Facial massage at home, what kind of oil to massage the face best


until recently about the massage person heard only in the movies, and he was a real prodigy.Today, this procedure has become part of the care of a competent person.

facial massage is treatment, which is carried out only by trained specialist in a beauty salon.And there are "home", which you can do every day - while hygiene.

facial massage, which can be performed at home, is aimed at maintaining the health of the skin and its youth.



1. Massage for facial rejuvenation
2. How to massage at home to rejuvenate
3. And how did a facial massage Cleopatra
4. facial massageat home for oily skin
rejuvenating facial massage, video

Massage for facial rejuvenation

According to the scientists, shallow wrinkles can "cure" massage. To do this, gently press down on the palm wrinkles.

Massage noticeably improves skin: rejuvenates, tightens, relieves swelling, wrinkles .Improves complexion, due to increases metabolic processes in skin cells.

performing «rejuvenating» massage oil is used for facial rejuvenation.

One of the best is olive oil and cocoa butter beans .Thanks to the rich composition of both, and most importantly, their total digestibility skin rejuvenating effect can be achieved very quickly.

advantages of these oils is that they are not in short supply - are sold at any pharmacy, beauty shop, and are suitable for all skin types.In addition, these oils "friendly" with other basic and essential oils.

Therefore, you can create smart combinations of oils that make the skin youthful and radiant.


How to massage at home to rejuvenate

Choosing the right massage oil, you need to warm it up a bit. is ready to use oil is applied to the hands and start to run.

Photo facial massage technique

Technique of massage:

forehead - from the center to the sides;
Nose - from the nose down;
eyes - from the outer edge to the inner corner of the eye;
Cheeks - from the center to the temples, ears;
Chin - from the center to the side of the temples;
Neck - from the collarbone up - to the sides.

All these movements should be performed soft touch finger , so as not to stretch the skin.

Time this massage - no more than 15-20 minutes for a healthy person.If there is hypertension, the massage should not exceed 15 minutes.And with hypotension - the maximum treatment time - 10 minutes.

This time is quite enough to «start» hotspots and capillaries .Then everything goes on inertia.To keep the positive momentum, it is important to do a facial massage at home every other day.


And how did a facial massage Cleopatra

name of the Egyptian queen is still not on the lips when it comes to beauty and youth.This woman knew how to keep your face young and flawless skin.

Some recipes of her potions have come before us.One of these is oil to massage the face with lemon juice .

Cleopatra massage Photo

Take olive oil not refined and lemon juice in equal proportions.Mix these products and, dipping his fingers in the solution, proceed to massage.

Follow massage on the massage lines , qualitatively working through each section of the face.Update butter on hand every time the applied oil is absorbed into the skin.

After the session, do not rush to wipe the remnants of oil.Leave it for a couple of hours, after which you can go through the skin tissue.

facial massage with this composition effectively and visibly smoothes the skin .Under the influence of the oil and the lemon skin is cleansed, moisturized.Because of acid present in lemon juice, evens skin tone.The surface of the skin under the influence of massage polished and bleached.

Perform facial massage at home with the use of this composition suitable for any skin type .It can be used not only when there are wrinkles.Take a massage to improve skin tone.


facial massage at home for oily skin

Use oil for facial massage is also shown if the skin is oily. There are many oils that are simply designed to improve the condition is oily skin.

massage oil Photo

One of these oils is walnut oil .It effectively heals the skin.Especially shown that massage with oil at a peeling, it is often with oily skin.

also good to use almond oil and cocoa butter .These oils nourishes the skin with moisture.A massage enhances their impact.Perform facial massage 3 times a week and the goal will be reached as soon as possible.


Besides oils, massage can be performed on dry skin and even water .For example, if the skin is loose - dip the tips of the fingers in cold water and pat a massage on these lines.For best effect, accompanied by such gestures application products for skin elasticity.

And remember , that in addition to aesthetic benefits, facial massage gives a feeling of relaxation and joy from a good appearance. So do massage regularly .Use the oils and cosmetics combine different techniques.

you look for your own recipe «correct" massage for facial beauty.


rejuvenating facial massage, video