Jokes and pranks on April 1st.

Jokes and jokes of April 1,

Traditionally, April 1 - the most in a record year in the number of daily jokes.The kids playing parents, and parents - their.Subordinates joke on boss, students of teachers.And most importantly, even the sharpest jokes do not cause offense to this day, because it is a holiday laugh!As of April 1, play friends, colleagues, households, classmates?How to make a holiday unforgettable and breathtaking mood?Watch the funny jokes and jokes on April 1 in this section.And you cheerful laughter!

fast approaching holiday, which symbolizes the most positive human emotions - laughter and humor.April Fools' jokes extremely varied and fascinating.Jokes April 1, covers the widest layers like those people who he was joking and playing, and those people over whom joking.A great many people come up and organize funny jokes and jokes on April 1, able to surprise and cheer up.The most famous April Fools jokes
world of all time are classified in a special list of the 100 most amazing April Fools jokes («The Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time»).Among them: the fall of the Tower of Pisa, landing in London UFO photo essay about flying penguins, switching time measurement on the decimal system, the change of pi to 3.0 instead of 3.14 ...

From April 1! joke can be everywhere and with everyone, to organize rallies on April 1 at the, April Fools' jokes to friends, practical jokes on April 1 in a school and in public transport, you can make fun of relatives, friends and fun of complete strangers.Moreover, on April 1 joke is not just possible, but you need and where necessary!

We will help you to make this day a memorable one, tell me who and how to play on April 1, will tell any jokes April 1, the most successful.Funny jokes and jokes April 1 fun from the heart, and you and your friendly company.Our jokes and jokes of April 1, just perfectly suited for you to good-naturedly, but very funny to make fun of their own relatives, friends or employees at work.April Fools' jokes give you a lot of vivid impressions, positive emotions, and will be long remembered all honest company.

main thing is not to forget the most important rule, draws on April 1 should be adequate sense of humor, for anyone prepared jokes April 1, around should be a sense of proportion.We wish you not to overdo it with humor, conveniently choose an object to draw, because supposed to be funny, not only to you, do not mar the holiday mood Frustrated by the "victim".

Pictures from April 1:
From April 1! from April 1! from April 1!

Merry holidays to you and funny experiences.From April 1!

practical jokes on April 1 WORK

Lotteries April 1, at work - the most fertile, though, because there you spend the most time, and most importantly - your colleagues will certainly not miss the chance to organizeApril Fools joke on you.So it's better to be the first!And go for it!

  • • Drawing April 1: "box without a bottom."

Such April Fools jokes are especially suitable for the curious who are all always about all you need to know.

On some high place, for example, in the closet (main thing is that taller than a man), put a small box.The box should open the top, but the bottom should not be.Outside at the box stick bright, visible from afar inscription - for example, sex, condoms, do not touch - anything that causes curiosity.Samu box fill with confetti.And when acted out, would go into the room, get out, not to hinder him satisfy his curiosity.Of course, the "victim", seeing a box with an inscription calling, remove it from the cabinet to look inside.But a box without a bottom.Salute !!!Return to the room with a broom and dustpan for particularly curious.

  • • Drawing April 1, trusting secretary!

This April Fools joke is perfect for the office, especially if the campaign is naive, trusting secretary.Although the presence of an assistant and spectators such practical jokes on April 1 at home can also be ustaivayte.

Someone from a nearby office calls are played out, and the most serious and stern voice said that this call alert from the telephone exchange.In order to clean the wires are now on the telephone line will be served hot steam under pressure.Therefore, we must urgently wrap in the office all the handsets or polyethylene fabric (or just miss them on the floor).If the "victim" believe, try not to give himself away, as long as it is not "will secure" all phones office.

  • • April Fools joke on the nick!

Similar rallies on April 1 at work are more like a mockery, but if your colleague's sense of humor allows you to, then go ahead!

Make the following is needed:

  • 1. - While the computer user is not there, sit down at his computer.
  • 2. - Crush key «PrintSrceen» abbreviated «prt sc», to put it simply, do a screen shot.
  • 3. - Open: Start - & gt;Standard programs - & gt;Graphic editor Paint.
  • 4. - Push back the picture, or just push the key «Shift.Insert» - inserted itself.
  • 5. - Keep at c: windows PRIKOL.bmp and close the editor.
  • 6. - Come to the "Display Properties".
  • 7. - Do "PRIKOL.bmp" desktop background image.
  • 8. - Highlight your desktop icons and drags all over the screen.
  • 9. - To heighten the effect can be removed along with the icons and the "taskbar".

When the user unhappy returned, sit behind their car, will start to reap the familiar icons of the monitor ... but for some reason did not happen, not huddle icons, folders can not be opened!

- depends on the infection?It is necessary to reboot !!!It does not help!Again, restart!Again ....

can only help, "ordering the icons on ..." Well and, accordingly, restore the background.If the host computer's full "tea" over all begatney the office to ask for help and yelling: "Broke!".Home expose April Fools joke before "victim" will cause IT-service or nazhaluetsya superiors on the broken equipment.
Pictures from April 1:

From April 1! From April 1! From April 1!

  • • Lotteries April 1 at work: "MOUSE escape."

To rally April 1 to work with the computer mouse has gone, you will need:

  • 1. same mouse, as in the played, it is desirable, non-operating for a long time (so if anything, was not sorry);
  • 2. fairly long and fairly robust "tail" of the mouse - connection cord;
  • 3. chair on wheels that easily rolls;
  • 4. desirable location of the computer system unit under the table;
  • 5. big distraction of the victim, welcome!

total time of preparation will take about a minute in the absence of the victim, of course:

replace the mouse "victim" to the same, and the end of the "tail" (cord) mouse tie the rope.Pull the cord with a rope at the table and the bottom tie the other end of the rope to the chair, so that in the retracted position of the chair, the mouse is in the usual place for the user, and the tail was almost "in the interference."Try to adjust the length of the rope so that when the mouse vydviganii chair from the table is not dumped.When a victim comes to drawing the workplace, seeing a chair pushed back, first he begins to push, trying to sit up.The mouse runs away immediately ... My first reaction - confusion or stupor.The second - to pull sharply mouse over to catch it.Chair immediately pulls and hits the victim under the knees.Further, any plyuhanie victim to a chair with a completely zonked views or involuntary otpihivanie knees chair and a new "pursuit of a mouse."In general, the fun will be over it!

  • • Drawing April 1: "Fatal Call".

Call Secretary, or anyone else in the office representing the master telephone system and ask for 10 minutes did not answer the phone because it is now on the line telephone operator and his works can strike shock.After this time, you call back the same number, and when pick up the phone, publishes a bloodcurdling scream.

  • • April Fools joke on the job: "WC»

wonderful, if somewhat cruel joke on April 1 in an institution where usually a fairly large number of visitors.

On the door of one of the offices, attach the plate (sheet) with the words "Toilet."That's actually the whole rally on April 1st.But imagine the expressions of outrage and the office staff is very fun.Imagine constantly swiftly opened the door and breaks another visitor, looking at all with surprise and muttering something unintelligible like: "Oh, sorry!", "It's not a toilet!" "Where's the toilet?", Hiding behind the door.Such jokes and jokes of April 1, banter over not only colleagues, but also of visitors.Although the last few sorry, in this situation ...

  • • April Fools' jokes, "METRO DELIVERY!»

cooperate with a partner can be quite fun to play commuters, and along with the controller.Enter the car and, after waiting a little, go to the call button the driver.By clicking on it, or rather just pretending that you click on it, loudly say: "One hamburger and two colas please, the train № ...».Now safely wait until the next stop, where already waiting your accomplice who entered the carriage, must loudly ask: "Who ordered a hamburger and two cola?".By giving you the "order" and received payment, an accomplice should leave.And you, as soon as the train ride starts off, again go to the call button, and so, for all to hear, said: "Non-stop to the end!"I assure you that not all recognize April Fools trick, and begin to resent, and perhaps try to inform the engineer that at the next stop, too, go!The main thing is that you are not caught and not "soldered" hooliganism for their fun April 1.

  • • As of April 1, play a colleague: "start-up operation."

is essential that a computer on the "victim" was «Windows 9x".Wait until she / he absent himself somewhere for a minute or more.Quickly run up to the computer, press Ctrl + Esc, Esc, Alt + «-» (ie both the Alt key and -), Alt + F4.As a result of such actions will disappear "Start" button.So she went back, will only restart «Windows».Exactly how the user will be rebooted and how successful will depend directly on the level of knowledge.However, even if you come the first time, the result is still entertaining.

Pictures from April 1:

From April 1! From April 1! From April 1!

