How to stop a child's cry?

Why baby cries and cries?

Children cry literally paralyzes the entire life around the little man.This is one of the most horrible experiences of my mother, especially if she does not know why the baby is crying.When a baby cries incessantly, she instinctively inclined to it attracts, pulls, shakes, and tries to calm worried in earnest.But is it right? ..



1. Why baby cries?
2. Why is the child crying during feeding?
3.Rebenok cries incessantly?
4. Colic - a common cause of crying
5. Why can still cry baby?
6. How much your baby cries?




• Why baby cries for no reason?

mom often needs to overcome the instinct of "comforter", when it comes to babies.As is often the baby crying for no reason.Children cry - quite normal, natural expression for the crumbs, but also a kind and children's gymnastics.Baby, thus expanding their lungs, strengthens the neck and chest muscles.It does not matter if you let the baby a minute - two yell.Then, of course, you need to intervene, but certainly not coddle him, and find and eliminate the cause.

• Why baby cries?

baby cries Reasonable mom always first tries to find out the true cause of the crying.To start unwrapped crumbs to check, and whether it is time to change diapers or wet diapers.Then browse clothing baby, you do not press, do not rub the folds.When all is okay, Mom realizes that the cause is probably screaming thirst or hunger.Under normal circumstances, the baby should not bother any thirst or hunger, until the next feeding, because it gives him just enough fluids and nutrients as required for its tiny body.But again, if feeding is established correctly.

As for kids' bottle-", then there is no significant difference, the food children on artificial feeding also is normalized so that the baby is getting and the necessary amount of food and the right amount of nutrients.

Exceptions to these rules may be only in the summer, then it is possible that due to the heat comes the deterioration of appetite and, consequently, reduce the amount of food received, the crumbs may cause thirst.The quench can be weak tea, which should give a teaspoon after meals.


How to stop a child's cry?Why baby cries and arches?Causes of crying children in infancy

• Why baby cries during feedings?

If your baby cries when feeding, - it may well be that breastfeeding is not properly adjusted.If the baby is crying during feeding, he may wrongly grabs the chest, and it is difficult to "extract" milk.

If the child cries while feeding, being bottle-fed, check the temperature of food in the bottle - it is not too hot for the crumbs.Also, do not be wise to check the size of the holes in the nipple.Perhaps it is too small or, conversely, too big, and the baby is inconvenient to eat - hard to suck the mixture or "flow" of milk to choke him, it is difficult to make large pharynx.Make sure that the nose of the baby is not blocked, it may be hard to breathe at the same time eating, so a child crying during feeding.


• Why baby cries incessantly?

why the baby is crying If your child constantly crying, screaming for a long time, one to two hours or so, the reason, surely, are digestive problems.You need to check whether the procedure chair baby.Little baby still can not rid yourself of GAZ cars in the gut, his body is not quite ready for it.The child is just learning to use his body, he does not know its capabilities, does not know what and how to use it, what would happen if you make so-and-so.He simply can not, and does not know that if we use the abdominal muscles, the tension of the abdominal muscles can push GAZ cars, so it disturbing, through the anus.In adults, this happens automatically, instinctively - and this reaction, no doubt, to develop in infancy.Therefore, the child screams and bends, changes position, tightens the legs to the tummy, and in the process of learning to develop abdominal pressure sufficient to gases or feces come out.

reason why the baby is crying, in fact, can be countless.However, the way to calm the crumbs are also quite a lot.The main "trick" - to understand what exactly you want your kid, because every child needs an individual approach.Do not blindly rely on the fact that the work "grandmother" method will help him or what your mom helped you at his age.Often, that can soothe a baby, another might just put out.Therefore, the most important is, of course, - to understand the reason why the baby is crying.And it will be a 50% success rate.


• Colic.

Almost all mothers in the first year of life the baby face the challenge of the baby colic.Then the child often cries after feeding, crying for no reason, no reason at all, at first glance, for no reason.The baby cries incessantly, long and usually in the same period of time.It seems to be slept and fed, but mom is still no rest.Allow this situation can help the following tips:

colic in infants

  • 1. Try to feed your baby breast at his request.It positively affects the digestive crumbs of comfort for his feelings too well.After feeding the baby calms down and feels protected.
  • 2. Try to avoid in your diet foods such as, for example, coffee, cabbage, various types of dairy products.
  • 3. Translating baby bottle-fed, make single servings to feed a little less, but feed the baby more often.
  • 4. Sometimes a baby cries while feeding, while artificial feeding.First, check the size of the holes in the nipple.Perhaps it is too small or, conversely, too big and uncomfortable to eat the baby.
  • 5. feed the baby from a bottle, Experiment with different types of nipple and bottle themselves to see which of them will reduce the probability of entry of air into the stomach feeding crumbs.
  • 6. Try to keep the baby while feeding in an upright position (even eats standing or sitting), and for some time after feeding.
  • 7. Provide the baby calm, peaceful atmosphere while feeding.
  • 8. If the baby like pacifier - let ёё sucks.
  • 9. In the period of acute colic, when the child cries after feeding, put a sling or take the baby in his arms and walk with him.
  • 10. If the child screams and arches are buying it in the warm waters.
  • 11. Bend the legs of the child and legenky press them to his tummy (provoke exit gases, and at the same time show how to do it yourself in the future).
  • 12. Make your tummy massage crumbs.
  • 13. Put the baby on his lap belly and pat his back or easy to do massage, disperse blood.
  • 14. Lie on your back and put the baby on her stomach to your face, massage it back, can do little to sway from side to side.In most cases, babies calm down and fall asleep.
  • 15. Consult a doctor, if necessary, he will advise exactly which medicines can be used to give the child and in exacerbations.

tummy problems - a natural phenomenon, but this does not mean that you and the baby should suffer from it.Some kiddies helps, if you insert a rubber tube into the anus.However, you can use it only on the advice of the doctor.This tube can be bought at the pharmacy, before using it must be boiled and then lubricated with petroleum jelly, and only then enter into the anus of the baby.A minute later GAZ cars will come out, sometimes with feces.

If you had to use a straw, then try to do it from time to time so that your baby does not get used to it.Otherwise, it is "lazy", or rather will not be able to train, adjust the body in the desired fashion, and will not try to push their own gas or stool.In such cases, the child constantly crying, waiting for his mother to help.At long delay GAZ cars and feces should see a doctor.Because you might find some kind of disease or lack of structure of the organism.Bring to a doctor, the baby stool, and weight plate crumbs.Last - and many would say the doctor will be able to facilitate the healing process.

really a problem of colic is very unpleasant, but from them not going anywhere.However, frequent colic baby, according to doctors, to stop themselves 5-6 months of age.But all the children scream and continues ...


• Why has the baby cries?

pochemts baby crying Infants are very cunning, despite the fact that it is very small.The nervous system of the baby remains at the stage of development that is based on perception and emotion, it fixes memory unpleasant and pleasant feelings and requires that the latter, pleasant, repeated.Stay crumbs in the wet diaper or diaper - an unpleasant sensation, as well as hunger.Then the baby cries incessantly.It is proper in this situation is to change diapers, but to feed the baby, or calming bayukanem at every cry - is fundamentally wrong.

Such an approach may lead to the fact that baby develop into a bad reflex.This not only harms the child's health and spoil the character of the baby, because he understands what is required to get what he wants, you just cry out, even though it is unreasonable.Later correct this negative trait will be very difficult.

the older he became, the more the baby cries for no reason, which can be considered objective reasons for crying are increasingly becoming purely psychological.The kid wants to see the care, support and participation, and therefore begins to demand.He gets upset if you are dissatisfied with, if anything he can not, if he is simply bored.

you should try to learn to read the body language of your crumbs.After crying easier to prevent than to reassure.When the alert does not work, try the following tips, we hope they will help you:

  • 1. Take the baby in his arms.No matter what is the true cause of crying when the baby feels your comfort and support, it will deliver crumbs sense of security, and he will certainly calm down.
  • 2. Feed the baby.In fact, to a certain age it is the most effective way to calm your baby.When he is a little older, a "weapon" will lose its power, unfortunately.
  • 3. Shake rebёnochka.Babe really like rhythmic motion.If you have a rocking chair, the baby can take in her arms and with him his head.When the baby is very small, while in the crib, cradle rocking.
  • 4. Distract baby anything.Try to bring it to the window, tell me what's going on, "Look what a tree is green, the sun is shining, but the machine has gone."You can give your baby a toy to show something new.In general, distract, most importantly, react calmly to his crying and screaming - the kids are able to very quickly switch.
  • 5. Try to give crumbs nipple or bottle.Of course, a natural pacifier for the baby is a mother's breast, but when this is not possible - and it will approach "substitutes."
  • 6. You can sing your child a lullaby, or some quiet song.Your vote for the little man - the most pleasant and soothing, regardless of what you are a singer.
  • 7. Try to include something that emits a continuous and uniform noise.Equally, it may be the beating rain, or just the sound of running water, the sound of a vacuum cleaner, uniform, the so-called "white noise" between radio stations.Studies show that uterus - this is a very noisy place.And considering the fact that your baby recently 24 hours a day listening to a homogeneous and continuous noise, it can waft him a sense of security and he calms down.
  • 8. Make the baby massage.Some kids love the feeling when they massage the heels, some - uniform and calm strokes of all cells.Here it all individually.Try to spread your hands with baby oil, containing extracts of soothing herbs and make your baby a gentle massage.
  • 9. Bathe baby.Of course, if he loves waters.Water games can distract and soothe your crumbs.
  • 10. Bring the baby to the mirror.Kids usually love to his own reflection in the mirror.It will be able to divert rebёnochka of negative emotions.

But the most important thing that will help - it will support the baby.Children cry - it was his call for help, as is expected of you.Patience to you, Mom.


• How much your baby cries?

children cry healthy baby or quietly asleep or awake.How do I know how many of your baby cries?Maybe you think this is just.Look at the watch, note the time and remember exactly how much he was crying.Perhaps only your mother's prejudice (or father) tells you that the child constantly crying.

When everything is in order and the doctor convinced you that the baby is healthy, and you made sure that you care for him properly - it is quite possible that little pipsqueak yell before each feeding.This is an exercise for children's respiratory muscles.You should not worry too much on this account, because what the child cries before feeding - well, it will be capricious, even if you coddle him, or drive him to swing.Therefore it is better if you do not become each time these means of calming the baby.It is better to abstain!

last long it will not, and the baby will grow out crying.His unpleasant "wow" gradually go into a quiet cry for mommy who will soon learn to identify what is hunger, pain, or a simple desire to play or stay in the community.


A little more about why the baby cries and shouts: