Puberty girls.

Puberty girls

Your baby seems only yesterday tried to hold his head, smile, crawl, talk, walk ....And today you notice strange changes in her.What was happening to her?Do not be afraid to change what is happening - your baby will most likely gradually entered a period of puberty in girls.And no matter what it may be only 8 years old, and she really still a child.Right now it is actively preparing to become a woman, a mother.And it is now, parents should help her daughter to go through a difficult period for her life.And for that, you need to have an idea of ​​what it means to puberty girls, and how it goes OK.

  • What distinguishes puberty boys and girls?

the difference between puberty for girls and boys Puberty for girls and boys are quite different, it is absolutely unlike processes.Begins puberty in their various times, the children perceived very differently, and different flows.For example, before puberty girls - quite frequent, whereas in boys - a phenomenon that is the exception rather the rule.However, previous premature puberty girls give cause for concern parents do not have to - it is normal.

Puberty in girls and boys takes generally five years.Dates of the onset of puberty, as already mentioned, it is very individual and can vary greatly, both in one and in the other direction.When parents notice significant variations - too earlier puberty girls or boys, or, conversely, too much delay - it makes sense to consult a pediatrician.The doctor is able to assess the condition of the most adequate physical development of your son or daughter, and spent on additional examinations if necessary, to reliably determine the reasons for rejecting the sexual development of the child from the norm.

However, serious problems in the field of hormone occur very rarely.Almost always the cause of these temporary deviations acts hereditary trait.The fact is that if the time, at least one parent were some deviations to either side, - a 50% increase in the possibility of such deviations and the child.This is particularly evident in relation to the growth of children - if both parents have low growth, we should not expect that the adolescent growth spurt happens intense.

Modern medicine has set some framework within which should be laid starting puberty, both girls and boys.It starts before puberty girls from 8 years old, and only 10 years old - boys deadline, when can begin puberty girls - 12, boys - 14 years.If parents have any doubts about the sexual development of the child, they should consult a pediatrician or an endocrinologist.And remember, in any case can not express their doubts or concerns in the presence of a son or daughter - you risk serious enough to cause the child psychological trauma, which in the future will have to fight for a long time.Do not forget that the mentality of teenagers - a subtle "tools" are very, very vulnerable.

Actually, this is all in common, that is puberty girls and boys.Everything else - the solid differences about which parents should be aware mandatory.

  • Sex education Girls

sex education for girls The first thing I would say - is that sex education for girls should start at a very young age, literally since its birth.After all, instilling child care - also sex education to girls.Every parent probably wants that little girl has grown soft, sensitive, caring woman who loves her children.This is the sexual education of girls at an early age.

Do not be a hypocrite with a child and tell "tales" about gender differences in childhood and carry nonsense about storks and cabbage, answering the question "Where do babies come from?".The main thing that is required of the parents in the case of "uncomfortable" issues or situations - this is natural behavior, a willingness to respond comprehensively to all, the ability to explain everything without fear or shame.Regardless of the age of the child, four, seven or fifteen years, it, your answers must be truthful in content, objective and scientific.Be truthful with the child, but according to its age, answer clearly, concisely and to the point.

Mastering the child's own gender role, its nature, the development of his sexuality depends largely because of a family that is able to combine harmoniously as possible the social and biological beginning of the future personality of women.

If a sex education you react responsibly from the beginning, in the period of puberty in girls, you will not have any problems, it will pass a difficult time for your child and for you without any trauma and misunderstanding in relationships.Learn more about what sex education to girls, you can read in the article: "Sexual education of children.The principles of sex education for boys and girls. "

  • Puberty in girls

especially puberty girls Puberty girls - this is a very rapid growth of the child, which lasts about two years, and prior periods puberty girls.Puberty begins with a girl's first menstruation.

As already mentioned, called precisely the age when puberty in girls can not start.The average age when girls start sex education - about 11 years, therefore, the first menstrual cycle should occur somewhere in the 13 years, that is, two years later comes puberty.However, in recent decades there has been a tendency, "rejuvenation" of puberty - before puberty girls more often begins between the ages of 8-9 years.Sometimes, particularly when the mother was late puberty, puberty girls may begin in 13 years, and the first period, respectively, - 15 years.

There are cases, occasionally, but nevertheless, that girls start puberty at age 7 or 15. In this case, parents have reason for concern, such deviations are pathological and require special medical correction.If this is the case, premature or excessively before puberty girls need to see a doctor.

When deviations are not so dramatically, they should not scare parents.Minor deviations do not signal any hormonal malfunctions in the body of the child, failure of hormonal glands work.Most likely, it's just a genetic predisposition.If you do not remember when it started and how passed your puberty, ask your parents - they will certainly be able to dispel your doubts.And, of course, in any case can not give the child any hormones - this could cause irreparable harm to a healthy baby girl, and even lead to infertility in the future.These drugs should be administered solely by the attending physician.

  • signs of puberty in girls

signs of puberty girls growth .Puberty in girls is accompanied by the following characteristic features, each of which is manifested in its life span and growth begin with:

  • • In the 7-8 age baby grew approximately 7 centimeters during the year.
  • • For 9 years, nature begins to dramatically inhibit the growth process, and it is only about two centimeters.And it will continue on the extension of the tenth year of life - not exceeding 1 - 3 centimeters in height gain for the year.
  • • For 11 year is usually the most powerful growth spurt occurs - within the next couple of years for the year increase in the growth of the average would be about 10 centimeters.In addition, start to grow rapidly and its weight - the usual 2 kilograms per year will be replaced about 6 kilograms of weight gain.However, apparently it will not be noticeable, except for the fact that girls can start a "brutal" appetite explains the body's need for large amounts of nutrients to ensure a rapid jump in growth.

Breasts .Puberty girls accompanied by significant changes in her body.In the very beginning there is an increase of mammary glands, which is as follows: The first change is the areola and nipple, are slightly enlarged and protrude forward.A little later, she begins to evolve the breast.During the first year after the onset of puberty in girls breast takes the form of a cone.About a year before the first period begins chest girls will take a more traditional, rounded shape.

hair growth and changes shape .When a girl begins puberty, the vegetation appears in the crotch and armpits.Modifies the figure getting a more feminine shape: the girl gradually begin to expand the hips, the waist is drawn.In addition, in the period of puberty in girls is changing dramatically the structure of the hair and skin, which are affected by specific hormones.

menarche .About 13 years comes first menstruation a girl.However, the establishment of the menstrual cycle - is a very long process that can last up to one year.Before the menstrual cycle is established, menses can be highly irregular and have a different length - but not more than five days of menstruation.Such an irregularity - a perfectly normal phenomenon that parents should not cause any concern.When it first menstruation, seriously slows down the growth of girls, in general, then it will add to the growth of not more than 5 centimeters.

girl's mother to menstruation should pay particularly close attention.Regardless of how many years of menarche in girls - in the 11 or the 15, this event is always stressful for her.One can only imagine how severe the stress is, if a girl does not know absolutely nothing about what was happening to her?As the psychological practice, the girl may start a panic, and she did not even tell my mom about what's going on with her and her body.

That is why my mother certainly obliged to timely, before come first menstruation, the girl prepare mentally for upcoming physiological changes, learn to use the necessary hygiene items, to tell the rules of conduct during menstruation.Of course, learn about everything a girl can and from other sources, for example, from friends.However, in this case, do not be surprised if the news that she was a girl, and other events in life, she will share with a friend, and not with you.Also, do not get too rapidly respond to the onset of menstruation in girls, and the more publicly report it to relatives and friends - it could seriously embarrass the girl, provoke complexes and fear to tell you something in the future.

awkward .It was during rapid jump in growth in the teenage girl appears the same "awkwardness", familiar to many.Parents need not worry on that score - such disproportionate body is perfectly normal and does not indicate any pathology.The period of "ugly duckling" pretty soon end forever, and your little princess will become a real beauty.Be sure to talk to a girl about this, it is also necessary to understand it, explain what is the reason for such a change, and that it will end soon.

  • Psychological complexity of puberty in girls

problems of puberty girls At puberty in girls skeleton is growing most rapidly, but unevenly.The fact that the bones grow at different rates, completely out of sync - first stretched bones of hands and feet, and then the bones of hands and a skull face.And only at the last turn of "catching up" the body.This explains the fact that adolescent girls are often too long legs and arms, slightly elongated face.Besides all, the speed of muscle growth is often significantly lower than the rate of bone growth, as a consequence, a certain awkwardness and angular movements teenager.

signs of puberty is generally pronounced in girls, and if the place is premature, earlier puberty in girls happen psychological problems.From the changes taking place a girl can feel embarrassed, especially if her peers they have not yet begun.If this question for your daughter quite painful, try to talk with the teacher, the class teacher, who will make sure the girl did not become the subject of ridicule in school.Do not interfere, and seek the advice of a child psychologist, he is tactful manner and with the knowledge of the psychological characteristics of children and adolescents to explain to the child that the changes are absolutely natural and normal.

Remember : how the girl accept the changes that happen to her body, it depends largely on how good and close relationship with her mother.Try as much as possible and to communicate more with her daughter, answer all her questions, even seemingly absurd and silly.Believe me, the trust subsidiaries to be compensated, you will be much easier to go through a difficult adolescence.

equally psychological problems may be associated with later puberty girls.If she begins to realize that her 13 -14 years with her virtually no changes that are going through friends and classmates, you might start to feel uncomfortable and anxious.A girl may start to feel extremely uncomfortable in society peers, and get the most powerful inferiority complex, feeling worse than all the others.

In this situation, help can also be a permanent trust only communication with her daughter, she had to explain everything, and periodically remind you that this is normal, and puberty girls just inevitable.Mom can put himself as an example, even if I have little to embellish reality.In particularly difficult cases, if the daughter does not go to the contact and my mother can not cope, it is advisable to consult a child psychologist.Do not ignore the problem, because such trauma is quite strong, and acquired an inferiority complex can poison the whole life girl existence.

sexual development of girls may have different variations, not just age.Sometimes the appearance of hair can vary greatly his consistency.Usually, the first is the growth of breast and registration, then appear on the pubic hair, and in the last resort there hair in the armpits.However, in some cases, first appearing hairs in the armpits, but the other characters is not noticeable.Sometimes, first appear in the genital hair, but after all the other signs.

Also, doctors have noticed a pattern - you start puberty earlier than girls, so it runs faster and, on the contrary, the later onset of puberty girls - the longer the process.For example, a girl, early puberty, which started at 9 years old, his duration of not more than one and a half years, while at the beginning of his 14-year-old girl will continue for about two and a half years.

therefore, support his princess, whatever it was, because now comes the most important period in her life.She was about to turn from a girl into a girl, and then a woman, and soon will take over your role - the role of the mother.

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