AS Raffle April 1 FRIEND?

make fun of your friends is the most interesting.You well know who or what to play, and how someone will react to jokes and pranks on April 1st.As of April 1, play friends?Yes, whatever you like!With friends, you can not particularly ceremony, and not be afraid of what might be offended.But the measure still needs to know - not pereshutite inadvertently!

  • • Telephone fun 1 April for friends: "HOT WATER".

Call a friend or a friend, preferably late in the evening and seriously ask:

  • -Do you have hot water?
  • -There !!
  • -Then quickly wash your feet and go to bed!

  • • April Fools joke girlfriends: "Cockroaches!".

Sit down with a friend at a party, calmly sipping gulls, talking the talk.And suddenly with horror to point a finger at the woman, and say, "Luda ​​(Katya, Masha ... - the name of the hostess)!YOU cockroach on the shoulders !!!!!

apply these practical jokes on April 1 at extremely nervous ladies do not recommend!

  • • How to play the other on April 1, "Local."

not know how to play each other on April 1, accidentally collided with him at the gas station?Simply glance at the scoreboard carefully filling his machine during refueling and after already refuel your car, ask: "I hope to refuel diesel fuel WINTER ???".The owner of the machine certainly has time to get scared that refueled something not so see through before April Fools joke.

especially those jokes April 1, pass with 99% of women, especially strangers.Incidentally, this is a great way to meet a girl at a gas station - even if she does not appreciate your sense of humor, even fun.

  • • April Fools joke: "smoky."

Raffle April 1, hopelessly old, however, simply a surprisingly effective.Play the "very gloomy" member of your friendly company - lift the mood and "beech" and other friends.The only condition - to be played radically smoking.During normal gatherings offer new smoke cigarettes, which gave some distant mutual friend.A few minutes later, having agreed beforehand with your friends, do everything: run into the room chicken smeared with paint, just quietly turn any melody.The main thing - should all pretend that nothing is happening, and all that he sees only.An expression of confusion on her face each other - lift your spirits for a long time!

  • • As of April 1, play friends, "reliable friend!".

If you have good loyal friends, ready to help without question and delays, we know how to play April 1 friends.Early in the morning on April 1 ring up closest friends and worried voice, ask each hot right without delay to come to you with a 10-liter bucket (can be with water, you can not - not much).

Imagine the faces of your friends when they would arrive early in the morning to your porch and all the buckets.No less will be pleased to watch and the reaction of neighbors that had gathered in the courtyard of a dozen cars and young guys with buckets and serious faces.If you're lucky, your house probably can find a meticulous neighbor, who from anxiety to miss something important, she pops into the yard with a bucket (in this found :)).

Pictures from April 1:

From April 1! From April 1! From April 1!

  • • How to play the other on April 1, "MEET ?!".

history of life.I went with friends on a business trip, and put in the same room, thinking about how to play the other on April 1st.And I remember that Nick gave to the newspaper ads to sell a mobile phone.While he was in the shower, I found the advertisements of local tabloids, one read: "The man met the guy."With other mobile phone to send an SMS to this number, such as "happy to meet with you, no money, call back!Kohl ".After a 5-10 minutes there was a call back that same guy and Nick picked up the phone:

  • He said: - Hello, Nicholas?
  • Kohl: - Yes.You are on your ad?
  • He - Yes, let's meet?
  • Kohl: - Let's on his way to me.Now I'm free to just.

and gave the address.We barely held out, but remaining silent together, went together to meet with Nicky, you never know what ... There were no fights :)

  • • April Fools joke girlfriends' secret admirer. "

For a woman, you're going to play, make a beautiful bouquet and place an anonymous note, which specify the time and place of the meeting and request this same bunch bring.At a meeting with your girlfriend will let a stranger to her man, but not one, but with his companion.Going to your friend, he must solemnly handed her a bouquet young lady, take it from stunned "victim", and of course, colorful thank her for having brought a bouquet.To the poor girl was not upset by this, their friendly company appear in her eyes and hand flowers, already designed for her.

  • • Friendly joke: "Swallow".

Here's one simple way to old as of April 1, play friends.Returning after a party in the home of the company, the plant spores - who are the most sober of the members of the company.The most confidence in their own sobriety friend are invited to do an even "swallow" - emphasize that flat.After carefully depict how to play what is required, declare that he / she is hopelessly drunk.