How to have fun on April 1?

Congratulations, funny jokes and fun

How to make the most fun unofficial holiday humor and laughter - April 1, the most memorable for you and your friends?How to earn a reputation as a man with the most wonderful sense of humor?How to congratulate friends c April 1 the most original way?It's simple: the best greetings from April 1 - is funny jokes and fun.And we'll show you how to play each other on the first of April.

April 1 - is the most fun and original unofficial holiday of the year for residents of many countries.This day is full jokes, jokes relatives, friends, acquaintances and strangers.Who does not know the expression: "Oh, you dirty behind the knees?"

holiday tradition of jokes in Europe started in the XVI century.Then Charles IX suffered celebrate the New Year in the country in April, the month of January 1, but many celebrate this day is still the old calendar.Therefore over them they joked, organized congratulations, funny jokes and jokes, gave as a gift empty box.On Russian territory according to some sources, the first draw was organized in 1703.Allegedly, people trooped to the area in anticipation of the unprecedented performance, but instead just saw this inscription read: "April 1 - do not believe anyone!".Apparently, since that time, and each is trying to somehow make fun of others in the day, preparing funny greetings from April 1, wrestle with how to play the other on April 1, and at the same time as not to get himself laid on April 1st.

Pictures April 1:

from April 1! from April 1! from April 1!

particularly fun day takes place at the students.Has long been a tradition of festivals, humorous greetings, funny jokes and jokes, games KVN.Many examples of this can be found in the literature, and proverbs and sayings.Day of fun, laughter and drawing day everyone is glad, because only one single time in a year can be carefree and fun, and most importantly, without consequence, to make fun of the most serious and strict boss, pinned on the most impressionable another without risking to hurt him!

Comedy April 1st particularly good, as a rule, in the case where a person of everyday troubles forgotten what month, and most importantly, the day forgot funny greetings from April 1 - the day the fool, laughs and jokes.If you are not from the forgetfulness, then cook congratulations funny April Fools jokes and fun!

Jokes About
the ready-law and about the carrots.
remember the words, "I do not believe» -
Soon April 1:

Day leaping laughter,
jokes, joy, success.
Happy holiday, people,
smiling from ear to ear!

  • APRIL 1: fun at the supermarket.

Supermarkets - the most fertile place to organize the April Fools' congratulations, funny jokes and fun: the objects of jokes - the sea, the audience - even more importantly - the fantasy (and quick feet!).

Since April 1, number 1: in the watch department can quietly make all the alarm clocks that they have so that they in turn called every 5 minutes.

Since April 1, № 2. can take 30-40 packs of condoms and throw them in the basket quietly and trucks of other buyers.At the checkout will be fun!

Since April 1, № 3. can come close to the camera surveillance and peer into it for a long time, or just like to look in the mirror, adjusting his clothes and hair.

Since April 1, № 4. You can go into the fitting shop, and after some time without opening the curtains, there shouted, "Sold!Please come, toilet paper over here! »

  • April 1 jokes at the pharmacy," Russian Roulette. "

great way to have fun, when buying condoms at the pharmacy:

№ 1. entered the pharmacy, call on his cell phone and asked, "Honey, today we like - are protected?".Humor - so-so, but for the beginning attention to your person is provided.

№ 2. After buying condoms mysteriously say, "So, today - Russian Roulette," get out of her purse needle puncture one of condom packaging, and ostentatiously mixed.

№ 3. solemnly ask the saleswoman whether there is a lottery in their pharmacy if the manufacturer used to send five products.

№ 4. Require the saleswoman on the product label, "not tested on animals."

№ 5. Try to exchange a pack of gum for three condoms, and respond to objections indignation: "How so?On television, you promised! ".

  • APRIL 1: jokes and dirty tricks for the home.

  • step № 1. hide all evening slippers.
  • step № 2. can take on the eve of the evening cup of toothbrushes, drip some glue "Moment" on the bottom and sticking to the bottom of the cup all the brushes.
  • step № 3. Turn arrows alarm minutes 30 ahead.
  • step № 4. sign postcards Greetings from April 1, and calmly go to sleep.In the morning, waiting for all the wrong alarm clock rise and try to brush your teeth, get up on his clock time.I congratulate everyone on April 1 and issue new toothbrushes and slippers back.

  • Jokes April 1 thread.

to organize this rally is required to prepare a coil of white threads and put on any black clothes (sweatshirt, T-shirt, blouse, sweater ...).Next, using the needle pull the inside to the outside of the tip of the thread worn things, better if on the shoulder or back.Pocketed coil and in a way - in search of adventure!Be sure that on your way to meet certainly compassionate, want to get stuck with the thread of your shoulder.Important in the key moment, when a man will pull the thread carefully, do not lose composure and burst out laughing.To heighten the effect, generally you can depict the horror on his face: "You are my blouse dismissed!".

  • Congratulations, funny jokes and jokes on the "Announcement".

at the information booth of the enterprise hang ads with the text: "Anyone who has not passed labilization, urgently need to contact the office № ...» (the number of your office).For reference: the word "labilization" means pronouncing speech sounds through rounding outstretched lips.Those who come to the office on the issue, asking to fold duck lips and utter the phrase, "April 1, anyone not believe it."

  • Jokes April 1 bags.

best to beat the lottery somewhere in the public transport stop or crosswalk.Left there pretty fragile little girl, along with two bags of bricks, sprinkled on top of a kilogram of potatoes.It is necessary that the bag would not look very bulky, but it was quite heavy.At a time when the green light or suitable transport, she turns to the young people help bring bags.It looks pretty funny side, you will not regret, especially when take off the camera.

  • April 1 How to play a friend over the internet or by fax.

This is a great way to play the April 1st on the internet or other working fax.Send each message or a letter along the following lines: "Dear Mr. (Ms.) Petrov (a) II, according to the results of the last fiscal year you had not paid tax on the income side.Therefore, after you are in arrears to the State Tax Service in the amount of 300 hryvnia.If the debt is not paid before April 1 of that year, for this amount will be credited the appropriate penalties and fines.The penalty for tax evasion today is 150 hryvnia.Urgent repay debt.Tax Inspectorate.On all interesting you questions, please call ... (and telephone number of the local mental hospital). "

Pictures April 1:

From April 1! From April 1! From April 1!

  • Comedy colleagues on April 1, "Naughty mouse."

This rally is perfect for the office, where the tables are close to each other.All you have to do - is to simply change places mice on a nearby table.And then, to see the reaction of colleagues and enjoy!

  • April 1 jokes on colleagues in the office.

armed with the most necessary items for the raffle: a few packs of stickers and double-sided adhesive tape.Then it is important to choose the right time to prepare the rally - March 31 either to stay late at work, or April 1 to come before anyone else.

So, using double-sided tape glue as many different items to the desktop: a computer mouse, a writing instrument is not important papers to a telephone him up, a pack of paper handkerchiefs and stuff.Some things you can do, and stick to the ceiling - for example, a change of footwear, desk shelf for papers, empty the trash, etc.

  • Jokes April 1 at work: 'Runaway mouse. "

To rally April 1 to work with the computer mouse has gone, you will need:

  • 1. same mouse, as in the played, it is desirable, non-operating for a long time (so if anything, was not sorry);
  • 2. fairly long and fairly robust "tail" of the mouse - connection cord;
  • 3. chair on wheels that easily rolls;
  • 4. desirable location of the computer system unit under the table;
  • 5. big distraction of the victim, welcome!

total time of preparation will take about a minute in the absence of the victim, of course:

replace the mouse "victim" to the same, and the end of the "tail" (cord) mouse tie the rope.Pull the cord with a rope at the table and the bottom tie the other end of the rope to the chair, so that in the retracted position of the chair, the mouse is in the usual place for the user, and the tail was almost "in the interference."Try to adjust the length of the rope so that when the mouse vydviganii chair from the table is not dumped.When a victim comes to drawing the workplace, seeing a chair pushed back, first he begins to push, trying to sit up.The mouse runs away immediately ... My first reaction - confusion or stupor.The second - to pull sharply mouse over to catch it.Chair immediately pulls and hits the victim under the knees.Further, any plyuhanie victim to a chair with a completely zonked views or involuntary otpihivanie knees chair and a new "pursuit of a mouse."In general, the fun will be over it!

  • April 1 jokes over the phone.

Call Secretary, or anyone else in the office representing the master telephone system and ask for 10 minutes did not answer the phone because it is now on the line telephone operator and his works can strike shock.After this time, you call back the same number, and when pick up the phone, publishes a bloodcurdling scream.

  • Jokes April 1 at the establishment: "Toilet or buffet."

wonderful, if somewhat cruel joke on April 1 in an institution where usually a fairly large number of visitors.

On the door of one of the offices, attach the plate (sheet) with the words "Toilet" and inside out write some funny greetings from April 1.That's actually the whole rally.But imagine the expressions of outrage and the office staff is very fun.Imagine constantly swiftly opened the door and breaks another visitor, looking at all with surprise and muttering something unintelligible like: "Oh, sorry!", "It's not a toilet!" "Where's the toilet?", Hiding behind the door.These funny greetings from April 1, banter over not only colleagues, but also of visitors.Although the last few sorry, in this situation ...

to be less severe, you can substitute the inscription "WC" write "Buffet", and even better to make several of these arrows pointers to psevdobufetu people had to look for the road.In this way visitors will become more insistent, and the workers will have to patiently over and over again to explain that the buffet is not here, here, for example, laborantskaya.

  • APRIL 1: fun rope.

Take a long rope and find a small house standing alone.Wait not much hurrying passerby and ask him clearly, under any pretext, firmly hold the end of the rope.You and the other end of the rope go around the house and almost completely bypassed it, ask the other person has to hold your end of the rope.Ask tautly hold the rope and leave.You can watch from the side as far as they have the patience to not seeing each other, do not throw the rope.And even funnier is when one of them will not stand and will know where you went.

  • Funny greetings from April 1: family joke.

This rally is perfect for families with pets is not at all or, on the contrary, there are too many.In any toy shop buy a cute stuffed toy, which when pressed, makes the sound quite alive - today is not a problem.Sun'te April Fools gift bosom, call the door and stand on the threshold of a guilty look when you open up, sostroyte plaintive face at forcing toy meow (or poskulit).Then press again and say, "Sorry, I could not pass by!Oh please.When you see that your spouse, almost resigned to the replenishment of the family, but still continued to frown - smile and give a pretty plush creature.Be sure to give up this pet no one can!

  • How to play your favorite April 1: drawing iron.

can call his girlfriend or wife and tell her that you seem to iron home is not turned off.When the favorite will fly in an apartment in a panic to prevent fire, even catches you with an iron and ironing board for diligently nautyuzhivayuschim things.It is guaranteed to laugh, forgive you immediately cruel joke - no woman is able to be angry with her man when he stroked underwear!

Pictures April 1:

From April 1! From April 1! From April 1!

  • Congratulations on April 1 favorite: drawing with a twist.

Everyone knows a woman makes a great figure and not only clothes, but also what is called a "highlight".And I agree, it is much better when the "highlights" a woman a few.A great way to congratulations from April 1 - to give a woman a real highlight!

To do this you need one major highlight and a small velvet pouch, designed for jewelry.We put a highlight in a special slot for the April Fool's rings and a cozy evening to present the case of a woman with the words: "You know, dear, yesterday went on sale by accident, and now, could not resist!»

woman, this day is not expecting any giftsin principle, and especially those which are usually placed in a velvet box, transfixed with surprise and delight the inner and opening etui detects raisins.If you are a snap to add a little note with some amusing inscription like "The farm is useful!", "Another highlight for the woman with a twist" or "much is not enough" - a favorite necessarily laugh and appreciate your sense of humorand eccentricity.

  • Congratulation favorite: a cool bunch.

April 1 - a great reason to donate your favorite unusual bouquet!For example, a baseball bat signed by "the most gentle woman in the world!", Packaged in brown opaque paper, like a floral bouquet.Seeing you in the hands of something long, like a flower, your favorite, of course, will wait for the rose, and expanding the paper - will bat.

April Fools Day gift can be accompanied by amusing instructions, such as "multifunctional device designed for nailing, rolling out dough, self-education and a husband."

  • Comedy APRIL 1: without water.

not know how to play each other on April 1 or just over someone to make fun?Then take a phone call and organize the following dialogue:

- Hello, this is you on the water utility concerned.We today stop the water supply to your quarter.