A hyperactive child: what to do, how to raise a child hyperactive?


In recent decades, more and more often you can hear the concept of a hyperactive child .What does it mean what he hyperactive kid?What are the causes of hyperactivity ?What to do in such a situation , how to raise a child hyperactive ?The topic of this article is devoted to these issues.

Signs of a hyperactive child.

baby crawlingAbout this child usually say that it is " all the hinges ," with " little motor " or " perpetual motion ."Especially the " Naughty " different hands hyperactive child - they are all the time without getting tired something touch , throw , break .A hyperactive child is constantly in motion, he just is not able to calmly walk, sit , he is constantly running somewhere, jumping , fidgeting , talking feet.

Hyperactive Kid is always very curious , but his momentary curiosity , it does not tend to see more, to consider , to understand , so rarely captures the essence .His curiosity has nothing to do with curiosity .Curiosity such a child is absolutely not peculiar , often he did not ask questions peculiar to children , " why" , "why" .But even if asks suddenly , somehow manages to forget to listen to the answer to his own question .

Despite the constant presence in the movement , yet hyperactive child , there are some specific coordination disorders : a hyperactive kid
clumsy , awkward , often breaks toys, drop objects , often falls .With his body just did not have time to go to the bruises , scratches and bumps , but none of the output from this hyperactive child does not, and again manages to fill his bumps and bruises on the spot .

The most characteristic features of the child's behavior when hyperactivity is restlessness , distraction , inattention , negativism , frequent mood swings , stubbornness , temper , aggression .A hyperactive child is almost always in the middle of it , because he is the most bustling and active.He can hardly absorb the skills to acquire knowledge and understanding of many jobs .Self-assessment for such a restless often seriously underestimated.

During the day, a hyperactive kid is never relaxed, he calms down only when sleeping.Usually hyperactive kid does not sleep in the daytime , even in infancy , as for a night's sleep , it is often very hectic .

When these kids are in public places , they immediately attract attention , as always something to touch , grab , somewhere strive to escape , and does not listen to their parents .Foster hyperactive child
very difficult, parents of hyperactive children is incredibly difficult from the very first day of life of the baby.Constantly need to be around , watching every step of his restless child.

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Causes of children's hyperactivity.

Today there are many different opinions with regards to the causes of children's hyperactivity.But the most common are the following :

  • 1. genetic factors (genetic predisposition);
  • 2. biological reasons (organic damage during pregnancy brain , birth injuries , etc.);
  • 3. The socio- psychological causes ( climate in the family , living conditions , alcoholism parents wrong education ) .

The first signs of hyperactivity in adults often overlook the child before school age, they develop, usually four years.House of hyperactive children is often compared with the older sisters or brothers, friends peers, citing as an example, exemplary behavior and good performance at school other children (which is very hyperactive child suffering).Parents are usually very annoying obsession hyperactive child, lack of discipline, carelessness, restlessness, emotional instability.These kids can not to fulfill any orders come with a responsibility to help parents keep track of yourself.This punishment and comments do not give the desired results.

The situation is getting worse over time, especially when the child goes to school.The development of the curriculum will certainly have difficulties as a result - poor performance, deep insecurities, persistent differences in relationships at school with classmates and teachers that contribute to amplifying behavioral disorders.Often, it is beginning to sound the alarm at the school, this is where it disclose a violation of attention, because it is the base, the priority in training.But despite all this, these kids intellectually quite well developed, which is confirmed by the test results.However, as regards employment and assignments, the hyperactive child is experiencing serious difficulties, since it would be hard to focus on anything in particular, to organize their own work.Pretty soon hyperactive kids are turned off, so to speak, from the process assignments.Their school work usually look sloppy in them a lot of mistakes, which are mainly the result of inattention, distraction, failure guidance teacher.

riding a bikeOften such kiddies characteristic impulsiveness, manifested in the fact that often hyperactive kid is doing something without thinking, can not wait to turn the classroom, constantly interrupting other vstrevaya in conversation, responding to a question asked at random, because it can not listen to it until the end.During games with peers hyperactive child often does not follow the rules at all, which is why there may be conflicts.Hyperactive kids because of their own impulsiveness prone to injury, as does not think about the consequences that follow their actions.

A hyperactive child , due to dysfunction of the attention uncollected , is unable to finish the job before the end of their own, are not able to focus on activities repeatedly without bringing momentary satisfaction, monotonous .Often, a single class distracted by another , then the third and so on, and not bringing it to a logical conclusion , none of them.

By adolescence, the child calms hyperactive , hyperactivity is significantly reduced or completely disappears.However, impulsivity and attention dysfunction remain, as a rule, up to full maturity.However, doing so may increase aggression , violations of the behavior , difficulties in relationships at school and the family, a significant deterioration in performance .In most cases it is simply a consequence of manifestations of hyperactivity in childhood.

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A hyperactive child: what to do
how to bring a hyperactive child?

First we need to establish the true cause of the child's hyperactivity , which requires to consult with experts .If the neurologist appointed medical correction of hyperactivity in children , cure, massage, special compliance regime , in which case you need to strictly follow its recommendations .

If you have a hyperactive child , what to do?First of all, to create around him a favorable , peaceful environment , since absolutely any disagreements within the family only charge such a child negative emotions .Dealing with a hyperactive child should also , as a calm, soft, because it is very sensitive to the mood of others , especially parents and other people close to him .Fight your own emotion, raised his voice , watch your body language in the presence of a child.

Foster hyperactive child should be observing the behavior of a single line.Parents and family members to come to a consensus in education.Be sure to collect the family council where the child is not at home, and calmly discuss all the nuances.Explain to each other, come to a consensus as to bring a hyperactive child to uniform requirements to the child in the family - remember that it is necessary to your child, it's in his best interest.You need to understand that the issue of raising a child, especially if he is hyperactive, there are no trifles.If there are differences of opinion, discuss them with each other, but not necessarily so that the child did not hear.In general, try to never, under any circumstances, to sort things out with the child, no matter what the issue did not concern your dispute.

He does not listen to my motherVery importantly, despite the increased activity neuemnost hyperactive child
avoid fatigue.Strongly do not exceed the load , including the physical , hard to engage with the child.For example, to give the baby to multiple discs or sections , jump over age groups , strive to complete the curriculum as an external student .All this can only lead to the deterioration of the whims of the child and his behavior.

Correction hyperactivity in children involves strict adherence to the day to avoid overstimulation of the child.In the mode of the day necessarily includes naps , evening going to bed early , during the day outdoor games , you must replace the active walks and quiet play activities.

Foster hyperactive child should be especially correct, remember the less you make comments, the better.If the child does not respond or does what is not acceptable in this situation it would be better to distract him, to switch his attention to something else, also make it quite difficult.The number of prohibitions against the hyperactive kid must necessarily be adequate age.A hyperactive child is particularly in need of praise, you should do it very often, praising even trifle.However, do not forget to praise the hyperactive child should be not too emotionally, otherwise you risk causing his excitement.

When you request to your child , try to keep it from carrying multiple indications.Talk with your child , looking him straight in the eye .Give him the opportunity to concentrate and hear you, do not disperse his attention.

In order to develop a common organization of movements and fine motor skills, which is very important for hyperactive children , it is necessary to attach them to the lessons of choreography , dancing , swimming, tennis and karate.This is the most appropriate class, capable of ensuring the correction of hyperactivity in children.

The child must be joined to the sports and outdoor games , hyperactive child must learn to understand the purpose of a particular game and learn to abide by its rules , the game plan to train consciousness .

paintsFoster hyperactive child should be keeping stability , do not go to extremes , showing excessive leniency on the one hand, and the increased demands - on the other.Not in his power to fulfill such requirements , especially when combined with the rigidity of education and punishment .Remember, part of the punishment , frequent changes of mood parents of hyperactive children have a particularly negative impact .In addition , acting like rigid methods , and can be out of the ordinary to make a hyperactive child .

You can not spare neither time nor effort to form in your baby obedience, self-organization , neatness , to develop a sense of responsibility for their own actions , the ability to plan their actions , bring it started to end.Yes, to bring a hyperactive child is very difficult, but you'll have to be patient .Otherwise, how can you teach your child, if you are not able to follow through ? ..

To increase the concentration of the child during homework, you should remove all possible distractions and annoyances (the presence of a number of colorful toys, a table overlooking the street, working TV, talking in the next room, and so on).This should be a quiet, secluded place where hyperactive child can focus and concentrate on work.In preparing the homework necessary to periodically look to the child quietly and carefully to make sure it is doing what is necessary, but also to while he was not distracted.Every 15-20 minutes, allow him to do a break of 5 minutes, during which the child can relax and move.

Try to always discuss with your baby 's behavior , but be sure not to show their displeasure with him and make comments in a friendly and relaxed form, without passing on emotions , not ashamed , not citing other children.Discuss his actions , not his own.Calmly tell him that you are unhappy with something , and the something , and be sure to emphasize that you are confident that it will no longer do so.

in the boxIt is important that the correction of hyperactivity in children increases self-esteem of the child, confidence in their own abilities.Most simply do this by mastering the child new skills in everyday life and academic success.Therefore, increasingly expressing praise, stimulating his desire, to develop further.Praise your crumbs for any trifle, for everything is done correctly.Given the nature of the behavior of a hyperactive child, he constantly criticized, and suddenly praised - believe me, it will be for him to act with a capital letter.A hyperactive child will try my best, just for the sake of one single word - well done!

A hyperactive child is incredibly sensitive , it is sensitive to any remarks notation bans .So kiddies sometimes it seems that nobody likes them , even parents .These kids most in need of attention , warmth , care , love, not because he did something right , but because he simply is.

A little more that a correction of hyperactivity in children: