Gifts for February 23 to the man?

Gifts for February 23

What to give on February 23 - the thought that bothers a huge number of women and girls on the eve of the feast of men.After all, to congratulate you need and a loved one, and the brothers and father and grandfathers, and colleagues, classmates or co-workers.Therefore gifts on February 23 on the day of the defense of their country, we need a large number and variety.

So what to give February 23, how to choose a gift worth dear person and not trivial we launched for other men?I hope that our gift ideas for February 23 to help cope with this difficult dilemma.



1. What can you give for February 23?
2. Gifts for February 23 favorite?
3. Gifts for February 23 with their hands



Top Gifts for February 23?

gift for your loved Some women try to choose a gift on February 23, which would be reported directly to the man of his courage.Others try to find something necessary and useful in a gift to the man.Still others are looking for original, funny, funny gifts for February 23.

Connoisseurs life pleasures give domestic mini-brewery or real lighters Zippo.Jealous give pipes, a la Sherlock Holmes, business men - stylish neckties, and so on.

candy and flowers, by the way - are absolutely appropriate gifts for February 23.And sweet and beautiful, in fact, men love, no less than women, but in the gift rarely get.The only "but" in this issue - you'd better put the flowers in a vase alone - hero of the occasion, for sure, will not do it - no man is to do.

choosing gift on February 23 for a loved one, especially wants to be romantic and imaginative.But do not worry if there is no nth pocket amount that would buy something such.In fact, to please your mate, easily and present their own "production", crafted with imagination and love, or a special act.We offer you the most interesting gift ideas for February 23 his favorite men.

Top Gifts for February 23 favorite?

gift should be useful and original at the same time Reflecting on what to present on February 23, it should be noted that the different sexes its special, sometimes radically differing attitude to show.For men, the main thing in the present - is its practical value.The success of the cute trinkets lasts exactly as the most long as giving that little thing the young lady is next.Then, such a contraption, which cost many hours of the girl, and even many days of soul-searching in the process of acquisition, storage life goes on in the most seldom-used drawer or the far shelf.About your feelings, and so it has long been known, but understanding some of the weaknesses and gratitude strong man often sorely lacking.Therefore, to gift on February 23 is really "hooked" your man, he must have some qualities.

  • first quality: usefulness

presenting you a present on Defender of the Fatherland Day, a man must be used regularly.This can be a tie, pen, lighter, folding knife, pocket steel flask, MP-3 player, and so on.Tying the morning beautiful brand new tie your partner looking in the mirror, will think: "She's a real good girl!".Putting a signature on a paper in his office, he is still a couple of seconds you donated wagged his pen in his hand and his heart was filled with gratitude.Imagine how pleasant shivering in the early morning fishing or hunting, to get out of his pocket a stylish flask engraved with a dedication signed, sip a warming sip brandy and remember that fantastic rate home waiting for him only ...

In choosing gifts in the form of clothing or accessoryit is important to understand that the man gets older, the more she is drawn to the classic style.For example, such men especially appreciate in a wristwatch strap plush leather, with very simple dial.To absolutely nothing more, his belongings and parts of clothes should be a quality and relevant to individual taste and preferences.

If you decide to give him a watch, it is not exactly skimp and buy them should be tested in stores, with a good reputation.If you decide to donate anything from clothes, stop your choice on white color scheme, such a thing will never banal.And even if the dazzling white trousers your man enough for only one way out - it's nothing to delight women around, they charmed and his genuine pleasure on this occasion, more than compensates for with all the possible costs of dry cleaning.He will thank you and you will have another reason to show off with him somewhere in a cafe and enjoy the envious glances of foreign ladies.

  • second quality: what dreamed

gift should be welcome Most men have some hobbies, interests, passions, old dreams.Push your memory, remember what he dreamed of, for example, in childhood or college.Remember how long he stood at the window with carved backgammon or considered helmet for racing car.If you know about it - we can assume that the problem is solved.Give anglers - coveted spinning or some trinket for fishing, collector - anything for his beloved collection, bibliophile - a book.

Speaking of books.Despite the general computerization and the ubiquitous Internet, the book is still a universal gift.The main thing that it was well-chosen.If your man is a helpless fish in the aquarium - give him a book about rare fish, fascinated by aviation - a book about airplanes and gliders if it numismatist - a book about the coins, the hunter - hunting, Photographer - photographers.

In fact, many men suffer from the fact that his family did not share his enthusiasm, and at times treat them with hostility.Therefore, the recognition of his little weakness extended your hand, and even encouraging his hobbies gift, even the most respectable men will simply boyish delight.Here's a look.

  • third quality: the quality or branded

should be recognized that the majority of men are vain.Therefore, if a lighter - you will certainly «Zippo», if the pen - you will certainly «Parker» or «Pelikan».Say what you like, and feel like the owner of this brand gizmos damn nice!But if you really need a subject, then fine suit and «made in Hong Kong».

If your partner is engaged in business, it is preferable that a gift to him was a solid and prestigious, that is so exactly like himself.Very often business people give card holders, wallets, cigarette cases and other branded stationery.It would be appropriate to present the day his beloved businessman shirt.It definitely will not be superfluous, and if picked up a present, given its preference that is better than you are unknown, then the best idea for a gift to his beloved men's holiday, and difficult to come up with (of course, if you do not give him a shirt for all holidaysin a year).There will be an additional plus and stylish tie, men's fashion accessories always emphasize the solidity of your businessman and remind your care and impeccable taste.

  • fourth quality: giving courage

Samurai sword - a great gift on February 23 very large number of men subconsciously downright attracted to a variety of weapons and all that, one way or another connected with it, since it is the literature and ending with computer games.This does not mean that it is cruel and childish.Not at all.It's kind of a natural instinct, inherited from the diversity of their ancestors since time immemorial.His blood does not live a hidden warrior, protector and hunter.

In addition, it is not necessary to kill someone, if you have a rifle.Weapons can only have - proudly show to friends, get out of the safe time to time, to inspect, disassemble, lubricate, clean, feel the cool metal and listen to the mystical sounds vzvodimogo trigger.If your man is such a thing, giving courage, give him a set for cleaning and lubrication of its precious pieces of iron, trust me, he sincerely as ever, hit your attention and depth of understanding.

Even if he does not have a collection of weapons, marked the beginning of the collection, and it will be very grateful.Give February 23 hunting knife instructed stones, gracefully curved sword, and Japanese sword.And let them not be true, but only souvenir he would still be happy.If the guy does not live to realize the pilot, forcing him to drive on flight simulators like crazy - you can give him a good joystick, for example, or headphones, the sound of the engine which will be as realistic as possible - by playing, each time the heart of the pilot, will be filled with gratitude.

  • fifth quality: a source of pride

If you can donate only thing of its kind, if it, for example, 1,000 years, or the previous owner had some famous people, and may still deeply honored by youra man, any trinket able to find incredible value.Holding a such ancient contraption, and start to feel himself unwittingly involved in a long-standing historical events.

Gifts for February 23? Your man will definitely be pleased when his friends - football fans, eyes wide, will exclaim: "How ?!This t-shirt of Kerzhakov ... Since that match ?!It can not be!Let me take a look! ".

to the list of such items can be attributed to pride, and now the popular land on Mars or the Moon.This is both a property and an excellent opportunity to make a joke with friends.Of course such a gift on February 23 is costing you a pretty penny, but it's worth it!

  • Finally, registration gift

not waste on the wrapper and tape - man important is the gift, not the process of donation.Though, if it is, for example, stylish tie, worn on your half-naked body in sexy lace underwear - then yes, the process of donation is also important.If you can not trivial express their imagination, you may be able to make the process of giving valuable gifts.In this regard, the statement "is not important gift, and attention," the most that neither is relevant.

In addition, an original gift for February 23 and can be made personally.Well, a few gift ideas for February 23 with his own hands, we will throw you.

Top Gifts for February 23 with their hands

  • «Alphabet relations»

Take a sheet of drawing paper, and in alphabetical order in a column write words that mean something to do with your shared pleasant memories.Select the first letter of the size, color, font.For example:

  • A

    vgust - a month of our acquaintance

  • B ubliki - I dropped when confronted with you in the supermarket, at our first meeting
  • Dumplings - your favorite dish
  • and so on.

You can place a number of funny drawings, which depict these items together or funny photos.Over time, the collected material can be made into a beautiful album.

  • «Crossword memories»

the best gift - made with their own hands Make a crossword of words that have some hidden meaning to the two of you, the importance of which is full of your shared memories.For example:


  • 1. - day of the week in which we met (Friday).
  • 2. - I like you call me in a flood of tenderness (Kisyunya).


  • 1. - the name of the first restaurant we visited together (Olympus).
  • 2. - animal, reminds me of you in anger (porcupine).

Perhaps it will be some of your "family" concept affectionate nicknames.Particularly interesting crossword puzzle will be together in unison - at the same time to see how well the loved one remembers this or that fragment of your life together, and other important dates.

  • album "Peace Love»

Poryschite on the internet and pick up unusual funny animal pictures that you associate with the behavior of the man she loved.Stick to the photo album and think them funny captions.For example:

  • Tiger in the car - "My kitten the best driver in the world!»
  • monkey writhing faces the mirror - "My favorite is the most handsome man!»
  • Holy Panther - "My macho!»
  • quarreling Bears -I love you!But will vrednichat - bitten! ", Etc.

  • «Gradebook»

do not hesitate to flatter your man! Buy gradebook.Sign the cover sheet, Glue some interesting, funny picture of a loved one.Think of the discipline in which your partner very strong or, on the contrary, deserves humor.Enter them in the delivery columns of items and set opposite the unusual invented your evaluation.For example:

  1. ability to kiss - stunning.
  2. ability to pay compliments - passable.
  3. ability to dance - surprisingly.
  4. ability to cook - great.
  5. ability to send dirty socks in the basket - unsatisfactory.

But fully zachetku not close - it's only the first semester!Learn and learn ...

  • «Best your gift - it is I!»

If you're just a little know how to move, do not be lazy and go to the dance teacher.Suppose you put a congratulatory dance number with elements of eroticism.Gift on February 23 in your performance can make a lot of bright colors in your relationship.

Look in the attic of his army uniform, put it on top of elegant lacy underwear (pants to wear is not worth it!) And a cap on his head.And performed an intimate dance surprise.He will surely be delighted!And you continued holiday, for sure, and the same will like.

Another good gift on February 23 - a stylish and funny T-shirt or t-shirt with your photo.Here the originality you can limit only own imagination.With the help of simple manipulations in Photoshop, you can draw anything you want.For example, you as a Viking woman - a kind of fighting a friend.Or, for example, in erotic robe, with a frying pan in hand, and the words "Do not be naughty!" - A subtle hint loved the fact that you can be a formidable woman, know everything and see everything.Such things do almost all your photo printing store, at your discretion, they, by the way, and can add an inscription with the words of love, for example.

  • Video greetings

On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland! Record video greetings from relatives and friends, neighbors and colleagues.And maybe it will simply be the old videos saved interesting and funny memories.Dilute the form of photos, add your favorite tunes.And fit everything into one movie, write to disk, and print photos on a disk in the life of the man she loved.Here's a great gift and is ready for February 23!

  • «The history of our love»

think what to give for February 23, and at most computer "gathering dust" whole chronology of your relationship?If you talked a lot in the virtual space (via e-mail, forums, SMS, chat) - just collect your messages sent pictures, nicknames, passwords, video with Skype, and combine all this in the form of presentations (create screenshots of pages, or savewith images like HTML), add two of your favorite music and voice recording.Dilute comments containing rows favorite author, or the words of the beloved hero of the film.Get incredible nice and touching.I guarantee!