Naughty child: what to do, how to deal with children's tantrums?

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Any children's tantrums - with you our private production.Naughty child - parent handiwork.That we allow kiddies behave like , do not listen , and to seek his " throat " and tears.From that, how we build relationships with our offspring , depends directly and our future - the way they will treat us when they grow up a little bit , will respect and recognize our opinion.

whimsChildren's tantrums and whims are dependent on temperament toddler from his emotional and physical condition.Actually according to your pipsqueak and capricious in different ways: blowing mouth is crying or sobbing , whimpering or screaming in rage , bites, screams , throws everything that comes to hand .

Very naughty child brings a lot of trouble to my parents , depriving the rest , makes blush in a public place , or be broken by shouting and threats.Why are you not able to prevent the children's tantrums , how to deal with them as it happened at all , that you naughty child , what to do when the kid is naughty and behaving inappropriately ?That these issues and propose to deal with the help of experts in child psychology .

Naughty child, what to do?

  • The first rule to remember parents, should try to accurately determine the cause of children's anger or hysteria.

If the child suddenly saw a toy in the window and began screaming , demanding that he immediately bought it - is , of course, unreasonable whim .

If your baby suddenly decided to try their own to tie the laces on the shoes , but mom once she gives the child in a hurry and do it , and it starts with an incredible tenacity insist : " I did ! " , Accompanying the requirement cries , tears, and the scandal - the wine is whollyIt is lying on an adult .There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little kid to become independent , in his desire to learn to do it yourself.A little patience - and tantrums can be avoided , and even make their lives easier in the future.

naughty child what to do

  • The second rule.

Depicts a surprise that some say the main thing that your beloved screamer switched distracted from the process.Say , for example : " Oh, look what a wonderful bird on the balcony to us arrived .Suddenly it magic ?Come let us go to meet her ... " .If the child is still cranky sane at this moment , he turns to the game with pleasure and safely forget about the previous problem.

  • The third rule .If you distract the baby failed , try to leave it on for some time alone, do not pay attention to children's tantrums .

Inveterate screamer, very naughty child usually likes to row to "public" and quickly calms down, if no one sees it.Have patience and try to observe absolute calm.Accustomed to the increased attention, the child will be disarmed by the fact that you do not take seriously its quirks, and his children's hysterical scream and leave you indifferent.Pretty soon, a very naughty child will understand that such behavior it's nothing more to achieve.And do not panic, do not complex if someone else sees fit and your baby supposed indifference.Remember to have a much more important future relationship with your baby, rather than what you think of completely strangers.

If the children's tantrums reaches its climax - the child is red, covered with spots, it begins to choke the emotions - talk to him quietly, calmly , without moralizing and commanding tone , wet and attach to the temples and forehead loudmouth cool wet cloth .Soothe baby's tender words , but do not go on about it, especially if it unreasonable whim .

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  • Rule Four .Psychologists recommend to choose the correct tactics of behavior and stick to it all the time, from the very first baby tantrums and whims .

In doing so , you're at least a little can " insure " against unpleasant scenes in the old the child spends at home with the family, and it is here , in the family, and his first conflicts occur .If the child fails to achieve its using whims , it becomes increasingly resort to this method .

Thus , incorrect , inadequate response mom and dad on the whims of children - the most common reason that they are repeated !The child must be from the very beginning to teach your calm , firm response to his anger , then it is much less likely to use this method to solve their problems and satisfy their desires , including in a public place .

In no case try not to get bogged down in response to the children's tantrums , how to deal with their appearance ?- Just calm.Do not shout , do not spank him, so you just add fuel to the fire - he can not in that state to recognize " causal relationship " between their behavior and the pain you have caused him .So you just took up arms against him yourself , multiply hysterical now and the next time it will not with you " ceremony " - to ask for something , and immediately inflict a scandal .

Baby tantrums generally recommended not to satisfy the baby did not require .If, however, the mother's heart tremble , promised to buy him a coveted toy in the next time , with the proviso that it will behave .Just do not forget , then to fulfill his promise - this is extremely important !The main thing is that then , and not now, in the midst of an argument that he did wrong conclusions .

hystericsTry not to become a cause of children's whims , if substantiated his claim or right - let me do as he wants , without bringing the situation to a deadlock.But if you still managed to create a conflict with his own , then try to get out of it without losing much - do not follow the request , stop his tantrum , but in some other way : distract , arrangements for the next time , offer something in return ... .

  • Rule Five .Treat with attention to their own emotional state .Nervousness parents rather quickly transferred to the child , but it is much more dangerous - unlike us , the adults, a child is not able to contain their emotions for a long time , it is much easier to make a " scene " - Skopje throw displeasure.

If the baby is " wound up " , you can not support it at this : if you frown - he will be bold when raising his voice - he shouts , if you start to blame him - he will become insane .So be vigilant and monitor yourself - do not create a chain reaction .

Calm, confident tone immediately inform your child that you are unhappy with his behavior .Descend even cold silence , if you are afraid to break .Do not try to reason with loudmouth - it will not catch logical arguments .Soothe it now can only immediate satisfaction of his whims , and this can not be done , otherwise the situation could be repeated in an hour or two, and so on to infinity .

overcastOften very naughty child is due to a lack of attention to him adults.It happens that even parents who spend a lot of time on the baby , still faced with this problem , because the kids still feel that parents are a burden on this and become more demanding and capricious .

When such a naughty child demanding attention , what to do?Try to carve out a regular time that you can devote to the kid , without being distracted by phone calls and extraneous conversations with other family members .This will make the child more confident , so it is much more likely understand that adults also need private time that it works , and now we can not stop them .

  • Rule Six.

It is strictly forbidden to communicate with children, phrases like: "If you do not shut up right now, I will not love you ...", "If you become my argument when I die."Do not like ever!The only thing you can achieve in this way - is to teach your baby to speak the truth and resort to blackmail when you need anything to him.You will do so and expect to hear: "I leave the house, if you force me to do my homework!" "I jump off the roof, if you do not let go for a walk!" And so on.And the worst thing that given the characteristics of child and adolescent mental thin or when you can not be sure, he says seriously or not, just blackmailing or fulfill his promise, if you disagree with him.

One more thing.Do not bring up the child denial !A lot of parents , for some reason adores particle "no" ." Do not do this ", " do not sit well ", " do not tell" and so on.The best will be calm and positive methods of education : "You know, you can do it another way: for example, so ...", " it would be better to sit like this ... ", " if you say otherwise, is correct ... ."


  • Rule seventh.When naughty child stops making noise when the storm has passed , certainly talk to the baby affectionately about what happened.

Say what you really upset his behavior that you are upset because of his tantrums.But do not identify a child with his act - do not say it's bad, naughty child, and so on.On the contrary, be assured your baby that you love him no matter what, and we are convinced that it will no longer do so, try to continue to behave well.Such talk is extremely necessary that the baby did not have a strong feeling of guilt, as often happens after a stormy emotional outbursts of anger.Remember that little kids do not know how to manage and control or indignation or a sense of guilt.When it was all over, all over, ceased not reproach a child, he did not threaten punishment - remember the baby in a sense, already punished himself.

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