At what age to start teaching a child to read?

as a child to learn to read

Now it is assumed that to start teaching a child need to complete 6-7 years of age.Preschool children in this age, already quite independent, able to care for themselves, and can understand many things.Active perception of the child increases, and reaches 7-10 minutes.All this means that the baby is ready to learn.But to begin to cook it at this point should be well before school age.Today, I propose to discuss when to start teaching a child to read, and how to do it best.



1. At what age do you need to teach a child to read?
2. Psychological characteristics of children 3 years
3. Spatial thinking, logic and memory
4. Why teach a child to read in 3 years?
5. How fast is to teach a child to read by syllables?
6. How quickly teach a child to read by syllables playfully
7. How do you teach a child to read, knowing the meaning of words

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At what age should a child learn to read?

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Recently, a lot of pedagogical and psychological research on the topic of when to start teaching a child to read.The authors of these studies, almost with one voice insist that the child's education should begin in the preschool age.According to scholars, the best for this moment, it is considered the age of three baby.It is impossible not to agree with the obvious fact that the child was three years old seems quite tithe.Therefore, anticipating the surprise and outrage of parents question "Why so early?", I propose to look into this in more detail, before we talk about how to teach a child to read.To begin, we note that the answer lies in some of the unique features of the child at this age.


Psychological characteristics of children 3 years

Psychologists believe the age of 3 years of crisis in relation to the child's development.This is the time your child is finally formed as a person.Of course, the baby is still very much not able, and, therefore, to engage in a full training at this age is early.But your three year old pipsqueak already being knows the world and consciously expresses his own "I".This period of the little man is quite an appropriate name - "age Knows? '.The children have already learned to talk, start with a large activity to know the world and absorb everything like a sponge.


Spatial thinking, logic and memory

logicIt is important to this stage of development of the baby not to miss , because it is starting from the age of three , is the formation of the deposits of the logical and spatial thinking .That is , the child begins to think imaginatively , to understand that the bulk items , they can describe and present .The logical beginning of the development is manifested in the moment when your son or daughter begin to ask a series of questions that arise from one another .For example, this type of dialogue :

- Mom, what is it?- He asked the kid , pointing to " speed bump " through which rolls with caution bus.
- The kid is a "speed bump" - you say.
- And why lying?
- Because it is on the road.
- Why are the police?
- Because it is so named.
- And who I call it ... ..

And so on and so forth.

Besides the logical and spatial thinking in the child at age three activated memory.The child is certainly very important to remember all of the answers he received to his questions .That is why the baby can be repeatedly and constantly asking the same parents .He learns , he learns , he remembers .All that is required of you - it's just to help his crumbs in it.This is the perfect moment to start teaching a child to read.Take advantage of this and "age Knows? ' Allow easy enough to teach your child the basics of reading.


Why teach a child to read in 3 years?

reading with a childThere are at least three arguments in favor of the beginning of the baby learning to read the age of three.

Firstly , as you develop memory, logic and imagination of the child - which requires , I think, no need to explain .

Secondly, you can greatly expand your horizons crumbs , and thus lay the foundations for the ability to communicate and not just to defend and explain their point of view.

Third, avoid the serious problems that can occur unnoticed in 3 years when your baby goes to school .After the first class need not read only one primer , as well as the conditions of brainteasers in mathematics.Can you imagine how much it would leave him time to read a condition to recognize and begin to read the decision .Other kids during this time will have to rewrite the problem in a notebook , and start to solve it .Let your kid is different, something good .


How fast can teach a child to read by syllables?

"This is not possible in 3 years !" - Some parents retort and be wrong.Even as possible and at the same time without any trauma to the child without korpeniya of primer and considerable effort.

Learning letters.

reads the syllablesObviously, the first thing that should be in your plan, the aim of which is to teach a child to read - is to learn letters.Reading without the knowledge of letters is simply impossible.And there is one small but very important feature, not knowing which can only aggravate the process of learning the baby.When you give voice to the letters your child, in any case, do not blab them as follows: "CE", "ET", "de" and so on.You can not do that if you want to teach a child to read quickly.Letters to say to the child should be the way they sound - not the names of letters and their sounds "in", "d", "d" - clearly and abruptly when the consonants and vowel sounds a little stretch, "ah""and-and", "th-th ...".

If you violate this simple rule , then the child will be difficult to connect letters in a syllable , he will not be able to do this for a long time , they just will not understand why the letter " CE" or " ET " in the word should be pronounced differently.Why, for example , the word "mother" must be read exactly and not " meamea ."Explain to him then , the difference between the names of the letters , and the letters themselves will be difficult , it will be lost , frustrated , and may simply dislike and reading , and learning in general.

Be sure to hang in the room , or the son of the daughter of a beautiful colorful poster with the alphabet .Buy this , you can easily in any office supply or bookstore .With clarity, you can activate and train the passive memory of the baby , as the baby will always be on the letters " bump " look, and subconsciously remember them .This is the feature of children's perception , based on the traction to all bright and interesting : pictures, drawings , flowers, butterflies .

Regardless of the age of the child, he needs a bright, visual, methodically well-written material.Effective visual aids for how to teach a child to read quickly - a colorful cubes with letters and pictures (you can only letters).Perfectly suited plastic letters (including the complete alphabet, which is made in several colors, for example, separating vowels and consonants in different shades).Perfect choice - alphabetical set with special magnetic board, or a set of letters in different colors on the magnets, for example, for the construction of syllables, words and sentences, fix them on the refrigerator.Good help for how to teach a child to read are coloring the letters and stuff.

Fold letters in syllables.

read syllablesIt is important to understand the baby's parents as a child learn to read properly , because this depends directly on how preschooler will quickly orient themselves in some other subjects.When the child remember the letters safely start to put them into syllables.

In order to teach a child how to quickly read without tightening the process for months , be sure to buy a letter of the alphabet , or make your own out of cardboard .By making your own, do not forget to paint the consonants and vowels in different colors , so the child and realize that they are different and can easily and quickly navigate when you need to look for the desired letter in their diversity .


How fast can teach a child to read by syllables playfully.

It is important that lessons from the kid certainly were built in the form of games .That is , to teach a child to read , we will playing .

For example, to play with the baby, "a cheerful lift."To do this, build a column of 6-7 letters, consonants, put them high in a row on the floor, and to produce syllables take to begin the letter "a."This column will let a kind of "lift" in the house, and the letter "a" - "stall" this elevator.The fun begins "skating letters."Move "and" to "lift", placing next to each consonant, syllable ozvuchte, ask your toddler to repeat it.Get to the top floor and then let the "cabin" to go down.Blurts alternately every syllable.

Allow your child to the first call , what he read , but do not force it if it can not do it right , and do not tighten the expectation - just tell him or remind them and move on.Do not focus on failures and enthusiastically praise for the fact that it manages .

Taps on the game you need as much time as baby would be interesting to do .Then the game for one or two days set aside , and then pull out again.This form of training the child get bored , so the baby will be all new syllables read with interest .

Once , your daughter or son will be able to independently read simple syllables straight , go syllables counterproductive .Suppose now that the letter "a" , " travel " before consonants to form syllables of "ab ", " ai ", " hell" and so on.Arrange the letters freely, right now " and " your game is " boat ", and consonants - " marinas " .With such a " sound boat " You can teach a child to read reverse syllables , and that means - a short way to the first full reading of words, sentences , and then the children's fairy tales and world literature .


How to teach a child to read, knowing the meaning of words

the meaning of wordsIn two or three months of regular exercise your three year old pipsqueak can confidently read the words syllable by syllable in the ink primer or other bright book , adapted specifically for preschoolers.

Begin to teach your child to read whole words should be after the baby has learned to play the syllables.To begin to offer better read the words, syllables that consist of two letters, that is open syllables: "ma-ma", "ka-sha", "for the first, yes," "Bo-ra-ta".At first, do not offer your child simple words longer than three syllables.Connect a mixture of reverse syllables, "whirligig", "Yar", "mud", and the like.Then learn words with closed syllables: "house", "catfish", "com".Once it starts to turn out well a child can move on to longer and more complex words together different syllables: "house", "mouse", "sister", "school", "pod", "trickle".

Be sure to discuss with your child each of them to read the words .Repeat the word together , draw pictures, depicting the object or event which the baby had just read .This again adds to the learning game time , will form the images and memories associated with that word , and thus help him at a meeting with the word the next time , read it quickly and effortlessly .

Thus, you can not only teach a child to read quickly to 3.5 years, and quite confident, as well as achieve that kids will love the reading process, it originated in the desire for knowledge and learning.Of course, the acquired skill will be necessary to constantly maintain, so try to regularly engage with their clever little son or daughter savvy.Having learned to read at age three, coming to school, the child will read a book briefly and in the first class will be able to please you and your teacher correct, expressive reading.Of course, teaching your child to read is not easy, but your efforts will pay off and spent time with interest, because it - your future and the future need to take care of today.


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