A child of 7 years.

Child 7 years

The most important activities for the development of children in the 7-10 age - playing , learning and communication.It is on this , and to be built education of children of primary school age .During game activity kids learn social interaction , learning to live in society, realize their abilities, skills and knowledge , transforming it from theory into practice , and then experience.How to educate primary school children , the difference between the psychology of school children from other periods of life ?

Raising a child of 7 years:
where to begin "adult" life?

education of younger schoolboysParents of younger students need to explain to your child the rules of behavior in school , the difference in communication with teachers and with their peers.A child should tell ahead of time what is the lesson that such a change as behave correctly at this time .Psychology of school-age children require a mandatory and regular praise the child when he gets something and help when learning and communication difficulties arise .

Raising a child seven years - a difficult task .And first of all because the first time schooling for all children - heavy enough period of adaptation to the new conditions , a new team , but also the need to acquire knowledge .

Of course in children , which at one time visited the kindergarten , adaptation is much easier , as they have already purchased the communication skills in a group, with their peers, teachers , and is well aware that they came to school to learn.Education for pupils , pre-school period spent with his parents at home a lot more complicated , it is difficult to adapt to the training , as they primarily interested in the game , they are passionate about communicating with their peers , whom they so lacking at home.

Raising a child 7 years suggests that parents help to form the right attitude to the school of the child, explaining to him that the time - it is not only useful, but also very interesting, make sure that at any moment he can count on the help and support you.The most important thing is to understand the baby - that's what he learns for himself, not for you or for someone else, it will help him in life come in handy in the future, will provide the kind of life that is the kid himself.Children of primary school age obliges parents to make every effort to set up a student positively, to save him from the fear that it could something not cope.

Children of primary school age:
games, not merrymaking!

development activities for the child 7 yearsSince the child is 7 years old still has a big role play activity , education of children of school age is better to take the form of games , as well as the preparation directly to the school.Through games , training, and communication is the intellectual development and personal growth of the child, so it's important to give your child the opportunity to be in the team more often .

Raising a child of 7 years should include games and activities that develop mindfulness, diligence, ears and eyes of the baby.This could be, for example, the game "broken telephone", which is well-developed hearing, sculpture or drawing, which have a positive impact on fine motor skills and handles the development of intelligence of the child.However, the planning process develops activities necessary to consider that the child requires constant change activities.Psychology of school-age children differs some volatility, just because the little kids get tired very quickly, doing the same thing.

How to raise children - first-graders?

When you start training and education of children in school, they have a lot of new responsibilities , so it is very important to be able to teach little children to discipline, to establish a clear and strict schedule.Such an approach will help the child become more organized , because it will be much easier to deal with a lot of appearing duties.

Particular attention should be given to adaptation of the child mothers and fathers children who did not attend kindergarten or other pre-school institutions , because these kids get accustomed to a new team is much more difficult , do not always understand that you must listen to the teacher and badly able to find a common language with their peers and classmates .

You have to understand that no matter how responsible parents belonged to the development and education of the child, homeschool replace school fully never be able to.Full-scale development and education of children of primary school age is only possible in a team, in direct contact with the society in which he will live.Only in the collective psychology of children of school age will be able to correctly form.Only here you will be able to buy the baby social life skills, learn how to evaluate the impact and the importance of their own decisions and actions, understand the seriousness of the responsibilities entrusted to him.

Do not forget also about the health of school children.He should always be comfortable backpack that is not deformed when it is filled with school supplies - this is important!The total weight of the filled backpack should not exceed 10 % of the total weight of the baby (approximately - it is up to 4 kilograms) .Otherwise , such a burden could disrupt the formation of correct posture.

Education for pupils:
especially psychology and school-age children

parentingChildren of school age during the training , put in front of parents and teachers specific tasks .This is a new , important stage of formation of the person , if you compare it with the previous period of pre-school life.

Features of education student - that a significant redistribution of load ( marked limitation of physical and dramatic increase in mental load ) , and the changing role of the child in society , and the constant conscious vital activity within the group.

Parents must take into account the psychology of children of school age .School period and for the whole family is a rather serious challenge , not only for the child.

The responsibility of parents in the education of children of school age is, first of all, the ability to organize the day of the child.It is the parents (usually engaged in this mom) is playing a leading role.It will be very good, if the mother can maintain its organizing role during the entire primary school.This will allow the baby more easily regroup, get used to the new role, get involved in the process.In the beginning, my mother completely alone builds the process of activity of the child (determines the time when they are preparing lessons together with students; set the time for walking, help around the house, visiting clubs, socializing with friends, and all the free time of the child).But gradually, and most importantly, consciously, Mommy delegate part of their "powers" and the responsibility of the child.For example, from the second class of school, as a rule, all the girls are able to prepare their own lessons (usually boys - only the third).Mom in this regard is only a general non-intrusive monitoring of homework and help if necessary.

In the education of children of school age plays an important role schedule, which involves reasonable physiological characteristics of the child alternating rest and study load.It is possible with this intelligent changes and adjustments in the number and duration of sessions (because mode is for man, not man for him).But in general, should be maintained overall repeatability of action.In this case, the student body will be able to adjust to the rhythm set of activities, and it will be easier, when a sense of his day, predictable and understandable.

Physical education student

physical education child of 7 yearsChildren of school age should be based also on the physical development of the child.After all, modern, common for citizens , passive way of life deprive students at all essential physical activities for a growing body .Therefore, exercise should fully remedy the lack of stress.

Physical exercises are important not only for the health of schoolchildren .They - an important part of the educational system .It is through the exercise significantly strengthened volitional child, he learns to set goals and achieve them , to overcome laziness, fatigue, inertia.Ultimately, the right exercise can teach the student self-discipline and self-control .

Labour education student

Raising a child of 7 years or more requires the gradual transfer of responsibility for the student and a specific job in the household.Schoolchildren should definitely have some responsibilities acceptable age , he regularly performs.

The principle is the same .At first, the baby is doing a new job with his mother , then gradually try to perform independently, and then the responsibility for this fully passed on to the student .For example, in 7 years , you can , taking the baby for a pen stand together trash once a child learn and remember the good way , and the process can be let go of him.Do not forget to encourage your child for work often enough to praise and candid conversations with pride in his voice , that he was already an adult , this mother's helper.

Child labor duties at home are of great importance in the education of school-age children .They form in the child skills reasonable discipline, train volitional self- taught .Psychology of school-age children of different genders at the same time is different : boys tend to require more autonomy in operations , while girls need more care about them more attention.

Psychology of school-age children:
Understanding the intricacies of family

Children independenceAnother feature of the education of children of primary school age is the gradual increase in self-sufficiency.This allows the student to feel himself in a completely new social role , the role of the adult or nearly adult.In addition, the child gets the opportunity to practice making decisions and achieving the objectives set by their own or significant external environment for the child (parents , teachers ) .

During this period it is important to parents with understanding for such changes and manifestations of personal development of the child.Who is your child in dire need of your support constant, approval and understanding of its activities.Wise parents behave flexibly in relation to the child and try to take into account that their kid has grown up, and for it are of great importance, any successes and failures that occur at school.Schooling for children is seen as a particularly significant activity.Therefore, the lack of understanding of the child and reasonable approval of the parents (not zahvalivaniya, namely approval!) Can break the initial good contact in the family.

The behavior and psychology of school children

Unable to qualitatively raise a child without knowing anything about his psychology.In particular, the important point is that the development of the schoolboy a growing influence in this period is beginning to society, not the family.Ideally this environment, which should confirm and strengthen the basic settings that children learned in the family.In reality, this happens rarely.Children often tend to oppose the settings of family education, especially in adolescence.And it is more common practice than the exception to the rule.

fathers and children ....But do not despair !Bringing up children may well be decent and the existence of this time the age of the conflict of generations , between " fathers " and " children."Conflict age, anyway, soon passed , and family relationships are stabilized .

Psychology of school-age children obliged to provide and take into account age, gender behavior in the school years.For example, it is seen that the years from about 8 kids mostly prefer to play it with the same sex.Along with this comes neglect and sometimes more hostile attitude towards members of the opposite sex.How to raise children, seeing them outright rejection of the natural draft of the opposite sex?Do not take it personally - it's just a natural stage of development.All the girls in this period are for boys sneak, boring and pristavalami.Girls of all boys think bullies, and bullies boaster.In time, all will be "full circle."

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It is important that parents take into account the psychology of children of school age.Because right now in the minds of children are formed such unshakable notions as friendship, comradeship.On this basis, a little closer to adolescence, begin to shape the perception of intersexual relations and possibly arise, and first love.But it is yet to be, and now, well before your child torn unknown paths, full of incredible discoveries and complex obstacles.Be with him in this way, inspires and helps raise if stumble.

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