Children insomnia.

Children insomnia

Healthy sleep is very important for the child , regardless of how much he - a few months or a few years .The child develops physically and mentally , formed the relationship of the brain and the body , nerve cells - without the normal full development of the baby's sleep impossible.But what to do if a child has insomnia ?What are the causes of insomnia in children ?How to get rid of it , and what is the treatment of insomnia in children ?

  • • Children insomnia

Character sleep and its structure varies throughout life.In particular, often insomnia, insomnia, or simply suffer quite yet babies.Insomnia itself - according to the International Classification of Sleep Disorders, this discontinuity night's sleep.Causes of insomnia can be due to a variety of disorders of the body, and exercise after colds, gastritis and headaches.As for the causes of insomnia in children in infancy, they are quite logical - in infants is still immature central nervous system, the cycle of "rhythm-wake" is not fully formed.And, unfortunately, over 25% of children aged 1-5 years, asleep very poorly.

  • • No need to be sad

Causes of infant insomniaTopping the causes of insomnia in children emotional stressors.Any impressionable kid becomes restless at night if he had experienced trauma.A thin injure the psyche of crumbs can anything: the conflict of parents, the death of a pet, scary cartoon.Such events may leave the child in the shower incredibly deep impression on many, many years.Healthy sleep the child gets upset when disturbed the harmony of the family: parents are ill, quarrel, break up or divorce.Children insomnia can be triggered by the move to a new home, change of kindergarten or school.

And the saddest thing that the kiddies insomnia is quite expensive.The consequences of a violation can be a healthy sleep disorders in the development of growth hormone, or HGH, is mainly produced in a dream, it was so bad sleeping babies often slows down physical development.Among other things, the growth of the deficit of sleep clearly reflected in the mental abilities of the baby.In some cases, kids lose their ability to think logically, starting to behave, as they say, on autopilot.The kid is fairly easy to carry out simple tasks, using a set of answers to the stereotype.However, what is not included in the usual framework accompanied errors.

Besides the main causes of insomnia , not depend on age, there are specific forms of insomnia , peculiar to specific age groups.

  • • Causes of insomnia in children infants

Why children can not sleep?The cause of insomnia in children's infancy often the result of tooth eruption.In addition, children experience pain when teeth erupt, expanding the gum, they have increased salivation, saliva starts to accumulate in the throat, causing the baby wakes up and worried.Also grudnichki incredibly sensitive to the presence of air, and it irritants.The most common respiratory tract irritant is cigarette smoke.Therefore, never smoke in baby's room, do not leave open powder, paint, do not use perfume, hairspray, and be sure to ventilate the room where the baby sleeps at night.

The cause nighttime awakenings may be , and an allergy to baby food.Baby disturb sharp pain and crowded jeep tummy.The most common culprit of such symptoms is a cow's milk .Other possible stimuli may be: eggs, corn, wheat , citrus fruits , fish, onions, cabbage , nuts and chocolate.

Sometimes insomnia in children is caused by so called, gastroesophageal reflex , or simply regurgitation of gastric juice.It can be a painful experience for children , for adults as heartburn .It is much easier to bear this state , when the baby is in an upright position.Call gastroesophageal regurgitation reflex can after eating, frequent crying spells , frequent respiratory infections .

Reason child insomnia can be covered in worm infestations , especially pinworms .The female pinworms , moving down through the intestines , are sent to the anus to lay their eggs .It is pretty intense itching and burning , and in addition to other health problems , deprive normal healthy sleep .

One of the most difficult in the recognition of infant diseases are ear infections .Sometimes sleep disorder - that is the only symptom indicative of disease.In the position of the baby lying liquid formed due to an infection , it begins to put pressure on the eardrum.When a child takes a vertical position , the liquid begins to retreat , reduced pain and pressure .

Therefore , if a healthy child's dream has become a problem , you should consult a doctor for advice , check the status of the child, the health of organs and systems of his tiny body.

