Why hurt the left, the right side of his face?

[Pain in the face]

Perhaps the most unpleasant and unbearable is the facial pain.In particular, if it is impossible to appease improvised medications to at least some extend the time before the visit to the doctor.But to do so still have to, because the reasons that could hurt a person very much.It is up to them to determine and depends on the choice of a method of treating pain.


1. inflict painful facial
2. Diagnostics pain in the face
3. treatment of pain in the face
Why can hurt a person, video

inflict painful face

It is best to consider the issue of localization of pain.This will increase the likelihood of finding the underlying cause.This to her to find out, you should try to listen to their pain.However, this method is not very suitable, if the pain is due to its strength already covered the entire face.

causes of pain in the face

Why sore skin on the face?

  • tissue injury, skin irritation certain element.
  • Allergic reactions to cosmetics or other stimulus.
  • inflammatory processes due to lesions of the skin pathogens.
  • can also hurt a mole.Their pain may be due to trauma or degeneration into malignant neoplasms.
  • often sore and acne.This means that they occur in an acute inflammatory process.

Why hurts half of his face?

  • Neurology.
  • Inflammatory processes in the teeth.
  • lesions of bone structures and paranasal sinuses.
  • cluster headaches.
  • Atypical pain.

From what hurts the left side of the face or the right?- It all depends on which side of the inflammatory process occurs. In the state after a stroke due to bleeding in the brain on the left side - damaged and sometimes hurts right side of the face and vice versa.

Soreness face may be associated with muscles. In this case, it may cause malocclusion, osteochondrosis of the neck, frequent nervous stress, mental illness, neurology.

Pain in the face can cause migraines, gastro-intestinal tract, disorders of the cardiovascular system, organs of the chest cavity. Significantly, the pain may be associated with the development of glaucoma and other eye diseases.Often it accompanies people who suffer from strabismus.Top

Diagnostics pain in the face

oblsdeovanie to determine the cause of pain in the face

To find out the cause of pain in the face a little to know the location of its localization.To do this, refer to a number of experts, in particular to the therapist and dentist.

Visit the dental office is necessary for the inspection of the mouth and teeth diseases exceptions, their caries damage, pulpitis, periodontitis. often assigned to pass X-rays, if the inspection does not give a clear indication.This disease of bone in the mouth heals maxillofacial surgeon , who practices and dental treatment.

therapist has the right to appoint a person to a full examination of the body.Any inflammation is often displayed on the blood parameters. also recommended can be magnetic resonance imaging.In cases of neuralgia survey carried out by computed tomography.

treatment of pain in the face

treatment of pain in the face

Based on figures from the survey, the sick person is assigned a number of procedures. to block pain associated with neuralgia can be recommended antispasmodic drugs. In some cases prescribed complex combination medicines.However, if the pain becomes unbearable, surgery possible.

Diseases associated with teeth treated with the cleaning of canals and fillings. This is possible if the disease is not yet fully destroyed teeth.Otherwise, it will be necessary to follow the removal of the implant.If the toothache is a phantom character, the patient is recommended adoption of sedative drugs.

As a result, any facial pain requires a specific treatment.Each of its species are subject to it. Therefore, the earlier you contact the person, the greater the chance to quickly get rid of the pain.Top

Why can hurt a person