What phrases and offenses do, that would not irritate women

10 phrases that annoy men women

It is said "men like children" - do not understand the basic things and are not able to adequately assess women's emotions.And, unfortunately, in most cases this is true.They do what they see fit, not even thinking about how it angers them a woman.From the fair sex constantly puzzled question: "whether he is unaware that it infuriates me, or does this on purpose?".Those who belong to the first category, it is helpful to know 10 men phrases that annoy women and the top most "outrageous", from the female point of view of male habits.

The phrase №1: «Let's see"

The undisputed leader of the ranking .The man responsible so any question that lacks the courage to refuse , and do not want to accept .And whether it concerns an invitation to visit their parents , going to the movies , buying new furniture , or New Year in the family circle .Reject it does not risk , knowing that followed a big showdown and puts aside the question "for later" hoping that " maybe blow over ", " she changed her mind ," or he will find the right words to convince her .

The phrase №2: «I do not know"

The second position rankings for the removal of women from another phrase itself takes care of the direct response : " I do not know ."

men like children
  • • «My dear, where we go on vacation?" - "Do not know" instead of "nowhere."
  • • «The child breakfast?" - "Do not know" instead of "I'm not fed."
  • • « When will the salary ?" - " Do not know" instead of " on Wednesday , but for you on Friday.Otherwise, the monthly stag on Thursdays you be abolished . "
  • • « Why so little ?" - " Do not know" instead of "I'm sorry dear, we are with all the guys after work in the pub filled up , well ... " .
  • • «What to cook for dinner?" - "Do not know" instead of "All the same, if only edible, but not yesterday."
  • • «Where better to hang a picture?" - "Do not know" instead of "What the hell you dragged her?".
  • • «Where other sock?" - "Do not know", and it really does not know.
  • • « What to give your mom an anniversary ?" - " I do not know .""What does she want? " - " I do not know ."" Well, at least it is the flowers , what does? " - " I do not know ."" Yes, what do you know ? ! ? " - ...

The phrase №3: «And my ex ..."

This phrase in the ranking at number three , but the first in the evaluation of expressions can destroy a relationship or ruin a marriage .The rate of occurrence of the finals, is directly dependent on the frequency of repetition this stupidity ." My ex- cook me delicious pancakes for breakfast ," " My ex- ironed pants in another ," " My ex was moaning loudly " ... As such statements generally can respond ?Is that , " And where is now your ex ? " " Well, she had breakfast !" " So you let her and strokes in this case ," " Fuck you ... ! " .

No less ruffle and hurt can be comparing his woman with any star.Frazochka delivered during a corporate party fees such as, " If you had your breast size as Anna Semenovich ... " almost guaranteed to ensure the faithful today in the car overnight .Or another "masterpiece" : repeat each , when a woman is going to have a snack or a sandwich cake that Cindy Crawford weighs 59 kilograms during the growth of 177 centimeters.

The phrase number 4: "A mother prepares differently"

and my mother

By and large it's not even a phrase, but rather the password as a team "face" for the fighting dog.The surest way to know that the wife "thinks" about you and your mother in law, listen to a lecture about domestic slavery or worse undergo a knack for the ability to evade the cast-iron frying pan - tell her after several hours spent at the stove: "Again overdone""Mom soup tasty", "chops again?How much can you! "Or something like that.Perhaps the first time, it will simply "blow his lips," but sooner or later a man's behavior leads to a bleak prospect: to cook, or have your own, or go for breakfast, lunch and dinner to "his beloved mother."

The phrase №5: «Who ..."

This is perhaps the most versatile men in the response to any request to do something.And worst of all, the woman certainly knows that this is the "now" come God knows when, or even do not occur.Dinner cool, series ends, the mood will deteriorate, and the woman's request to re-hear the same "now", but irritation.Hearing in response to the word, it can safely take and do everything myself.At best, a couple of hours pious astonishment exclaim: "As you have done?" "Well, why, my dear, I would have done! ', But as practice shows, usually a man does not even remember the request.

Word substitutes the phrase are varied, but the meaning is the same bear , judge for yourself , " already running ", " will soon be ", " examination only " , "just a minute ", " come the next time , I'm busy ."

The phrase №6: «You did not tell"

and you do not say

Even worse , when men forget about this pledge and trying to get away , claiming that she had forgotten to tell him , did not say that , confused , and so on .And the finale - all top impudence : "I would have remembered ! " .But the main thing that everyone remembers a woman and how to say and when , and under what circumstances , and sometimes even witness has .But anyway - will not work : " It can not be !" - He repeats rested .

The phrase №7: «....»

Silence in response to the question is not just a woman enraged and insulted to the depths.This is for men silence gives consent for it is - this indifference , indifference , neglect .

- Honey, what to cook for dinner?

- Silence)

- Do you want to make sushi or better fish bake?

- (Silence)

- ... Well now I put the rice to make sushi.

- (Silence)

- You'll all have dinner?

- (Silence)

- You know what?

- What?

The phrase №8: «OK!"


" How do I look ?" - " OK ."" Well, as I have hair cut ?Do you like it ? "-" OK . "" How do you like this salad ?The new recipe to make tasty ? "-" Okay ... " .Men do not understand that it was not a rhetorical question , she tried to make him like it.What she almost came to blows in the boutique of the dress that protorchala four o'clock in the barber shop a few days looking for a new recipe to please a loved one.And what is the result?Indifference .

Another option : " And you ? " .The manner of answering a question with a question infuriates men at least , but for some reason they still do it."I is this dress ?" - " And you like it? " " Maybe , go to this film ?" - " And do you want? " .Then follows the standard : " Well , as long as you like ," " as you like darling ," "I do not understand this ," etc. indifference .

Would say " so-so " " nothing special ", " disgusting " - even quarreling , steam released .And so - a deep resentment, a feeling of uselessness , wounded pride , and hopeless loneliness.

That is why the psychologists, for the sake of well-being in the family, men are advised to learn to make compliments .That they do not just make nice woman , but also great to simplify your life , will avoid many troubles and family scandals.But while women and men need to be able to accept compliments , not justified or explained in the answer.

The phrase №9: «Well, you know ..."

I know

Another effective stimulus.Well , really , even a silly standards for male question " Do you love me ? " , We can not say , "Yes, I love you ," to which it is multi-valued , "Well , you know ... " .Yes, she knows that lately you often stay at work a long time without telling her compliments that you have a young secretary and a neighbor Ira laid eyes on you .

Or even more interesting when a woman asks if his mom liked the gift that it is so long and hard to choose, and to hear the answer: "Well, you know my mom ..." and a languishing look at the ceiling.What does it mean that my mother said?"She hates the daughter that she did not like?She threw a gift?She gave her friend?Maybe she's already found a replacement daughter?Maybe that's why she did not mind that I could not come?She probably resulted passion with his son acquaintances.Yes, she's pimp, behind my back.But it is silent!Oh, not without reason!So ... ".And so on.

Remember: the woman does not know anything !And your men , the interests of the answer to her question , or she herself to answer it !And then in Humoresque have Petrosyan : " Out of the bathroom - was in an uproar ."Such inappropriate behavior , illogical , according to the men , the response is guaranteed when instead of direct response , the woman heard something unintelligible .In fact, the logic is simple : if a man does not want to speak the truth , then he has something to hide.

The phrase №10: «Where are my socks?"

where are my socks

God, women often have to hear the phrase about socks , neckties , slippers , and so on !At the beginning of marriage , the euphoria has not yet passed, it does not pay attention, it's even flattering - " He needs me !"But after a couple of years of joint life of this woman can osatanet issue .

It is hardly news that such a phrase is annoying to make a man rethink their habits, to cease to scatter socks, sneakers, etc., and remember that every thing in the house has its place.Therefore, psychologists advise women not to become hysterical, without shouting, once again pointedly pulling clothes from the dresser and explaining that this is where they should always be located, clean - here and in the dirty laundry, and not under the sofa.To ignore this man's cry for help, even in once, he will understand where that is.You look, learn not to scatter.

You can not educate a man helpless , do not " have time to look ," and it is already unable to cope with work and other things .But for independence do not forget to praise .This is the best incentive for the man .Do not swear , because man does not help with the housework , for example, is not washed the dishes after themselves , but rather praise the next time - for washed .

Why do women hate men


But the failure to use these 10 men phrases that annoy women is not a guarantee that everything will be okay .Often the words and phrases irritate a woman is much less than the actions and behavior of men .We have compiledTop 10 habits and behaviorFor which a woman is able to hate .Of course , this is not considered " nationwide " the shortcomings and pernicious tendencies , including alcoholism, drug abuse , rudeness , foul language , etc.

  • 1. The worst sin of all men - itindifference.To him categorically not true punctuality and forgetfulness .A man has no right not to take up the phone when it rings and experiencing .Even worse, when it is delayed , but did not bother to call and warn in advance when a woman spent several hours on the guidance " marafeta " hair done , make-up , put on her best dress to go to a restaurant to celebrate a wedding anniversary , a man forgot disappeared "withoutVesti " , did not call , did not warn .Make amends to it would be extremely difficult .
  • 2. Excessive,chivalry demonstrative with strangers ladies,while ignoring their own .This could in principle include any emotional stinginess with respect to his woman : the lack of attention and compliments , etc.And if we also add gifting these benefits others, to the detriment of it - it's a disaster .
  • 3.Lies and fairy tales.And not only about where he was , what he was doing , as well as swelling of their own (obviously missing ) qualities.The inability to trust , trust him , rely on him automatically translates it to the rank of "not men ."The inability to keep his word , irresponsibility - the quality of the same list.
  • 4. The behavior of men sitday and night at the computer, TV, excessive passion for socceretc., is not approved by women categorically .And no matter who the woman : girlfriend or wife .Such enthusiasm may end up that you will be offered to engage in sex with them , too , with hobbies.
  • 5.uncertainty and cowardicewomen "monopoly" , the man has no right to them .The same applies to inability to tolerate pain or trouble - unforgivable weakness of character for a real man .
  • 6.

    Rotten teeth, sweaty feet, dandruff- This is the best contraceptive .And if some are not grooming can cause a woman's desire to warm , dress up , obstirat , feed , the ' unhealthy ' untidiness - the urge of vomiting or the desire to escape.

  • 7. Excessive correctness, eternal teachings and franktediousness- Qualities for which want to stifle anyone.The conclusion is simple : if you have not already friends , so they simply do not .
  • 8.Greed, commercialism.
  • 9. Excessiveobtrusiveness- The quality that repels .The same can be attributed to increased loving , to its manifestations in humans : lapane , smack , tiskane .No, I do not think a normal woman , "See and envy as he loves me ," she was ready to sink into the ground.
  • 10.Groundless jealousyIt can destroy the most beautiful relationship.However, women like manifestations of jealousy reasonable - given the reticence and avarice of man's praise is the most true and reliable sign of his indifference not his love.