Are there tricolor cats or cats only?

tricolor cats

Nature never ceases to amaze for its incredible human mysteries.Why caterpillar "dressed up" in a cocoon, chameleons "play" with the color and the bees build "state"?Although these phenomena have long been studied and explained scientifically, but not everyone is aware of the reasons that underlie them.For example, surely you've heard that cats are tri-color and cats, no?

• Tricolor male or female?

calico cat - usually spotted cat home or in part with the color, usually white coloring in her fur with black and orange spots.In England, the tri-color cats color gave them the name «Calico cat» - one of the types of cotton fabric, which was invented in Calicut.The Japanese call this cat "Mica-neko" or simply "Mica", which means trёhshёrstnaya cat, the Dutch - «lapjeskat», literally, a cat flap.

tricolor cat Such cats are often simply referred to as three-colored cat with tortoiseshell and white.However, tortoiseshell cat three-color different from that of fur coloration in her black-and-orange with white spots or without them, and the main "base" color is white tricolor cats.Some three-color pattern is cats on the abdomen in a spiral.In everyday understanding of the issue tortoiseshell cat or a cat, or a tri-color trehsherstny - the same thing.

Turtle cat as tri-color cats color has nothing to do with the rock, and represents only the color of the coat.Cat breeds, which may have a tri-color or tortoiseshell following: Manx, British Shorthair, American Shorthair, Persian cat, Turkish baths, and exotic Japanese Bobtail cat.

With cats, like everything is clear, but whether there are trehsherstnye cats?In principle there are three color cats, but due to a genetic fur color depending on the chromosome that determines sex in most cases will have a tortoiseshell cat, and the cat did not.

• Tortoiseshell cat or whether there trehsherstnye cats?

immediately determine what we mean by household name "tri-color cats", that cats (not cats) with tortoiseshell.That is the one that combines black and red (by type red) color fur or black, red and white.

As you know, well-known statement that the tri-color cats are not exist truly only half.Since these individuals are born in the same light, although extremely rare, so much so that they saw only "real lucky."

thing is that the genome of the basic colors of cats (ie, black and red), are located in the same locus on the X chromosome (at a fixed location of the gene within the chromosome) that have special and cats, or cats.The cat, a set of XX, and it is free and can be black, and red and tortoiseshell (that is to have and black, and red and even white).Cat, is the owner of XY, and therefore may be black or color, or red.

• Tricolor cats: is there a chance?

tri-colored kittens Remembering school biology lessons, such dependence can be schematically represented as follows:

XX - cat (just two X chromosomes, the possible combinations: black, red, tortie);
XY - a cat (only one X chromosome, with possible combinations: black, red).

For convenience, the black color gene denoted by the letter B, and the gene red - O. One option inheritance animals tortoiseshell is such:

Red Cat (XO Y) + Black Cat (XB XB) = tortie cat (XB XO) - 50%, black cat (XB Y) - 50%.

happened: male kittens in the variations "have" color of my mother-cat.The same situation is with the offspring of a pair of "black cat and a red cat", that is quite possible the birth of the red lion and tortoiseshell cats.The conclusion here is a tricky: the genes that are located on the X chromosome, in the Y-chromosome "foothold" is not able to, and transmitted from mother to son.

tricolor cats are almost always because the only X-chromosome determines the color of the fur, and only females have two X-chromosomes.Given that cats have only one X-chromosome, it is practically impossible to stain the cat fur was dark and orange at the same time.

• Tortoiseshell cat - a miracle of nature!

There is one exception to this genetic rule: when, as a result of some "errors of nature", a set of seals get sex chromosomes XXY, only then it turns tricolor or tortie cat.Such unique

sterile seals due anomaly that is related to the presence of two X-chromosomes, i.e. one extra chromosome in a genetic set.Simply put, the tri-color cats are deprived of the opportunity to continue their family and send their offspring trehsherstnost.

Of all known mammals and cats only Syrian hamsters have a gene orange - gene, sex-linked, which affects the color of the coat.Such is the mystery of nature.

tricolor cats photo:

Tricolor cats, photos Tricolor cats, photos Tricolor cats, photos

• No inherit or clone ...

At the moment, scientists are helpless before the tricolor cat, even in matters of cloning.It turns out that to maintain the same color fur tricolor in cloning cats impossible.Tri-color cats can not be accurately cloned in the sense of color.Explain this inactivation of X-chromosome, accidentally affecting one of the X-chromosome.Since all female mammals known to science have two X-chromosomes, this phenomenon can greatly affect future cloning.

• Tri-color cats: folk beliefs

In the culture of the majority of countries, there are folk beliefs that tri-colored cats bring good luck and happiness.

In America, these cats are usually referred to as money cats.

Tokyo Maneki neko - calico cat, "invites" people to buy lottery tickets.

tricolor cats as a consequence of their extreme rarity among Japanese fishermen especially honorable, it is assumed that the ship is on board with the cat never wrecked.This cat in the old days it was possible to sell very expensive to ship.Rumor has it that even today this is true.

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