  • • Know yourself

Insomnia in childrenFrom 9 months to 2 years of age, toddlers are actively adapting to new skills, for example, such as standing and walking.Knowledge of their own abilities and fascinate and frighten both children.Their minds are engaged in this so much that sometimes they are half asleep at night trying to get up, get up in the bed, but then do not know how to lie down again.Finally waking up, they are afraid of helplessness, uncertainty of the situation, and begin to cry, calling for help, and then may not be able to sleep for a long time.At night, parents need to help reassure and put crumbs.And in the afternoon - to help the child build the skill to improve it.

The overabundance of physical activity and information throughout the day can also disrupt healthy sleep a child.

Significantly disrupt sleep able and the slightest change nightly ritual before bedtime.The child is concerned about security , a set of identical action , strict schedule of the day - it gives him a sense of security and control of life.Violation of the associations of sleep is a common cause of childhood insomnia.A so-called treatment of insomnia in children for this reason is a return to the usual actions before bedtime , or developing new habits and associations.

The most vivid emotional causes of night waking 2-3 -year-old baby has caused concern about the separation.The kid at this age seeks to control the environment , and whose lack of any notices immediately , especially my mother .Kids are afraid that they will sleep until the world they deeply appreciate the change.Will there only love , time, and stability.

Frequent nocturnal awakenings characteristic for children up to 3 years .Reason child insomnia , usually all at the same falling asleep associations .If the mother taught the child to fall asleep during feeding or rocking , and not learn to fall asleep on their own - problems with sleep guaranteed.An urgent need to change the set of associations that are associated with sleep the baby .

  • • Fear, terror

Often prevents sleep 3-6 years kiddies too developed imagination that can create frightening images .The children are afraid of the dark, evil monsters generated by their own violent fantasy.Fears reach its peak just at the moment of sleep when the baby alone with his imagination .

Particularly worrying about children's fears is not necessary, it only indicates that the baby is typed life experience, developing most actively .If the nightmares he rarely , be sure that a couple of years to scare your crumbs dream will math lessons , and not " bogeyman ."If you often have nightmares , recurring theme with the need to consult a specialist .We strongly recommend to take advantage of it , but do not tighten .

  • • Light and sound

I fell asleep ....Often all that is needed to adjust health of the baby sleep - is to form a well-established series of " sleep-wake " .Create contrast between these states.The day should be filled with loud sounds , games and laughter .Later in the afternoon , the talk should be softer , muted lighting .Over time, this will be a signal that it is time to sleep.

Light mode is also very important.If bright light is in the daytime , it is a positive impact on the subsequent sleep.The explanation is simple : in the darkness produced melatonin - a hormone the thyroid gland.In the morning , the child's brain is saturated melatonin quickly get rid of it allows the sunlight , which affects positively on the emotional state of a person .This effect is the basis for phototherapy treatment of insomnia occurs when using a special lamp .

About a third of all existing cases of insomnia in children are caused inconvenience berth: excessively soft or hard mattress pillow high , narrow bed .

Another potential threat to sleep - sounds in the bedroom.It can be solved by creating a so-called white noise, which can generate a fan or sound of the surf, rain, wind .

Avoid bedtime showdown , quarrels and even , strangely enough , pleasant surprises.Emotional stress worsens falling asleep and sleep quality .

  • • Treatment of insomnia in children

Treatment of insomnia , as well as the treatment of virtually any disease , primarily is to eliminate the reasons causing them.Typically, this is absolutely sufficient.Drug treatment of insomnia in children - a last resort .

Sleeping pills , sedatives like herbal, categorically can not be used without assigning experienced specialist .Treatment of insomnia in children , in most cases carried out by methods of psychotherapy , including work with the child and his parents .

Widely distributed in the treatment of insomnia various methods of self-regulation, in particular:

  • 1. calming exercises (self-massage, stretching);
  • 2. The methods of muscle relaxation;
  • 3. The breathing exercises;
  • 4. acupressure;
  • 5. exercise on the imagination (eg , head, fingers , nose baby may make the characters of games before bedtime, and wish "good night" and kissing different body parts greatly facilitate the process of falling asleep .

In addition, aromatherapy is useful as a massage with essential oils , aromatic baths , vapors , hypnotic herbal pillows.Aromatic herbs for insomnia - is: male fern , hop cones , pine needles , mint , marjoram , geranium , lavender , rose petals , rosemary .

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