What if a child sucks his thumb?

child sucks his thumb

Thumb sucking child - not an easy problem.Concerning it, there are many conflicting opinions.What threatens this habit and harmful whether it is general, does thumb-sucking on the growth of teeth, why the child sucks his thumb in his sleep, and how to wean the baby sucking her thumb?On this and propose to talk about today.


Why the child sucks a finger?

Speaking briefly, it was previously thought that the fact that the child sucks a finger - just a bad habit, to gain a foothold in the period of breast-feeding and the use of pacifiers.When the baby started to do it, the mother tried every way to wean the baby sucking her thumb while sucking did not have time to become a "habit".

We now know that this habit somewhat different kind, at least at first.The main reason that the child sucks a finger, found unsatisfied sucking instinct - is the conclusion made by scientists.Dr. David Levy, for example, indicates that babies who are fed regularly every 3 hours, much less sucking finger, than those who have feeding after 4 hours.Kids, manages to suck needed to saturate the amount of milk for 10 minutes (for example, if the old and soft nipple from a bottle), thumb sucking are more than children, who have to eat in 20 minutes.

As an experiment, young puppies fed from the pipette, thus completely preventing them suck.As a result, puppies behave just like little kids with satisfaction sucking instinct: puppies constantly sucking their paws, occasionally putting paws to their sisters and brothers, and making it so intense that with paws got off virtually all wool.

At older ages, the reasons that the child sucks a finger can have a completely different nature.It may be a trivial habit that will definitely have to unlearn, and a lack of attention and love, and inner restlessness.But first things first.

thumb-sucking baby

How to wean a child sucking her thumb
in infancy?

So, what do you do if a child sucks a finger or hand as to wean the baby sucking her thumb?If this happens, it is better not to stop the baby immediately, but rather to enable the child to breastfeed longer, pacifier or nipple.And, of course, take into account the duration and frequency of feedings.

take measures necessary only when the baby starts to suck her finger.When it has become a habit, wean the baby sucking her thumb will be difficult.Many newborn babies in the first months of life rather poorly controlled by their members.Often you can see how hard crumb raises his stick, looking for her mouth.If your child accidentally gets a fist in his mouth, he starts greedily sucking it whole, trying to keep his fist in the mouth.All these attempts have reported that the need to suck the crumbs are not fully satisfied, and mom need to increase the duration of breastfeeding, or to compensate for the time dummy.

especially need baby to suck is great in the first 3-4 months of life.In the following months, this demand starts to decline gradually, but all different.Some kids have 7 months to the process of sucking absolutely indifferent, the other part with this requirement only after a year, and the third does not pass this passion for a long time and requires active counteraction on the part of adults.

instinct of sucking in all the different children.Some kids never suck the breast or nipple longer than 15 minutes, without showing the slightest desire to suck your finger.And the other kids suck at each feeding for 20 minutes or longer, and even suck his finger for a long time.Some kids start to suck his thumb in the womb.Need thumb sucking, in a sense, the phenomenon of the innate.This instinct needs the kid to survive - this way of eating.Therefore, nursing babies in the first months of life may be, for a long time to train - it's not just okay, that's right.

nipple Nor should we worry when a child sucks his thumb just before feeding.If a kid does it for a few minutes before feeding - it says that he is hungry.Gradually accustom the body of the child to a stable diet plan, a clear hourly feeding period, easily deprive you of this problem.The fact is that when a child is still developing in the mother's stomach, his body constantly receives nutrients, now the picture has changed - the kid need to produce their own food (in the most literal sense - sucking), and the body to adjust to the new way.To do this, just need time and stability.

When a child sucks his thumb after feeding or in between, you should consider: a baby does not have enough milk, or do not meet the remaining need for sucking.The same applies when a child sucks his thumb in his sleep.Understand the real cause of his such behavior.If you do not have enough food crumbs, check with your doctor, you may need to further feed its mixtures, or eat the most special way to increase the amount of milk in the mammary glands.If the food okay - think about how to meet the child's instinct, perhaps you can help ordinary dummy (although by then it may come to unlearn).

Almost all kids bite their fingers or a pen when teeth begin to grow (as a rule, it occurs at 3-4 months of age).Do not confuse this action with thumb sucking.Now his gums itch, itch, not for nothing that they say that the teeth "cut."The child is not accustomed in this time sucking fingers, just replace it with a pen, something safe, "more palatable" and useful, fit and regular crust of bread.

Also in this period, the child probably will not only handle in the mouth pulls, and all in a row, all by these same pen fall.Now your pipsqueak actively learns the world around him, trying to taste, exploring the surrounding objects, understands that to do with them.Therefore, it is quite easy to unlearn itself can suck his thumb, taking a more interesting things.The main thing is make sure that those same things were safe for the health of the child.


How to wean a child sucking her thumb

As you probably already realized, baby sucking mother's breast, certainly less suck their fingers.This happens primarily because Mom holds the baby at the breast as much as he wants.Often mothers do not know how many more in the breast milk, how much the baby ate, and therefore rely on the child.When it comes to artificial feeding, sucking all the milk from the bottle, the child is forced to stop: first, to suck the air kids just do not like it, and secondly, just moms take their empty bottle, leaving unsatisfied.

If a child who is breastfed, thumb-sucking, the first thing you want to take - is to try to increase the duration to 30-40 minutes of nursing.Most of the baby sucking milk from the breast for 5-6 minutes, other times it continues to suck the mother's breast for the satisfaction of instinct and dosasyvaya drop by drop, slowly the remaining milk.Simply put, if the baby will suckle for 35 minutes, he will get almost the same amount of milk, which is 20 minutes of feeding.If you let her crumbs to breastfeed for as long as he wants to, he was surprised to notice that once the baby is sucking only 10 minutes, and the other - all of 40 minutes at a time.This example shows also amazing adaptability to the needs of the child's mother's breast.

Do not be afraid that the child overeat, unlike us adults, it is with his body "to you," and eat to excess, can only be seriously hungry.During feeding a baby can be distracted, throwing his chest briefly, and then start sucking again.For the mother, of course, not very comfortable, but the child will be calm and happy all the rest of the time, stop whining, it seems to us for no reason.

on hands Sometimes a baby who sucks at each feeding by turns both breasts, and my mother does not interrupt feeding, still sucks his thumb.In this case, it's a little bit different problem.Suppose you are giving your baby the breast first 15 minutes, then give a second breast full of milk.The child can suck out a lot of the first breast milk once and unpleasant feeling crowded stomach, throw the second breast after 5 minutes, but the need to suck it still was not satisfied.Therefore, the child sucks a finger then.

cope with this problem can be at least two ways.Try to feed your baby only one breast, to keep her as long as the baby wants.If her milk it's still not enough, then hold a little longer, and then give him the second breast.Or try to change breasts during feeding, without waiting in one breast milk over.Let him suck one breast for about 10 minutes, and then attach it to the second breast, he would suck as much as you want.

How to wean a child sucking her thumb
with artificial feeding?

child sucks his thumb usually when the portion of the milk drinks are not for 20 minutes earlier, and 10 minutes for the baby is a little older, became a little older and much stronger, but the nipple on the bottle this time worn andsofter.In this situation, to wean the baby suck on your finger makes no problems.

breast-feeding Observe your baby and after the purchase of new nipple, do not rush to expand holes in them.The smaller the holes in the nipples, so take more time and effort to the child to suck their portion of milk.However, if the hole is too small, the child may be tired and generally refuse to eat.Holes in the nipples must be such that the portion of the baby sucking milk for 20 minutes - this is the optimal time for the first six months of life.Keep in mind that we are talking about a time when he really eats or sucks a pacifier just like that, the gaps when the child rests and takes out a bottle from his mouth, are not counted.

If your baby is so strong that even with a new pacifier to suck his time to serving 10-12 minutes, then buy him a "blind" nipples, simply put, the nipples without holes.The holes also do yourself a hot needle, Take in your hand a thin needle, heat it, and fast movement pierce the nipple.Do not forget to check out how the milk flow out of the hole.

number of feedings and thumb sucking

If your child sucks his thumb, do not rush to reduce the number of feedings, transfer to another diet.The number of feedings during the day is just as important as their duration to meet the child's instinct to suck.

Cards teeth If you have increased the duration of feedings, but still a child sucks his thumb, then a reduction in the number of feedings per day is postponed.For example, when a three-month baby for the evening feeding does not wake up, but during the day a lot of thumb-sucking, or a child sucks his thumb in his sleep, while preferably still wake crumb 22 hours for feeding.You can cancel it two months later.As you know, we are talking about the transition from four meals a day for three meals a day.

Does the growth of teeth thumb-sucking?

Indeed, in children who suck finger, often upper front teeth come forward, but the front lower teeth, on the contrary, grow back a little deeper into his mouth.Moreover, the more the baby sucks his finger, the greater the shift of his teeth.Largely offset teeth depends on the position in which the finger remains in the child's mouth, during sucking.

However, we hasten to reassure you: dentists say unanimously that thumb-sucking has no effect on the growth and direction of the permanent teeth, which begin to appear at about 6 years of age.In other words, if the baby stops sucking a finger up to 6 years (and almost always the way it happens), the damage that their permanent teeth can not.

However, regardless of whether the effect on the teeth that the child sucks his thumb or not, if it's just a habit, you certainly should be to wean the baby suck on your finger as soon as possible.

Why to wean the baby sucking her thumb, do not use restrictive means?

not recommend you to tie the handle of the child, put on special tires on his elbows or fingers smear any unpleasant muck to wean the baby sucking her thumb.Do not do that, dear mom and grandmother.

foot sucking Firstly, these measures will make him suffer.Second, all kinds of restrictive means are unlikely to save the child from his addiction.All probably heard about the unfortunate moms that plagued themselves and their children these devices truly superhuman, rubbed his hands substances with an unpleasant taste.Doing like they had at times a few months.And the kid tormented themselves experienced, but once stopped doing this, the hour cometh finger in his mouth.

when these funds, so to speak, helped relate only to kids who suck finger quite a bit.After all, kids sometimes cease to suck fingers and do it yourself, without your participation.

will help in your case this way to wean the baby sucking her thumb or not is unknown, but the kid hurt physically or psychologically could.Maybe pull in her mouth smeared pepper finger toddler a second time and did not want to, but certainly not guess to go wash your hands before, for example, glazik scratch.
child should fully develop, and to do so in the "shackles" or "handcuffs" exactly impossible.The use of different means and limiting devices for "inveterate suckling" likely will make the child even more stubborn and moody than getting rid of the problem, and ultimately it will be much longer sucking finger, than if the baby was left alone.

The only sure way to wean the baby suck on your finger - to get rid of the causes of this behavior.And who can know them better than my own mother?Of course, we'll show the direction in which to conduct "search."

adult sucks

If a child sucks his thumb at an older age?

When a child is about a year and more, the reasons in order that the child sucks a finger is already quite different: it is a kind of sedative, which enjoys babe in special cases, on the occasion.The baby can suck finger when he is bored or lack of attention when he upset or when tired, or to sleep quickly.Kid older can, they say, fall into childhood, because then the process was his main joy.Then the child begins to suck his thumb when he can not get his to cope with the situation or unnecessary anxiety.

Yet in this age sucking fingers those kids who have done so in the past to meet the natural instinct.It rarely happens is that thumb sucking baby is just beginning after a year.This can be considered a signal that the child uncomfortable, it can not cope with what is happening in his life, he grows in severe psychological conditions or his tender psyche is strong pressure.

course, to wean the baby sucking her thumb at the age of 1-3 years will not work in the same way as the newborn (ie, adjusting the time and frequency of breastfeeding or sucking nipples).Frankly, it is not at all should not take any action, if most of the time the child is calm, cheerful, sociable, active, and finger sucking only occasionally or at bedtime.The same applies when a child sucks his thumb in his sleep - the baby is likely to dream about something exciting, and not even necessarily a terrible (but just in case you can still gently stroked his head and kissed her on the forehead to comfort).

Thumb sucking But if almost always a child sucks his thumb, doing it rather than play, then parents should seriously think about why the baby must be almost constantly reassure themselves that way and can not be there to help him with something to this need has disappeared.

Perhaps the child is simply boring without communicating with their peers, children without society.Perhaps he is too little toys or activities that could inspire.Maybe you keep it for hours in a stroller or playpen without allowing plenty move.