The appearance of the first teeth in children and care for them.

The appearance of the first teeth in children and care for them

first teeth in the majority of infants children happens in between the 6th and 9th months of life.However, neither later nor an earlier appearance of the first teeth should not cause alarm among parents.What changes in the behavior of crumbs talk about the first teeth, which teeth are cut first, and how to care for baby teeth in infancy?


1. What are the signs of teething in children?
2. How and when the baby teeth appear?
3. Possible problems teething in infants.When there is a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor?
4. What to do when a child's teeth appear?How to calm him down, how to help him?
5. What you can not do with the teething?
6. How to care for your teeth in infancy?When should you start brushing your teeth?
7. When news of the child to the dentist?




• What are the signs of teething in children?

first tooth appeared in your baby - is always very exciting and reverent event, although he often precede events are not so pleasant.Signs of teething in children can be identified by increased tearfulness, profuse salivation, slight increase in body temperature remains.The child is hurt, it pursues the constant itching in the gums, so the child is always something chewing - it is also the most striking symptom of the first teeth.

kid trying to chew everything that came his way - my mother's finger, its own handle, a pacifier, a spoon, a cup, a toy.For most children the symptoms first teeth appear a few weeks before any visual signs of the appearance of the first teeth.At these moments, enhanced salivation, swollen gums can, kids pulling hard in the mouth a variety of items, are especially troublesome.Some babies wake up at night crying, worse sucking mother's breast.

However, there are kids whose symptoms first teeth do not appear at all, or are not accompanied by any of the above symptoms.And that's okay too.Although, for your own peace of mind and confidence in the health of your baby, it is best to see a doctor once again.


• How and when the baby teeth appear?

terms of teething Every baby childhood erupt Zubikov 20 major, 10 of which - in the upper jaw of the crumbs and 10 teeth - on the bottom.

first teeth emerge in children, usually in 6-9 months.The first teeth in children occur in pairs at intervals of about 1-2 months.The front teeth are cut first, and in the following sequence: first 2 lower central incisors, then the 2 upper central incisors, lateral incisors 2 further below, and then the top.Usually, the baby already has a 6-8 clove.

then usually occurs a break of a few months, and after a short time, rapidly emerge once the baby tooth 4: 2 first indigenous bottom and then the top.And now their teething can deliver far more trouble than when the baby teeth appear very early.Signs of teething in children after a year can be reflected in a deterioration of general condition of the child, a decrease in appetite, babies often wake up at night screaming.

most alarming sign of teething in children - a rise in body temperature.As explained in this age of any fever The appearance of the first baby teeth, is clearly not worth it.A healthy baby temperature never above normal.His body is an inflammatory process, which must be controlled, otherwise avoid complications.

temperature rise of the child, especially in the presence of various catarrhal symptoms (such as runny nose, cough), you must call the doctor for the baby.It is necessary to eliminate the virus or infectious causes of fever.

A few months after the root of the first teeth erupt in children, namely approximately in the second half had a second life years old crumbs appear fangs.The second baby molars erupt at the beginning of his third year of life.

In three years, baby, as a rule, already has all their milk teeth (a total of 20 teeth).Permanent teeth toddler, laid in the gums even crumbs in breast period, but will appear only on the 6th year.


• Possible problems teething in infants.When there is a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor?

teething problems Parents should alert the following deviations from the norm penetrating the baby teeth:

  • 1. Too early teething a child, before 1-2 months of normal.
  • 2. Delay time of emergence of the child's teeth from the norm longer than 1-2 months.
  • 3. Violation of the order of the eruption, the absence of any tooth that was supposed to appear before the others.
  • 4. Teething is not where it should be, beyond the arc of the dentition.
  • 5. Wrong, wrong formation of a tooth in a child.
  • 6. teething baby before birth.

All of these situations can be a consequence of the development of the baby in the body of some pathological processes and require mandatory counseling pediatrician.Moreover, this delay is not clear.Mom should be monitored, how and when the child begins his teeth, and over which the teeth are cut first.Irregular appearance of the first tooth, with long intervals of time, the first teeth are not in pairs - can be a troubling symptom, namely, one of the signs of rickets in a child.The absence of the tooth, may indicate that during pregnancy has some abnormality, and tooth germs were formed (i.e., they do not and will not be), or the tooth growing properly inside deep gingival andetc.

only trouble is that it is inexplicable appearance of the teeth, can be considered only a slight "kapriznichane" tearfulness, excessive salivation and the formation of some bad habits, such as sucking fingers.The child, as mentioned above, can reduce appetite and lose the rhythm of waking and sleeping, due to the constant itching gums.


• What to do when a child's teeth appear?How to calm him down, how to help him?

the first baby teeth natural instincts Trust your baby - it is no accident pulls everything into his mouth and chewing horrible.This facilitates him pain and speeds up the process through the teething gums.So let nibbles: rubber toys, apples, whatever.Home take care of the security of these items.Can you give the baby a special rubber ring (sold in pharmacies) or bread crust (the crust is desirable, but not a cracker, so it does not hurt the gums).

And of course, be on the lookout!As long as the kid is holding something in your mouth, you need to be sure to stay close, in case he choke, which happens often.

many kids brings calm for some time, a gentle massage gums.Doing a massage to be very careful, my mother must be well washed and with his fingers in a mouth crumbs gently massage the side of the gums.You can use the massage with cold towel, but massage course through the cheek of the baby.You can try to give the baby to chew on it a little bit swollen gums frozen washcloth, or gently wipe your baby's gums with a piece of ice, pre-wrapped in clean gauze or other graft material.

If the baby does not calm down, unable to sleep, and the first teeth became for him a very painful process - not torture crumbs and do not torture yourself.Purchase in any pharmacy a special infusion, intended for the lubrication of the gums, cause problems.Grease should be exactly the gum, under which the tooth erupts.Very soon, the pain subsides and the crumbs (and you along with it!) Will be able to relax properly.Older teeth will erupt without the pain, well, or, in any case, without such.

a little tight in the diet of baby food in the already cut Zubkov will be as well as possible, by the way, it will contribute to their strengthening and training.

Coaching teeth should be mandatory.For this baby food introduced various solids.For example, a piece of boiled carrots (raw carrots easily choke!) Or, for example, peeled apples - these products can be an excellent training material for the teeth of your crumbs.


• What you can not do with the teething?

first tooth When the first teeth appear, ieabout 6 months of age, the child's best weaned from pacifiers: non-nutritive sucking can cause the formation of malocclusion at the kid.It is better to give preference to a hard rubber toys that the baby will be happy to gnaw swollen gums, getting some relief.

spoon-feed the child correctly: do not need to shove in your mouth baby spoon, so it can not harm your gums and teeth to break the growing frail.Feed your baby so that it removed the food from the mouth edge of a spoon.

Sadly, and even this tiny creature is already threatening this ubiquitous decay.As a rule, causes tooth decay in children at this age are: poor diet and prolonged or frequent sucking of sweetened foods or those that contain natural carbohydrates liquids.Simply put, the sweet and flour.Therefore, to end any meal of the child is best with some hard fruits and vegetables, and after he had to eat - rinse the mouth with water.Teach this kid, and you certainly will get rid of many possible problems with teeth crumbs in the future.


• How to care for your teeth in infancy?When should you start brushing your teeth?

Clean baby teeth need daily in the evening, and after every meal.The only difference between dental care kids and adults - are ways of oral care.

Use a toothbrush baby is definitely still very early, and toothpaste and even more so.Now his dental care is limited to a simple rotika rinsing with clean water and gently wipe with a soft tooth sterile gauze with my mother's help, of course.

brushing alone and use the children's toothpaste baby certainly learn soon, but not before about two years of age.At this time, kids with undisguised enthusiasm and pleasure imitate adults, so any problems with this should arise.

Once you see that the baby is showing interest in the toothbrush, noticing how mom and dad clean teeth - you can buy children's toothbrush.With toothpaste is better to wait for some time, but be sure to purchase a child (in any case, do not let your child brush their teeth adult toothpaste!).Several lessons unobtrusive, and you will easily help your child learn how to brush their teeth properly, and then the child would do it myself, and with pleasure.

You have to understand that the main purpose of any tooth cleaning - the removal from the surface of food debris.In general, it is desirable to brush your teeth after every meal, that is, three times a day, at least.But adults usually do not (in the morning and evening - maximum) and therefore teach a child to do this is practically impossible.If parents do not do this, it is also unlikely to be - the first time, maybe, but then probably refuse - you for example a categorical (and blame for this child is clearly not worth it, otherwise discourage the desire to brush their teeth at all).So just teach him to rinse your mouth every time you eat, and brush your teeth in the morning and evening.It is especially important to do this after dinner - in front of the whole night, and the saliva formed at this time in very small amounts, giving bacteria an opportunity to multiply uncontrollably.


• When news of the child to the dentist?

first dental care baby's first visit to the dentist should take place half a year.At that time, experts estimate the correct structure of the baby maxillofacial unit, and in addition the state frenulums crumbs, upper and lower lips.Check all need it necessarily as bridles defects can affect the process of sucking the baby chest, on the location and growth of teeth after the eruption.Moreover it can be reflected in the future even in the development of speech baby.

already three years old baby should visit the dentist regularly, that is, be sure to twice a year for preventive maintenance and professional advice.

established that the teeth in children from three years old begin to break down.Therefore it is better if even the smallest holes you seal in the initial stage of their destruction.Try a very young age to accustom the baby to not be afraid of dental doctor.It is important!

Around the age of six baby milk teeth are already starting to fall out.It will take several years, so that they finally replaced by permanent teeth.

milk and permanent teeth tend to be affected by caries quickly when in between long delayed sugar.Later he turns, and quite quickly, lactic acid, which erodes tooth enamel.It is therefore recommended to limit the amount of sweets, consuming a child.But without fanaticism, dear mom and grandmother - kiddies sugar is also very necessary, and besides, how much joy and deliver sweets!It is better to teach your baby to have two of years old always rinse your teeth after eating candy change the obligation to brush your teeth.


little more about what the first teeth erupt: