How to teach a child to speak?

How to teach a child to speak

The first syllable of the first word spoken , the first self- constructed sentence .The success of the child, who are familiar with the native speech and learns to speak properly , causing pride and affection .But if the learning of speech is not given if the child is silent when his peers already in full delight their parents' vocabulary and the ability to put words in the story.How to teach a child to speak , and most importantly , teach your child to speak correctly and without the help of a speech therapist ?

Child and speech: the unconscious to the conscious by

The most common mistake most parents is to ensure that the time will come , and the child learns to speak himself .Of course, it happens, but blindly rely solely on the talents and opportunities granted to the baby outdoors, it is not necessary , moreover , strongly opposed this act indifferent and practicing psychologists and speech therapists , and pediatricians .

child and speechChild and speech - the overriding relationship , because the ability to speak - an important element of human development and communication.The full development of a child is impossible without mastering the native speech .And the question here , especially in physiology.The kid built millions of neural interconnections in the brain in the process of learning speech .It depends on his intellect , his memory capabilities , a tendency to self-education , self-awareness , decision-making , and the ability to make logical deductions , etc.etc.

The process of learning speech can succeed only if the child's ability to learn this uneasy , and learn to speak properly , making it constantly and patiently .And the question of how to teach a child to speak in the first place should occur just before his parents.And remember, it - it's the element of human development , which can not ride no trust in what he learns , language acquisition is possible only on the condition that someone is to learn.And those " someone" - is the name of you , Mom and Dad .

When to start teaching your child to talk about?

To begin the process of learning speech is necessary before the birth of the baby, when he was still in the womb.Literally from the second trimester of pregnancy, the future baby begins to respond to the light and the sound that comes from the outside.Mom and Dad with baby talk, sing lullabies, read aloud tales tell what's going on around as they were waiting for him - in the process of such communication takes place the child's education speech long before his birth.Kid to the sounds of voices of parents, to the gentle tone, to the very sound of the words gradually gets used, unknowingly getting acquainted with the native speech.The process of learning speech can be considered fully conscious in the period after the birth of the baby to six months old.

It can be divided very conscious process of learning speech into four main stages:

  • 1. from birth to six months;
  • 2. six months to a year;
  • 3. from a year to eighteen months;
  • 4 and a half to three years.

Early Stage.
How to teach a child to speak up to 6 months of age?

How to teach a child to speak up to 6 months of ageThe earliest and most fertile period of the age when teaching a child to speak.Development of the baby is happening most rapidly: the rapidly growing volume of the brain, acute vision and enhanced hearing, physical development occurs.The hearing is now playing a leading role in the process of learning speech: the child hears human voices, listens to the sounds of the world, learns to use sounds to communicate with people.Focusing on the sounds manifest since the birth of the baby.The first two months, he just freezes, staring into the eyes of the speaker.One gets the impression that the child is ready to listen to for hours on end.Even the baby's first smile occurs as a reaction to the sound of the human voice!Hearing the voices of parents, baby concentrates and tries to repeat the words spoken by them.

Just the third month of his life, the child can focus on the parents to talk to him , most actively reproducing them audible sounds.On the third and fifth months of life after a brief focusing on the baby speaking adult, he begins to actively vocalize , agukat happily and enthusiastically sing .And since half a year , he begins to realize the meaning of his words audible .

Laying skills.
Teaching a child to speech 6-12 months of age.

Six to twelve months - an age when laid skill of listening and heard repeated.Talking to each other , the parents need to understand that the baby can totally concentrate on his own account what is happening around ten minutes or longer.It should be categorically excluded chat in front of him in a raised voice , a sharp tone and a loud knock .

Teaching a child to speech 6-12 months of ageIn the process of learning the most effective speech in this period the child is playing short musical fairy tales.Therefore, it is necessary to focus on this special attention.Select the audio recording, carefully assessing the clarity of the sound of words and music, the absence of sharp jumps in tone work, the beauty of musical design.Playing better carry tales fragments, gradually increasing the running time of three minutes to ten.Longer listening effect this has not aged.Repeatedly listening to a passage tale, kid learning and listening and repeating sounds and words.

Over time, the baby learn to recognize the words and melody that parents will certainly notice.The child turns the head, looking for the source of the sound, concentrated and try to hear yourself play.And let the crumbs it's not too clear, but many of the words are distorted beyond recognition - but the efforts of "face."This period of babbling.Help him to master this incredibly complex science to it, patiently repeat sounds over and over again, words and fragments of stories.Do not be afraid that the child is tired repetition of the same passage tale.Each time the child more and more will enjoy the familiar sounds.

Make sure that the baby is no longer anything to distract from the exciting world of sounds and words.Do not insist, if during the first auditions baby will not react in any way, do not take his indifference as problems with speech.Let engaged in the usual things - playing, crawling.Gradually, the baby will start to turn the sound down.Involve crumbs in listening, repeating a song or a music fairy tale, as if inviting him to work together.If you type the patience, then just a couple of months, your baby will soon learn the sounds and melody, try to repeat them.

In no case do not hesitate meowing , croaking , crowing with your child.These banal sounds can not only develop active listening , emotional communication kid and adult psychological contact , but also to develop it .

As a result of this training the child's speech by the age of one year form a rich vocabulary - up to 100 words.Of course, this does not necessarily have to be a full-fledged word.More than enough to the end of the first year of life in his vocabulary portfolio was slightly more than a dozen very simple words (father, mother, cocoa, let ...) and about two dozen different onomatopoeia (AAA - swing doll zhzhzh - machine arrived, yyy -airplane flying, aw-aw - dog and so on).Everything else is a passive vocabulary - words that the child understands, perceives and reacts accordingly (let the handle go for a walk, take a cup, stand up from the floor, to go home), but he does not say them.

Another very useful advice for parents is to teach the child to say a year - to keep a diary , recording his little victory , noting the " growth " of words and onomatopoeia in the child's speech .

We are gaining momentum.
How to teach a child to speak in a year - and a half?

How to teach your child to say a year - halfIf you listen to advice and take it a rule at least once a week to celebrate Entries new words and sounds of the baby , it will notice how increasing pace of development of speech of your crumbs .

The general trend : the kid first tries to imitate speech - thus appear word - zvukopodrazhateli , then gradually learns the correct pronunciation of words norm .

First , for example, " boo " - meaning " to fall ", then " fell " for example, as part of the right of the word " fell ", and only then the word " fall ", " fall ", " fall " .

The most banal and at the same time the most useful rule of thumb is to teach a child to speak correctly - called everything that you can see what's going on, and so on, and immediately called correctly.Do not succumb to the temptation to talk with the baby on his "baby language", do not say "yum-yum porridge," instead, "will eat porridge."At home, on a walk, skip and call all objects and events around you: "This is a small house, and the house is large, it drove a truck, the cat washes kitten the sun came out from behind clouds, take a blade to the handle, go to the sandboxplay ... ".

Teach how to speak simple phrases to help built the type noun + adjective or noun + verb .If they are repeated frequently , the child will be easier to remember them.I learned a new word yesterday , today, and be sure to repeat the fix tomorrow , gradually introducing new words , events and concepts.

For example, the word "ball".To start Get that kid gave this concept in mind - he said the name of the object, when you show, called "ball", "ball".Further expands knowledge of the child on this subject: the red ball, which angered the ball, then the ball round (square cube - to compare the differences in shape), and then the ball skips, jumps, you can throw the ball to each other (the properties of objects and actions that can bewith him to produce).Then the ball big and small, and so on.Every time necessarily showing the properties of the object.The best way to put into learning the game.A child in general, is better remembered words and events, if they are backed by some actions: throw the ball, sniffing a flower, leaf through a book ....

It - a reflection of the development of the brain.
How to teach a child to speak at the age of 1.5 years -3?

problems with speechIn fact, 1.5 years - no more than a key point that allows you to draw some conclusions.Number mastered words can be quite different , different children ranging from 20 to 100 active words and onomatopoeia , and more than 200 - the general vocabulary.

Much more important today are the growth rates of new words and the quality of pronunciation.Parents should be alert too long delay a child's speech , as such , in the first place .If a kid has consistently failed to communicate, to try to talk , it could mean problems with speech , and developmental problems .Not sure this is the case , but in any case , consult with a specialist.In addition, there are several reasons to ask for help of a specialist , a speech therapist .

Reason One:Speech problems can occur if the child stayed on the use of so-called " contour " of words .Trying to repeat the word , kid , plays its outline, a sketch of the sound words: for example , the word "brick" , making a contour " titItiki ."The basis of this mechanism lies in the nature of onomatopoeia syllabic words .Initially , this is normal.But if the words and recorded in this form are not moving with the times to normal , proper names of things , be sure to consult a speech therapist .

Reason two:Another reason for the appeal to experts is sustainable incorrect naming of words , for example, instead of jelly mazelin .As practice shows , this is generally not terrible, in rare cases, the child gradually "catch" the difference in sound and correct , with the help of their parents , of course.But there are rarely problems with speech means that the child simply does not distinguish the letters , but on the other , instead of using one .It is advisable , to check the hearing of the baby.

Reason Three:Problems with speech in a small age can be expressed in certain difficulties in the pronunciation of some of the individual sounds.Typically, the most difficult kiddies are flowing "l" and "r", hissing "g" and "w" whistling "s" and "c", and the combination of consonants.Errors caused by the inability to zvukoproiznoshenija child own a vocal apparatus, but also insufficiently accurate perception of audible speech, imperfect ability to analyze the sounds of language.It is important to engage with the child, to teach a child to speak correctly.If the data complexity "are locked," then the next stage, at the age of 3-4 years, will need to overcome them with a speech therapist.

The child and the right speech.
How to teach a child to speak correctly?

it is important to teach a child to speak correctlyVocabulary baby to eighteen months of age may exceed two hundred words.However, these words are , as a rule , a child plays with some distortions , lisp and confuses the location of sounds in a word.The main reason - the inability to hold fully own vocal apparatus .

But before , trying hard to teach a child how to speak , or to lead him to a speech therapist at the reception , you should get rid of all that prevents your child to speak correctly .

  • Dummy - the first enemy of correct speech.

It is not for " witty " said a fact which is confirmed by multiple studies conducted by pediatricians , specialists , speech therapists and teachers of pre-school institutions .Pacifiers or nipples contribute to the development of the child malocclusion , and this in turn affects certain difficulties with articulation and overall delay of speech development .

  • Reading - the basis of the formation of a rich vocabulary.

It is also scientifically proven fact : kids whose parents read to them several times a day fairy tales , short stories and poems , have a much larger vocabulary , and correctly pronounced !

  • To teach, to speak correctly, you can only correct to say!

This fact has already been mentioned .When parents talk with the baby on his " baby language ", he unwittingly learns precisely this " baby " form of words , knowing that Mom and Dad can not speak properly.Distortion of words - is entirely the prerogative of the child , unaffordable for adults (especially those wishing to teach a child to speak correctly ) .

  • The development of fine motor skills and speech -
    parallel processes and inseparable.

The fact that the speech center and the center that coordinates movement of the fingers are so closely spaced that active development of one of them immediately attracts the same active development of the other.Therefore , teach your child to speak correctly and help folding mosaic puzzles zastёgivanie buttons and tying shoelaces , painting and ability to use pen and a spoon - all affect the acceleration of the development of speech .

A child at this age does not sit on the ground, he was interested in absolutely everything: that Mom hid in the closet that is in this box, is incredibly curious to dig deeper in the jar on the table and pulled out the little thing. ... Pull yourself together and be patient -is not just a curiosity, it is necessary for the child's development.Pursuing economic affairs in the kitchen, let your child draw on the flour, pour the water from the tank into a container, pour the rice in a pan of circles, spinning and unscrew the cap.The reward for the "kitchen chaos" is the full development of your crumbs.

Tongue Twisters.

Tongue Twisters at all times helping children comprehend the native language, and in a fun, exciting playful form.Today, speech therapists specially make a variety of patters for children, consisting of hard pronounceable syllables and sounds, sequences of letters and their combinations.The rapid patter pronunciation aloud able itself to eliminate most of the defects of speech.Especially effective such activity if the patter accompanied by illustrations or simply a detailed discussion of what they say - the child already has a sense of humor, and humorous lessons will double positive.

If the build process of getting acquainted with them properly, the child is carried away , trying to pronounce the tongue twisters quickly and correctly so , that he will not demand such teaching and learning and realizing that it is difficult for everyone - will " flaunt " their ability to peers.

There are many different twisters that can solve problems with speech and eliminate defects in it .Can we begin to improve your baby with the following examples :

tongue twisters

If it does , after all the effort you have taken , the child does not speak in the age of two , actively using 100-300 words , you have a reason to consult a child psychologist .If he starts to 3 years to communicate with peers using the minimum sentence , allowing children to interact - in an " Give me a shovel " - " let's go build a house " - parents should sound the alarm , to seriously address the causes and finding ways out of the situation.

A little more about how to teach your child to say: