Divination at home with candles: for the future, to love, to the fulfillment of desires ...

Divination at home with candles

Argued that tell the truth about what is not yet known, open your eyes to what is happening and explain the past can only Vorozhko, witches and psychics.But in fact, each of us can know what it was, it would be than the heart to calm down herself.And guess the future can be successfully and at home.To learn how to guess, and when you can guess, we will tell.

Divination with candles at all times considered the most mysterious and true.The special value of divination on the candles that this is the best fortune-telling at home, and they do not have to spend, timing to any Orthodox or pagan holiday.Yet, days in which divination most favorable and correct, and we'll have when we can guess, and how to guess correctly.



1. WHEN reptile?
2. method of divination with candles and waxed
3. SIGNIFICANCE IN waxworks Guessing on candles




WHEN reptile?

when you can guess For any divination rather magical and mysterious of all the days that fall on the full moon.And it's not just magicity those nights when the full moon in the sky, the most acute human intuition, so the connection is enhanced with all the mystical and otherworldly.However, not all days with a full moon in the sky suitable for divination, but there are suitable in the waning moon.The most suitable days of the lunar cycle are: the second day, the fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day, the tenth day, the twelfth day, the thirteenth day of the lunar cycle.

What days are suitable for divination?

On Fridays and Saturdays, do not guess, as a rule, as it is believed that it could face serious trouble.The only exception is Friday, falling on Christmas time and Christmas, it's the traditional, universally recognized "oracle" days.These are the days when you can probably guess.In principle, Christmastide, as they are called, "holy days", lasting two weeks, beginning and ending with Christmas Epiphany, have always been considered the most reliable for divination.In particular, this applies to Vasiliev evening - on 13 January and by the evening of Christmas Eve - on 18 January.These days can be carried out, and fortune-telling at home and noisy merry company, you can guess what you want: to guess the future, to love, to a wedding, on welfare ....

general January - the month when it is best to guess the long term.

When can speculate on the possibility of financial well-being, to determine the prospects of financial position?

For this is the best time in the night sky shines only half of the moon, then you get an accurate result.

traditionally the time when it is possible to guess at the material prosperity and wealth are: February , and autumn months - October and November .In this case, the most reliable in the divination of various animals and birds, for example, a chicken, cats and so on.

When can speculate on the future husband?

guessing at narrowing St. Andrew's Day, namely, December 13 - can be called a kind of rehearsal for the Christmas time, it's great for day divination betrothed.And if the night of 13 December and the Christmas holidays in the dream is the same man, then guessing it will certainly come true.Divination at narrowing these days fits all unmarried girls and women, there is only one prerequisite - a pre-need to fast during the day (bread and water).But the family and close relatives of the girl, on the contrary, have to be fed.After divination, reptile observe silence until the morning.

In addition, the day of St. Andrew, in principle, is the best option for divination using water, including the saint.

When and what better guess?

tell fortunes in January , you can on how many years you live, you can get an accurate answer to questions about possible future diseases.

best month, when it is possible to guess at love counts April , especially number 26.While guessing, you can ask any questions that relate to the relationship of lovers, with the existence of the likelihood of marriage, the new dating opportunities, etc.

In July especially successfully speculate on health, as well as to make the right decision in any questions.

September - perfect for matters in respect of long-distance travel, relocation, and is considered the most favorable for divination on the person who is far away from you.

out for themselves when it is possible to guess and guess correctly where you can choose the right time of divination, and get the right tips and predictions fate of the powers.


method of divination with candles and waxed

fortune telling with candles Firstly, it is useful to know that you can guess, and it is desirable for some form of candles.If the candle twisted - it is used in divination fate.According to the white church candles - learn about the favorite, and the needle on the candle natsarapyvayut name of the beloved.By candle in the shape of a house - guess on relatives and home.Once you have chosen the form of candles, you are interested in, alone, focus, light it and watch the flames.

If during divination with a candle flame it steady and quiet - it promises good luck and all the best.If the candle flame varies, forked tongue of flame, - wait for trouble.If a candle suddenly went out, - an omen of turmoil, fatalities, blows of fate.

And another thing, in the case of using a candle, it is better if it would be guessing at home, as they require quiet, calm and concentration.

Method number 1: divination saucer for the future.

To perform divination saucer for the future, it is necessary for an auspicious day to take the candle wax and melt it.Then, having thought beforehand for some specific event or just a question, it is necessary to pour water into a flat dish and pour the melted wax into the water.The saucer must form a figure that tells about the future and destiny.Figures may be of various shapes.If this wreath - will marry soon, if the snake - a disease if swan - a well-known, when the mill - to gossip, if the horseshoe - fortunately, if the crown - to success.There are many interpretations about them later.

Method number 2: Divination with a candle for the future.

To know the future, you can tell fortunes after moonrise on wax, melted candles.The spark plug should melt in an iron pot, and having thought anything safely begin to guess at the future.Melted wax is necessary to slowly pour into a bowl of water, wait until the wax hardens completely, take it in hand and try to interpret the information, considering the resulting figure from the back, lower side.

At first glance, this divination with a candle does not differ from the previous one.But it is only at first glance.First, guess the future in such a way, as one can, and in the company, but each participant must have its own candle.And secondly, the figures come out quite different here - more voluminous such forms in divination saucer does not happen.And therefore the answers are quite different, in some cases, a "deep", more specific, detailed, so to speak.Although there is a minus - a divination with a candle requires preparation, practice, or the internal barometer, so to speak, in order to correctly expound the meaning of the predictions.

Method number 3: Divination by candlelight on treason.

Divination by treason must take two candles in the church.Spend divination at home.Put forth what is your candle, and what - your future husband, fiancé or husband.When the clock strikes midnight exactly, you need to put a candle in a glass filled with salt, chalk outline around the circle glasses and said three times: "Let my candle goes out, if the servant of God (his name), the other is.Fire, wax candles and cherished, tell the whole truth, nothing utaite. "After that candles are lit.If during your divination candlelight candle goes out first - it means that your men have another at least in his mind.If the candle will burn - take it easy, you do not have any cause for concern and suspicion - your dear to you is true.

Method number 4: Yule divination candle.

There is another divination saucer for the coming year with the help of wax, melted candles.Carry it must be in Svyatka or St. Andrew's Day.It is necessary to melt the wax in a mug, pour the milk into a saucer and put at the threshold of the house or apartment, these containers.Out on the threshold, uttered the following ritual phrase: "Brownie, my master, come under the threshold of milk to drink, eat the wax."During the last words of pronunciation have to pour the melted wax into the milk.Then, carefully inspect what form took the wax in milk.Often the value of the figures is interpreted literally, assuming what it looks like.But there is a "standard", the generally accepted figure for the value of this divination the candles and wax:

  • If wax is frozen in the form of a cross - it foretells some sort of disease in the new year.
  • If it just seemed cross, but the shape of fuzzy - that your financial affairs in the coming year will not go very well, and the personal life will result in trouble, but the benefit is not too serious.
  • If the figure is similar to a flower - get married or find a favorite.
  • When will the beast, beware: you will foe, and, worse than an animal, the more dangerous foe.
  • If the wax drip strips - in the coming year you are coming road crossings, the length and the number of bands also will tell you the duration and amount of these roads.
  • If the wax went asterisks - expect good luck in the service, academic excellence.
  • If during divination candle wax forms are human figures - you are lucky, you will find a true friend.

Method number 5: Divination with a candle and ashes.

On a small sheet of paper write the name of the groom.Mentally I am asking whether this man with you, light a candle and burn it on a sheet of flame with the name.Carefully collect the resulting ash into the palm.Go to the window at midnight, open the window and stick one on the street with palm ash and uncompress it.If the ashes rose into the air and flew away with your hand, then the person to whom you were wondering, never you will not abandon you, or will soon.If the ash remains in the palm of your hand, you will never be parted again.

Method number 6: divination with candles and a nut shell.

Divination with a nut shell If the all-time Christmas time you are together with friends, and have not spent the next fortune telling with candles, be sure to use it in the Baptism.Take walnut shells, cut across the candle wax into small pieces, put them in the shells, and empty swimming in a bowl filled with water.Then each girl carefully lights his candle in the "boat", and watches.If someone was drowning candle, the girl walking on the shelf, until the end of century;one in which the candle will burn down soon others will be married before all.

Method number 7: Divination with candles on marital consent.

Learn what will be a married life can be with the following divination with candles.Wax church candles need to sculpt figures of two swans.Winch colored blush, but the swan is white.In the morning swan with winches, dipped in a bowl of water and covered with a scarf, leaving for the day.And before bedtime, look like a swan swimming with a winch.If together - hence, a married life will be love in the agreement;if the Swans went apart - so live it at odds with each other, the family will be disjointed.

Method number 8: how to guess, to bring a loved one.

Take a sheet of white paper and a fine church candle.On a sheet to write the name of her lover, who pays attention to you.Just do not confuse guessing on reciprocity and spell, here we learn how to guess, not bewitch.Light a candle and slowly pour the wax on a sheet of paper, where it is written the name of the guy, saying the following words: "A candle-svechushechka, light serdechenko my dear servant of God (his name)."Once all the candle burns, and wax on paper hardens, carefully wrap the resulting ingot into the paper and constantly carry.The object of your divination necessarily respond to reciprocate your feelings or love you even more.

Method number 9: How to tell fortunes on desire.

If you want to know how to solve, your burning issue at the moment, proceed as follows: on the surface of the mirror write white church candle that very question, wrap the mirror in a white cloth, and put it before going to sleep under his pillow.It is necessary to lay fresh linen on the bed and very bathe and put on clean clothes.In the dream, you definitely have to answer the question, dressed in a certain symbolism.Do you dream of a possible resolution of the problem, you may hear or see the answer, true way out of the situation.

Method number 10: how to guess the future of the mirror.

Divination by the mirror with candles Any such fortune-telling with candles and mirrors are made in solitude and silence, or simply guessing will not take place.On the eve of divination should refrain from salty foods.To prepare the evening a large round mirror, a glass of water, a saucer of salt, and two church candles - that is all that is necessary for divination.After midnight, the mirror is placed on, is not covered with a cloth table, mirror painted thirteen crosses.On both sides of it, and set candles lit cooked.Then sit down and recite the spell: "Mirror - the lake, the fire - the power of salt - tears, tell me what awaits me in the future."This spell must be repeated thirteen times.Then eat a little salt and drink a glass of water.

After performing all the above conditions, peering intently into the mirror surface.It should appear different visions.However, if you did not see anything like this in the mirror, do not be discouraged, do not worry, just go to bed soon.You can dream and see their future or simply a prophetic dream.

Method number 11: divination with candles and mirrors on Christmas and Epiphany.

Next divination conducted on Christmas and Epiphany, quite common and many people know.How to guess with two candles and two mirrors?What would you tell fortunes, so it's important to get it right.Sitting on a low stool, must be on the table at eye level two mirrors necessarily different sizes.A large mirror placed in the back of Gad, and the smaller mirror - face to guess at a distance of half a meter from the first mirror.Thus, Gad, between the two mirrors appears.It is also necessary to achieve parallelism of the mirrors, one, in which from the back, should be reflected in the other at least 12 times.Around the middle of the intermediate distance from the mirror to the right and to the left, put two candles, and so that the eye did not get their direct light.Conduct guessing, preferably in a darkened room, in complete silence to concentrate can be undisturbed.

now need to think about what you want to see.Perhaps this should be the fate of a loved one and your relationship.Did you ask the mirror your concerns, for example, what will the coming year, he expects it to you or your loved ones.The main thing - to articulate the theme that interests you.Try to focus, and wait patiently for what happens next.

Initially, you should see the suite of mirrors or a long corridor illuminated.If you keep your eyes and not be distracted by the illuminated area of ​​the corridor, soon in your field of view will be something like a fog, some shaky veil - this means that you will soon see in the mirror of a mysterious vision, serving as a response to your questions.This kind of situation can be associated with someone who you care about, static image or, on the contrary, life scene.Vision, as a rule, clearly linked to "specify" the mirror in question.

Method number 12: the Christmas divination by threads.

Each of the girls Gad cuts itself the thread with all of the same length.All participating take their yarns and simultaneously bring to a candle to light the way of their time.That girl, the thread in which the burn out to the end the fastest, get married first.If the thread from someone goes out, do not burn out until the middle, which means that this girl never destined to marry.

Method number 13: Divination by candles and wax for the future.

for divination on wax need two wax candles (ideally, it should be consecrated candles, church) and a glass filled with clean, cold water.