Top the best gifts for February 23: how to make a memorable gift for your beloved?

Top the best gifts for February 23

beloved man standing quite easy to present a gift on February 23, the most that neither is a man's holiday.As it turns out, a simple and even somewhat banal gifts, so, for example, like socks, lotions, shaving foam and razors, men are very loyal.Of course, not very much happy and happiness do not squeal, but react calmly to the new lighter, toilet water or shower gel.But how to make a memorable gift for your loved what to give a loved one, that he is not just happy, and loved you even more?



1. Give or not to give?
2. The most popular gift favorite for February 23
3. Best surprise favorite - made by hand
4. Gift favorite for February 23 Homebody
5. Nomination "How to kill two birds»
6. Gifts beloved businessman
7. Bestgift on February 23 sportsman or traveler
8. Best gift on February 23, and the modern young guy
9. Top gift for a true gentleman
10. Best gift beloved in the nomination "For originality»
11. Packaging and handing a present should beworthy




Present or present?

Quite often the question arises: whether to give a gift on February 23 beloved, if it was not soldiers in the army?It is a logical question - the idea of ​​this festival is considered the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, to be justified to give a gift to the person who has no idea where the draft board?To answer the most fair, we conducted a survey and found the majority opinion.

gift on February 23

  • According to the survey, the majority of people, namely 53% of respondents believe that in this day congratulations deserve all men without exception.27% - are convinced that we need only to congratulate those who have served in the army yet.And only 20% of people who participated in the survey consider the date of February 23 as a purely "professional" military celebration.

But, anyway, and in fact gifts of February 23, their men are doing about 90% of women and 70% of men, despite the skepticism in relation to this holiday.But let's be honest and fair: why should deprive the attention of his beloved?Even if he never in his life and did not keep the machine in the hands, does that mean that he does not advocate, not a support for you and the family, not a man, after all?And if the "sort" men worthy of congratulations and unworthy, should not, in fairness, to cancel the March 8 for the young and the young ladies giving birth - here, too, you can bet she is a woman or a girl, it is a day or not ?..

why even go into meditation, and do not lose the opportunity to demonstrate their care and attention to you dear man, and immediately run to choose a gift for February 23 favorite!


most popular gift favorite for February 23

According to all the same surveys, 43% of women presented a gift to representatives of the stronger sex some perfume, 23% - prefer to give all kinds of clothing and accessories, and 11%Women presented February 23 appliances or electronics.

We want to offer you a treasury of ideas of what to give your loved one of the original versions of men's clothing, accessories and household trifles, performed with his own hands.Before the holiday is still left a little time to think, so you should hurry up and decide how to make a memorable gift for your beloved, such a mother, a friend, that he was pleased the man on the eve of spring, emphasized his masculinity, adorned its beauty and charm, has given impetus to conquer you with itsinventiveness, at least March 8.Gifts for February 23 Let surprise favorite is able to give the opportunity to feel the approach of spring and romantic joyful summer emotions.After all, if our dear good man, then we will certainly be good.

We hope that interesting and stylish options for men new things you will be helpful and appropriate for your vote on February 23.After all, you always want to give something really right, important and inspiring him busy all the time, tired and do not always have time to follow the style of their own appearance.


Best surprise favorite - made by hand

Most women confidently (and not incorrectly) that the best gift on February 23 favorite - the one created by your own hands.And by and large, no matter what it is - a portion of his favorite sushi or knitted sweater, what is really important - this is a gift to your loved was from the heart.And, of course, the uniqueness, originality such gifts is incomparable to anything else.

But top surprises of the popular series "DIY" is headed next best gift on February 23 - created with his own hands a cute hat-Budenovka designed for hiking in the sauna or steam bath.

second place for the best gift on February 23, made his own, it is a stylish, cozy knitted sweater.If you do not differ assiduity and want to give it such a useful thing, then fabricate something more simple.Of course, the favorite gift should not be opened out of colored paper, smeared with glue and colored markers, a thing to be unusual, beautiful and qualitative performance, and preferably with a subtext.For example, a scarf the color of your favorite jacket, and perhaps even with vyvyazannoy words "Best Man of the Year".You do not know how to knit?Sew, something of such things to surprise a loved: dressing gown sleeveless with military attributes, for example.


gift on February 23 favorite couch potato

best gift Homebody Best gift on February 23 homebody - funny and cute slippers for the house "for the favorite leg" fit well and comfortable, soft and stylish bathrobe.Putting things your man will feel the care and warmth, remember how much you love it.

Another best gift on February 23, beloved - stylish and cool T-shirt or t-shirt with your photo.Here the originality you can limit only own imagination.With the help of simple manipulations in Photoshop, you can draw anything you want.For example, you as a Viking woman - a kind of fighting a friend.Or, for example, in erotic robe, with a frying pan in hand, and the words "Do not be naughty!" - A subtle hint loved the fact that you can be a formidable woman, know everything and see everything.Such things do almost all your photo printing store, at your discretion, they, by the way, and can add an inscription with the words of love, for example.


Nomination "How to kill two birds»

most savory version of how to make a surprise favorite from the category of gifts for him and for themselves - a thong underpants and video homemade erotic film, starring which is itselfendows you.

second place - a favorite gift, beautifully packaged in a sexy lingerie.Agree original and unexpected to receive a gift of February 23, something like that.And of course, you have to try to make the process of fitting you bra and panties was a truly unforgettable experience."It's all yours, my dear, all for you!" - And let them realize that you have in mind, underwear or beauty itself.


Gifts beloved businessman

the best gift to businessman If your partner is engaged in business, it is preferable that a gift to him was a solid and prestigious, that is so exactly like himself.Very often business people give card holders, wallets, cigarette cases and other branded stationery.It would be appropriate to present the day his beloved businessman shirt.It definitely will not be superfluous, and if picked up a present, given its preference that is better than you are unknown, then the best idea for a gift to his beloved men's holiday, and difficult to come up with (of course, if you do not give him a shirt for all holidaysin a year).There will be an additional plus and stylish tie, men's fashion accessories always emphasize the solidity of your businessman and remind your care and impeccable taste.


Best gift on February 23 sportsman or traveler

men who prefer an active lifestyle, definitely will be satisfied with the brand sneakers or fashionable sports suit.Further, all individually, tennis fans - tennis racket or ball, boxing - gloves, and so on.And if it is a thing, so to speak, rarity, for example, previously belonged to some champion in this sport, or just with his signature - generally healthy, that's for sure a memorable gift for your beloved, he will appreciate.

travel lovers is easy to please a gift in the form of a backpack and sleeping bag.Fishing enthusiasts can give a desired spinning or rubber boat.Any admirer of active winter holiday will be pleased presenting you down mittens or leather boots.Arsenal "free cowboy" can successfully refill a stylish cowboy hat or a spare striking and fashionable leather belt decorated with a titanium buckle engraved with "favorite ...".


Best gift on February 23, and the modern young guy

the best gift for your loved Hipsters Can not decide what to give your favorite guy, a lover of parties and parties?It's simple.Active and cheerful party-goers can be presented on February 23 some stylish thing that could highlight its image.The choice here is based on a number of factors such as the favorite pastime place, circle of friends, and the image of a young man.

partygoers and clubs that will suit, for example, fashionable turtleneck with special effects, manifested in the neon light of the club.For a guy who prefers a certain style, you can choose, for example, leather fingerless gloves with a mass of rivets and other bells and whistles, or, for example, shortening a white shirt with a large collar.The ideal situation may be all kinds of accessories, whether clothing items or accessories for your phone, glasses and so on.


Best gift on February 23 for this gentleman

important to understand that what a man gets older, the more drawn to the classic style of clothing and accessories.For example, such men especially appreciate in a wristwatch strap plush leather, with very simple dial.To absolutely nothing more, his belongings and parts of clothes should be a quality and relevant to individual taste and preferences.

If you decide to give him a watch, it is not exactly skimp and buy them should be tested in stores, with a good reputation.If you decide to donate anything from clothes, stop your choice on white color scheme, such a thing will never banal.And even if the dazzling white trousers your man enough for only one way out - it's nothing to delight women around, they charmed and his genuine pleasure on this occasion, more than compensates for with all the possible costs of dry cleaning.He will thank you and you will have another reason to show off with him somewhere in a cafe and enjoy the envious glances of foreign ladies.


best gift beloved in the nomination "For originality»

gift must be original Do something unusual and unexpected, that will cheer up your elect and emphasize your sense of humor.For example, buy the most ordinary gradebook.Sign the cover sheet, Glue some interesting, funny picture of a loved one.Think of the discipline in which your partner very strong or, conversely, reprehensible.Enter them in the delivery columns of items and set opposite the unusual invented your evaluation.For example:

  • 1. the ability to kiss - stunning.
  • 2. ability to speak compliments - passable.
  • 3. ability to dance - surprisingly.
  • 4. ability to cook - great.
  • 5. ability to send dirty socks in the basket - requires punishment.

But fully zachetku not close - it's only the first semester!He has a lot to learn ...


Packaging and handing a present must be worthy

Packing gift for a loved one is also important when we make an original and memorable gift for your beloved on February 23.And though this man is not so demanding, we are sure to show imagination and try as it should.You can wrap it in some unusual form of the heart, for example, to pack in an unusual paper, use a cloth tape.Of course, the surprise package of the men should not contain frills and bows, unless you present it is not a favorite in lacy underwear and tied gift ribbon.In another case, the packaging must be accurate, clear and concise form.Handing gift on February 23 beloved must, of course, beautiful, perhaps somewhat theatrically, always with warm words, congratulations, and maybe the prehistory of choice.the best gift for your beloved will be very appropriate to tell your dear little man about what it is you love and appreciate him what his qualities inspire you on a daily commission of deeds for the sake of love.

common good will invite friends and go, for example, in the cinema, in the cafe, but most of the festive evening to devote only two of you.Do everything to make the holiday memorable for a long time your man, that it was a most memorable gift for your loved, thanks to a special relation to it, not just gifts.Then you can be assured that it will not get tired surprise and amaze you in response to admire his wonderful and intelligent woman, able to give him a real celebration.And do not be lazy to make such celebrations often, and not only once a year, better let your loved one feel the only man on earth!

And most importantly - remember: you on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland should certainly look good on all of 100%!In fact, the most desired and the best gift on February 23 of every man - is she, his favorite, and the only woman.Not a leather belt or the latest model of the smartphone will not replace your love.Give your family the love and warmth, then you will not go wrong with the choice!