How to take the child home?

what to do with child

love and attention - the most valuable thing they can give your child the parents.Cooperative games with children are the key to a good relationship in the family.But every mom dreams that the house at least a half an hour reigned peace and quiet.Of course, the easiest way to turn your baby cartoons or sit at the computer, but this is not the best option.Then, what to do with a child at home, how to make this activity fun and rewarding, and at the same time?

collect cubes Somehow, in the most essential point of adult fantasy, unfortunately, end there.And the kids, well, does not wish to play yourself.And even the new colorful toys can inspire just a few minutes, and the next day they are gathering dust in a huge pile of other toys.All because of your need to communicate crumbs.And what do you do if a child to school with a catastrophic shortage of time and effort?It's simple: dedicate the baby a little time, showing as many opportunities, and then it will be fine to play himself.

If you do not know what to do with the baby, then offer some exciting, interesting, and most importantly useful games that you can easily take a baby and free up some time for yourself.These games will help your child develop imagination, memory, logic, fine motor skills of hands, introduced him to the world of adults and teach new skills.

What to take a child: games for little

«Wonder Chef» .In fact, any kid imitating their parents, and therefore play with these items kids love much more than toys.If you fumble in the kitchen, just plant a child in a safe area, give him a ladle, pots, lids and other harmless items.Of course, there will be some loud, but a child by copying your behavior will allow you to easily cook dinner.

«Magic bag» .And it is kids, and older kids just love the different boxes, jewelry boxes, where you can dig for your pleasure.After all, every detail of the child - a real discovery, and many secrets Tutu in every drawer!Still do not know what to do with your child at home?Then please create for him a magic bag, with a mass of various trinkets that at the right time "accidentally" falls into the hands of a child.This will give you a full 30 or even 40 minutes to spare.Required for children under three years in this magical bag collect large items, and safe.

kids are playing «Just Cinderella» .Useful development activities with a child - sorting trinkets.All kinds of buttons, shells, stones, pine cones, chestnuts, cards - it's fun for the crumbs!Let the kid lays them on piles, under your supervision.You will at that time be able to talk on the phone or watching an interesting television program.

«Future architect." Tasks cubes can captivate a child even for a while.Make any shape, and let the baby try to do the same.The more diverse in color and form of cubes is your figure, the more time it will take your child to copy it, and the more useful will be the process for its development.The same can be done on the paper.Take a sheet and draw it simple items, various geometric shapes.You can vary the process and put the point of different colors that you want to connect with each other, to get the overall picture.Such is the kind of "razukrashki" but only now - it's not agonizing loneliness, and joint exercises with the child (well, anyway, the kid thinks so).

«What, what?". Another developing and even educational game to help you in the issue of what to do with a child at home.Take a large drawing paper and draw a picture of objects: TV, table, flowers, rabbit and so on.Make cards with the same pictures.For those kids who are learning to read and write the names of most of these items.Ask your toddler to spread the cards, each corresponding to the object.

«What I want, then turn back» .Children need an opportunity for a flight of fancy.All the kids love to play with cardboard boxes: they can hide a favorite teddy bear, hide itself, to build one house, castle, used as a machine, like a boat ... Bring the kid from the nearest store one or two of these boxes.Your pipsqueak she figure out how and for what purpose, to use them.To be honest, this activity may not captivate him for a day or even a month - there is a risk that will have to seriously try to come up with any other activities with a child, to get rid of the cardboard trash.

kids busy

What to take a child: games for older children

«Family Album." During the growth of the baby you have probably gathered a lot of pictures that you simply do not reach the hands of paste in an album.Entrust it to your child.Let sorts the photos, composing them interesting signature draws near photos illustrate.

«We make comics» .All sorts of images of heroes can be found in all children and even adult magazines.These characters can be cut and then pasted into an album dorisovyvat them various missing pieces, objects, landscapes, add labels.

«postcard as a gift» .Encourage your child to cut out pictures to make a colorful collage of some of the selected theme, such as a gift for grandma.You can make a mini-book with their own illustrations, postcard or poster.

«Magical World on the fridge» .Good help in the question what to do with a child at home - a fridge magnets.They exist great variety and diversity of colors and shapes.Give your child different tasks, for example, to sort by type of magnets, to lay down one some patterns, geometric shapes, to compose a story.You will not notice how a simple souvenir transform the most ordinary refrigerator in a wonderful magical world of forests and cities, ponds and exotic flowers, overseas travel.

«Director». If you are not afraid to entrust the child to the camera, then ask him to play in the present director.Let remove a story, a fairy tale cellphone.He will need to build the scenery, to come up with the plot to remove individual scenes.Then you and print it, stick them in an album in the desired order, add to the scenes writing.

draw «decorators." All children and young and older, and even many adults love to paint on the walls.You've certainly not just glue the wallpaper in the apartment since he met the kid with pencils and paints.Select a section of the wall it in the nursery, which can be colored as his heart desires.For a start you can simply allow the paint at its discretion pattern on the wallpaper, then it can seal the white wallpaper for painting or even leave the plastered wall.Print on a sheet of a beautiful picture of a fairy tale, and proposed to move it to the wall.If you do not like it, you can paint the conventional water-based paint, and start again.

«Master» .If you know how to knit and to bring up her daughter, the question of what to do with your child at home before you do not have to stand.Teach your forewoman knit.These classes with the child take you 10-15 minutes a day, and all the rest of the baby will be fascinated by independent creation, sometimes running up to you for the compliment.Start with something really simple, start knitting for yourself, and just let it continue.Every day can be displayed according to one embodiment of any new loops and patterns.Later on you will be required to buy a magazine for knitting and yarn.And, of course, to admire the daughter's handiwork.

