Free online games for girls: how to make the right choices online games for your child?

online games for girls

online games for girls and boys - not a novelty.In these games like to play even adults, not children, receiving from game activity very much.After all, computer graphics, real players, the soundtrack gives the opportunity to feel like real princesses, movie stars and singers, heroes, leading an active fight against evil, and so on.



1. ARE online games for girls?
2. how to choose games for CHILD?
3. right to choose onlan DEVELOPING GAMES FOR CHILDREN
4. playing together
5. What are Free online games for girls?




ARE online games for girls?

online games for girls All this, of course, great, but all parents have heard about the harmful effects of online games for girls and boys at a children's fragile psyche.However, in modern society, to protect the computer impact on children is simply impossible, but actually do not need.

First, we all know that children learn effortlessly, it is through the game, they will know the adult world, acquire skills, gain experience in absolutely every aspect that can come in handy in life.Even if we, adults, much of it and it is not clear.Second, the computer and the Internet - are our future, and to protect them from child - care that leads to the conclusion on the accounts, banning use the calculator.It is foolish, in a word, and harmful.The main thing is to be able to choose the right computer or online games for girls and boys, and then you will be able without difficulty to avoid any problems with the development of the child.

said that kids today do not like to clean, cook, learn.But it is not.Love, not only listed, but also puzzle games online, all kinds of puzzles, challenges and developing children's games.Do you want your daughter to become even smarter and development, more nimble and creative, you want to give her the incentive to engage in housework?Then select suitable for her free online games for girls, for the very young or older.Would you like your son grew up a true hero, a true diplomat, or bold, clever strategist who knows how to make the right decisions quickly and accurately?Then do not ride his hobbies, and help choose online games for boys.

following advice: choose online games for free.Recommended.After all, children's changeable moods and passions - are changing rapidly.It is not necessary to spend money on a new toy, without being sure that the baby is really happy.It's a game, but it must not only teach something useful, but also fun.Therefore, it is better prefer online games for girls.At least at first, until you are sure that you have a growing, for example, the future chef or a designer.


how to choose games for CHILD?

how to choose online games for girls There is a huge variety of games that are designed for different tastes, wants and needs of the child.

For example, children with a calm nature and a high curiosity logical fit and traditional online games for girls and boys, namely chess, card games, text, sea battle, bingo, dominoes, games that require clean something extra from the logicalseries.

for kids restless, eager to constant action, requiring the attention of parents, more suitable online games for girls simulators movement, or online games for boys race, shooting ... In general, everything about driving, yacht, aircraft construction,conquests, battles - online games for girls and boys, requiring physical and mental activity, "high speed."Here, the main thing that the game was the most active, but not aggressive!

Free online games for girls and boys who like to unravel the plot, reveal the secrets - the perfect choice will be quests, role-playing online adventure games.

Puzzles are ideal for gamers who love to solve complex tasks, and with the feeling of success, satisfaction largely on the outcome of the game.These children can spend hours searching the correct answer.Stubborn, perseverance, desire to be the best - these are the main qualities, nurture similar hobbies.

Strategy suit inquisitive minds, ready to understand all the nuances and subtleties escape investigation, detective stories.Such online games for boys is ideal.

Direction activities free online games for boys and girls are arcade, culinary, economic, racing, sports, adventure, detective.Online games, like life itself, is very diverse.



online games for kids main objective which should be designed and selected online games for girls - is to help the kiddies in the knowledge of how the knowledge of himself, and in the knowledge of the world around him.Kids Games Online must develop children and their abilities, skills, abilities, diplomatic and leadership skills required to disclose their talents, learn to make decisions in different situations, similar to life.That is, children need to get playing virtual experience that will be useful later in life.After all, every parent wants his kid was a prosperous man.

first thing parents need to decide what exactly it is for age need games.For small children suitable games related to physical activity and activity, so they can help in the development of the child.All probably heard of the fine motor skills, develop children's brain?Suppose the game has a control with keyboard and several keys.Let it be any virtual constructor, even if the baby is making efforts, trying, make, build something simple.A little grown up - let them have traveled to join a need for speed of action, logical thinking.The game should teach him something new.

For a child seeks to acquire new knowledge, learn something, are ideal for games that are educational in nature.They will be able to help in the mental development of the child are able to learn a lot of new and useful for yourself.In addition, they tend to be ideal to play with their parents, making them doubly valuable.

you definitely need to decide what your child's interests most.You must be certain that the child in the learning process will experience only positive emotions and having fun.If your baby refuses to collect mosaic, do not force it, pick up the game where you need to draw pictures or words.In fact - the same thing, but that's another game.

Before making a choice, be sure to watch out for your child:

  • 1. Your daughter loves to paint?- Pick up games for girls, based on knowledge of the world's great paintings by artists;
  • 2. nakrashivayuschey noticed the girl's favorite doll shadow and blush, scissors or tools on their hairstyles?- Give her online games for girls make up and hairdressing;
  • cooperative games

  • 3. your daze difficult given math, so he did not love her?- Choose for him a fascinating children's games online with a mathematical bent, logic puzzles - let trains at your leisure, without fear shlopotat "two" or running into notation parents.


playing together

Among other things parents need to make sure that the child during the game developed social skills.That is why the game should preferably be interactive.The great advantage of any game would be if she could join the parents, it is able to strengthen the link, find points of contact between family members, give the opportunity to better understand each other.

Games for two or more people you can do with a friend, brother, sister, father and mother.Check more clever man among you who is faster or better understands - starred in the arcade and puzzle.Master the Popular Action, various "Bomberman", driving games, fights and battles in the spirit of martial arts.

In some games you can play as a team, helping each other in a battle with the villains or exciting journey.

But even if this is not to play with anyone - it does not matter!In these games for two, almost always, you can play, competing with the computer.


What are Free online games for girls?

Free Online Games Dress now the most popular games for girls are that childhood form the taste, the desire to be well-groomed, fashionable and beautiful, the ability to impress, for example, games Winx.They are diverse.This may be online games for girls makeup, where the competition for the best make-up, free online games for girls Cooking, where the girls are improved in the culinary arts, the competition for true fashionistas - online games for girls dress.It can be musical games, artists, games, parenting, animal, games for girls simulators.Mass games with a fascinating plot, in which a handsome prince save his princess, offering them a hand and heart, as in the good old fairy tales.

Online games for girls Barbie Ranetki, girls Bratz characters biliviks, Twilight and Bibigon - exciting online role games for girls dress up, building relationships.Playing free online games for girls cooking, she will learn to cook, experiment with recipes, without causing chaos on my mother's kitchen, and not spoiling products.

short, the online games for girls - big set:

  • 1. devochkovye games with a variety of animals, real and fantastic;
  • 2. Games Logic;
  • 3. Online games for girls dress up outfits with abundance;
  • 4. Free games-risovalka;
  • 5. Online games for girls makeup;
  • 6. online games for girls Winx fairies;
  • 7. Online games for girls Barbie;
  • 8. fun games online;
  • 9. Girl Games Cooking;
  • 10. online games for girls simulators;
  • 11. Emo and informal;
  • 12. Sports games;
  • 13. Arcade games;
  • 14. Love games;
  • 15. Games celebrities;
  • 16. furnish a room, create a room design;
  • 17. Puzzle;
  • 18. Service;
  • 19. Other games;
  • 20. New Year's games, etc., etc.

Online Games Winx Especially popular are different games Winx.Girls with great pleasure addicted cartoon stories of beautiful fairies and witches from one of the popular animated series.There may be a beautiful heroine Bratz fighting and winning bad wizards, and online games for girls with Barbie and her boyfriend Ken.And no matter what your daughter will do: paint, choose a make-up, dress, make in-store purchases - most importantly, the child is engaged in business, has attracted considerable interest and bringing enormous pleasure.Online games for girls Winx introduce new subjects Winx, where the girl will be able to create your own individual image of a favorite of the fairies, which best corresponds to its nature, be able to dress witches from different cartoons, exercise in magical fashion, creating a magnificent magical makeup.These online games for girls Winx developing baby, help better reason, to think in unusual situations.