How to predict the future and know the truth.

Interesting divination figures

Even Pythagoras - the Greek philosopher and mathematician who lived in the VI century BC - said that the number of hidden in the beginning of all things and phenomena in the world.So, with the help of numerology and destiny of man can be found.In addition, since the days of Pythagoras methods to calculate their future appeared countless.

Even if you are an ardent realist, not really believing in this kind of prediction, divination figures - it's a great way to have fun.In addition, divination figures may be useful for skeptics who believe that our future is not predetermined and it all depends on our actions and deeds.Because the results of divination with figures can set you on the right way, to add confidence to the achievement of its objectives, which is particularly valuable in the opinion of modern psychology.If you believe - you yourself are setting yourself on the right way themselves unconsciously embody conceived in life, and, therefore, all uniquely fulfilled!

Do you want to know the future, or simply to have fun, then you can take advantage of our collection, which collected interesting guessing with numbers.And good luck!

divination by numbers and how you write them

divination figures

numbers can really tell a lot about a person.And one of the most useful of their properties - the ability to tell a person's character, the ability to anticipate his actions and sometimes report on the state of health and even spiritual experiences.

Each of us has his own, individual way of writing numbers.Some wee writing numbers, they have one near the other, and some do solid blanks.Some write numbers with a large tilt to the left, and the other - tilt them to the right.Some people prefer the printed format, and someone - artistically draws all sorts of flourishes and others.Moreover, the method often writing numbers differs significantly from the process of writing letters.

What saith the slope, and the format of the writing prompt divination figures on paper with a pen.It is necessary that the person has written several columns of numbers one below the other, for example, telephone numbers, and then evaluate them.

figures, with a slope to the left - means the inability of a man to fend for themselves, to report any harassment against him.

figures, with a slope to the right - talk about obedience in nature, needs to manage, report softness, romance, finding cover, support in others.

figures vertically - show firmness of character, self-control, energy, often of some stiffness, hardness rights.

the meaning of numbers

numbers "2" and "3", written with a flourish - reported poor blood circulation, about some physical and mental "convulsions."

Whisker "4" and "7» - characteristic of people with physical weakness and reduced resistance of the nervous system, mental fragility.

number "5" written zigzag - reports on the human nervous, "bile tuning" of the human body against the environment and others in principle.

figure "8", which has a thicker lower ring than the upper - says the prevalence of eating habits in man and erotic desires.

digit "9", which has a massive top and tail strelopodobny - found in people with a strong power, self-affirmation, sometimes cruel, sometimes, means strength, based on the unconscious, the inner core.

Very small numbers - reported a shortage of practical position in life.Often, they say, the inability to navigate in the business community, the fear of a person to take their own decisions.

Very large numbers - witness the inability to save money or even the ability to handle money more less rational.These people are dangerous parallel disorganization and a craving for more to spend.

When the columns of figures downward directed substantially horizontally - it speaks about methodical, self-control person of an exaggerated desire for order, a certain pedantry.

Tipped column - reported addiction to dreams, exposure to flashes of insight, but more often to a small distraction person.

Bend right - talks about the desire for success and maximum living comfort.

Bend left - evidence of propensity to oppositional behavior in any confrontation with the enemy, easily excitable, sometimes aggressiveness.

If all speakers are gradually shifted to the left - it says about selfishness holder of such numerical handwriting indicates frequent disappointments and avarice in various forms.

All columns are shifted to the right - people with energetic plans, they are often characterized by the sudden decision, drastic changes in his life.Holders of the handwriting, by any means and efforts, and strive to achieve their often sought.

If you do divination figures for himself and found unsympathetic character qualities you try to fix them through the correct handwriting.Force correcting the way of writing numbers, you can gradually adjust and character, to ask him another more trustworthy orientation.

INTERESTING divination by numbers and their meaning

Guessing on the figures for the future

guessing at numbers

For practical purposes, there are simple techniques that allow each person to get answers to the questions most concern him.This, again, fortune telling on paper with a pen on the numbers.

If you are interested in the near future, using a series of natural numbers for divination, from 1 to 9, inclusive.With their help, you can learn about the prospects for the next month in any important matter, but only that which you actually have already started, and not just thinking about or just dreaming.

should also be borne in mind that the question asked must necessarily be as articulate fleshed out on the basis of the actual situation in this stage of life.For example, if you are engaged in the search for the groom, there is no point in asking when divination by numbers: "When I married marry?", Because the response is likely to be far from reality.However, if you have a serious boyfriend, you can learn about the prospects of marriage, he asked: "Will the (so and so, so and so) I offer?".The more specific your question is formulated, the more accurate will be the answer.

Now begin to practice!Divide a sheet of paper into nine smaller leaves, grab the handle and on each of them write the numbers from 1 to 9, respectively.Put the leaves in a box, a hat, or in something like this.Focus on the subject and, at random, though, pull out one of the leaflets.A number that is stamped on it and will be the answer to your question.

Stands numerology follows:

  • 1. - Conceived it is quite real.It is able to initiate a completely new direction in life, to change the existing conditions drastically.
  • 2. - Most likely you happen to make a choice of two options, this in turn will delay the implementation of some of your case.Probably what you want done, will require considerable effort, you will have to pass on the edge, keeping balance with difficulty.Therefore, first of all, provide themselves the necessary stability, a stable position, both physically and morally.
  • 3. - You have good prospects to realize your plans.You laid a good foundation, successfully started this business, and now it will develop independently.However, in order to expedite the completion of its beneficial, you should persevere.
  • 4. - The figure "4" may have several interpretations, depending on the question itself.If you are interested in something that from the normal state of the usual balance was derived (for example, you have a health problem, and you want to find out, will there be improved in the near future, or if you have quarreled with someone and want to know whether reconcile)then the number "4" - means the stabilization of the situation (ie, if we take as a basis the examples - the answer is "yes").If you talk about something that should be developed (for example, the receipt of a new position, etc.), then the number "4" means stagnation and a delay in the conceived.However, this does not mean a categorical "no", you just have to wait a while.
  • 5. - In your case possible unexpected turn, and, most likely, the worst.One way or another, and the current situation will be broken.Can happen any disruption of plans, loss, sudden breaking up or something like that.It is possible that the number "5" warns you about the possibility of an unreasonable act or reckless actions committed in the heat of passion, on emotion, which you will soon regret.Try to prevent this.
  • 6. - your case will proceed smoothly, you can achieve the desired without any interference.But remember that the results you get commensurate to the efforts or funds that you spent on the case.There are some events related to your trip or with your family.It is possible that happen to make some choice or enter into a partnership, somehow conceived to be successful.
  • 7. - You will overcome the difficulties by using different tricks, or stay a while in a state of uncertainty.Provided that you are interested in the result of a case already begun or have already occurring events, the number "7" will indicate that the result is likely to be less than power or money spent on its achievement.Perhaps the success will only be partial, but do not let that melts - in return you will gain valuable experience.
  • 8. - currently existing situation will develop with a vengeance, or at an accelerated rate.You will be able to make money or get a reward for the efforts invested to acquire new knowledge and valuable skills.But if your intentions were negative, then the consequences will double, and the appropriate punishment.
  • 9. - Conceived nearing completion, soon you will get the result, but it can be both good and bad.For a positive resolution of the case, it requires caution and prudence.At this stage, the main thing - is not external events and manifestations, and the inner meaning of what you are doing now, maybe this is your internal state, no matter whether physical or emotional.

interesting guessing with numbers, "Divination by little heart»

divination little heart

This is a unique version of "daisy", according to the principle of "like - not like" just guessing at numbers and not the petals, guessing on paper with a pen, andwith a large number of possible outcomes.To learn how to treat you the young man, it is necessary to "think of" - think about it constantly during divination.Take a piece of paper in the box and, necessarily, with his left hand to draw a heart on it.After that, the contour of the figure marked only whole cell located inside a heart.They need to be expunged four, drawing preliminary figures from the four adjacent cells.After this procedure will be a number of whole cells, that by their number and judge the feelings of the young man.The values ​​in the same numerology are:

  • 1. - he loves you;
  • 2. - respect;
  • 3. - wants to be friends with you, and just;
  • 4. - he likes you;
  • 5. - he is jealous of you much;
  • 6. - you dream of him;
  • 7. - he is absolutely indifferent to you.

Divination by numbers and letters

Take out and remove all the vowels of the alphabet without exception, consonants number, according to the order of their location.That is, the letter "B" - a "1", the letter "B" - a "2", "T" - "3", and so on. D.

On a sheet of paper, write your question and cross out all the vowelsthe letters in this sentence.Under consonants put the figures that correspond to those of the alphabet.These numbers multiply each other, and the resulting product of the divide by 7. Match the remainder of the division with the day of their pre-numbered from 0 to 6, starting from Sunday (that is, 0 - is Sunday, 1 - is Monday 2 - Tuesday andt. e.).The answer to the question of looking in the table below:

table of replies
  • 1. D - the answer is affirmative, "Yes";
  • 2. H - a negative answer "No";
  • 3. X - means that the solution of this issue should be moved to another day.

Use this numerology can be no more than once a day.Among other things, asking the same questions if they had obtained a specific answer "yes" or "no" should not be.Otherwise, the result will be wrong.

Guessing on the numbers: "The Matrix»

numerical matrix 1

This divination figures - a laborious process, but is confirmed by numerous reviews, highly addictive and accurate.This numerology answers the question about the future development of the relationship with your chosen one.

Step № 1. Focus on the subject of your liking and make a numerical matrix.This should be done as follows: write on a piece of paper the numbers from 1 to 100, but they should not write zeros.In addition, the first row of the matrix can consist of any number of numbers (at your request), the following lines will correspond to the first line.At the end of the numerical matrix of numbers fit full day date (day, month, year), which is made on guessing numbers.

Step № 2. Then from the resulting matrix need to strike by 2 digits corresponding to the following conditions:

a) in the amount of up to 10 (ie 1 and 9, 4 and 6, and others);
b), numerals (1 - 1 2 - 2, and so on. D.).

Moreover, striking out two ways:

Method one: crossed out figures standing side by side, both vertically and horizontally, but after striking out earlier figures can not be crossed out.

Method two: struck off the same numbers, but by striking out previously crossed out digits allowed.

numerical matrix 2

Step № 3. Make a new numerical matrix.Write down the left, the numbers are not erased the matrix in the same order as they were located.Moreover, in line to be a number of digits, of which the name zagadannogo young man (for example, if the name of Egor, the numeric string array will be equal to 4).

numerical matrix 3

Step № 4. From the new matrix is ​​necessary to delete the numbers again on the same principle as the previous time.Repeat the procedure until you need to delete that will receive at least some steam.

numerical matrix 4

Step № 5. on respect for you young man is judged by the number of digits that are left.

If Divination by numbers produced by the first method, the following values:

1. - 10. - 19. - means he loves you;
2. - 11. - 20. - means jealous of you;
3. - 12. - 21. - pays any attention;
4. - 13. - 22. - means that he likes you;
5. - 14. - 23. - soon will draw attention;
6. - 15. - 24. - nothing ...
7. - 16. - 25. - will talk tete-a-tete;
8. - 17. - 26. - means you want to be;
9. - 18. - 27. - will be together.

If Divination by numbers produced by the second method, the following values:

1. - loneliness;
2. - will soon be together;
3. - unfortunately, it has another;
4. - loves you;
5. - only loves you;
6. - other loves;
7. - he is jealous of you;
8. - he will have the road to you;
9. - be separation;
10. - get a letter from him;
11. - will be meeting;
12. - will talk;
13. - a wedding;
14. - He loves you;
15. - misses you;
16. - You do not need him anymore.

Divination on paper with a pen on the numbers

With the help of divination with figures, you can create a portrait of the person you are interested in, to find out his character.This numerology has its roots in the ancient Kabbalistic rituals predictions.

To do this, set the letters of the alphabet digits.Record the name of that person.Substitute numbers corresponding to the numbers of letters in the alphabet.Calculate the sum of these figures and of the grand total, to know the answer, using a value from a table of numbers.