Olesya - name value

value Oles

Olesya name was originally derived from the feminine form of the name Alexander.Thus, the abbreviated name was Alexander.According to the Greek interpretation alexo translated as "defend" and aner - «man", so the name of Alexander with time and has undergone significant changes and became an independent name.Olesya meaning of the name and its meaning is to keep the old - "to protect."



1. Name day
2. Olesya Olesya - characteristic name
3. Olesya: personal life
4. Compatibility
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Name day Olesya

Like many other names, Olesya does not mark name day.This is due to the fact that it does not appear in the calendar.The reason for this is likely, and is the story of its origin.


Olesya - characteristic name

value Oles has a certain effect on the character of the girl.She's athletic, slim and independent girl.Since childhood prefers to communicate only with the girls, the boys also, that, by the way, often in love with her, pointedly ignores.As a child, Olesya very painful, and prone to bronchitis and frequent colds.It is my father's daughter, the family is strongly linked, but especially to his father, he was her idol, the ideal.It was from his father, as a rule, Olesya pleasant appearance, but the character of an independent and stubborn - my mother's inheritance.

Growing girls are, categorically, straightforward and quite jealous.She Monogamous, but that does not prevent it from being quite eccentric.Often actions Olesya close plunged into amazement and sometimes even fear.She could easily surprise the parents story that jumped from a parachute, or peremptorily notify its intention to conquer the Himalayas.

Olesya certainly choose the profession of a rare or not the right girl - surgeon dalnoboyschitsy, geologist or a sea captain.Do not be shocked when returning from holiday, you will find your kitchen converted into a darkroom - calmly, your daughter decided to be a photographer.Argue with it is not recommended - do not waste your nerves sooner or later she gone mad.Olesya intelligent enough to heed the advice of their parents, and eventually decide to become an accountant or an engineer.However, parents should not worry that it is too early to jump to marry, she would do everything in its power to create a family at the end of education, not before.

It does not take criticism - do not believe in it, do not even try.Self-criticism in its name is not at all.Olesya be sure you do not become a superstar because she was just unlucky, or did not need Me, as the other.Meaning Oles imposes strong confidence in their abilities and resilience in achieving their plans.Failures Olesya uneasy, they were unable to break the hardness of her mind, she did not limp, and finally, after reaching plans.


Olesya Sudzilovskaya

Olesya: personal life

Horoscopic name Olesya suits the sign of Cancer and Aries.In harmony with the nature of bad Dev, Gemini and Capricorn.

Life she develops complex, and women born in the winter, the first marriage is usually unsuccessful and prolonged."Winter" Olesen can lead to marriage, but not the same as it is "winter" man.


serious relationship and marriage Olesya, likely to be successful with a man by the name of:

Arkady, Adam, Athanasius, Valery, Basil, Daniel, Igor, Orestes, Oscar Lazar, Paramonov.

With Men wearing one of the following names, relationships can be very complex:

Leo Nicholas Adolph, Artem Stanislav, Svyatoslav, Timur.


Olesya: sexy name

This is a very soft, gentle, but very pereborchivy in men lady.In personal relationships are rarely dominant advantage over the partner does not have, but in itself will stand.She

- addicting nature, tending curiosity to everything that comes to sex.Olesya very interesting erotic game, it is highly susceptible to male affection, touching her body men loving hands, especially for her sensuality.Absolute erogenous zone - the chest.Bring to a climax Olesya, not every partner can.It must be highly inventive and particularly tender love games in which to Olesya mean much more than sexual intercourse.A man should not perform the conjugal duty, and master the art of intimacy.

She likes to be surprised as much surprise.In bed, you can expect from it is very unexpected actions and even sexual experimentation.Moreover, it is not a whim for her, it is most needed.Disorder in the intimate life affects Olesya very negative, it can withdraw into itself, would suffer, but to say it in an open conversation partner can not.Rather, it will interrupt the relationship without explanation and clarification, although experience will be greatly.Tied to her man, she is particularly devotion and demanding this for him.Her devotion is loud compliments, and jealousy - is strong.

«Winter» Olesya - narcissistic absurd conservative, stubborn and categorical person.Despite the increased level of sexual desire, the woman very strict rules.His allegiance to the flag and has both often "swings" to them, wanting to crush her husband.


Olesya: derivatives name

name Olesya amenable to variation - Ales, a little less, but quite common.

diminutive versions Oles: Olesenka, Lesenka, Lesya, Olya, Ala.