Contests April 1 adult fun and games, jokes and pranks on April 1st.

Contests April 1 for adults

April 1 - amazing holiday - a day of laughter, humor day, April Fool's Day, the day that does not exist in any of the calendar of significant dates.But it is a national holiday, which with the same success and celebrate in Russia and Ukraine, and in France, in Germany and even in the East.Somewhere it is called the Day of laughter, somewhere - the Day of the fool, but always look forward to the soul to have fun, to play funny jokes and jokes on April 1, arrange fun games and competitions on April 1st.

Joke on April 1 all.So be on your guard, and of course, do please be extraordinary set of fresh jokes, surprises, games and competitions!So, have fun with all the heart, because the minute of laughter for health useful as a kilo of carrots.

course, no April Fool's festive event, whether corporate or friendly gatherings at work is not possible, if it will not go through games and competitions on April 1 jokes and fun entertainment.How fun April Fools' Day?As of April 1, play co-workers, your friends, household, but just passers-by?We will help you prepare, how to organize games and contests on April 1 for adults.

Funny greeting card April 1

Contests April 1 for adults

  • • Games and contests APRIL 1: "FUNNY nine".

game card, the number of players - not limited.For the game will suit any deck of cards with nines.

necessary to divide the cards evenly between the players and put them to everyone around him closed pile.Then, all of priority begin to throw one card face up in the center.The player who will throw nine, obliged all somehow laugh.If this is successful, then the one who first laughed, takes all the pile cards are formed from players to throw to the center.If you could not laugh - the owner of the card takes nines.The game can be almost infinite, so please be funny jokes April 1.The winner is the one who is the first to throw down all the cards.

  • • Humorous advices "How to behave at the banquet table."

  • 1. • If the owners suspicious glances at his watch, then sit quietly, but when they remove the clock from the wall, shaking them to the ear tray - it's time to go home.
  • 2. • A polite guest - this is not one that is going to eat a lot, but one that did not notice that had nothing to eat.
  • 3. • If you can see on the table you are interested in a dish, but you can not reach, just pull up a little bit on the tablecloth.
  • 4. • How to cheer up a friend at the party?Shake the bottle several times with soda and kindly offered her friend.Fountain foam extravaganza and emotions guaranteed!

  • • As of April 1, play a friendly campaign "telepathy."

surprised everyone, open your telepathic abilities in yourself.Suggest to a friend conceive any number.He has to call it out loud.When he does, suggested to look for a vase in the far locker or under the phone.The company will be in amazement as he finds a note from the unknown number and text, such as: "I know what you're thinking, I know all about you!»

The answer is simple: advance must be expanded in different areas of paper with a note, and different numbersthe main thing to remember, where what is hidden.And then your "telepathic" abilities simply will not yield!

  • • Games and contests APRIL 1: "apple fun '.

Funny greeting card April 1 April 1 joke competitions of this kind - the most it.The game, of course, a simple, well, I really hilarious when the side watching.

apple suspended on a string, the end of which a person standing on a stool.Another man cleans his hands behind his back and tries to eat an apple without using their hands.You can organize the competition in speed with the two parties and two apples.

  • • Jokes and pranks of April 1: "Guessing Game!".

As of April 1, play at once the entire company?It is easy to fail if you arrange the following April 1 joke.The draw will take place just once, but it's worth it!

Terms of the game are simple: call any number of participants and give each a glass or glass, preferably transparent, filled with transparent liquid similar in appearance to a straw.Spectators and participants leading declares in all glasses, but one of pure water, in this one - pure vodka!The goal of the participants drink the contents of his glass with a straw so that no one guessed that he drinks: water or vodka.The task of watching to try to guess: who is the only one who drank vodka.Further, accordingly, the participants differently uhischryayas, sipping glasses of fluid from the observers try to guess, betting, giving their suggestions, etc.When all contestants have coped with their glasses, and all bets are made, and the version put forward by leading declares that all become "victims" of the drawing, and in fact, the vodka was all glasses !!!

  • • April 1 joke contests: "The Apotheosis".

Such jokes and jokes of April 1, the best place in drunken company.Point guard certainly should have at least some rudiments of sense of humor might otherwise deadly offense.You need to choose the right moment to argue with the "victim" that it will not pass the test for coordination (agility, sobriety, etc.).The point of this test is that it is necessary to lift a box of matches, for it using only two matches.That is blocked, matches need to keep the two fingers behind the head to rest at the center on both sides of the box and lift so boxes.After several attempts it is usually easy to manage.

now need to complicate the task of the subject.At a time when boxes were able to raise and hold it at arm's length, to offer "victim" stamp foot several times, do not damage the box.Attempts to repeat as long as it will not be obtained."Victim" is very quickly get the hand, and a pretty face will stomp foot on the floor, holding the box in front of the two matches.Face the played usually at this point is very silly and happy, especially if you have pre-argued that it never will fail.

At this point, and the time comes to apotheosis.Turns to the audience face and voice of ceremonies solemnly and loudly declare: "That's it and give birth to a motorcycle in a madhouse."Then a burst of laughter and shame "victim".

  • • Games and contests APRIL 1: "Merry racer."

Funny greeting card April 1 necessary props for the contest - a pair of three-wheeled bikes for children.Next, arrange play the race on speed: lined up at the starting line and starting team the lead, as quickly as possible try to travel a given distance, and then go back to the start.Rules are simple and easy, but the laughter and unbridled joy guaranteed - adult uncles and aunts, children riding on bikes look quite hilarious!

  • • Funny competitions on April 1, "sensitivity test".

Game can be carried out on any holiday, birthday, anniversary, - it does not matter, it will raise the mood of the audience and certainly will increase the number of people willing to test yourself for sensitivity.The conditions are simple: chair laid out a certain amount of raw potato tubers (average 5-7 units), which are covered with a newspaper or cloth.The player's task: to sit on a chair, and his "five-point" to determine the quantity of potatoes underneath.

  • • Humorous contests April 1: "Kiki RELAY".

game as you realize relay.The company is divided into the team, which is awarded to a simple bucket as stupas, and the usual mop - as a broom.The first participants in the team need to stand with one foot in a bucket with one hand to hold the handle of the bucket and the other - to keep the mop.This here's a funny situation you need the speed to go the distance, to come back and pass the "broom" and "mortar" to the next participant.

  • • April 1 joke competitions: "Leap of Faith".

need to play a couple of strong guys and not very overweight volunteers (preferably female).Volunteer kicked the door and explain the rules of the rest of the draw.Entered climbs on a chair, blindfolded him, and say that the chair will now be lifted, but he does not need to be afraid.To really was no big deal, before it becomes a man on the head are allowed to put their hands for support and to maintain balance.The essence of the draw is that muscular guys on the team lift the chair, but little and very slowly, literally at 10-20 centimeters, with this man, acting as support, slowly and steadily begins to squat.Thus, volunteer seems that the chair has raised a meter and a half or more.When the assistant had already sat down so that the hands of a volunteer on a chair to have his head did not get, a leading shouting wildly: "Jump!Now toppled over! ".Try to get around was not hard, sharp or breakable objects - it can really jump, and even overwhelm the others.

  • • April Fools Day contest for speed: "I thirst."

Funny greeting card April 1 To participate you need two people, two bowls of water, two glasses and four chairs.On two chairs is one tablespoon, and is on a bowl of water.A few steps away is two more chairs with empty glasses.The first task of the participants to fill an empty glass of water.By the way, after 5 minutes of running around with a spoon, you can specify that the use of a spoon is not necessary.

  • • Cheerful contest "Who is faster."

Participating invited to take the right hand corner of a sheet of newspaper and the team assemble it all in a fist with one hand.Who is faster - won.

  • • Jokes April 1: "Where is your arm?".

Gaming need to put shoulder to shoulder in a line, away from sharp and fragile items.Lead gets to the beginning of the line, and the participants repeated after him the words and movements.He stretches out his hand and says, "I see a mouse!", Waiting for it to repeat all of the queue, then squats, stretches out his hand and asked, "Where is the mouse?", Again waiting for the completion of the ritual, followed by shrieking, "There!"It pushes the neighbor so that the entire rank fell to the floor.Ends dump friendly game.

  • • April 1: comic competitions, "treasure hunt."

in the interval of 2-3 meters are building a route with obstacles, winding and "treasure" at the end.Players are encouraged, put on flippers and looking to the back of the binoculars, to pass on a given path, and the first to get the treasure.

  • • As of April 1, play the "Guess part."

Such jokes and practical jokes on April 1, the company is particularly good.Organize a game to bet whether anyone from friends to guess the body part blindfolded, using only fingertips.Point guard man is blindfolded, the other - for "tykov."Once acted out did some good or lucky guesses, substitute under his fingers, cut the tomato halves!Naturally guesser shocked - not in a position to understand where he pokes it, and then there's the other starts screaming hysterically that his eyes gouged out!The joke is certainly evil, so it can be turned over only mentally stable and calm person!

  • • Games and competitions on April 1, "in Bulgarian."

Funny greeting card April 1 for this game can be and because the table does not get up.Lead offers to play a conversation in Bulgarian.The bottom line is this: many gestures in different countries interpreted completely differently, have a completely opposite meaning.For example, the Russian and Ukrainian as a sign of denial shake his head, but the gesture for Bulgarians, on the contrary, it has a positive value, it is a gesture of approval.On the contrary, as a sign of denial Bulgarian tilts his head down, nodding.And now the leader asks questions in Russian, and participants need gestures to answer in Bulgarian and loud - in Russian, making it at the same time.In fact it is quite difficult, and usually causes a storm of emotions: "As it is, I did not get ?!".

  • • Fun games and competitions on April 1st.

The game involved two people.Everyone in the teeth with an orange spoon or other object rounded shape - the most ambitious owners can use egg.Hands behind the participants.Objective: To lose his spoon Orange opponent to the floor, not allowing it to drop at your.

  • • Funny 1 April: "exam in the theater."

order as of April 1, play a friend and cheer the guests need, first, trusting friend, and secondly, the two matches.Previously conducted "outreach", which should provoke another to experiment.Tell that to the artists take only those who have well-developed facial expressions.Such artists are the darlings of the public, raking in a lot of money ... You can, as an example, lead Jim Carrey, etc.You can bet with a friend that he had facial worthless, and when he bite, ask him to go to try "test in a theater."

essence of the exam is next.On the subject forehead "stick" - strongly pressed, the match and he must lose her forehead without using their hands, only facial expressions.After trying on their own to carry out such an operation itself, you realize that the match falls just 3-4 seconds, and there's nothing complicated.However, if the condition of the problem read carefully, it is clear that it is necessary to reset the "two matches."Thus, buddy show both matches, pretend that glue OBE, but in fact glue alone.Naturally, this is one match falls off after a few seconds, and then you will enjoy as a "victim" of drawing hard grimaces, trying to lose a second, non-existent match.SUCH faces you can hardly even ever see!

  • • Funny April 1: "Guessing on the matches."

Suggest unmarried / unmarried guests know the name of their future betrothed / betrothed.Give 'victim' drawing prepared in advance a box of matches, mysteriously asked to choose from it any number of matches, and accurately and precisely to break off from their heads.You can even explore the meticulously match, reject the couple, need to repeat the procedure.Break off a match "victim" shall insert the ears, between the teeth, hair, and his / her discretion.Then you carefully study the outcome leads to the sacrifice of the mirror and says, "Well, tell me, and to whom you need a terrible ?!»

  • • As of April 1, play a "divination by ashes".

Funny greeting card April 1 Funny jokes April 1, the price always, always uplifting.Here is one of them.Meet friends, as if by chance, somewhere in the middle of the night, share with them the fact that a long time ago your grandmother taught you guessing on lines on the hand in a special way - by using cigarette ashes, which gives the lines of greater clarity.

If you wish to find out the fate of not smoking, get a helper.It is necessary to bring down a burning cigarette ashes with his right hand to the left hand (do not be afraid, not hot).Shoot down the ash should be in all the cigarettes - what it is, the more correct prediction.Then ask "victim" right thumb strictly clockwise, the ashes rubbed his palm, making as many laps in the ashes finger, how many years.When the victim is diligent smear in the ashes, you take carefully and with an air of profundity, peering, blinking, into the palm, muttering, such as about the extremely rare combination of lines, and then declare: "Well, to tell you ....Very bad ashtray you turned! »

  • • Active games and competitions on April 1st to entertain guests.

The game invites you to test yourself on agility, which are issued by the most ordinary clothespins.It is necessary, without using their hands, took a clothespin in the mouth adjustment clamp in place to deploy candy or just to get out of the box something small and convey to any specific place.For the next couple of participants can complicate the problem and offer to plant flowers - artificial twig into flour.

  • • Funny April 1: "KONRURS model."

in two bags or suitcases various garments.