Ideas and options Congratulations to men on February 23

How to congratulate men on February 23

Very soon the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, so the entire female half of incredibly puzzled by the question as to congratulate the men on February 23.It just so happened that in our country this day - a holiday for all men, regardless of age and relationship to the Army.

How to congratulate men on February 23?Congratulations

men on February 23 can be arranged in a romantic style.For example, a holiday in the morning you can wake up your favorite Defender of the Fatherland, handing him breakfast in bed, or prepare a romantic dinner, cook his favorite dishes and having presented a gift.It all depends on your imagination and finance.

Congratulations male February 23, when there are children in your family, you can prepare in the form of collective festive greetings to Pope: putting a scene or playing the spectacle.

good tradition of any event or holiday home to celebrate the festive meal, and February 23 - a magnificent occasion for cheerful meetings with mutual friends or relatives.

gifts to men on February 23?

How to congratulate a man on February 23

Let's talk a little bit about what to give to men on February 23.After all, men also love to receive gifts, so we recommend to treat this matter with all care.

Any man can please the gifts associated with fishing, hunting and traveling, for example, automotive and barbecue sets, cases picnic and all kinds of accessories (thermoses and flasks, boxes, purses).Give the men on February 23 can be edged weapons - they love it.Equally gifts can be a backgammon, or a beautiful carved chess.

Knowing their needs, give the men on February 23 can be a solid, yet useful items, such as mobile phone, watches, cufflinks and so on. D. It is very appropriate to be subject to his favorite collection - it's almost a win-win.

presenting you a present on Defender of the Fatherland Day, a man must be used regularly.This can be a tie, pen, lighter, folding knife, pocket steel flask, MP-3 player, and so on.Tying the morning beautiful brand new tie your partner looking in the mirror, will think: "She's a real good girl!".Putting a signature on a paper in his office, he is still a couple of seconds you donated wagged his pen in his hand and his heart was filled with gratitude.Imagine how pleasant shivering in the early morning fishing or hunting, to get out of his pocket a stylish flask engraved with a dedication signed, sip a warming sip brandy and remember that fantastic rate home waiting for him only ...

Gifts for February 23

In choosing gifts in the formclothing or accessories, it is important to understand that the man gets older, the more drawn to classic style.For example, such men especially appreciate in a wristwatch strap plush leather, with very simple dial.To absolutely nothing more, his belongings and parts of clothes should be a quality and relevant to individual taste and preferences.

Reflecting on what to give to men on February 23, it should be noted that the different sexes its very special, sometimes radically differing attitude to show.For men, the main thing in the present - is its practical value.The success of the cute trinkets lasts exactly as the most long as giving that little thing the young lady is next.Then, such a contraption, which cost many hours of the girl, and even many days of soul-searching in the process of acquisition, storage life goes on in the most seldom-used drawer or the far shelf.About your feelings, and so it has long been known, but understanding some of the weaknesses and gratitude strong man often sorely lacking.Therefore, to really present "catch" your man, it must have certain qualities, or at least one of them: the utility, giving courage, a matter of pride to be the brand or quality, fit hobbies, interests, preferences, or implement a long-standing dream.

If we dressed that give men on February 23 who are your colleagues, the main thing here is useful gifts.For example, give the stand for pens and pencils, shelves for CDs and other things that may be useful in their work.

If your work is planned corporate, then recommend to develop a cheerful holiday scenario, think of small poems on postcards, hand cheap souvenirs.Well, of course, what holiday without all sorts of goodies!It is known also that "the way to a man's heart, laid through the stomach."Get your own culinary skills, and I assure you, men will appreciate it!

Congratulations male February 23 at work

like to congratulate the men February 23

Traditionally women February 23 congratulate all men regardless of whether they served in the army, defended the Fatherland whether in the literal sense of the word.Therefore, long before the holiday the fairer sex of the perplexed how to congratulate men on February 23, their families and loved ones, friends and colleagues.Particular difficulties, usually it is the organization of the celebration of this day for colleagues.The team would like to mention the holiday so as not to leave anyone offended, and at the same time is not much to spend, because buying gifts happen even to the man, dad, son, brother, and so on.To combine these conditions, greetings from February 23 men at work can be organized in several ways.

Congratulations male February 23: a budget option

most budget option is the presentation of the holiday colleagues postcards containing holiday greetings from February 23 in pictures and poems.In addition to the standard phrases, greetings from February 23, men can contain composed by you personally small funny poem, addressed to each colleague individually.If you do not have the poetic talent, then pick up something suitable on the Internet.You can choose a ready-made greetings from February 23 in pictures and create customized greeting cards, printing them anywhere near the photo shop.

Exemplary greetings from February 23 in pictures:

February 23! February 23! 23 fkvralya!

alternative, more cost-effective option congratulations men on February 23 can be a single large card poster, which will list the names of all my colleagues, their best qualities and achievementsand words of congratulations.

If permitted relationships in the team, congratulations to men on February 23 can be comic.Photos male counterparts can be processed in Photoshop most raznoobaznym way and decorated in a single poster.Posted this gift in a conspicuous place, in order to attract the attention of others - a good mood for the whole day is simply guaranteed!The main thing to not get carried away much banter - remember: March 8 on the nose.

Exemplary humorous greetings from February 23 in pictures:

February 23! February 23! February 23!

Options material congratulations male February 23

If finances allow you to make the presents to everyone, you can use the following tips.Options for personal gifts varied and depend entirely on your own imagination and the availability of funds.

gifts for colleagues can be pens, lighters, perfume sets, components and accessories for mobile phones or computers.Precious gift certificate will be a certain amount for its implementation in the store office equipment, for example, or auto parts.Your colleagues certainly appreciate and tickets for any entertainment events, such as boxing tournament or a football match.

collective congratulations to the men on February 23

corporate greeting male February 23

first option. Unlike an individual, a collective gift could be creative or even more piquant.Now, in the offices, which are different free policy has become fashionable as men greetings from February 23 ordered strippers (of course, after work or at lunch time).

Option Two. If your team is taken to mark the event at the same banquet table, then cover with a "clearing" your colleagues.Try to do it in secret from them, arrange delivery of ready meals to the office, or cooperate and bring each one specialties prepared at home on their own.Decorate the dining room, where you will celebrate on February 23, balloons, for example, and the heroes of the occasion, meet dudelki and whistles.All kinds of holiday accessories can be purchased in any children's store.

under a napkin on the table, you can hide a little surprise for each fellow: a small personal card, lottery tickets, or something else.You can also make a symbolic drawing of prizes, gifts of homemade ticket.

Option Three.For men greetings from February 23, you will need:

  • 1. - festive screensaver on a computer;
  • 2. - festive wall newspaper;
  • 3. - eggs, pancakes, vegetables, meat pies;
  • 4. - gifts.

instructions as to congratulate the men on February 23:

Gifts for February 23

Step № 1.

Form congratulations, of course, depends on your budget and the forms of relationships between employees in the team.Interesting and memorable for a long time greeting the men on February 23, you can think of, even if you are the only woman in the team.On the eve of celebrations linger a little longer in the office, waiting, when colleagues go home, put on their desktop computer screen saver holidays (try not to knock while any settings in your computer and not "demolish" the necessary files).

Step № 2.

hand made wall newspaper, posting her pictures of men of your team and verses-congratulations (or anyone important not to forget, or salve will have for the next year).If the necessary equipment in your company is not available, you can simply print your photos on your printer, attach them to an ordinary drawing paper and hand-written poems greetings to men on February 23.

Step № 3.

One of the main events is considered to be a festive table.Here the main thing - do not make a mess: leave all sorts of cakes and sweets on March 8, let men give them to you.Strong half of humanity will be the best option meats Prepare homemade meat pies (home cooking especially appreciate bachelors), bake pancakes and buy a jar of caviar for them, bring vegetable cutting.It will be the perfect treat for men.If

whether to actually put alcohol on the table, you're not sure, then it is better not put.Do not worry, in which case the men themselves quickly determine which of them run to the store.

On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland!

Step № 4.

major component of congratulations to the men from 23 February - it presents.If you are not familiar with their colleagues, to give each individual gift, then give preference to the gifts that will please most men.

These gifts can be a towel or a hat with funny inscriptions for the trip to the sauna or steam bath.You can buy a bottle of alcoholic beverage and attach them to the label bestowed with photos and listings of the best qualities of each.If women in your little men's team, we can restrict a festive table or postcards - colleagues will appreciate your efforts and attention.

Step № 5.

If your team loose, informal relationships, you can arrange fun contests, sing a few songs together with his colleagues.You can play in front of men humorous scene, to arrange a kind of parade, all the women's team dressed in vest and elements of military uniforms.Men will appreciate your efforts and 8 March certainly will try to please you.

And a little more about how you can congratulate men on February 23: