The value named Igor

The value named Igor

This name is Norse roots meaning of the name Igor - martial.

Igor grow alive and moving children.Such activity is often annoys others, or the parents of these boys are often called to school.This applies especially to Igor born in the winter.They are often irritable and stubborn.Despite the restlessness , they are usually perfectly accurate science - no fuss, for example , such as mathematics .They are generally quite capable in school.Very fond roll in bed to sleep longer in the morning.


1. The importance and characteristics of the name Igor
2. Sexuality named Igor
3. Name Day Igor
4. Igor: Compatibility name


The value and characteristics of the name Igor

Weaknesses in health - is the throat , a child is often troubled boys.And they love the sport , doing it with pleasure, and "winter "IgorThey can achieve this much success , to become Olympic champions .Outside Igor charge, usually from the mother, but for the nature of the need to thank my father.

In his youth, Igor patient, but many of them , regardless of ability, it does not help to end any institute or college.Nevertheless , many still seek success in life , becoming good leaders and scientists.These young men a lot of close friends , they have the talent to surround himself with reliable people .

Igor born in the fall,usually reveals his talent , he is a worthy application only after thirty years.From this he is even more proud of myself for having achieved all his own work .Igor does not like people optional that do not keep their word and are not responsible for their actions, although all this dislike he often suffers from the same defect .

A man wearing a name incredibly jealous to the point of absurdity and self-forgetfulness .In his family he is a true leader and a single , often a despot .My wife always has to do what he said and do what he thinks is right .The value named Igor , his belligerence does not stop its influence in the family, rather the contrary.Igor KrutoyDisobedient, rebellious wife Igor try to rein in all available ways , in extreme cases even able to go to the assault .

Igor as if woven of contradictions : loves to sleep in the morning , but at the same time easy-going , he is stubborn , but it easily adapts to the circumstances , quickly converges with people , make friends, but just as quickly to part with them , hebe prudent in their actions and deeds , but may zafantazirovalsya .

Maybe so, and trade Igor chooses varied: an engineer and a turner, a driver and a journalist , teacher and musician , lawyer and actor .


Sexuality named Igor

The value named Igor crept deep and sexual lives of these men.It is a very complex nature , idealistic and romantic in sex appreciates consistency.But at the same time trying to find perfection in sexual relations , frantically rushing from one partner to another.His sexual behavior is often corrected by the birth month and has significant differences.

For example,"December" Igorincredibly passionate, but is significantly different from the others.From the "July ", for example , a more moderate sexual needs, Igor " December " and has high emotional need.He at the same time can have multiple lovers, each of them appointing an intimate meeting for different days of the week .

Igor, born in October,He loves glitter and luxury, both in atmosphere and feelings .Often, he goes on a journey in search of erotic adventure starts there any noncommittal vivid novel , but does not lose his head , always returns home on time.And the timing of passion rather fall on pretty foreigner , radically different from the usual ordinary girls .

"August" Igor,on the contrary, very unassuming, he does not like, and therefore does not complicate your life.By choosing a suitable partner with caution, it is one of those people who have the desire for harmony then develops into a strong gust - saying "can endure - slyubitsya" just about them.His beloved he is able to present gifts to delight them and pamper.The feelings Igor passionate, ardent, but does not lose his head, he had enough common sense.It has a wonderful sense of humor, it often helps him cope with disappointments and nuisance.

Igor A direct and very sincere in their desires , will not hide and feed false hopes - will tell them straight and achieve the implementation .Often seeing their unconcealed partiality and weakness , over such Igor women prevail , but it ends well , rarely - Igor leaders by nature , do not disturb them .Intimacy with his wife in the first marriage usually develop not very well.

In matters of sex , Igor incredibly resourceful and very diplomatic , able to so skillfully and quietly persuade the girl to have sexual contact that she does not realize how this could happen .

Considerable differences are observed in"Winter" Igor.They need a certain level of comfort in love , so sensitive to the external environment , depending on the different smells (mostly this applies to "February " Igor ) .Such thin attachment can make it hostage of unrequited , unrequited love .Therefore, the " winter " Igor often marry to get rid of upheaval and " insure " their mental balance .


Orthodox name day Igor

  • 1. June 18
  • 2. October: 2.

Catholic name-Igor

  • October 1: 1, 5.


Igor: Compatibility name

A very successful relationship between men with the same name can build with a woman whose name is:

Aurora , Angelina , Anna , Aza , Ada , Veronica , Helen , Dominica, Irina , Leah , Oksana , Olesya , Julia , Natalie .

It is difficult to happen Igor women who call:

Alla , Alina , Angela , Wanda , Berta , Juliet , Elizabeth , Lyudmila , Love , Olga , Pauline , Ian Rice , Stella , Juno , Tatjana , Tamara .