, as well as possible highlight the features of their master.These people are shy, dreamy, prone to privacy.In a sense, they are pragmatic, but perhaps that is what makes them so diligent and hardworking.They - a reliable support.Inclined to individualism, the desire to do everything themselves, and thus achieve greater success in life.Their razdazhayut attempts to influence others or somehow put pressure on them.This combination of solar energy and Venus, according to astrologers, bring to the character of sensitivity and touchiness.At heart, they can experience the much offense, but the form does not apply.

blue-eyed, under the patronage of Venus - a romantic, very sensual, emotional people.Recklessly amorous partner and enjoys a passionate impulse.Sometimes the course of their thoughts can be totally unpredictable.In blue-eyed among other incredibly strong sharpened sense of justice, for it they are ready to fight, even to their own detriment.They are ardent love of truth.The main drawback - it is a pathological arrogance and haughtiness.Blue-eyed people are quite conflicted, love to argue, are rarely able to understand and accept someone else's problem.

dark-blue eye color are perseverance, and at the same time a tendency to sentimentality their owners.Responsible for the energy of Venus dilute the energy of the moon.Holders of eye color easily amenable to the whims of their own, and their mood is unpredictable.The nature is clearly apparent resentment and propensity long remember them even when they have long since forgiven the offender.

blue eyes fraught with fraud.Their owners - motivated and not particularly sentimental people, they do not soften tears.They are subject to rage, and sometimes causeless depression - fortunately, this is extremely rare.Usually have a blue-balanced character, but the monotony of their depressing.

gray eyes gray-eyed people very determined and just as smart.They solve the problem without delay, when it comes to matters solved by reason.But it is absolutely helpless, where the mind is powerless.Such eyes - a sign of sensitivity and curiosity.Gray-eyed people are interested in everything.And because they are often lucky in career and in life and in love.

Holder dark gray eyes stubborn and courageous.Mercury and Saturn - control their dedication, not dyuzhuyu willpower and determination of character.These people are often jealous, but deep in my heart.And along with this almost always Monogamous.

Pro owners of gray-green eyes , we can say that they are endowed with a very strong will.They each vertex on the shoulder.Although they are considered intractable, thanks to this quality they reach the goal.Sometimes it is obstinate nature, capable to get tough in dealing with important issues for themselves, and sometimes even cruel.

green- - it is very soft.These people always love sincerely and passionately.Loyalty to elect their hallmark.Such eyes are often owned by a true knight.Their friends appreciate the kindness and reliability, the enemies hate for firmness and integrity.They are great listeners, and good sides.Stable, but not devoid of imagination.


eye color, no doubt, affect the character of the individual, but the nature and zodiac sign determines the owner of these eyes look.

  • Aries different shrill "fiery" eye.
  • • Do bulls very expressive eyes with a velvety look.
  • Twins easily recognizable by Notke coquetry in his eyes and laughter.
  • Cancers - serious people.In their view, and read a lot of grandiose plans.
  • Lions owners magnetic gaze, attracting attention.
  • • Do Virgin , usually flirtatious look, and his eyes are innocent and pure.
  • Scales owners dreamy, soft gaze languid, mysterious and alluring.
  • Scorpions owners dark eyes attractive.
  • • Do Streltsov eye "with a twinkle," and the evil one, a quizzical look.
  • Capricorns - different gaze of dark eyes.
  • Aquarius easily recognized by scattered or pensive look.
  • • Do fish look melancholic or mysterious.

eyes truly reflect our inner world and can tell a lot to tell about its owner.And the eye color and character, inseparable components of the individual.But among other things, determines eye color compatibility with other people.


Compatibility and eye color

Compatibility eye color

Brown / Brown

brown-eyed - the two leaders.And often, this mutual self-interest leads to quarrel and divorce.Of course, a successful marriage is possible if everyone will listen to the wishes of the other, to give and to do things for each other.

Brown / Green

Usually people with green eyes reasonable and patient, and in dealing with them easily.They take the load zhitznennyh and domestic issues and not pay attention to the vagaries of the brown-eyed.This is quite a successful marriage, particularly for brown-eyed.

Green / Green

Characters partners are very similar, which does little to understanding.They can often quarrel over trifles.But if you learn to accept each other and not to alter - everything will be fine.

green / blue or gray

leader position both in life and in the family take a partner with blue or gray eyes.By nature he is "strong" and brutal, so often suffer stress, and then there is "weak" and in need of support.If it can have green-eyed, while maintaining the mystery and maintaining the interest of - marriage is possible.

Blue or gray / blue or gray

partners such marriages often break up and divorce loud and different mass claims.As for candy buketnogo period - all great, exciting and passionate, but not for long, they will soon become uninteresting and boring together.

Blue or gray / brown

Such troublesome marriage for both, but real.Eyed find it difficult to lead a family, and a good reason povyyasnyat relationship.Traits have very similar, and it is a sure sign of frequent quarrels.

But to say there is not a star and physiognomy, our fate is in our hands, as the character, whatever the color of his eyes, he was not accompanied.Keep in mind: to improve the gifts of nature - the most distinctive feature of man.