Education of preschool children in the family.

Education of preschool children in the family

Pre-school education of children - a very important question , in any case, for parents who want to grow a happy child.Kids are like sponges that soak up skills and knowledge , and the task of the parents to help them in this .However, many of the parents do not quite understand what exactly is pre-school children who do not take into account the many nuances , or do not do it quite right .We offer you some important tips on raising children that will grow up healthy , smart and happy child .

Children of preschool age:
psychology, and especially the perception of preschoolers

preschool educationPre-school education of children can be considered a kind of foundation , the basis from which to start all further construction and development of the child - the character , abilities , skills.Therefore, education of preschool children in the family is so important , because the child must be prepared for the future life both mentally and psychologically , to teach basic knowledge , communication skills , and most importantly - love and care.

  • When starting preschool age?

Preschool education includes children's stage of development from 3 to 7 years of age.Pre-school age - is one of the most important stages of baby's life , because at that time formed his character , his personality .The child already understands a lot , and most importantly wants to learn a lot , to help him in his endeavors .To ensure the full development of the child to school - a task the adult .

  • What features are in the preschool education of children in the family?

The children at this age enjoy imitating their fathers and mothers , grandparents , teachers and heroes of fairy tales.You can often find their own intonation in conversations with the children , or to find similarities in the behavior candid with favorite cartoon characters .

This means that you must monitor their own speech and action , at least.You should not speak ill of others , to make ugly behavior in the presence of children.If you want to raise a good child , that his actions and behavior is not only the pride of their parents , but also the respect of people , parents need to be right !

Strict parents often go too far in the education of children in the family , soft - in most cases , just too lazy to deal with their own babies , raising the principle of " just not to get" , they are always " busy ", " can not ", but really just -They do not want to .

Start building the child's personality takes place in this complex and exciting period .Therefore, parents who are raising children under school age care , have much to learn , much to review , to be ready for any surprises and totally unexpected.

Pre-school education of children: the main directions

pre-school childrenEducation of preschool children in the family can be divided into two main areas .The first direction - preparation for school , the second - the development of certain personal qualities of the child , to help him in life .

Of course, parents , children who go to kindergarten, much easier .Because kindergarten children are engaged in the education of professionals .One way or another , but parents shoulders rests the bulk of all care and responsibility for the psychological , personal and intellectual upbringing of children .

Mental parenting: preparation for school

Mental education of children , in addition to knowledge of letters , literacy and numeracy , includes all-round development , the capacity for coping , communication skills .We hope our tips on parenting , will you be useful .

  • Ready whether the child to school?

Parents probably wondering how you can determine their kid ready for school or not?To find out , there are many different tests that , one way or another , are based on the answer to the basic questions , the following lines:

  • 1. Expresses its willingness to learn whether the baby?
  • 2. Does he learn something new?
  • 3. Do the child to represent the student, the student play?
  • 4. Does your child Inherent different interests?
  • 5. Can he communicate with strangers and other people's children?

If a son or daughter showing desire to learn, to comprehend something new , to explore the world - then you need to support your child in this endeavor .

  • What are the methods and programs of pre-school education of children better?

preschool programThere are many different techniques , such as "Childhood" , "Sources" , "Rainbow" .Each kindergarten independently chooses to develop a program of education for which there are 5 years.However, in any program , there are pluses and minuses.Some give preference to the development of speech , in other - mathematics , and others - artistic and aesthetic education .

But in fact, the best option is an individual approach to the program of education.Study programs and books, and choose the best.Prefer materials that are well designed and detailed lexical themes.For example, in a given week, you want to introduce your baby with wild animals - talk about them with your child, consider their image, draw, paint the blind, read poems, stories, sing songs, and pick up a mobile educational games on the theme of wildlife.Believe me: this time definitely not pass in vain, be sure to remember the baby and absorb all that you have studied.Such mental education of children will be most effective.

  • What does pre-employment education of children?

Labour education is very important for your child - it develops a personality.In the kindergarten kids are first observed as working adults (nurses, janitors, cooks, etc.), and then help them, and then do the work themselves, they feasible.In fact, kids are pretty much able and willing to do, but some parents are "prevent" their bits and pieces of "good faith."Unfortunately, Mom is always in a hurry when dusting, washing dishes, floors, caring for plants, pets.Dear Mom, well, let you be late somewhere for 5 minutes, for not whacks desire to help your baby and feel fit.The child could be my mother's assistant, and they should be!

  • What is the music pre-school children in the family?

Musical education of childrenMusic is taught in developmental centers , nursery schools , but parents can help the child in musical development , even if they do not have music education .

Yes kindergarten child learn to dance, to sing, to engage in theatrical activities, but who said that parents will do the worse?Parents can not put a cartoon, and classical music, listen to the audio fairy, performed by actors in the audio after reading the same poem or story.You can develop a rhythm in a child with the help of palms, spoons, or nastukivat nahlopyvat known songs, unaccompanied by music or the beat with her.Now on the Internet there are a lot of musical games for kids, the same "Zheleznova," for example, which are very popular with kids.

  • What should be the art pre-school children?

Art education of children in the family - a baby and familiarity with literature , painting, fine art activities , music, drama .Actually, this is quite a broad concept .However, nothing complicated to educate a child the ability to see beauty in the most ordinary things , help a deeper understanding of the world , to learn to love beauty, broaden horizons baby.Just tend to pay attention to it , discuss with your child what he saw, heard, instills a love of beauty.

What you can not do in the upbringing of the preschool?

Children in the gameMany parents, deciding last year to dedicate to the school pre-school education of the child, allows the distribution of errors.For example, in the afternoon deprive the baby of "quiet hours" ("get used to"), arrange the house "lessons" with a notebook, and change-up involved with the child for school program 1 class.However, it is too much frank - allow the child to stay a child, he still has time to "enjoy" the responsibilities and all the charms of the school - at least 10 years of study ahead of the school.But if you really want to see the kid went into some kind of a special school with profound study of certain subjects, you can do home education, but the mental education of children should be gentle.Do not make more than 2 "lessons" on the day and those in the form of a game, the duration of a "lesson" - 15 minutes, with intervals of 20-30 minutes.Do not go too far, otherwise the risk to cause some harm to the child - involved in virtually forced "adult" life, the baby may lose the desire to learn, and all interest in school.

What should be done in the education of preschool children?

Development , education of children of preschool age in the family suggests that parents should first of all teach their children to think independently, to think , draw conclusions , listen to the views of others.Most first-graders is given quite difficult , because they have not received the appropriate skills during the preschool .Pre-school education of children must necessarily instill these attitudes and habits - it will be fundamental to the future development of the child .

Child development: fine motor skills for preschool age children

develop fine motor skillsLargely pre-school children is based on the development of their fine motor skills.The child's fingers is a huge number of receptors that send impulses directly to the brain , in the very center of his that control speech development and coordination of the movements of the fingers .These centers are located in close proximity.That is why it is so important to pay attention to the development of the child's fine motor skills.

When a child runs handles fingers then activates specific brain regions and centers that are " responsible" for the development of speech .

Many parents mistakenly believe that to begin raising children of preschool age , must be applied not earlier than 3-4 years.In fact, the education of children of preschool age in the family starts with the very first days of baby's life .Develop fine motor skills of the child contribute to even the most basic training with " babies ."The following are some tips for raising children in this direction.

Good effect gives "finger exercises " - you need to bend and straighten each finger in turn baby , gently massaging them , to make for a small palm circular motion .Development and upbringing of children in the family should be accompanied by simple exercises that are repeated at regular , well stimulate the points connected directly to the cortex of the brain of the baby.

Development, education of children of preschool age, is impossible without training the fingers and hands.Give your child the opportunity to sort out any small items.Of course, under the supervision of an adult, otherwise there is a risk that pipsqueak wants to try "to the tooth", for example, buttons.When it comes to buttons, it is recommended to safely sew them to a piece of fabric previously, and large beads can be strung on strong thread.Among other things, the good, and most importantly useful toy for kids will be large and small cubes made of different materials (plastic, wood, plush), designer items, sticks for the bill, and so on.

