How to escape from mosquitoes and midges?

mosquito repellent

«Mosquito Bites - nonsense" - do you think, and quite wrong.Banal mosquito can easily cause serious trouble and complications.Just combing the bite wound, you can earn an allergy or carry infection.Through the saliva of mosquitoes transmitted arbovirus disease that can cause a couple of days later, fever or encephalitis - inflammation of the brain.Therefore, it is necessary to deal with mosquitoes, and mercilessly.But modern methods of struggle against bloodsuckers, how to escape from mosquitoes and folk remedies to get rid of a problem if you already bitten, we will tell you.



1. DOSSIER mosquitoes
3. How to escape from mosquitoes folk remedies?
4. And if you already bitten?




DOSSIER mosquitoes

  • 1. Firstly, the fact that the mosquito bites a single time, and then dies - fables, mosquitoes can be considered longevityamong insects.
  • 2. The earliest mosquitoes, they are called aedes, aktivnichat begin in late May early June.
  • 3. Total overnight one insect sting capable of up to eight times.
  • 4. Drink our krovushku and only females bite.They need the proteins contained in our blood, for procreation - to develop and lay eggs.
  • 5. The fact that mosquitoes prefer some special blood pure, specific groups, etc.also a myth - the mosquitoes fly to the smell of sweat.
  • 6. winged bloodsuckers "like" children, due to their thin skin, and adults who sweat a lot.
  • 7. The main enemies of mosquito - air temperature over +28 ° C and dry air in which the mosquito rapidly loses moisture and killed by "dehydration."
  • 8. «They do not like" mosquitoes and high-altitude flight, so you can consider yourself lucky if you live in an apartment above the 5th floor, especially if the elevator does not go.
  • 9. Males, swarming crowds, no harm no one brings.They feed on mosquito male individuals exclusively on nectar of flowers.
  • 10. Do not forget about the malaria mosquito, especially if you are going to exotic countries.They are bigger and Culex pipiens landing lift up the back of the torso.These insects got their name is no accident, they are carriers of a very dangerous disease - malaria.



insect repellent If you planned to travel in the country, where you will not save the walls of high-rise apartments and the city, dry air, or simply unlucky and you live in an area that is teeming with mosquitoes,It happens to put antikomarinuyu chemical protection.


These funds are used to repel mosquitoes and other insects.Some repellents liquid produced in the form of lotions, sprays, creams and so on.These agents are applied to the human skin, clothing, tent fabric, etc.

Most modern repellents chemical composition are made on the basis of toluic acid ethyl ester or diethyl toluamide.These substances disrupt mosquito nose and perception of smell in insects at all.The higher the concentration of the chemical, the better and longer it will protect repellent.The maximum permissible and, at the same time, the optimum concentration is 40% - see this indication on the package and keep in mind, if the concentration of the chemical is less than 20%, while the drug is ineffective, if the concentration of more than 40% - it can be dangerous to human health.However, even a 40% vehicle is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women and children under 12 years.

addition, repellents can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation.Undoubtedly, in the new generation of repellents used less hazardous active substances, rarely cause skin reactions, but with repellents should still be cautious, especially if they are used by pregnant women or young children.

ultrasonic generator, mosquito repellent

There are external "repellents" mosquitoes - ultrasound.This apparatus, sound generation in the range of 4,8-7 kHz, able to mimic the male mosquito buzzing alarm.This sound during the breeding season is very good scares females krovopiets.However, given the fact that in nature there are about two hundred groups of mosquitoes, the specific ultrasound can simply not be effective.In addition, unpleasant sound can easily annoy ears and nerves of sensitive people.


fumigators These chemicals are not only repel insects and kill them.They come in liquid form, solid and gaseous.The most common local stores fumigants can be found in two types: electric and fireworks.Pyrotechnic fumigants are steaming spiral and electric - are electric heating device with a plate or flask with an insecticide - insects harmful to the substance.

Smoldering spirals are well suited to country houses, camp sites, or simply to use the outdoors for a picnic or fishing, where there is no electricity.They are very simple to use: just set fire to a compressed spiral, leaving her alone continue to smoke.In this type of apartment antikomarinoy protection is desirable to use a short-term and with the windows open to the insecticide did not bring harm to your health.

Plate and liquid elektrofumigatora - type of protection is one of the safest allowed even to children and pregnant women.They begin to act just 10-12 minutes after turning in the socket, and after only an hour or two mosquitoes completely lose interest in you.
Just as we mosquitoes are sensitive to fragrances.But unlike us, just do not stand the smell of cloves, eucalyptus, basil and anise - a plant mosquito repellent.

folk remedy for mosquitoes, "ala fumigators»

If you have an electric fumigator over the liquid, do not rush to the store for a replacement unit.Simply fill in the empty vial of eucalyptus extract of 100%.This is a folk remedy for mosquitoes reliably closes the road to your home for insect bloodsuckers.


  • 1. Folk remedies against mosquitoes and black flies, insect repellent - it smells of smoke and valerian.
  • 2. To escape the mosquitoes folk remedies, and at the same time flies too, enough folk remedies against mosquitoes pair above the burner hundred grams of camphor - a tool suitable for even very large rooms.
  • 3. In ancient times to repel blood-sucking insects, including mosquitoes, use a decoction of the roots of couch grass.This is perhaps the most common weeds, so if you live in my house, you just should be ashamed to complain about the nuisance of mosquitoes.
  • 4. Excellent and readily available plants, mosquito repellent - a cherry and basil.Just finely chop them fresh leaves and flowers, and leave it on a platter in the room.
  • 5. The fact that the plant mosquito repellent - a clove, eucalyptus, basil and anise, already mentioned, now let's look at how to use them to escape the mosquitoes folk remedies.Simply purchase any of these oils antikomarinyh plants and use for protection.It's enough to exposed skin Lightly oil or drop it in cologne - literally 5-10 drops - or simply a source of fire - a fire in the fireplace, a candle or a hot frying pan.You can moisten a cotton wool in the oil and put it on the windowsill - and smell nice and mosquitoes do not turn up to your territory.
  • 6. Good folk remedy against mosquitoes and black flies - it is tea tree oil.And it can be used not only as a repellent, it is excellent and helps bites, removing inflammation and relieving the itching.
  • 7. Under the windows of his suburban home will land elder or a bed of tomatoes.Bring fresh elderberry branch in the room - the plants, mosquito repellent, along with modern insect repellents.The same effect has the smell and tomato leaves.
  • 8. Escape from mosquitoes folk remedies sitting in nature, you can boil them samovar on spruce or pine cones, or simply thrown in the fire damp juniper needles.
  • 9. An old folk remedy for mosquitoes and midges - is Persian, Caucasian or Dalmatian daisy, it - pyrethrum.The inflorescences, stems and leaves of dried plants, powdered, can attack the nerve cells of insects.Several bouquets of daisies can be decomposed into elementary house or apartment and you get rid of the mosquito for a week at least.
  • 10. The smell of cedar oil is not only scary bloodsuckers, but also flies, cockroaches and even - a great tool for urban apartments.
  • 11. If you wash decoction made from the roots of Artemisia, no insect to face not touch.Prepare a decoction is easy: a handful of chopped roots pour half liter of water, bring to a boil and composition let insists.The richer the infusion, the stronger the effect.


And if you already bitten?

  • 1. To get rid of itching after mosquito bite wipe the place drinking soda solution (1 cup water 1/2 hour. Spoon), ammonia (diluted with water 1: 1) or a solution of potassium permanganate (pale pink).
  • 2. Places bites smeared with yogurt or yogurt - reduces inflammation, reduces itching.
  • 3. Good relieve itching and pain from the bite of fresh mashed leaves little bird cherry, parsley, plantain and mint.
  • 4. And, of course, the old "antiquated method" - a balm "asterisk".It's a great tool and after a mosquito bite and to bite this does not take place - not like mosquitoes "star".


And about mosquitoes: