How to teach your child to count?

How to teach your baby figures

Now there are many different methods of teaching children and early development, but , unfortunately , not every mom is able to conduct some " math " class with the child , in addition to daily activities , regular games and training .But, fortunately , it does not necessarily .Opportunities to comprehend the basics bills are everywhere around us , and even for children 2-3 years of age.And in fact, the question of how to teach a child is deemed crucial easily and without much effort .

In fact, some lessons to teach the child to believe is not always necessary , often only need careful attention to the environment, to the opportunities that we provide the most ordinary objects around us.And these items are in fact the most interesting material for an account , as opposed to stick - birds in the book , and also the most useful in Poros how to teach a child to count.



1. Recognize - interesting
2. One, two ...
3. How many?
4. How to teach a child to count to two?
5. Two Plus One
6. The numbers lined up
7. Education without disappointment
8. Prerequisites lessons

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Read - interesting

at the tableIn fact - this is the most important thing, which is to teach the child's mother.Call the baby to the classes account real interest - it is the task of parents.But it is unlikely you will convince your crumbs in it, if you will only seek and insist that count - interesting.Link to the knowledge of the child is really incredible is enormous, especially in the age of 2-3 years: the kid in nature has a program of development of its potential, the potential abilities and the child should be exactly it, absorbing like a sponge all.Judge for yourself.Your kid for their first years of life possessed a wealth of information, considering that all he was learning for the first time: the ability to own their own bodies, language learning, contacts with other people, an appeal to the mass surrounding objects, and so on.

In ancient times to the small children were treated with great respect, believing that to a large extent they are still under the protection of divine powers than under the influence of men.In the East, believe that a child under the age of three in general need to allow almost everything.Of course, an adult is difficult to understand how it works, such a natural program, however, should be treated with respect for the wisdom of this process, and, therefore, not to impose their own rhythm, your own personal schedule, convenient to you daily lessons - adult can only offer, andthis is more than enough.

Therefore training if it is in principle possible to those called in this age, it is solely due to an incredibly strong kid thrust for knowledge.Assimilation of new knowledge and skills takes place very naturally, intensely and directly.In such a case, how to teach a child to count?Simply pay attention to its quantitative properties of objects.To teach a child to be considered, the main thing that is required of you - is attentive to the tips, which gives us the environment and the desire to develop and maintain a child's cognitive activity.

said boneThe main task of the parent - child offer "new food" for his mind.And as you already understood, we must act exclusively within the interests of the child to that particular subject.In fact, the baby is engaged in its own program, and determines the length of sessions and their complexity.The main signal for the parent to serve the interests baby as soon as he begins to act up and distractions - "study" is finished.And if he refuses, in principle, you do - it means only one thing - you can not find their own approach to the fumes, and you need to reflect on their submission.


One, two ...

How to teach a child to count to 10, how and at what age?The first thing parents need to understand - is what actually is numeracy?It considered and simply lists the names of numbers from 1 to 10 - are two completely different concepts.How to teach a child to count to 10, and how to teach a child figures - the processes are completely different.Conception, where the parents proudly report that their child can count to 10, but in reality it means that the baby is memorized the names and order of the numbers one after another.Thus, the question of how to teach a child figures, the answer is: with a toddler learn their names as usual nursery rhyme his own name or address, where he lives.Remember the numbers - it is almost the same as to memorize a poem by heart - math skills are not needed here.

Ability to assume the same - it's not knowing the names of numbers , and even what number comes after the previous one in the number series .However, and this is definitely a need , it is necessary to begin with, to teach the child figures.Numeracy - is, first of all, awareness of the child that the names of the figures are real objects and, of course , the ability to count these items .One thing or two here , and maybe five?This is a major , although not the only thing that requires young mathematicians .

draws figuresIn summary, what you need to teach your child that he knew how to count to 10 or more, we have:

  • 1. - To teach the child figures, ability to "read" them, simply put, to learn the spelling of numbers.
  • 2. To teach the knowledge of numerical series - that is, the sequence of numbers coming one after another in one direction or another .
  • 3. And, of course , the child requires an understanding of what the real number ( set) of objects meant for specific numbers or the name of the image .Addition and subtraction will not yet affect , is the next stage of learning.

At what age can also pay attention to the child to the quantitative side of things and objects?

Embarking on quantitative knowledge can be a year or even earlier.Of course, the results expected from the child at this age early - that it will begin to believe - but the parents themselves , to communicate with the child , it is imperative to count objects , show them and tell them.

For example, " There sits a hare , let's find the second ."Scarce would you listen carefully , sensing information.Most also the first urge to account the baby will begin to appear 2-2.5 years old , sometimes later - depending on the personal characteristics of the development and how it all developed at the kid .


How many?

How manyTo teach a child to be considered should start with the main thing - the ability to understand the amount of understanding the quantitative side of things.What is regarded as a baby?One of the most important conditions for a child's interest in what you are going to count.Until what date, at what age should be considered?As you know, understanding the amount of items to simple rote does not have any relationship, it requires not only the presence of memory, you need to responsible for certain parts of the brain that perception has "matured", we were ready for this information.Previously, the term is simply impossible to understand, it is impossible to ride a bicycle to teach newborn.The optimal number from a very young age - that is, with one years old - is the amount equal to two.


How to teach a child to count to two?

Thus, the interest and ability of perception - what meets these two conditions at the same time one year old kid?He - the ideal candidate for the account.His hands and feet - the object to count the most appropriate, because, firstly, they always said, "at hand", and in addition, are the most attractive subject for the study of the baby, calling him a genuine interest - he is now learning to useby them, own them.In those moments when you play with your baby - do "horned goat" or "velosipedik" - the mood you both excellent, offer crumbs new game - Counting: "And now calculate Dima's leg!".In his hand, take one of his feet first, "That one leg" - then another take: "But the second leg Dima" and then summarize: "Dima two legs!".Following you can find the handle, but we should not continue the game, if you notice that the baby is distracted by something else and now he touched her legs, wondering something about yourself.Your task is just that and is to run it this thought process, and therefore do not need to distract him if he "thought" or engaged in independent study - he needs to sort things out for himself.

In the same way it can be considered Papa , Mama , Grandma's arms , ears, eyes .Of course, in this age think only the parents and the child simply listens to them and treats .Direct realization that the word " two " means two real object appears about two years old , and , consequently, the ability to count at the same time .At this time, you should start to notice an interesting situation for the account to two, they are scattered everywhere in daily life - you only notice them .

threeFor example, a great situation for a suitable account - putting baby shoes .Please note that the crumbs that the shoe - two , and then comment on their own actions , toddler shoes : " We put on one shoe ... then the second .Now Dima two shoes ! " .

You can use the shoes and in the other game in the account.Hide one of them and ask your child to find him : "Dima , look, here only one shoe !Let's look for , where is the other?Where hid the other shoe ?Hooray, we found the other shoe !Now boot the two . "

In general, all mark , two gloves and two candy, two apples , two plates , two lights , two cats .Boys are considered interesting machine , girls - Doll .During the account , touch the finger of each subject themselves and the child's finger , took it into his hand.So the baby will understand that you are now just think at the same time you and develop his vocabulary and learn to count .

There are two subtle nuances in this question for how to teach a child to count.Firstly, it is important, that you need to account for objects lying close together but isolated from other objects not in a heap.This approach will facilitate the understanding of the problem child.Second, consider the same subjects, take your time to count the number of different toys or other objects - at this stage it is difficult to understand the child.Every time noticing any pair of objects, do not be lazy to count them, seemingly as an afterthought, just let the child hears and says to himself, your actions: "One, two ... two carrots."

You yourself do not notice how the baby will understand the essence , and he will begin by touching a finger to the subjects and take an interest in him , and then count them.But in any case, do not try to push , to accelerate once the individual process of cognition - is now in his mind only is the formation of neural interconnections needed , so to speak , to blaze new trails .All you need to happen by itself when the time comes , this is not the age when we need to hurry .

calculatorWhen you begin to notice that the baby has mastered this game and self- interested , apply your " tips" in practice , start asking himself : " How many shoes ( spoons , mittens , cars ) ? " .Give him time to think , it is not necessary to rush on the first stage of your job - not to answer the question , and send his thoughts in the right direction .If you see that he is upset that he can not give you an answer - just tell him: " One, two - two shoes here ."

The whole point of the early sessions with the child is to interest the child, make the process fun and exciting account.It should genuinely delight his small successes, and therefore you should rejoice and applaud him when he thinks something.You'll see, once he understands the nature and feel the pleasure from the process, he nachtet pull your hand at home and showing their tiny fingers, take everything, rejoicing and laughing, finding two more objects of any kind.So do not let any coercion, no condemnation of his abilities, no indifference to his achievements, nor a bad mood in the course of employment!


Two Plus One

When and how to teach a child to count to three ?After two years , you can gradually begin to try to count to three .At this stage, you need to try to maximize the use of this process toddler - invites him to consider along with you wherever there is a reason : "Look, how many machines here !Let's count them ? " .Be sure to read the slow, let the crumbs to continue on you by yourself, if he wants to , of course , and summarize at the end: "There are three cars ."

girlIt can be incredibly interesting to count the kid (and not only up to three): the car - lights, wheels, wipers;when a child on the playground climbing the ladder - count the crossbar, coming back home - to count the steps on the stairs at home - family members.At this time you can begin to gradually introduce the concept of the account different subjects, outwardly dissimilar.To teach a child to count to three easy reading books in which the emphasis is placed on the number of characters, and they are shown together on book illustration: for example, a fairy tale "The Three Bears."

Reading, in the right place and have the child interrupt the count in the picture bears.Tale "The Mansion" and does help your child to learn through right up to the six.This tale is based in principle on the bill and is a great accomplice in training: the number of characters increases gradually from one to six - the baby have the opportunity to observe the structure of numerical ryadya its increase.During the reading of "Towers" after the words in the book "now there are three (four, etc.)", stop and re-measured with the child residents attics, again and again.Do this slowly, preferably with a finger pointing at each kid hero, pausing to give him the opportunity to join and continue by themselves.

The next step , once you see that something that the child has mastered , ask them to try to find their own, instead of doing it for him.Give your child time to get used to the idea that it is , in principle, he can count - is also opening for him .If a kid refuses to do it , do not insist , wait for the next time.Do not panic , assessing his mathematical abilities , remember: he'll start counting , but only at a time when it is ready .

And finally, the last stage of development of quantitative aspects of subjects - child finds himself!When you see a situation that is appropriate for the bill (a few interesting items), ask your child to count them, "Dim, as are tomatoes?Come find them! ".Now the most important thing is to convey the child all the initiative, do not try to answer for it, not to suggest, is not correct, not allowing him to finish - let himself be considered.Once you feel that your pipsqueak accustomed to count to three, enter the next one - start learning to count to four, and so on.Since then, the six months will be enough to teach a child to count to 10, and it is believed, but not to enumerate the names of numbers.


Numbers lined

bricksIt is essential knowledge - the ability to "read" the numbers , the ability to recognize their writing .The baby has mastered it, you can just hang on a wall poster that will be displayed numbers , now in bookstores such mass in a wide variety.The main condition in the early stage of training to close to the corresponding figures were depicted on the number of items .For example, the number " 1 " and one next to the cat , "2" - two elephants , the number " 3 " - three pigeons and so on.

Thus, the child will learn the concept of the set - a real number of those or other things is the visual image of specific numbers.To do this is to play a special poster.Call your child figures , showing a finger at them one by one - this approach will be of interest and year-old baby - and then call the number.Continue until the baby does not get bored.

After that, some time watch the crumbs that the child will do next - he probably will start to study a poster showing a finger on an image , and expect that you say .Now it becomes a cognitive and interesting game in which he offers to play, brings you to the poster 's hand.First, you teach a child to play the game , and then give him the lead , stepping into the background.

Well, how to teach a child figures to learn the sequence of the first dozen, well known to all - to memorize, as an ordinary poem.If you are a busy man, not a sin to approach this question, as well as learning to speak parrots - write to the drive and give your voice from time to time to listen to your child.Listen to a record need only as much as it will be interesting and pleasant to the ear, it is not necessary to do so "as long as possible," when there is no desire, - the most important thing not to leave any negative experiences with the account or the baby, noyou.


Education without disappointment

with momThe early sign of successful training is not the correct account, and a steady interest in the subject invoice baby.If crumbs like to see how you think or consider yourself - then you're doing it right.If your child is a result of these studies was the count to two, three and more - wonderful;counting did not, but he plays with you on account with interest - is also excellent.Keep in mind that the main Your goal - to instill love and develop the ability to mathematics rather than to teach a child to count.In fact, helping your child to learn through - quite difficult to cope with this well and a standard curriculum, but not every teacher, and was not part of the method in the hearts of the disciples to ignite a love for the subject.Make it much easier to loving parents.The main thing - do not chase the result.

There is not a need for some special knowledge to check the baby - he will show them himself when he wants to.This learning process is actually mainly by him.Summing up the matter , we conclude that you can rightfully be proud of the successes achieved if:

decline of interest

  • 1. The child, when you consider listening with interest;
  • 2. After a while, the kid asks you to find yourself something;
  • 3. Scarce making attempts on their own account .As already mentioned, the correct account here plays practically no role .When a notice that your young math genius , playing, considers himself something and thus confuses the figures do not try to correct him , let him experiment and will understand how to count correctly.

Periodic lack of interest of the child to the account, as well, must not disturb you - this is a natural, a natural rhythm cognition baby.Furthermore, it does not follow daily topic operate account.The frequency of such gaming activities for each child is unique, the only reference here is your subtle sense - you must feel that at this point interesting to your kid, and do this, and do not install any conventional schedule - just not now.The child at the moment of their natural rhythms of learning and natural periods of recession interest in the lesson.For example, his attention can now be covered by any new, incredible discovery for him, maybe he's looking for an answer to the question why the apple falls to the ground when his throw, and it checks whether all or only drops an apple, ortrying to realize that edible candy and toy cube color - no.He is now every second of life - an incredible new discovery.Therefore, if your child suddenly without any apparent reason lost interest to the account, do not rush it, wait - he would be interested in it again when you bid the next time to play through.

The main sign that the learning process goes wrong - is that it resists a child : capricious, cries, needs to do something else or just left behind.This means that you are trying to force the occupation of the child, voluntarily or involuntarily .When this occurs , simply set aside some sessions at a time , let them be forgotten unpleasant experiences in this respect .Again, proceed to employment when the child is ready for it and take your game back with joy.


Prerequisites lessons

permanent employmentAbsolutely all the little kids learn while playing .The laws of development of the child - a genuine interest and positive emotions .So watch out for their own mood , if the child will understand that in certain occupations with it spoils the mood of the mother , it's very fast and lose their interest in him : in his view through contact with the mother's frustration , and he no longer wants to be considered .

Hence , the most necessary condition to teach the child to assume and indeed to learn something - to deal exclusively when both of you want it , when in a good mood for both.Eliminate any violence of the learning process , and over the baby, and at themselves.

Once again it is worth recalling the results.Remember : any , absolutely any response to the baby at this stage - an excellent result .He says that a child is involved in the game, it is interesting to him, and therefore he would eventually learn to give the right answer!

Do not forget that this result , which stands proud of myself as a teacher , and the child as a future genius - a love and desire to do what you teach him , because all know how to count , but love math - rare .And another , a most important result of your joint activities - the time you spend together, the joy and understanding that mathematics is more important !


And a little more about how to teach a child to be considered: