Fun competitions for the new year for adults.

Fun competitions for the new year for adults.

Duty organize Christmas Leisure lay on your shoulders?You do often have to come up with scenarios of holidays and parties for friends?Throw a costume party failed, and no other ideas?A New Year's holiday must get unforgettable.Then arrange a festive party, combining lavish feast and funny competitions for the New Year for adults.

Do not panic and do not fuss - we will help you create magnificent scenario of the holiday, and advise fun contests for the New Year.Intelligent competitions for adults on New Year safely be "diluted" mobile games.The choice of both - just endless, so - go for it!



1. Happy New Year !?
2. Intelligent fun games for the New Year for adults
3. Movable funny contests for New Year




When tasted a little everything offered hospitable hosts, guests at the New Yeartable get bored - urgently ask them to play for the New Year for adults.They will take the company and cheer up to unprecedented heights.A few fun contests, and will not be bored even very large companies.

general competitions for adults on New Year's good that they can spend and not leaving because of the holiday table.But before moving more fun, configure the desired fashion crowd will be able to joke fortune-telling for the New Year.For information on how to do this fun and funny, read the article «How fun to celebrate New Year.Humorous comments and predictions for the New Year ».As soon as the guests warmed up and provoke, raise them up from the table and arrange outdoor games on New Year's for adults.

And so the New Year competitions.


intelligent fun games for the New Year for adults

merry Christmas toast

Funny competitions for the New Year:

New Year's Eve in the midst of all the desire to have put forth suggestions voiced, and just drinkand there - not interested.Then ask guests to fill glasses and turns to say New Year's toast, but not just a wish, but with one condition.Phrases-congratulations must begin alphabetically.

For example:

  • A - absolutely happy to raise a glass to the New Year!
  • B - Be careful, the New Year is coming!
  • In - Let's drink to our ladies!
  • T - Year of the Horse comes - Hurray!

special joy, confusion of participants, is when the game comes to the letters of the alphabet such as D, E, F, N, L, bCombine this competition can be a game in town when greeting should begin with the last letter of the previous toast.In this case, guests are interesting not only to come up with a toast with a given letter, but also bring trouble to the next participant feast.


  • A - A little drink for you Snow White?
  • have - Ushataem on ryumashki for the New Year!
  • D - Long live the fun!
  • E - Really get drunk, if not naemsya!

prize, of course, gets the author of the funny toast.

Program Guide

Funny competitions for the New Year:
«program listings»

Dorval to holiday dishes, guests, moaning with pleasure, collapsed on the ground and not be able to have fun and dance?Try stir them fixed, but a fun game, "TV Guide".

before the contest you will need to prepare a few cards.It is desirable to make it more - the contest draws, he is one of the most popular holiday parties.On each card write five or six completely unrelated in meaning, different words.

For example:

  • 1. Vodka, President, stapler, hand door;
  • 2. Santa Claus, rubber, herring, medicine, barrier;
  • 3. New Year, Album, beaver, flu, chess;
  • 4. China, sombrero, dog, car, plastic.

members pulled the card and read the contents (but not loud).Then you give participants thirty seconds for something to come up with just one offer - hot news about an event that supposedly happened in the world on New Year's night.Moreover, in the proposal must fit all the words from the card - all important information about the incident.The words on the cards is allowed to decline as you wish, making them part of any speech.

For example:

«In the New Year in the capital of the zoo landscape ill flu a rare breed of beaver-checkerboard."

Good mood provided by your company!


Funny contests for the New Year:

Host party chooses two volunteers and announce to them that it is time to finally decipher the secret abbreviation MCC.At the same time the rest of us already know that MCC is "my neighbor to the right."

two "favorites" are placed in the middle of the circle of participants, and they all took turns asking leading questions, trying to unravel the acronym.Questions of this kind are permitted, "one size", "what color", "there he is", "what it is like", "than it smells", and so on.A meeting should provide answers, each in respect of its neighbor to the right.

Tighten the game for a long time is not necessary - if the clue and did not find, about twenty minutes, uncover the mystery of the MCC and the poor fellows defeated snack cake, a toast: "For the intelligence."

Games for the New Year for adults:

Select drunk two participants who will play the role of wife and husband.For good measure of fun, we can interchange the roles of men and women: it is - a wife who had just given birth, she - a happy husband, who had noted the good news.

task husband - wife to ask in detail about the child: what sex is like for someone like the past generations ... How unexpected and varied questions are, the more interesting game.The task of the wife to the husband comes to answer the questions marks, because the thick glass in the hospital did not miss out sounds.Guess the answer is not necessarily, is simply hilarious to watch what gestures will explain the situation to his wife witted husband.

Guess the picture

New Year's competitions:

For this game you need to give the participants a paper and pen.Let each of them will write about yourself something that the people sitting at the table little known.Then, these notes to roll and put in a box or basket.Pulling turns these revelations, read them aloud.A company must try to guess about someone from present question, who is the author of this statement.

Contests for adults for the New Year:

This is a very well-known and quite popular game.Have participants divided into two teams.The objective of the first team to come up with some clever word and tell him in confidence to one of the players of the opposing team.Task elected - without a sound, only facial expressions, gestures and plastic portray the hidden word by making it so that the members of his team were able to guess what the word was meant for.Given that this is a contest for adults on New Year's Eve, the word can be anything, and thus the process of demonstration - an incredibly funny.When guessing successfully completed, the teams switch roles, and I assure you, "revenge" will be even more hilarious.After some practice, you can complicate the game zagadyvaya not words but whole sentences.


Games for the New Year for adults:
CHRISTMAS "turnip»

Some of the guests had hardly remember the last letter of the alphabet - it's time to shake them and make exercise in artistry.The contest "The Turnip" the test of time, and in spite of the apparent simplicity, is an excellent option New Year pastime - fun guaranteed!
number of participants - the number of characters known to all the fairy tale "The Turnip" and one anchor.Newly-born actors need to carefully remember and rehearse their roles lyrics:

Repka - alternately clapping hands on the knees, the hands, saying once: "Opa-on!".

Dedkov - rubbing his hands, saying: "Tek-to."

Grandma - constantly threatens his grandfather with his fist, saying: "Would kill the reptile!".

Granddaughter - coyly twitching shoulders, saying, "I'm ready."To heighten the effect, it is advisable to choose the role of the granddaughter, a man of impressive dimensions.

Beetle - every time scratching his ear, saying, "got fleas!".

Cat - saying: "I'm alone," shaking his hips.

Mouse - shaking his head ruefully says, "Got Game!»

task of actors, at every mention of their leading character who is reading the classic text of this story, immediately play a role.

looks like this:

«Planted Dedkov (" Tek-off ") turnip (" Opa-on ").Grew Repka ("Opa-on!"), Big-very big.Started Dedkov ("Teck-off") turnip ("Opa-on!") Pull.Santa pulls, pulls, and can not pull.Then he called Father ("Tek-off") head ("Would kill bastard!") ... "Etc.

greatest fun begins when it comes to words, "Dedkov for turnip, Grandma for Dedkov ..." uncontrolled explosions of laughter and high spirits - Guaranteed!Do not believe - see for yourself!

drunken Checkers

Contests for adults for the New Year:
«Drunk Checkers»

Such games on New Year's present for adults fit intellectuals who prefer to drink with great pleasure.To do this, use this board for checkers, instead of figures - stacks of wine.On one side of the stacks poured white wine, on the other hand - red.

Then everything as in a normal game of checkers.Log houses enemy stack - drained it.To somehow diversify the process, you can play in the giveaway.

Games for the New Year for adults:
«What do you like in the neighbor to the left?»

As you've probably guessed, each participant will have to tell me what he likes in a neighbor, who sits on the left.To do this, all sit in a circle and pose funny thoughts about friends.When all the guests will be presented by the intimate details of a surprise: the leading happily reported that once such sincere sympathy, but now everyone will have to kiss his neighbor on the left at the same place that has attracted the most.


Mobile funny contests for New Year

Hit the target

Contests for adults for the New Year:
«Hit the target!»

This competition is mainly for men, but not necessarily.For the contest need: empty bottles, rope (about half a meter in length for each participant), and a pen or pencil.

Each participant is assigned to the waistband rope, the other end of which is tied up a pencil or pen.The participants are put on the floor empty bottles - each has its own.The challenge - to get a handle on the rope in the bottle.Competition test of time - the bursting laughter and fun are guaranteed.

competition for the new year:
«Princess and the Pea»

contest mainly for women.Participants are placed facing the audience and back to the chair in the back of each.Leading on each chair puts a small object (an apple, caramel, pencil, bump ...) so that the participants did not see him.At the command of Princess sit on the chairs and the fifth point on the touch trying to determine what kind of object.To spy and to touch - is prohibited.You can guess the number of identical objects laid on a chair, to count them.The winner becomes the one that will determine the first thing.And last, or participants not cope with the task, to impose penalties, at the discretion of the winner.

Contests for adults for the New Year:

Of course, these games on New Year's for adults only carried out in a very close, close companies and, as a rule, fairly tipsy.Formed two teams of participants, each of which must lay out the longest chain of his own clothes, taking off at the same time with all that only pleases.The winner, of course, is the team that has the chain longer.


New Year competition:

The competition must be prepared in advance.Take the most common need balloons.Write a funny job and paper.Notes to roll and put into a ball, then inflating it.Playing eats his chosen ball, with hands-free, and always executes the task!

The job can be anything - it all depends on your imagination.For example:

  • 1. Draw Christmas Bells fight.
  • 2. Stand on the chair and let the entire white light that travels Santa Claus.
  • 3. Dance of rock 'n' roll.
  • 4. Eat a few slices of lemon without sugar with a happy face.
  • 5. Guess riddle.

Funny competitions for the New Year:
«guess a riddle»

to this contest, as well as to the previous one, you need to prepare in advance.Take the most ordinary balloons.But in the notes to write a funny puzzle.Notes to roll and put into a ball, then inflating it.Playing eats his chosen ball, with hands-free, and solved riddles.Not exactly guesses, and as a punishment to comply with any task.

provide companies with riddles to solve that it is impossible - it is not difficult.Here's an example:

guess a riddle

  • 1. At the fence, two women, one glued, sewn another ... What you need to do with them?

(Answer: a pull out, others - otporot).

  • 2. With eggs with onions, not a pie?

(Answer: Robin Hood).

  • 3. What is it: the blue gold?

(Answer: favorite drunk.)

  • 4. Which means: 90/60/90?

(Answer: The speed at the traffic cop.)

  • 5. What it is: sitting on the ceiling and chewing on a light bulb?

(Answer: Potolkovy Lampogryz.)

compose such riddles can be mass, they themselves will raise the mood, like answers, which surely will try to come up with all the guests, without exception.And to facilitate your task and do not add to the hassle of Christmas preparation, you can use our collection of fun puzzles for adults: «Funny puzzles for the New Year for adults."

Funny contests for the New Year:

stuffed in a bag in advance different funny clothes (national caps, underwear, stockings or tights, swimwear, ribbons, scarves, diapers for adults, etc.).Among the guests choosing a DJ.The task of a DJ: turn on and off the music, but at different intervals, and suddenly the rest.

When the music plays, the participants in the dance transmit to each other a bag.As soon as the music stopped - stop the game.Those who remained in the bag this time in the hands should not peeping pull one thing and put it on himself.The game continues as long as the bag is not empty.As a result, all look very funny, especially men in bikini over trousers.


And a little bit how to make New Year's holiday fun: