Speaking without words.

What do non-verbal gestures

People often say is not what they think actually, but the most important are often silent at all.How to learn to understand the body language and gestures, decipher emotions through hand gestures, a man read like a book?Because the body does not lie to not hide the truth, his story is always sincere and frank.If you learn how to read its signals, even the most secret thoughts of a man will not remain a secret for you.



1. Non-verbal communication.Gestures
2. Open nonverbal gestures and postures
3. Closed postures and gestures
4. Gestures reflection and evaluation
5. Pose uncertainty and doubt
6. Gestures, speaking about the unwillingness to listen and communicate
7. Gestures dominance
8. Sexualgestures
9. Tactile motion




Nonverbal communication.Gestures.

Nonverbal Gestures can be divided into the following four groups:

  • 1. Expressive, expressive movements (facial expressions, body posture, hand gestures, gait).
  • 2. Tactile movements (touching, handshake, pat on the back, for example, kissing and so forth.).
  • 3. Sight (direction, duration, frequency of eye contact).
  • 4. Movement in space (orientation, distance, direction, accommodation at the table).

to fully understand the body language and gestures to explore all the nuances of behavior, the topic should devote all his life.After all, human psychology, gestures, facial expressions - a fine science, nonverbal gestures specific to each, because we are all different, with its own peculiarities of character.Besides mistakenly "hang" non-verbal label on any particular gesture to understand the truth must take into account a set of gestures, facial expressions, speech, taking into account the mood of the person and other nuances.

So we will not bore you with scientific treatise on psychology, and tell you about the most brilliant, the most typical, the most common of all the signals of the body.And for convenience and better memorization divide them by emotions and not so positive.

superiority and confidence

superiority and confidence Non-verbal gestures and social status - unbreakable "allies" in communication.For example, a high-ranking official, feels more than confident to its repaired and, consequently, will not cross his arms, building up an invisible barrier.On the contrary, he tries to demonstrate his superiority in front of them: his hands behind his back, deliberately leaving the chest open and showing that his own confidence and his hands in his pockets, showing his lack of interest in the present.Hands behind your back at the same time will not be crossed (well, except that for convenience, if the physical form does not allow to keep their hands behind their backs without adequate "support") or keep the wrist and above, otherwise it just gets angry, but tries to keep his emotions.

a certain extent, self-confident person represent and crossed his arms, but with protruding thumbs.Such things kind of improvement in defensive gesture.However, people at the same time feels much more comfortable, because the crossed arms are a measure of security and thumbs - a demonstration of confidence and superiority of man.

Incomplete barriers

In life we ​​often face situations when you do not feel quite comfortable with yourself, but want to appear more confident.For example, a circle of strangers, while the report of the management, before a large audience, etc.In such situations, the subconscious protective hand gestures, issuing our nervousness, we are trying to block, and partially replace them incomplete barriers.It can be hand position in which one arm (usually the right) is at rest, the other clutching the shoulder or upper arm of second hand.Sometimes a man he keeps himself in hand or covers his chest with one hand and put it under his arm.

Camouflaged hand gestures

Along with incomplete gestures, there are disguised gesture by which man also reaches the necessary level of calm and confidence.When installing protective barriers, as you already know, the hands fastened across the body.However, instead of this situation, many of sustainable active use of various accessories: twirl cufflinks, Teasing strap watches, bracelets, etc., is carried out with one hand on the other.One way or another, but with one hand still appears across the body, and it is clearly talking about the installation of the barrier.These hand gestures will always help you to recognize not quite sure, trying to hide the nervousness of the person.Women notice these gestures are a little more difficult, because they are usually in such cases as a barrier to use their handbags, wallets, etc.To maintain the confidence of women, as a rule, use both hands.

But both women and men, this gesture does not always mean security.More likely disguised movements can be banal manipulation.It's not always a bad bear motivated.For example, people experiencing nervous and afraid of the reaction of the interlocutor, but assume an artificial self-confidence, sticking out his chest, arms at the same time hidden behind his back.Yes, they are not crossed, but hard to keep a folder of documents, or plucked a piece of paper, bend the paper clip and so on.

hands in pockets

hands in his pockets This gesture set of values, it all depends on the combination with other gestures and situations.Interpretation could be next:

  • 1. A person just cold.And, therefore, you need to move in a more comfortable environment.Otherwise, soon added the gesture of hands gesturing anger and rejection, the desire to quickly get rid of your society.If the conversation is an important, the outcome is unpredictable.Man rejects all your suggestions, mainly because he was tired of being cold, just "unbind" from you without explanation.Or interlocutor agrees with your arguments will promote your good ideas, but was forced to end the conversation.In that case, hurry to take advantage of the situation until it is time to change your mind and cancel its decision if was actually disagree with you.
  • 2. Hands in the pockets can be said about the concentration of man.So he thinks about something, his thoughts designs, street plans.Typically, these reflections are accompanied by shaking, people shifting from heel to toes.
  • 3. This gesture can mean boredom.Man with hands in pockets can often be seen on the corporate meetings, social events and charity evenings: and can not leave - gathered important people, misunderstood, and be unbearable - there are no forces to be nice and smile these snobs.
  • 4. The person is not being honest with you.This gesture may mean that he is deceiving you.Actually of the above situations, and so it is clear that the other person with his hands in his pockets is not sincere.He was not interested in what you tell him what's going on, his thoughts are quite different, and it maintains a conversation with you just being polite.But his hands in his pockets and can mean "independent" lie.The interviewer does not want you to notice his nervousness (in fact it may declassify), and therefore hides his hands, so that they do not give out.Before making specific findings, watch and other non-verbal signals.
  • 5. It is also a gesture of reluctance to do anything.For example, when you ask her son take out the trash or clean the apartment - in the end, he will perform the job or not depends on your level of authority.Or, for example, the person in the photo with his hands in his pockets, certainly did not want to be photographed.
  • 6. In dealing with some women men often put their hands in their pockets, while exposing thumbs.In this case - is an eloquent gesture that the woman he loves, and he's trying to make a good impression on her.This is a gesture of courtship.If the hands are in such a position when communicating with her sex, it is a demonstration of their own independence.Legs wide apart at the same time and the whole appearance said: "I firmly stand on my feet, I am the master of my life."


Open nonverbal gestures and postures

openness, friendliness

human hands turned palms up and widely spaced apart.Head interviewee keeps straight shoulders straightened.Natural expression, it does not have stress or constraint.Looking straight, clear.This posture of friendliness, sincerity.

So emotions characteristic shaking hands with girth interlocutor with both hands.During intercourse, men often undo the top buttons of his jacket or shirt, recline in a chair, taking a relaxed attitude (not to be confused with imposing).The interlocutor of the person himself involuntarily relaxes and begins to have confidence.

This is a great technique to communicate with the people important to you.Combining these non-verbal gestures and sincere, friendly tone You can easily win their affection for himself.


in non-verbal communication is the concept of mental contact.At first glance, the complex psychological concept says copying involuntary gestures of the interlocutor or his behavior.The subconscious is a companion sends a nonverbal signal: "I perfectly understand you," and the other subconscious unmistakably reads the message.If you pay attention to a couple peacefully conversation at the table, you will see that their postures are similar, the same arrangement of arms and gestures sometimes mirrored.

Therefore, if you need to convince the other person that you like-arrange it to yourself, just copy the gestures and the position of his body.


Closed postures and gestures

invisibility barrier


When fraud occurs involuntary desire to hide his hands, scratch your nose, rub your eyes, cover your ear.Especially give the lie inadequate movement left side of the body.Man, surely, is lying when his left hand constantly hanging out of place, for example, describes a circle or any shape in the air absolutely without any meaning.Similarly, "informer" stretching the truth on your host serves his left leg, depicting a figure in the sand or asphalt that draws some lines and other elements that are not related to the topic of conversation.

into detail about how to determine the gestures, facial expressions, look, tone, rate of speech, that you cheat, we wrote in the article: «How to recognize a lie.Learn to read body language and gestures ».But do not forget to evaluate the signals of the body together.After scratching the nose it can be caused by a banal cold, rubbing his neck - yesterday's draft, fidgeting left foot on the floor - zhmuschim shoe and outer nervous and confused look - sincere sympathy to you.


Gestures reflection and evaluation


This emotion is expressed in a tingling nose, eyes closed while.When your interlocutor decides how to act or what to do, as it thinks about the decision of a particular issue, you will notice that he rubs his chin.


If a person to an event ripe negative assessment, the thoughts he expressed in the following positions: one hand under his chin, index finger stretched along the cheek and the other hand supports the elbow.If you still have it and left eyebrow lowered - he just internally criticizes you.


housing interlocutor body tilted forward.The head is slightly tilted forward, and his hand lightly regard the cheek.If you see a picture - the person in front of you interested in what is happening in what you say or do, positively related to information.


poses uncertainty and doubt


Nonverbal communication, which is accompanied by gestures such as scratching or rubbing the back of the ear or neck in most cases means that people do not quite understand what you mean or what it is fromit requires.

If the person assures you that you fully understand - you can be sure he is deceiving you.Non-verbal gestures of his outstanding: he did not understand.


disagreement with someone's opinion gives a hand covered her mouth.Man, as it were constrained by apposition statements suppress true feelings.If this gesture of confidence in the conversation suddenly made your friend, it is better to stop and think about what words provoked such a reaction, and correct the delicate situation.Observing the behavior of the chief, and noticing his reaction like, you can easily understand what is necessary to speak, and what better to remain silent.This is very important because distrust pretty fast may go into failure, and then in a categorical refusal.

If such non-verbal gestures accompany the story interlocutor - he probably lying or not telling much.


gestures that speak about the unwillingness to listen and communicate


boredom When interlocutor hand props his head, it shows complete indifference to what is happening.He was not interested, he literally falls asleep.

If you noticed a similar reaction of your interlocutor, immediately changing the subject: pick to discuss something exciting is it, or talk about himself - a win-win situation.You can also "shake up" the interlocutor an issue - he immediately wakes up, rest assured.


True signal disapproval of what is happening and disagreement with the stated view - shaking off the nonexistent lint from his clothes, flick skirts, smoothing out wrinkles, etc.

Noticing this, just go to the neutral topics on less controversial issues, or a calm tone.However, it should not be considered a gesture as disapproval if the sleeve of his jacket to the interlocutor really stuck thread or clothes hurting.

willingness to leave

If one lowers the eyelids, closes his eyes - he lost interest in the conversation.Scratching the ear while listening to the story symbolizes the fenced off from the flow of speech may spokesman suspect you of lying and does not want to listen to it more.Sipping earlobe, will tell you that the opponent does not want to speak.When the interviewee turned his whole body towards the exit of the body or just puts his feet socks to the door - the conversation was over, the man can not wait to leave.The gesture in the form of deduction of points is also an eloquent signal the end of the conversation.


cause irritation can be anything but the brightest non-verbal gestures accompanied by irritation at the fact that the other person saw through his blatant lies.His anger is your right, but to show their irritation will be the final defeat.Therefore, people will internally "boil", and thus feel the lack of air must be cooled - involuntarily begin to weaken the tie or the collar, rubbing his neck.Among other things

irritation characterized by excessive hand movements, tingling woman handbags, mechanically drawing on paper, senseless shifting papers on the table, the movement of objects.Man longs to end this unpleasant conversation.


Gestures dominance


property right We often show their direct relation to some objects or people using the slope of the housing body to them.Often, it is a demonstration of ownership.This is particularly monitored in normal everyday moments of life.


highest degree of emotion expressed in a sitting position in the so-called "director's position" or "posture boss."Hands can spread out imposingly in the arms of the chair or lie behind the head, throw a leg over leg.If the eyes still a little covered corners or slightly narrowed, and the gaze is directed downward or casts you from head to toe - in front of you pure arrogance, blatant disregard.

This posture often take people in leadership positions.They are confident, feel its power ostentatiously express their own importance to subordinates.Trying to copy the gesture threatens imminent dismissal.So just pereterpit, especially if his position is not supported verbally.

finger gesture: the spire

This gesture often seen in man sitting at the table: the hands have a good support, the fingers are joined in a kind of house or spire.Such a gesture is characteristic of people who feel in a particular situation, their confidence and superiority.Combining fingertips, the source informs you that feels confident, relaxed and very pleased with it.

spire is of two types - raised and lowered.The first, raised steeple shows complacency, excellence and confidence.Second, lowered means that the person listening to you very carefully, analyzing the information obtained.


more accurate to say the opposite - a demonstration of inequality.Such a gesture characteristic of almost all men, women rarely use it, though, because we are talking about a handshake.Character handshake reveals the intentions of another person.Man showing its leading position, its leadership, at the time of the connection of two hands for a handshake, be sure to arrange his hand up the back side.

Check how persistent he is in his leadership status is simple: try to turn up your hand.A typical sexual appeal are moist lips and open mouth.