«cartographer» .Encourage your child to draw on a large sheet of paper the plan of your apartment, your yard, a map of your city.Kids can provide complete freedom - even fun.Pupils can be given the task to transfer to the paper, for example, a map of Africa or the world, observing colors, graphic symbols in cartography or by come up with something interesting.Perseverance kids can linger for hours on this task.In addition, you solve the problem than to take the baby home, it develops visual memory, teaches drawing and sketching, understanding of the scale, the child will be better able to navigate the geography.Your card does not have to be absolutely real, and it can be fun: with glued or painted plants and animals living in the area, the natives in their national costumes, and so on.


lessons with the child: Master house

There are a variety of paper crafts.One such exciting ways - a house made of cardboard.Of course, such large-scale projects, such classes with the child require your direct involvement.However, some individual tasks feasible for the child, he may well cope on their own.The same applies to repeat jobs.

Start, for example, with a refrigerator.He did not have to exactly follow the shape, it may be a "prototype of a refrigerator", because kids are incredibly wild imagination.Cut a rectangle, fold his book.On the inner sides of the glue pockets and fill them with small images representing products, they can be cut out of magazines and advertising brochures.The same principle can be made cabinets, and fill them with dresses.From matchbooks generally goes pretty excellent furniture: fold the boxes and obkleyte of colored paper, the back of a chair or bed can be made from a sheet of cardboard.

These classes with the child does not take much of your time.Choose and cut out various pictures for a refrigerator, cabinet and so on, the kid may itself, and you prefer to use this time of their own affairs.Alone it can and paint furniture and draw small objects and place them where it sees fit, having tried a few options.

Once the furniture house is ready, you can tinkering wall.This will require: cardboard, pencils, paints, colored paper, pieces of cloth and glue.Large sheets of cardboard to paint colors or stick symbolic "wallpaper" - colored paper, which, incidentally, can also be pre-draw patterns.While the child will be busy finishing the walls, at your disposal will be at least 30-50 minutes of peace and quiet.Then join in and help.Cut on the walls doors and windows, hang curtains and paintings.

with a button Take "facilities" to house floor.In fact it can be "tiled" colorful "linoleum", Palace, Mosaic, a variety of textures and colors.

Now you can connect the walls and floor.It is better to do or just tidy slits glued paper.A child on the rights of the owner home, let him arrange the furniture made of Lego various missing parts of the interior.Of course, he would need to occupy the house residents.By placing a house near the outlet, can be arranged in the house lighting, spending it with a small table lamp, or a Christmas garland.

where imagination has no limits.Over time, it will be possible to replace the old items with new, more successful, add people, play with them in the family.Give your child the opportunity to build a garage or car parking, create more room to create a kitchen, bathroom, build a swimming pool, a patio with a swing.Use long been bored, gathering dust in the closet designers, let your baby will give them a second life - this is he sure will cope on their own.If the size of your apartment allow, then you can create a fabulous city.These sessions with the child for years!

What to take a child: "Role playing»

Kids of all ages sometimes can not agree among themselves, to find a common activity and not fight over a toy.Leaving everyone in his corner and play alone.Role playing can reconcile the children and teach them to play together.In addition, and for you it can be very useful and informative, even if the direct participation and you do not take.

«family». Let the kids sing the role of the child and the parents take turns, or mom and dad.You can offer them some options for events, such as a shopping trip, cooking lunch for the pope, who comes home from work and so on.Babies this game will be very interesting.And parents will look the part on themselves, because children copy adults, just a mirror of their behavior, actions and words.You will probably be over, what to think, after watching these games.

reading books «Hospital". Let the kids take turns trying on the role of a doctor, treat dolls, stuffed toys, or even each other.First, the eldest child can play the game, and the youngest to repeat his actions, and then vice versa.Such games, among other things, help the kiddies to get rid of the fear of an uncle or aunt in a white robe, to stop being afraid of injections, allows them to explain themselves to the need for treatment.

«Headquarters» .Cover the table with a big blanket, make a chair or cartons additional rooms.Organize a "phone" link, make fleet that are ready to go to the urgent task upon request.And, of course, spread the role of commander and subordinate.This game will help you to take the children for a few hours, and in addition, it teaches to develop imagination, to direct and to execute the order.

subordinate commander can give different assignments by recording them on a "secret" paper.Poisoning in exploration, drawing up of mining areas (children's room), a subordinate must be strictly according to plan to lay mines (cubes).Then the commander checks whether laid shells.Carry out "military exercises": the main task - to find the "enemy" (for example, the pope), then neutralize it, be sure to take the prisoners and engage in the game.

However, there is one important feature: the need to teach children to play.Together with the children to build scenery, rebyatnya show how and what you can do to send their imagination, to make peace, if it is not shared.But after such detailed instructions kids can play on their own, without your presence, each time coming up with more and more stories of history.

play toys And, of course, the game is a prerequisite for restoring order.For example, the headquarters opened, and therefore moves: ship radio, to a secret container fleet, the building needs to be done to the enemy, invisible to disguise them under the form of a conventional table (to return to its original position), secret missions must be destroyed or hidden.By

absolutely the same principle can be played with children in school, taxi, theater, ship, mail, train, travel ...

Get a special notebook and write down the games that you have played with your child and let him put downsymbolic evaluation: how much he liked certain games and activities with the child.So you'll probably know what your interests are most crumbs that attracts and inspires him.Next a boring rainy day with your child you will bookmark and choose, what to play today.For you it will be a kind of cheat sheet.Do not be lazy to come up with new games together, and soon before you do not raise an issue than to take the child.

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