What to give the girl on March 8, to delight and interest her?

What to give on March 8

Agree that guys often strikingly presented as a gift on March 8 the girl is absolutely not what she expected.Moreover, the same sad story happens on Valentine's Day and birthday.Guys just do not know what to give the girl on March 8.We decided to help both sides: to teach girls quietly but surely, to inform the guys what they want and tell the guys what to give on March 8 girls who are not indifferent to them.



1. Give me, give ...
2. Tips guys that give the girl on March 8
3. Options for gifts on March 8




Give me, give ...

Give me It would seem, has been repeatedly and quite frankly hinting guy that wants to get a gift on March 8, and it - bam and presents some nonsense.Do you want to or not, you again have to squeeze out a smile and portray gnarled wild delight against giving gifts, though actually quite expected for another surprise, and simply irritated by slowness boyfriend.

Hopefully, this time, before choosing a gift, your favorite will think and ask a question on the Internet: "What to give the girl on March 8?", And you finally got his long-awaited gift.

must start with, how to hint to your loved one, what he has to pay attention when choosing a present.For a start, we will determine what gifts you would prefer to receive, and now make a list of their desires.Headlined it as a fairly straightforward, such as "My Dream".For unobtrusive to your desires did not look absolutely frank requirements included in this list, something unbelievable at this stage of life, such as a trip to the Maldives, dinner with the president, four children, etc.

This wish list can be placed on your own home page on the Internet, in any of the social networks.Having colorfully as a postcard, you can send it to all your friends by email, and love the guy as well.You can simply write down on a piece of paper and as if "accidentally" forgotten somewhere in a visible place - let's favorite read, before attacking shops and look for the girl a gift on March 8.Compiled?Well done!Now just wait ...


Tips guys that give the girl on March 8

And now, time to give the guys some tips on what to give on March 8, you can choose a gift to his girlfriend, and not only onMarch 8, but on Valentine's Day and the birthday of his beloved, and on any other occasion.

Keep in mind, the question of "what to give the girl on March 8" was always the problem of problems, and not just now and that is you.Men suffer for centuries to solve this issue.March 8 every girl waiting for a miracle achievements.And in fact, make this miracle is not difficult, of course, if your fiancee does not dream of Bentley.In fact, enough to listen to it closely, and you will notice this supposedly random phrases that your lover speaks in any shop, "Oh, what a lovely bag!" "What a beautiful scarf ..." "It was with Masha instore such hairpins saw just lovely! "etc.Uttering phrases like, she almost always hints to you that she wants to see as a gift, and an occasion of some feast while not mandatory.Moreover, if something like that was repeated many times, and you still do not understand what needs to be done, it can at you and seriously offended.So try to remember that your girlfriend told you lately what your favorite things she mentioned.In fact, the idea of ​​gifts on March 8 lie on the surface, and usually do not need to puzzle over the question "what to give the girl on March 8," she tells you what she wants.

that give a girl Well, if, despite all the efforts in your head full vacuum, and nothing you can think of, no original ideas of gifts on March 8 did not appear, then use our recommendations, and we "throw in" the idea of ​​standingthat give the girl on March 8.

No, of course you can do everything simply and simply: to ask his father for money and buy something of value, more or less, depending on the parents' income.For example, a super-duper tablet, mobile phone or USB stick creative design that can be worn around the neck as a pendant, well, pen, packed pooriginalney, at worst.However, this advice is only for the lazy.But having gone this way, you know that getting such a gift, a friend will make a clear idea about the level of wealth of your family that you just are not lucky enough or lucky enough to be born.But do you achieve it?

Of course not!The task of Man is to Man interest, delight and make her fall in love with yourself as you are.So, remember!


Tip number 1: Flowers.

Flowers - a mandatory attribute of each holiday, and the more March 8.The question of whether we can do without them, can not even be discussed.Beautiful bouquet - this is the thing without which the festival will be uninteresting and washed-out, no matter what gift you are not presented.

in this world there are so many colors.And, actually, for a gift on March 8 you can use any, as long as fresh flowers.Although, there are some important nuances to keep in mind when choosing colors for girls.

5yazyk colors Nuance first. There is such a thing in the world, the language of flowers.As a rule, all the girls are interested in this issue and understand that.In order not to fall into the trap of presenting a bouquet, you should know the following.

Language of Flowers (scientific name "flyurografika") - is a certain symbolism, the importance attached to different colors, giving them a sense to express any feelings, moods and ideas.That is to say, the official definition.Speaking easier, every flower that something so mean.For example, if you give a girl snowdrops, how to communicate their hopes of reciprocal feeling.When giving tulips - this means that you would like your darling is physically very strong.Daffodils give girls staying with them at loggerheads and very willing to make peace.

such big set of values, and yes, it's pretty difficult, and hard to remember.Fortunately, not only for you but also for the girls as well.So, remember the most important thing.Any red flowers, without exception, means passion and love.Any color white - the admiration of purity and innocence of your girl or your relationships.All blue flowers - mean fidelity.Yellow is not necessary to give - they are considered a symbol of separation.Therefore, taking them from you, she may decide that you want to part with it, throw it, or something like that.As you know, the consequences can be very unpredictable.But if all the same except for mimosas you can not pick up anything, then be sure to tell your girlfriend, something like that yellow color of the flowers reminded you about it, because it - your sweetheart!

Nuance second. Cut flowers, unfortunately, short-lived.Within a few days, your suffering bouquet safely go to the trash.If such a fate you do not want your gift to the speaker, then it is better to teach the girl a plant blooming in a pot.These flowers also cause a lot of favorable emotions, and sometimes even more vivid than that of a simple bouquet.

Nuance third. And if your girlfriend does not like flowers (yes, such a strange phenomenon also occurs!), Then instead of a bouquet presented to a bunch of balloons in the shape of a heart filled with helium.Incidentally, this is in principle a good alternative colors for any girl.

Tip number 2: postcard.

Card for March 8 addition to color the girls on March 8 decided to present a written declaration of his own feelings for her.For this purpose the best card.But here it is not so simple, and there are a few important rules of gift cards, which is required to comply.

first rule. Absolutely can not give girls cards with ready-made text printed on it, in particular, the girl, whose attention to you dearly.The text must necessarily be written by hand, drawn by you personally, and one exclusively for her.Therefore, the type of treatment, "Dear (the only one, darling, darling, and so on and so forth), Tanya (Sveta, Katya, Marinochka etc.)" should be mandatory.Then you can write poetry, if they are their own compositions - great!And you can borrow some of the famous poet.The first welcomed.The second allowed.

second rule. All, without exception, the girls love to listen and, of course, read about themselves.So limited to the words "I love you" is not necessary.Be sure to tell your beloved that you're crazy about her gentle laugh, blue eyes, perky smile ....Variants of your choice.

third rule. Remember handing a postcard should be by hand (unless, of course, it is possible in principle).At the same time you need to look in the eye and say aloud the things that later she read.Next, you want to kiss the girl exactly where - on the cheek or on the lips - depends on the stage of your relationship.If the relationship is not, you can kiss her hand.The last option, by the way, fits in perfectly any stage of relations.From this gesture all female representatives simply melt like ice cream.Be sure - check generations seducers of all kinds.

Tip number 3: Actually the girl a gift on March 8.

Gifts can be purchased at the store or make your own hands.

gifts girl on March 8?

gift on March 8 girlfriend can be both very useful and very unusual - this, by the way, you should always strive.The gift depends on the character and nature of your chosen one.If a girl - romantic nature, then you can give her, for example, a music box, inside of which will be enclosed a note with the recognition of your love for her.Only, God forbid you give an empty box - in any case do not.

If your girl friend is already big enough, will still not be amiss to give her a soft toy or doll.Perfect collectible porcelain doll and a teddy bear.On the bear is best to wear a T-shirt on which to write your name and present a gift to the girl on March 8 may be saying that this bear will replace you when you are not around.Believe me, the girls perceive such gestures is very favorable, something like: "How nice ...".Then this one teddy is usually asleep in the arms of the mistress.

what to buy for March 8 Give your favorite perfumes and cosmetics, just not worth it - the modern girl to please in this matter is very difficult.Better give her a money order for the trip to the perfume shop, where she will choose a gift for your own taste.In an extreme case, go with her to the store and just pay whatever it chooses.

very original gift for the girl on March 8 - photoshoot.Believe me, the possibility of having professional photographs in an album dreams absolute majority of the girls, it is unlikely your favorite in this sense is no exception.The subtle nuances of this gift speaks your presence at this session.Did not ask her to the photographer, do not go, if she did not call.Your presence might embarrass her and it eventually ruin the entire gift.Therefore, if it does not insist that you would have gone along with it - you definitely should not go.

Any girl will appreciate if to give her a piece of jewelry.At the same time, do not be afraid of coming expenses - not necessarily to buy expensive items made of gold.In the jewelry store, you can choose the original ring or bracelet of silver, and even to make it a memorable engraved words of love.A good gift option on March 8 will be earrings or a pendant with the sign of the zodiac.Such a gesture will satisfy even the not very romantic girl!Give the girl money even better.If a young girl hung with gold ornaments, she makes on others somewhat strange experience.For the young ladies will be just a great gift silver jewelry, and for skinny girls are thin and delicate, for young ladies in the body - a massive ornaments.A variety of silver trinkets enhance the beauty and youthfulness of its owner.Gold is the best fit for a respectable women - this is a great gift for mom or wife.And for the future, note that the older your relationship, the more imposing to be a gift - to give a ring weighing 1.5 grams, after five years of marriage - is simply indecent.

excellent gift will be two tickets (for you and for her) for a concert of her favorite musical group.

gifts girl on March 8, if she loves the sport?Give her, for example, a subscription to a fitness club or swimming pool.And remember that the key to the choice of such a gift, "if she loves sport", otherwise it could be interpreted as an allusion to the fact that she is not okay with a figure and offense.

If your girl loves animals is making sure in advance that the Friars Minor allergic to it does not have, feel free to go to the bird market!Gift, delivering the least trouble are fish.Instead, a large aquarium can buy souvenir glass, run it goldfish and present a gift to his beloved.Just do not forget to stock up as soon as feed for fish.

How to make a gift with their own hands the girl on March 8?

Never forget that the best gift on March 8 girl - a thing that was created with your own hands exclusively and specifically for your girl.The important point here - it's the words that you say to her, handing a present.Be sure to tell us what they think about it, when did it.Remember?- Girls love to hear about themselves.And so let us know that by working, remembered her gentle laugh, bottomless eyes, provocative smile, and so on.

What is needed to make a gift to the girl on March 8 with their own hands?The answer to this question depends on the talents, skills, patience.With specific regard to the subject of donation, the girls love jewelry, love sweets, all kinds of bags, and of course, yourself - to your favorite.


unlikely that you possess the skills of jewelry, so expect a genius or something of value in financial terms is not necessary.For a young girl should be fine lovely baubles beads and beads, by the way, if you try, you can make a really masterpiece.Good gift girl on March 8 with his hands - a pendant made of wood with some hieroglyph meaning "love".Suit bracelets, rings, bandanas or handkerchiefs, painted by hand, with the image of something intimate for the two of you.


Take the time to take my mother's cookbook or a recipe found on the internet some sort of food.Creativity is welcome.Prepared own cake works better than any love potion.Bake pies and cakes - is no easy task, and if, after spending the whole day at the plate, so you have nothing good and did not work, should not get upset.Embark on a culinary and buy a delicious cake, filled with heart-shaped.However, his throw, albeit unfortunate creature should not be.You can present it first to tell how you worked hard all day to please her.But do not let her try this nightmare, and say, "I dearly your health ...", and presented a cake in the form heart.It will certainly be very romantic, and the beloved, certainly appreciate your act of dignity, and probably even moved in earnest.


a gift with their own hands Girls love yourself - it's a fact, and they need to use.The easiest way to gift on March 8 girl hand mirror.Importantly, do not forget the element of creativity.Is perfect mirror decorated homemade outline in or attached to a homemade case, for example, made of fur or leather.

Give your girlfriend and can be her own portrait, but the photo should be somehow decorated with photoshop and again in the frame to which you put your hand.For example, you can make the image of a girl dressed as a fairy princess.