Children in kindergarten.

Children in kindergarten

The first years of baby's life - a time when the child lays the basic knowledge and skills , which are indispensable for a harmonious development of the individual in the future.Raising a child - not an easy task and is responsible for the parents.Therefore, many prefer to use the help of qualified teachers.What should be the education of children in kindergarten , whether to give the child to preschool and why?This theme and offer to discuss.



1. The harmonious development and education of children in kindergarten
2. What does the education of children of preschool age?
3. The program of education in kindergarten
4. Features of education of preschool children in kindergarten
5. The problems of education of children of preschool age

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The harmonious development and education of children in kindergarten

Give you child to kindergarten?In the younger age develop and form the basic psychological processes in children , such as thinking, memory , perception, speech.Therefore, it is important at this stage to provide the baby the opportunity to thoroughly learn about the world and get acquainted with the society , where he will live and develop .

The decision on whether to give the child to a kindergarten, parents need to take their own.But it is obvious that the baby anywhere, as in kindergarten and in the company of his peers, will not be able to get the full development, communication skills.Kids who are prepared for school at home, very often lost in the society of others' uncles and aunts "who are trying to teach them in school.Often, they are surprisingly parents show poorer results, simply because hesitate to communicate with strangers, fear other people's children.It is simply not psychologically prepared for this stage of life.

In addition, mothers and fathers can not always be fully engaged with the children , develop them mentally in full.The program of education in kindergarten is more than can compensate for a gap of knowledge, leaving you only pleasant moments of communication with your crumbs .

Another question is what kind of program , education and upbringing of children are used in a particular preschool institution.That is exactly what parents need to monitor when choosing education of children in kindergarten.What should teach a child in kindergarten , what should be the education of children of preschool age , what better than a program of education in kindergarten?Let's try to help parents figure it out.


That includes the education of children of preschool age?

education of children in kindergartenKindergarten - a second after a social institution of the family in the life of your baby.It's a great experience for any child , especially rapidly developing and curious .In kindergarten education of children of preschool age is directed , first and foremost , to ensure that children learn to live in society , to teach essential communication skills , interaction with other people.

Communicate with peers for preschool age children - is necessary for the full development of a harmonious.The main reason for that - the effect of imitation developed in children, which allows you to learn new skills and knowledge is much faster when learning takes place in the team.Of course, many parents might frighten the adaptation of the kid in kindergarten.Smooth, this process can only competent teachers behavior and your support and encouragement of the baby.But clearly we can say that this process is the most painless, most gentle, unlike the difficulties to be faced in the kiddies home school community.

The program of education in kindergarten includes training in basic existing laws of communication: the kid is learning to seek and find a compromise between their own desires and interests of the people around him, to defend their own point of view and at the same time to restrain themselves and their emotions in resolving disputes.Children in kindergarten gives the opportunity to learn to defend their opinion by arguments, not tears and tantrums, as often happens at home.Under the supervision of the tutor kids get their first adult life skills (to dress, wash, fill the bed, clean the dishes from the table after dinner, and so on) that are invaluable for self-baby home, and in a short time at school.Particularly valuable is the fact that the collective skills of peer data generated in a natural way, as if by themselves - in the process of communication and while playing with other kids.

Of course, the education of children in kindergarten niskolechko not diminish the importance of home education .However , given that today is quite rare in modern families have more than one baby is born , the most accessible source of communication for the child in the community and , therefore, it is the full development of preschool.

The program of education in kindergarten in addition to dating the child with society , aimed at mental, physical , aesthetic and moral development of its .All this is a necessary component for the formation of a self-contained , integrated personality .

The task of kindergarten teacher - offer the child a variety of classes that allow fully realized .This may be a design, drawing, modeling , creation of applications , physical education or gymnastics, music lessons .In addition, kindergarten programs may include the study of dance, foreign language and so much more .Thus, a child created such conditions that he could develop the five basic personality building - cognitive , communicative , value , artistic and physical.


The program of education in kindergarten

The program of education in kindergartenAs for the kindergarten program , they exist a great many, in fact, every kindergarten can make its own program , under one condition - it must meet the requirements set out in the relevant laws , regulations and state standards of preschool education.

At present such a program of education in kindergarten is a necessary and essential legal document.Strictly on the basis of this document kindergarten receives a license, accreditation and certification agencies, as well as permission to organize any additional paid services to education.Kindergarten program must contain justification for the chosen method of education and ways of organizing the educational process.It should be described in simple terms the main features of the educational and the educational system, which is accepted in a particular kindergarten.

Today the program of education in kindergarten is often built on the basis of education technology known educational methods, for example, Nikitin, Montessori, houses, and other specialists in this field.Each of them focuses mainly on any one aspect of a child's development (on the basis of in-depth special schools of education, for example, with an emphasis on artistic and aesthetic education, music, learning a foreign language, etc.), so the main task of the parents is a careful examination of the procedures usededucation in kindergarten when choosing institutions.Mothers and fathers themselves have to decide which of the proposed educational systems are more suited to individual characteristics of the child and will be able to reveal his talents and develop skills.And, of course, any program of kindergarten should provide all-round development of the child.


Features of education of preschool children in kindergarten

Pre-school education of children in kindergarten has a very strong difference from the subsequent formation of children in school.After all, every age has its own laws, under which the child develops.On the shoulders of educators in kindergarten lies a very difficult and challenging task: to convey small children all the necessary skills, without which it would be impossible to do in the future, develop the kiddies all the abilities that may be useful in life at later stages of development.To solve this problem it is necessary for each child to pick a "key" to find the most suitable exactly for him ways of learning and supplying new information.Unfortunately, it can not all educators.

Pre-school education a child can give excellent results thanks to a competent teacher explanations , practical tasks or role-playing games , as long as the child in the learning process had the opportunity to demonstrate independent activity , and not just follow the instructions of the teacher .Professional caregivers use different methods to achieve the desired results , taking into account the individual characteristics of each child in the group.


The problems of education of children of preschool age

problems of pre-school educationOne of the serious problems in pre-school education is the lack of continuity between primary school and a kindergarten .Kindergartens have traditionally focused on the overall development of the baby mainly as an elementary school often makes the level of education of children is quite demanding , expecting the latter-day possession of first-graders in reading , skills, oral accounts , and even writing.

Among other things , it is believed that students are more disciplined and assiduous than doshkolyata .And it's true .The kids are not used to sit in one place for a long time , it is difficult to accept the fact that you need to do what the teacher said , and not what you want.So many parents are faced with big problems when the child goes to school , and the baby may experience severe stress and dislike learning.

To instill the necessary kiddies in school quality, the education of children in a kindergarten in recent years more and more starting to include special classes aimed at preparing for school.These classes are based on the scheme of regular school lessons in junior high, and psychologically prepare children for a new phase in life.The classes in the preparatory group of kindergarten can familiarize children with the basics of arithmetic, reading and writing.At the request of the parents, and for a fee, as a rule, the management of preschool institution can offer an initial study of foreign languages ​​and familiarity with various educational software.

Importantly, do not overload the child excessively.Yes, he's like a sponge and can absorb knowledge like in any other age , but the number of them knowable and so very great !After all, he is now every second of life - an incredible new discovery !


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