Puberty boys from boy to man.Physical, hormonal and psychological changes

Puberty Boys

Yesterday your baby was tiny, fun and helpless.But time is running incredibly fast - the first smile, first step, first word, going to the garden.A little more time - and a trip to the first class, the first entry in the diary, the first five, comments and twos.More recently, you suddenly notice that your bloodless something happens, he somehow changed.Do not worry, most likely, quietly but regularly approached puberty in boys.How to behave, what to expect and how to help your child get through this difficult period in his life?

  • What distinguishes puberty boys and girls?

Puberty boys and girls are quite different, it is absolutely unlike processes.Starting puberty boys and girls at different times, the children perceived very differently, and different flows.For example, girls' early puberty - a fairly common phenomenon, while early puberty boys - rather exception to the rule, in this case, is a characteristic of some delayed puberty in boys.

puberty boys and girls and girls and boys during puberty generally takes about five years.Dates of the onset of puberty, as already mentioned, it is very individual and can vary greatly, both in one and in the other direction.When parents notice significant variations - too early puberty boys or girls, or, conversely, too much delay - it makes sense to consult a pediatrician.The doctor is able to assess the condition of the most adequate physical development of your son or daughter, and spent on additional examinations if necessary, to reliably determine the reasons for rejecting the sexual development of the child from the norm.

However, serious problems in the field of hormone occur very rarely.Almost always the cause of these temporary deviations acts hereditary trait.The fact is that if the time, at least one parent were some deviations to either side, - a 50% increase in the possibility of such deviations and the child.This is particularly evident in relation to the growth of children - if both parents have low growth, we should not expect that the adolescent growth spurt happens intense.

Modern medicine has set some framework within which should be laid starting puberty, both girls and boys.Early puberty boys begins 10 years, girls - from 8 years old, the deadline when can begin puberty in boys - this is 14 years, for girls - is 12 years old.If you notice any overt signs of puberty before that time or, conversely, the deadline has passed, and sexual maturation boys and girls in doubt, parents should consult a doctor with a child pediatrician or endocrinologist.And remember, in any case can not express their doubts or concerns in the presence of a son or daughter - you risk serious enough to cause the child psychological trauma, which in the future will have to fight for a long time.Do not forget that the mentality of teenagers - a subtle "tools" are very, very vulnerable.

Actually, this is all in common, that is puberty boys and girls.Everything else - the solid differences about which parents should be aware mandatory.And start talking about puberty boys propose to discuss how to be sexual education of boys.

  • Sex education at an early age the boy

sex education for boys start sex education should be the boy from the very birth.After all, instilling child care - also the sexual education of boys.Do not be a hypocrite with a child and tell him stories about gender differences in childhood and carry nonsense about storks and cabbage, answering the question "Where do babies come from?".

If a sex education you react responsibly from the beginning, then at puberty boys, you will not have any problems, it will pass a difficult time for your child and for you without any trauma and misunderstanding in relationships.So what is the proper sex education for boys?

Every parent probably wants his son to become a real support for the mother and father, for his own family grew courageous, purposeful and strong.All this is the boy's sex education, but rather the results of its correctness.

When parents start to think about how to add up their child relationship with the opposite sex?This often happens when the kids have become teenagers.And it's the most common mistake.The daily preparation of the future men for their role in marriage, fatherhood, the successful development of which largely determines the personal happiness of man - is the main goal pursued by sex education boys of preschool age.

human ability to respond socially accepted patterns of sexual behavior, the ability to create stable relationships, favorable relations with family and friends - all this in no way is an innate human abilities.In the younger age boys sex education can be based simply on the joint readings of fairy tales.Family allows kids to read is still mentally to participate in the life of fairy-tale characters, taking the side of the good characters, brave and learn to spare and protect the offended, to be heroes for girls.

Whether you like it or not, and to protect the child from sex education is impossible.If you do not make sex education a boy his prerogative, the child himself to learn everything, but that's how, and with what consequences - the big question.If parents do not fully satisfy the educational interests of the child, lack of family information will certainly be supplemented street.

The main thing that is required of the parents in the case of "uncomfortable" issues or situations - this is natural behavior, a willingness to respond comprehensively to all, the ability to explain everything without fear or shame.Regardless of the age of the child, four, seven or fifteen years, it, your answers must be truthful in content, objective and scientific.

psychological distress in parents often cause genital name.Already in the early school years is to acquaint the child with academic medical name for male and female genitalia - even if he teaches the street, not his street.Try early childhood form the idea of ​​his son-law of procreation, which necessarily obeys all, without exception, living in the world.If you find it difficult to correctly formulate the topic, just let your child read educational books, the benefit is now to find a child - not a problem.

answers to many "intimate" questions should be accessible to the understanding of children, just so they will not cause further problems.It is not necessary to go into detail, looking ahead for three years in their explanations, or to turn to the report of the short answer.Remember, your child should be given only those answers that he is interested in a particular point, saying only that he asks.Concisely, succinctly and clearly.

To facilitate your task, we offer several correct answers to the most common children's questions, each of which will appear in his age:

Principles of sex education boys

  • 1. When asked his son, "Why I am a boy and his sister - a girl?" Canreplied that he was born exactly as Dad and sister - as a mom.
  • 2. An adequate response to the question "Where do babies come from?" - "The children come and live in my mother's tummy."
  • 3. «As I grew up?" - "You grew up from a tiny seed, the former is always in my mother's belly."
  • 4. «How children are born?" - "Kids are born from a special hole becoming larger at birth."
  • 5. «What is the role of the pope in the birth of a child?" - "The seed of the penis Pope gets particularly special place in my mother's belly."

to 1.5-2 years of age the child is able to remember and identify affiliation to the floor.

At the age of 4-6 years old boy learns the external pattern of behavior of their own sex and tries to behave accordingly: "This girly jacket - says mother of four son - I will not wear it."If there is a normal sexual education of boys in the 7-8 years of a child appears own line of conduct, corresponding to the moral and physical standards and requirements.

If you are suddenly caught in the moment of sexual intimacy, in any case, do not panic, do not shout at the child, driving him out the door, do not respond angrily to his curiosity: "You are still young!".You should not draw too much attention to this issue, firstly, and secondly, to frighten the child so that he worried that mom and dad did something bad.If you are "caught", quietly get up and take your child to his room as if nothing extraordinary had happened.If you notice that a child is concerned about what he saw, or ask questions that you and Dad did say that because mom and dad love each other or want to give birth to his sister.If you notice your child for "odd" games with simulated intercourse - do not worry, this is normal.For children like gaming activities do not have any erotic, this is just an imitation of the relationship of father and mother.If you are concerned that a child is trying to play in a similar way to the neighbor girl, then calmly explain to the kids that people are so fond of each other when they become adults, get married and have children.

to help you prepare for at least a little, and above all psychologically offers ranging questions on age, which revealed the child psychologists:

  • 1. A child 2-3 years old are interested in their own bodies, including sexual organs.At the same time find out the signs of differences between girls and boys, women and men.
  • 2. In children 3-4 years old - there are questions where children come from, where they used to be, why there are such a huge belly in women?
  • 3. Children 5-6 years - wondering how to get children to their mother in the stomach, how to go from there?How do they grow there?
  • 4. younger schoolboys in 6-8 years - care, what the role of the pope in the appearance of a child in the family?Why do kids like their parents or brothers / sisters?Are children born children?

In this case, as a rule, children's curiosity stopped at their age it's enough.When will the puberty boys are quite different questions and their answers should already be more detailed.But more on that later.

boy Proper sex education is directly dependent on how well you comment on the nature of relationships between men and women and the birth of children.We know that children, parents truthfully informed, develop a certain immunity from "dirt" and "rubbish", which is often spread "more experienced" representatives of the street.

  • Puberty Boys

puberty boys Lasts puberty boys for several years, usually five.This period can be divided into several stages.Despite the fact that the child has an erection of the penis occurs immediately after birth, in grudnichkovom age and young children it is absolutely asexual, that with regards to erection boy, it is a purely mechanical nature arise, no sexual underlying reason there is no absolute.

Activity puberty boys starts, as a rule, about 11 years of his life, and runs on the continuation of adolescence.In adolescence, there is a rapid puberty in boys.Having passed all the stages, it ends at the age of about 18 - 19 years, and then begins puberty.Puberty in boys passed the age in which medicine called pubertal actually the word means puberty, from the Latin word «pubertas».It was during this period are beginning to emerge in the boy secondary sexual characteristics, finally formed genitals, begins active work full gonads.

years approximately 10 - 11 - age of onset of puberty - there is an intensive growth spurt at the boy, and by the age of 13 - 14 are formed throughout the skeletal system of the body of the male type.However, the full process of changing the shape and growth occurs only by the age of 20 - 22, not earlier.

  • delay puberty in boys

Many parents are interested in the question, which determines the age of puberty and, when it is completed.In fact, the age and the beginning and end of puberty depends on quite a few factors, the main ones are the following:

  • • The overall health of the boy.If you are in the presence of some chronic diseases, or in a child's life has been a serious injury or surgery, while in puberty the boy is quite possible delay.
  • • An important role in the nature of activities relevant to the development of the sexual organ systems, particularly the nervous and endocrine.Malfunctions of these systems can lead to delayed puberty.
  • • Constitutional particular phenotype can also lead to the fact that there is a delay of puberty in boys.

However, as a rule, delayed puberty in boys is not due to some serious reasons.In addition, it should be borne in mind that the boys start puberty is individual.In some cases, there is early puberty boys, some, on the contrary, delayed puberty in boys.

  • early puberty boys

early puberty most common early puberty boys is due to the presence of a genetic predisposition - if the father began early puberty boys, the likelihood that he will begin soon and will proceed the same way andson, is about 80%.

early puberty boys, and in rare cases it can be provoked by some disease of the hormonal system.However, if the boys begin puberty before the age of 10, parents, for your own peace of mind and timely adjustment of health, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician.Assessing the condition of the child, the doctor, if necessary, be able to send the boy to specialists for examination and identify the causes.You should not avoid visiting a doctor or to delay it because, let extremely rare, but still happens that a premature, early puberty boys indicates the presence of brain cancer.

boys Puberty begins as a result of active turbulent hormonal activity of sexual glands of the child, especially the testicles.All the male sex glands are working closely with other endocrine glands of the body, which is carried by the nervous system.

Parents need to be aware of all the features of puberty boys to be able to answer the questions raised by the teenager, as well as time to observe the possible deviation in the normal course of puberty.However, it should be understood that the sexual development can individual characteristics, so in case of any doubt, it is better to consult a doctor.

  • changes in the body during puberty boys

have a teenager who is in a stage of puberty happens in the body just a number of fundamental changes that changes both physical (somatic) character and psychological.

This is a very critical period, which is made of a boy - a man.Will it be a real man in every sense of the word to a large extent it depends on the parents.

  • somatic changes during puberty boys

the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics Secondary sexual characteristics.