How to teach a child to read by syllables?

how to teach a child to read

The process of learning a child to read competently organized can open up the wonderful world of baby fairy tale , and then world literature.Children who can read well with ease in school , grow faster , know how to be persuasive and pleasant companion .However , learning to read - it is a complex and serious work for crumbs .How to teach a child to read , so it was not a burden to him , and did not turn away from the desire to learn more ?That is the talk .



1. When and how to teach a child to read?
2. How to teach a child to read by syllables: STEP ONE
3. How to teach a child to read by syllables: STEP TWO
4. How to teach a child to read the words: STEP THREE
5. How to teach a child to read the offer: STEP FOUR

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When and how to teach a child to read?

with momThe first thing you have to do , dear parents - is to maintain the interest of a child to read.It is not difficult - just read it often , for example, at night , with an emphasis on books with fascinating illustrations , children's interesting text , which is printed in large type .

Start your child can read in the womb , and to teach him to read absolutely any age - in the period from one years old , and until the immediate preparation for school.However, on this issue there is one factor which is decisive and that should be considered by parents .If any one of you likes to read books , I read a lot and willingly , it makes sense to start teaching a child to spell years old.If both parents are completely indifferent to reading , to begin to teach the child better than later - at 4-5 .

These kid reading skills must constantly be supported , and this is possible only when the parents love books , but also know how to read a " tasteful " a children's book with a child .If the reading in terms of parental interest is not included , it will be difficult to explain to an adult child , which in principle should be read why this study.

The most ideal if the baby will be rest assured that the ability to read - it is very useful and, most importantly, it's nice!To create the perfect backdrop for learning to read, parents need not often, but enough emotionally to speak to each other in the presence of a child about how interesting the book he is reading or has read what is written there amazing things, what a magnificent writer wrote it and so on.Of course, you can go to the trick and simulate such a conversation, but, of course, than a sincere and truthful adult than it is emotionally closer to the child, the parents have a better chance not just to teach a child to read, and to instill in him since childhood love of reading.So where do you start an immediate process of learning how to teach a child to read by syllables?


How to teach a child to read by syllables: STEP ONE

Learning letters correctly

in cubesThe first thing you need to do - is to learn with your child the name of each sound.The main thing in this case clearly know and understand the difference between what the letter is , and what is sound.You know that the whole alphabet consists of 33 letters .In ordinary life , reading the alphabet , we all recite the names of the letters " A, Bae , Ve ... " .However, to teach children to read should be in learning to name letters is not , namely, sounds, and in addition to simultaneously display the appropriate letter to cause some association between a child's view of the letter and the way it sounds .

Noises should be clearly and abruptly , that is short, if it's the consonants : P , M, F ... . If the vowels , then you need to stretch a little sound: Ah , I- and th-th ... .

Visibility - your "trump card"

Regardless of the age of the child, he needs a bright, visual, methodically well-written material.Effective visual aids for how to teach a child to read by syllables - a colorful cubes with letters and pictures (you can only letters).Perfectly suited plastic letters (including the complete alphabet, which is made in several colors, for example, separating vowels and consonants in different shades).Perfect choice - Alphabetical set (a set of letters in different colors on the magnets, for example, for the construction of syllables, words and sentences, fix them on the refrigerator).Good help for how to teach a child to read by syllables are coloring alphabet, wall alphabet, and so on.

The main thing - the game!

playingTo teach a child to read, classes must necessarily take place in the form of a game.

For example , ask the kid if he knows his main letter , that is the first letter that begins the name of the child .If the baby will yes , make sure it really knows the first letter of his name .If the child is " his letters " do not know , explain to him what kind of character this , show how it looks .

Get a set of blocks or letters desired letter , show it and say, " Look!That's it - your most important letter !D !Because you name is Dima , your name begins with the letter D !So , what is your letter ? " .

Let the child clearly repeat several times the letter D. "Dima, see, your letter very much on something similar.Come look at it carefully!Do you not like it?No?And I recalled house or hut, two little feet. "At this stage, your goal - to consider the letter to disassemble its features.That is to help your child create some association with letters - is also a form of the game, which will subsequently train the ability to remember, now the kid was just wondering will study different letters, look for similarities with various objects, animals and so on.

Take 5 pieces cubes with different letters , or just letters , and mix them with the letter D. More than 5 is not worth taking - it's the perfect amount that the child at this stage can analyze , without straining too much.Then say, " Dima, but you can find in this pile of his letter ? " .Dima , of course, find its D. Always praise him , and especially emphasize that he now knows his letter home .

The first lesson in this to finish .Secure the knowledge you need to be a little later , but on the same day : ask the boy again to find the letter A , and it is the letter " D" and not " my letter ."But do not tire the child, if he can not cope - just tell me .

When you make sure that the baby is well remembered and knows one letter of the alphabet , you can transform the game and find a letter home mom, dad , grandmother , and so on .Likewise, you can explore all of the letters .However , be sure to explain to the child in parallel , the letter D - not only Dima's letter .House , a sofa , a road , and so on - is also D.


How to teach a child to read by syllables: STEP TWO

bricksAs the study of consonants and vowels, you can begin to make of these syllables.Learn the letter M, after a day or two - letter A. Once sure that the child has learned them quite clearly, put a number of M and A, and tell your child: "And let's read what we've got out?".Of course, a child will read the letters separately: M A. Correct him, saying: "But they are away from us, so they need to be read together without a break like that - MA.Let's now you read! ".Then put two pairs of letters next to Ma Ma.Let the child read them.

Remember to enter new syllables you need to move only when the baby is already firmly learned syllables studied with him before.At first , the child will simply memorize the syllables and nothing more.When you learn with him about 10-15 simple syllables , he will understand the mechanism of their formation mechanism and read syllables.Only after that it will be able to add and read easily new combinations of letters.At this point you need to teach your child to read more complex syllables.


How to teach a child to read the words: STEP THREE

At first, the work should be only with words composed of open syllables , such as , for example : mother, father , nurse , porridge , Dima .

Then you can move on to the study of closed syllables: house, cat, sleep, chalk.

Then you can go and have a more complex words , composed of different syllables : house , board, Sister , table , baby.


How to teach a child to read the offer: STEP FOUR

he readsWhen all the letters are learned , and the child will be able to show on their own and to call you any letter , easily read syllables and make their own , then you can teach children to read whole sentences , which consist of several words .

Here the main thing to start with simple and monosyllabic sentences , such as the well-known "Mom soap frame " .Do not load the child immediately with plenty of words and continued employment .Half an hour - it is the maximum that can be spent reading at a time.

Suggestions that a child is learning to read should consist of well-known , he understands the words .Introducing new words better to start separately , although , as a rule , it does not need to make special : children are curious and constantly pester their parents with questions.You just need to explain to the child the meaning of certain words , certain phenomena .And during reading lessons , analyze those new words that a child learned today .Show him how they are written , making him the letters .

What to read?

before bedtimeIt is a good habit - read before bedtime, it broadens the mind, trains memory, makes learning imperceptible.But once your pipsqueak learned to read before opening a book, first arrange with your child, he begins to read, and you will continue after reading till the end.Let at first it will be just a few words, do not offer, but only the beginning."Come on, wondering what happened next, let's, now I count!" - Remember: You need to take a book out of the hands of the child immediately after the first indication that he was tired, or it is very difficult given reading.It is important not to turn reading into a burden of something heavy and not fun.

Always have on hand a child may be 1-2 books that he likes and probably knows by heart, literally .New books have to enter one by one.Read together , we discussed removed .Leave it on for one or two days if book story is very like a child , then be sure to remove - it needs to expand the horizons and not to focus attention on one product .A few days later , you can start to read a new book .

Best Books for children - it is folk tales , all kinds of nursery rhymes , and of course, good old-fashioned Soviet classic for kids - works Barto , Chukovsky , Marshak .Exciting , vibrant images and extraordinary stories these products are able to develop a love of reading and to inculcate a taste for it in early childhood .

It is important to teach children to read correctly!

reader has on the grassIn the process of teaching a child to read is important to monitor their own diction - you need to speak clearly, keeping the average rate and the average power of the voice, but in any case should not mumble or lisp.Especially, do not force the child's school, if your child does not want to do it.If this happens, it does not mean that your child is lazy.Rather, it is a sign that you are unable to find the right approach to it, failed to make the learning process interesting for their own offspring.Direct your efforts at this track, improvise, turn fantasy, watch the baby to understand how you can be interested in, and then the result is sure to please.

togetherTo teach a child to read quickly, it is important not to skimp on articulation.The kid will be trained by repeating yours sounds, syllables and words.And if you're vaguely and unemotionally to make sounds, and your articulation remains sluggish, you risk inadvertently teach your child to speak in the same manner and slurred myamlyaschey.When showing your child a letter and call it sound, you need to do is call.Help your child immediately to utter the right words and sounds.Actively pull the lips when you say the sound of the US depicting lips "ring" when you say G. opens his mouth in a half smile, saying - A;closes tight lips when - M, and so on.

If you teach a child to read you start at the age of 4.5 - 5 years , then it is quite possible to talk to him about that now you and he 'll learn to read .When talking about children of preschool age , it requires training that takes place exclusively in the form of the game.With these babies right offer " play with the letters " and not " learn to read ."And most importantly - no matter how old your daze , always praise him for all the most insignificant success , say they are proud of you and what you do it smart!


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