Raising a child is 2-3 years old.

Raising a child is 2-3 years

On the one hand Children 2-3 years , it is not so difficult than , say, a year-old toddler .Indeed, in this age, your crumbs can already agree to convince him that you can do that as well - you can not , explain why .On the other hand , raise children 2 years of age - a new challenge for parents , " strength ", because it is now wakes up at its finest character kid , and sometimes not the best quality.

Of course, the manifestation of individuality in its worst form , does not contribute to ensuring that education of the child in the 2 years were carefree , but right now opens it as a person and allows to influence this process parents.

Little person.

Children 2 to 3 yearsIn 2 years your crumb becomes more independent and begins to perceive himself as a person, and parents need the same.According to experts, this is the age and personality begins to form, and in three years, your baby has a full-fledged "I", even if not consummated.Therefore, it is important not to miss this crucial moment, or to correct flaws behavior then can be incredibly hard.It's quite a difficult period for the moms and dads raise children 2 years requires a lot of patience and responsibility.The child is not able to control myself, not thinking rationally and does not respond to their actions.Therefore, the baby begins to roll more frequently hysterical opposition to demonstrate their behavior and constantly saying "no".

Of course , this is unnerving , disturbs and sometimes exasperated .But we are adults , and is able to change the situation , not sometime in the future but right here and now .We must understand where to stand firm where you need to yield, where to cheat .After all, this is the most fertile period - right now we form the true nature of the child, laying the foundations of education , which will remain with him for life.

Do not try to break the little man in nature, it is not necessary to press down under him !At this age, it is especially important to give your child the right to choose not to put pressure on him.An exception may be only a life-threatening situation where quite firmly say "no" and take some action to prohibiting child.No need to shout , angry - are clearly and firmly : "no" .

Well, if there is a choice, then why not?What is wrong if the kid wants to put on it's these sandals, and not some other?But if the rain on the street, and the child needs to wear sandals, you need to calmly explain to him why the other shoes to wear better.Explain that in sandals, he will get wet and freeze, and be able to walk in the boots a little longer.It does not help, then tell him that if he would be in the boots, the mother was allowed to go to him in a shallow puddle.Agree with your baby, eventually he will understand that boots in rainy weather better, and not because you can run through the puddles, and in principle.

If a kid is stubborn , you need something to interest your crumbs .If you do not want , for example, go to bed , then undressing your baby , tell me what you do after a dream that will be interesting to do, where to go , when he wakes up .It's quite easy for you, for it is much more pleasant and acceptable than the order to " sleep! " .Raising a child 2 years of age with this approach will be more effective and " treplyuschim " your nerves .

Mum's helper, my father's friend.

I myself!Activities year-old child can be represented in the form of the famous revolutionary phrase of 1917: "When the lower classes can not , and leaders do not want ."The fact that a child two years of age often knows what he wants to do but has no skills , no experience, no silenok to implement his plan .This is followed by reaction Logically, the same as in adults - anger, frustration , despair, hysteria .

The task of any mother in this moment - to support the baby in his endeavor.Just do not make the intended effect instead of the child !There is no " I let myself ," only offer of assistance in the worst, and at best - a reasonable clue how to do it , " Try this."You have to understand that only in this case, raise children 2-3 years will be positive and productive.

A child at this age is eager to help everyone in everything, and the main your task - to give him that opportunity .Kids even with one year of age love to help - they just learn by looking at you , try to understand and try to do the same as the parents .But now it is possible to achieve concrete positive results of labor.Of course, this will be gradual, but it is important that the baby , time after time, perfecting their skills.

Tears wash the floor - please!Tell us how best to do this and let busy .It's okay if the water circle ponalet - wipe sweat.The main thing now he did not discourage .It already reasonable to try to help the Pope , put the screws by size and put them in the drawer compartments .Of course, to leave him alone for such classes can not , but together they may put things in order in the pantry.

Raising a child is 2-3 years have meant to receive some definite result.And if a child has done something bad, not to the end, now it is necessary to pay attention to this .Do not blame in any case !A prompt , tactful in mild form , how to make sure to get the best .Do not be nervous and do not emotsioniruyte if he messed up everything again , and again nothing happened - the main thing is not so much the result as the desire to achieve it .

And, of course , do not forget to praise your fidget .Be sure to mark all of its smallest achievements.But just try to do it sincerely and, of course , about .If you pay the education of the child, as much time and attention , then it will be completely ready for the kindergarten to the execution of three years.

Avoiding whims.

Children's whimsAt the age of two years of a baby can start to show their "hardness " of character and to demand satisfaction of their desires , showing disobedience.At this age a child begins to check , as they say , parents " strength ", " feel out " beyond the limits .

A child can see and begin to imitate the cartoon hero to get noticed , notice peers who throw a fit mother , and he was allowed to do what he wanted.The kid may like it , he will remember , and will try these new techniques to their own parents.

There are three most important , most common , the most pernicious error of parents in the upbringing of the child of 2-3 years :

  • • The first - is to go with your child on a leash .Yes, of course , every child - a personality , but you need to understand the scope of what is permitted , it is necessary to account for where it leads afterwards.
  • • The second mistake - often in the discussion of children, in particular, and of his behavior .If you negotiate , so there are differences , and the child about them should not even suspect , or will soon learn to "play" on it.
  • • The third mistake - yelling at the child.The first - it's silly , is not nice , bad example to follow , and secondly - it will not help !!!

In this situation, the main rule of child rearing in the 2-3 years - not to indulge whims.Otherwise, it will go in his habit.If the child does not listen, hysterics, demanding full and immediate gratification of his desires, one way to get out of the impasse - to distract the baby, take away from the problem, something to speak it, or ignore the tantrum.The main thing - keep calm, do not get bogged down in the manifestation of his nerves, and not "rush" on him in a panic.Driving your behavior should be something like this: once perpetrate the scandal - stand firmly, do not react, the second time - tears and cries will be much smaller, and the third time and could not be.

Another caveat - the validity of his claims : if the kid , for example, he wanted to put tights or tie shoelaces , without her mother's help, and you do not give him to do so - he has every right to defend their desire, and you - just wrong.Make a conclusion for the future and do not provoke more of these situations.

You need to understand, and yet something about the children : they are like chameleons, in some ways , different teachers are the same kids behave quite differently.You may have noticed it and his family - mum kid does not listen , and navel - unquestioningly .Therefore, it is concluded and apply for the benefit .

Raising a child 2 years without errors and the consequences.

how to raise a child 2-3 yearsHere are some simple and effective strategies that will help raise the child in the 2 years to make it easier , make your life easier and your baby's life during this difficult period .

  • 1. Be consistent

Try to provide your child with a permanent regime of the day .The kid needs to know clearly what and what is : sleep, hygiene, games , eating and so on.It will make the day a child some predictable , which in turn , will provide peace of mind to him , because the baby will know what you'd expect .

When the daily routine assumed some changes , notify your child beforehand.For example : "Today, our guests will Grandma ", " In the evening, you and Aunt pobudesh , and we leave with my dad a while ."Periodically remind him during the day, you're going to do next , where to go , what prefer .

  • 2. Avoid stress

Of course, you already know well that it causes your child to hysterics.The main reason - a sleepy , hungry, and change places.So you should try to plan things in advance to avoid any stressful situations .

No need to bring your baby to the store, if you know that hysteria was not avoided.
Not worth a long walk with the baby for a visit.Kids get tired quickly enough from an overabundance of new experiences , and therefore begin to act up .

Try not to force him to do something , and if it is necessary, to captivate him with this process , in extreme cases , to bargain for his consent .

  • 3. Think about what the kid thinks

Kids - this is not a small copy of an adult.A lot of things they do not understand yet .The fact that we have taken for granted , for example, follow the instructions , or appropriate behavior for them - absolutely meaningless concepts.Imagine yourself in the place of your baby , and then you will be able to predict his behavior and prevent the onset of hysteria.

  • 4. Use the art of distraction

When the baby refuses to respond to your comments, do something as you need , just distract him and be interested in something else .You should try to create an environment that is conducive to good behavior of the child to the greatest extent .

  • 5. Give your child a time-out

children's whimsThis is one of the most effective ways to discipline a child at this age , but to use the time-out should be reasonable.Let him think about his behavior , reflect on what you have said , the time to escape from unpleasant thoughts .But remember that in this age of two should be no more than 1-2 minutes.Otherwise, the kid feel useless , unloved , will consider themselves poor .

Of course, it is not necessary to call this the " time-out " can just tell the kid what he needs to rest.Have him lean back sofa or chair , the child spent time.Raising a child is 2-3 years means it is time to reflect on the child what is happening, which of course should not take place " in a corner " in punishment.

Correcting bad behavior , it is important not to forget to praise good .Otherwise, without letting your child praise when he behaves well , he may begin to behave badly , just to attract your attention when bored .It is better to give the advantage to the side of praise than edification.When you praise for good behavior of their baby , it increases the chance that a pipsqueak will try to repeat it again , to again hear the praise, deserve your attention .

  • 6. Always remain calm

Of course, it is very difficult to stay calm when you're at the mall and your child rolling on the floor in hysterics , in front of others.Take a deep breath , let yourself cool down , take your time , just get yourself together , so as not to break on the child.

Often, the best tactic when children's hysterical - not to pay any attention to the child's behavior.It is best to stop such behavior be able to ignore.But do not confuse neglect and disregard for the child's behavior - are two different things.It is not necessary to turn around and go, expecting that he will go for you, away from the ill-fated counter with toys, so you had just scare and cause even more hysterical, but it is the right conclusions and can not do.It is better to take in the hands of some items and start his alleged scrutinize, rummage in the bag with a worried look, pick up the phone and pretend to call someone, but do not focus on the child's behavior.The kid soon realizes that no one indulging his cry is not going to get tired and cry at the end.And the next time, and maybe will not start.

  • 7. Know when to give

education and bansSome things in a child's life are binding : sleep, eat , ride in the car seat in the car and so on.The kid , of course , should know that pinching and biting can not and so on.But there are things which are not binding, and in these situations you can safely go for a compromise.

Do not overdo with the duties and prohibitions.The child must be no more than 3-4 basic rules of conduct that are disturbing, he will be punished.In all other respects you can to give your child, of course, depending on the situation.When the baby, for example, strongly want to put walking on March 8 visit to his grandmother, his Christmas costume, do not deny it.Not much is this trifle hysterical child and parent's nerves.But if you rested and cold winter day, refuses to wear a hat - patient, and try to reach him, to explain why this should be done.

Be logical, consistent in its own behavior, it should not change depending on your mood.The child should be clearly understood if he commits the offense - will be punished.Needless punishment for the child should be restricted, the deprivation of the enjoyment of value to the child, not his placement in a corner.Besides the penalty for a misdemeanor child must be done on a "here and now".The notion of time in children is not quite such as we, the adults, so the child is unlikely to be able to relate the punishment after a while with his actions, and not understand why he was punished, nursed a grudge.

If any situation, you have to tell your child "no" - no compromises , to respond to the entreaties , to negotiate with the child , to reverse its decision .So we just raise our manipulators.So again - think before making a decision , so that later on told to spare and do not change their decisions on the go.Children soon realize that you can negotiate with you , and then you and do not notice how your child will begin to establish a framework of behavior , not you .

And do not forget:absolutely all parents experience stress from time to time to communicate with the child.In no case , it does not mean that you are a bad parent .We are all human and it's not perfect.You should not blame yourself for it .Raising a child is 2-3 years old, as in any other age - this is a very difficult task .But how much , pleasant moments brings us communicate with our crumbs ! ..

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