The script of the March 8 for adults

March 8

March 8 - Spring Festival, inspiration, bright emotions and, of course, the most exciting, the most beloved of women!How to congratulate ladies with their holiday as they give these bright, joyful emotions?Arrange the women feast!If you prepare a merry music party on March 8, the stock of positive emotions and a hero of the occasion, and you, as the organizer, enough, at least for a year.After all, to give joy, so nice!

celebrate March 8th Any holiday, of course, requires preparation.Which scenario occasion of March 8 for adults the best fit?The options are many, the main thing - more competition in the treasury, the main criterion for the selection of which - beautiful half surprises, musicality, artistry men present and, of course, the festive mood.These are the components that will be needed for the success of the event to the script for March 8 for adults was a success.

To help you prepare, we have saved a couple of options of how your script can be March 8 for adults.Good luck to!And happy holidays!



1. Scenario March 8 for adults: "Musical Party»
2. Scenario March 8 for adults: "Merry banquet»




Scenario March 8 for adults: "Musical Party»

to organize music parties will need to need to advance women's dresses, designed for teams of men, and to lead the program.Typing - men and women can also advance, but it is not necessary.An additional advantage in your script on March 8 will serve as the ability of any of your team to play the guitar or the piano, he can during the contest or to arrange sakkompanirovat original musical pause, which is also important.

Competition Program:

1. Warm-up "Song auction."

Song Contest Offer for teams to compete "in memory".Let remember the songs that fit into the theme of the holiday - about spring, about women, about love ... It is advisable to call the song not only, but also execute small fragments.Examples of songs:

  • «Oh, what a woman";
  • «Katyusha";
  • «Murmuring streams";
  • «Darkie" and so on and so forth.

The winner is the team that called the last song.

2. The contest "Guess the melody."

to hold this competition need to make advance music cuts, consisting of popular melodies.Equally, it may be fragments of songs, or may be fragments of music and movies.One by one for each of the teams heard the melody.If the team to give the correct answer can not guess the master transmits the right melody to the opponents.

3. Competition "Shifters".

on the paper's leading pre-recorded names of famous songs, but "upside down" in meaning.The problem of participants - to figure out what kind of song is behind this wonderful name.

Options "turncoats»:

  • «Oh, the heat, the heat" - the answer: "Oh, frost, frost";
  • «That's something lifted from the bottom" - the answer: "This is someone with gorochki down";
  • «dissolve our newly potted palm tree" - the answer: "Faded long ago chrysanthemums in the garden";
  • «red ears, ears limp ears terrible and horrible" - the answer, "Dark Eyes".

4. Competition "Painted song."

leading cause of representative from each team.Each tablet provides a marker and the player.Participants will be required to draw a song heard in the headphones without using letters to represent it so that the team could solve song.Drawing, whose team will be the most recognizable, it brings her victory point.

painted by Song Examples of songs for the contest:

  • «Black Cat»,
  • «The smoke menthol cigarettes»,
  • «cheerful neighbors."

Actually, you can use all sorts of songs and sound tracks for films, as long as these songs was a bright visuals and funny images.

5. Competition: "perepevki."

from each team will call a representative.Taken quite popular songs, and drinking it is desirable.First, each of them tries to perform his song separately to the applause of the audience, then both the participant sing their songs at the same time, trying hard not to lose.The one who manages to finish singing a song to the end without stopping and huddling.By the way, team members can help his representative and to sing along with him.

6. Competition: "Staged songs."

In order lifted mood of holiday-if scenarios for March 8 for adults contain similar competitions.For this contest are ideal children's songs, known to all.For example, such as: "Lived with granny", "In the grass grasshopper sat" and so on.The more a person uses a team in the competition, the more fun it will be.The participants' task: to make a song based on the dramatization.A particularly welcome the active use of all kinds of costumes and improvised devices.Winners are chosen by leading.

7. Contest: "Shooting the video."

holiday scenario This is the climax of the competition program, which brings together the two teams into one.For the competition you need to pre-select a bright "downhole" music.

Step One. Leading invites several people to participate in the orchestra, and gave them some musical instruments.You can prepare a real musical instrument - a drum, rattle, triangle, maracas, tambourine, etc., but you can give the participants of toy instruments - guitar, trumpet, or even tools created from a variety of available tools, for example, the cover of the panBanks with groats, washboard, etc.Then spend a little impromptu "Orchestra Rehearsal".

Step Two.After gaining leading participants for dancers, they handed out colorful wigs and ribbons in hand or colored pompoms (in cheerleading).With backup dancers also carry a small rehearsal of the music.

Step Three.Then choose responsible for the special effects, which are distributed streamers and bubbles.

Step Four. have to select a vocal group that will sing a song to the soundtrack.

Step Five. And the last character - a videographer, he will have all of this action "shoot" with a toy camera.

«Action!".Leading respectively assumes the role of director.Video clip recording, start several times, each time the director is dissatisfied with something.That backing dancers some slack, the singers opened his mouth at the wrong time, in the soundtrack does not fall, the poor cameraman takes close-ups, and more.When all the participants laugh enough, swagger, start at full strength, "the clip is removed from the beginning to the end."It is desirable for real, individual, does not participate in the formulation - see for yourself after a fun take on the part of many, and sometimes much more than in the participatory process.

Well, if after the main program script March 8 for adults will include karaoke - tournament, as well as the obligatory celebratory dance marathon, interrupted solely on toasts and congratulations to lovely ladies.


script of March 8 for adults: "Merry banquet»

banquet script of March 8 for adults - a cheerful banquet dedicated to women and their holiday - International Women's Day, is made up of several individual units.Combine these blocks can be arbitrarily depending on the mood and composition of the present guests banquet.This is only a general idea where you might want to dilute your script 8th of March.


In the festively decorated banquet hall of the song dedicated to the hero of the occasion - women.The artists perform a dance under the melody.The play of light.The special effects and more.

Lead reading poetry, singing of beautiful women from the work of the great poets (director decides what kind of scenario on March 8 for adults).

Lead: «So said the poet, but ....(Patronymic name of the chief celebrants), say even better! ".The word for congratulations and toast is transmitted to the head.

eighth of March women make presents.And everyone, without exception!And sisters, and wives and mothers, and even tёscham!Of course, the large number of women surrounded the man, so he is happy, but ... not only on March 8!Lucky if you need to stock up on presents only wife, the daughter and mother in law, and if your list more and sisters, and aunts, and nieces ?!No nest egg so is not enough.But do not worry, dear man, now we can help you, today we will give a lot of gifts and a surprise!Of course, you are not a man, but for your loved ones and dear to women.We will try to make them happy on this day!

the meantime, I suggest, to give the song a nice ladies, you do absolutely nothing, but the nice young ladies. "

(The song marks a visiting team, a banquet or a party by leading.)

Concert Room.

contest: "For our mothers!»

for moms Lead: «Do you think what the most favorite, the closest and native of female names for each man?- Of course, the name of his mother!And, of course, the very first greetings always sound for them, for our mothers.Who today congratulated his mother?Come here! »

(invited to the stage to go 4-5 men).

Lead: «How do you congratulate your mom to tell her?And you gave it? »

(listen to the answers of men.)

Lead: « Now you have the opportunity to win a prize, a gift for your dear mother.You need to come up with the most tender words to his mother.You can consult with his wife, a hall with friends.For everything you give time - two minutes ... »

« And so, what is the most gentle word to your mother, you have prepared? »

(Everyone says.)

Lead: « And now compose this wordtoasts "For our mothers!".Evaluate the best is their auditorium with applause.Whose toast would be better, that and win prizes and give it the most expensive, most beautiful woman - his mother!

Meanwhile, participants gather his thoughts, to our dear mothers the song. "

Concert Room.

Lead: «And so, prepare glasses and hands for applause.All eyes on the stage.Listen toasts dedicated to mothers. "

(microphone in turn transmitted to the participants)

«By winning the applause ....(Winner)!His mom and get the grand prize!The rest - consolation prizes.We can not ignore your mom!A toast to the winner let the sound again! »

(Sounds toast.)

Competition: For beloved wife!

wives Lead: And now I want to offer you a few miniatures.And so, the jokes about our dear wives.

Joke number 1 : young father asks his wife in the morning:
- Honey, did you hear how terribly snoring tonight our baby?
- Do not worry, dear, it was diapers that breathe!

Joke number 2: husband, handing his wife a gift on March 8:
- Honey, you're adorable as these roses!
- I thought I was adorable as gold necklace.
- No, you're adorable as these flowers.

Joke number 3: Jew meets a friend:
- I've decided to Sarah his gift on March 8 to do - give her a pearl necklace!
- It is the "Ferrari" you dreamed ...
- Well, you give, where I fake "Ferrari" will take ?!

Joke number 4: Converse three girlfriends:
- husband on March 8 gave me a CD player.Plug and have fun in the pleasure, - says one.
- My husband gave me a stereo and a TV the latest model.I sit at home as in a movie theater, and do not need to go anywhere.And you gave it?- He asks a third.
- And I do not presented.He says to me even in the theater and in the movies can walk.

Lead. «And rightly so!Drive their women in theater, drive in movies!Well, that came here today!After all, we are singing beautiful songs of our women, our wives ...

way, and you have a song about the wives know? .. What ... »

(Auditorium responds. Leading 4-5 invites married men to the scene.)

for zhen2 Lead: «It brought together the real experts on the wives, married a long time.Please answer a few questions.As aces in this business, you probably know:

  • Why women on pantyhose dripping nail polish?(Answer: the arrow did not go further.)
  • What needs to be fixed when the thread a needle?(Answer: The needle.)
  • What may need acetone woman?(Answer: Remove nail polish.)
  • What is weave?(Answer: Painting the individual strands of hair?)
  • What do you call a small handbag, in which women hold lipstick, mascara, nail polish, and so on?(Answer: Beautician.)
  • Do wash off the paint with a hair after coloring?(Answer: Yes.)
  • Lay whether shortbread dough yeast?(Answer: no.)

Excellent!You are well versed in women!

And our banquet, which is dedicated exclusively to women, continues.

two stars watched on TV "Two stars"?The concert, in which ordinary people sang a duet with these singers?Excellent!Now for you to perform our pop stars! »

(Sounds of music. On the scene actors. Lead offers men, choose a star.)

Lead: « Choose who you want to sing a duet.Rehearse yet! »

(Artists are beginning to work with men, according to a prepared text of the verse.)

Lead: « The hall has a wife? »

(Lead selects three wives.)

Lead: « Hereand our jury staffed!Duets, it's time to go on stage.... Invited to the first pair.(Artist's name and the participant) »

(Each pair takes turns verse of the song.)

Lead: « We offer the jury to appreciate this stunning vocals and pick the winners!And, of course, give them a prize!Naturally, as a present for his wife!

other participants of the sweet songs also rely prizes - rewards!

And the winner please announce a toast to our precious and beloved wife. "

(Winner says, and all raise their glasses "For women».)

Lead: «Now all sounds - a love song!Men invite your ladies to dance! »

(Couples dancing.)

contest:" For the grandmothers! »

for grandparents Lead: « Remember, dear adult and who is fiddling with you as a child?Who told us fairy tales?Who sang lullabies? ..

course, Grandma!Dear men, but as someone call my grandmother? »

(Questions are answered only by men. Three of the most active men are called to the scene.)

Lead: « Such are the wonderful gifts you can give your grandparents. "

(Hall demonstrated gifts - boots, slippers, deep galoshes, jacket, skirt, big bra, scarf, hat, sports hats. Things are stacked together on the table.)

Lead: «It's clothes for grandparents.Now note: Who will wear faster than all three of my grandmother's little things?On your marks!Began! .. »

(Sounds a song about the grandmother, and the contestants dress up speed.)

Lead: « looks great!Well done!But this is no contest!Competition ahead!You have to dance with our professional dancer.Attention dear guests: holiday "Dancing with the Stars."We invite the artist on stage! »

(It is desirable that the actor was also a man in a suit grandmother.

At the end of the total number of a certain style of dance (Lambada, gypsy, dance, etc.) leading the spectators asks," whatOur grandmother danced catchy? ».

the woman said. Troy, the answers are correct, are invited to the stage.)

Lead: « is our special consultants.Or, rather, members of the jury.

And so the competition begins!Dancers ready ...

Plyasova!Music! .. (Music plays for 30 seconds, the participants dance);
gypsy! .. (Music plays for 30 seconds, the participants dance);Thank you.Excellent!That's right!Come here.Warning.And what?Excellent!