Pursuing the development of children in pre-school age can be purchased specifically for the baby mat, which is sewn from a variety of texture fabrics: velvet, silk, cotton, corduroy, wool.

And how much joy and good at the same time deliver small children playing in the " Okay ", " magpie - crow ", " horny goat goes !"It would seem pointless fun, but in reality a great tool for the development of fine motor skills of preschool age children .

Features psychology preschool children at various ages

Psychology preschoolerPre-school education of children in a family means parents understanding the specificity of child psychology.Now there is an active development of the personality of the baby.The child communicates with parents , other family members with their peers , with older kids and younger kids.Periodically in this communication may experience various difficulties that are caused by the inability of the child to listen to others or properly defend their own opinions .

Proper education of children of preschool age - is a constant observation, and accurate understanding of the adjustment of the relationship between the children .

  • Pre-school education of children in the family, from 4 to 6 years

The age span of 4 years and 6 psychologists consider a relatively quiet period in the life of the child's parents .Pre-school education of children of this age is relatively easy : the child is calm , obedient , good eats and sleeps , he will not need constant care .

In cases where the baby is , for example, bad sleep , use the following tips on parenting : try to organize some evening activities , making going to bed a child in a ritual .This may be a washing - bathing, dressing , reading or telling a bedtime story (the top light must be turned off , leave a night light or lamp light ) .

  • Pre-school education of children in the family: 6 years

Development and education of children in a family of 6 or more years implies a great deal of patience and skill to negotiate.If the child is surrounded by caring family and love , then in kindergarten , for example, or just on the playground , the situation is somewhat different.Peers often not nearly as friendly as parents .This means that you need to be prepared for friction , quarrels and conflicts .Despite the difficulties in understanding , contact with children are more preferable for the child and interesting.

Pre-school education of children 6 years of age should include training programs for preschoolers.This will help an inexhaustible interest in the world around them all , without exception , children at this age.You need to be ready to answer the endless , repetitive questions a little 'Who Knows? " , Trying to find information to answer , and not shy away from them.

Tips for raising children:
help get rid of fears

how to raise a child of preschool ageSpecialists in psychology , dealing with pre-school children's education and is the author of practical methods of education, argued that the child's fears are the result of lack of warmth from their parents , and excessive amounts of all kinds of prohibitions for the child.

To help your child forget about their fears, not to do the following:

  • 1 - lock the child alone in the room;
  • 2 - beat (hands, face);
  • 3. - scare doctor ( "prick do ") or a policeman (" put in prison ") or brioche (" carry off into the woods ") ;
  • 4. - to frighten the dog, wolf and other animals;
  • 5 - stop talking with your child (eg, as a punishment);
  • 6. - to force the baby to sit or stand still as punishment.

Proper pre-school children in the family should eradicate children's fears rather than to cultivate them .You can not laugh at the kid because of his fears, to banter , to name a coward , let alone punished for what the child is afraid of the dark or being alone .Children of preschool age should be completely ruled out any ridicule baby , especially before other babies or adults.

If your child is afraid of a particular character or of this fairy - Baba Yaga , for example, Goblin , or houses, the doctor - to play with the kid in the fairy-tale characters , or bolnichku , show scary and good representatives of his worries.Such pre-school children will certainly help to cope with fears .

A good method is the preferred program for education of preschool children - with the child to draw his fears on paper, and then burn it, simply crumple and throw away , or even " poison to the Moon" , tied to a balloon .

Many kids are afraid of the dark.

  • 1 - do not close the door to the nursery too tightly;
  • 2 - leave the night light burning in the night;
  • 3. - walk with your child on a dark room, the touch, finding various objects.

It is not recommended to arrange bedtime any noisy or overly active play , reading scary stories a child , watching cartoons about evil witches and cannibals .Take care of your child 's psyche .He is still so much to overcome and overpower such a long way - life long !

Some more tips on raising children of preschool age in the family: